Is Cam Brate Now Trade Bait?

April 28th, 2017


In a truly stunning development last night, a guy who led the NFL in touchdown catches for tight ends, Cameron Brate, became a surplus tight end.

Just like that.

Bucs officials last night were as giddy about drafting Alabama tight end O.J. Howard as Joe has ever seen them for any team transaction.

When the Bucs drafted America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, it almost smelled like officials were more relieved than happy. After all, there was zero surprise or suspense; the Bucs had the first pick in the draft.

After Howard was selected, Licht crowed how he needed a beer. Koetter admitted he nearly had an accident. The two were clearly on Cloud-9.

A couple of reporters asked about Brate. The Bucs duo said all the right things. Of course they did.

So, Joe can’t help thinking Brate is now trade bait. He’s clearly not the top tight end on the team. He’s no longer even being considered an every-down tight end. That’s Howard’s gig now. And with the No. 19 overall pick invested in Howard, he is now atop the tight end food chain, never mind Brate’s impressive production.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, Brate can’t block. Yet he still led the league in touchdowns. Hell, there is a tight end in the Hall of Fame that couldn’t block his way out of a paper bag, couldn’t hold Jimmie Giles’ jockstrap in blocking. Ever hear of Kellen Winslow? Dude was a glorified slot receiver in the 1980s yet considered one of the greatest tight ends who ever lived. High school kids could have blocked better.)

The Bucs still need a running back. and the Bucs still need speed at receiver to groom for DeSean Jackson’s spot one day and provide desperately needed depth, and contribute full-time returning kicks, which the Bucs were dreadful at last season.

What better way to pick up an extra second-round pick than to dangle Brate as a carrot to another team? Joe suspects a boatload of clubs would like a Harvard-educated guy who is 25 and only getting paid $690,000 while leading the NFL in TD at his position. Guys with that sort of resumé aren’t on the market every day.

Trading Brate could help the Bucs draft Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon, or perhaps Chris Godwin or Curtis Samuel, and still leave the with another second-round pick.

After all, since Brate will be a part-time player, who is more valuable? A part-time tight end who might get four targets a game or a game-wrecker like Cook or Mixon, an every-down back who will touch the ball likely 20 times a game and be dangerous enough to house the football on each snap?

Put Cook or Mixon behind Mike Evans, Adam (Rudy!) Humphries, Howard and Jackson with Jameis slinging the ball, what the hell is a defense to do?

That, friends, would be lethal.

121 Responses to “Is Cam Brate Now Trade Bait?”

  1. Bird Says:

    What are you talking about joe. They have zero depth. Myers and stocker have 0 value. And they use 2 tightend sets in 75 % percent of snaps last year. He will not be traded. Dude. Stop smoking all those dubies?

  2. zwh99 Says:

    Bucs aren’t trading brate. Period

  3. Mick Says:

    If you listened to the presser from Koetter he is GOING to utilize Brate. I know you gotta churn articles Joe but Koetter loves 2 TE formations. It allows the Bucs to dictate the offense. 2 TE single back will be a HUGE part of the offense for the foreseeable future.

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Stop it, Joe. Cameron Brate is going nowhere and you k ow it. We can, however, finally get rid of the dead weight of Luke Stocker. Might even get a 7th for him.

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    Has no one heard of the two-tight end formations?

  6. Tampa Tony Says:

    Joe must be hysterical after believing all the Cook hype. There is something called 2 TE sets…

  7. Danno Says:

    Brate isn’t going anywhere Joe. He provides solid depth at a position that, until last night, was sorely lacking it. I’m looking forward to seeing Howard and Brate lined up in 2TE sets. Go Bucs!

  8. Rob Says:

    Lol, brake isn’t going anywhere. Coach wants both guys. What’s a different supposed to boil with Evans and DeSean on the outside and Brake and Howard in the middle and any running back including Doug Martin, supposed to do. You can’t stop that. The biggest winner of this offseason is Jameis Winston because he now has real weapons and not just one

  9. Not there yet Says:

    Yea sure because two tight end set is impossible these days…..that’s weak too be the first to wave goodbye to brate. Even if Howard is the number 1 tight end sure get rid of quality depth so the Joe’s can complain about it

  10. Rob Says:

    What’s a defense supposed to do ,oops

  11. Joeypoppems Says:

    Well, I give Joe credit for still not backing off his stance I guess lol. Brate won’t get traded. There is as close to a 0% chance of that happening as you can get lol.

  12. Conte Piscateli Says:

    I don’t think we trade Brate. We don’t have a fullback, and I first a lot of 2 tight end sets. Teams are currently built to stop 3 and 4 wr sets, and struggle with tight end miss matches. Now we have two very hard to defend TE. That’s a good problem

  13. Getaclue Says:

    They like stocker in the run game though. Trading Brate is totally plausible, esp if we can get a second in this draft with the talent that is left on the board.

  14. Anthony Liga Says:

    Hey Joe, lets not go crazy. Ever heard of a 2 tight end formation especially in the Red Zone? Trading a tight end that led the league in touchdown receptions makes no sense. This draft has plenty of RB’s, Brate has a sense for the ball and a proven entity who only become more dangerous with others on the field. DON’T TRADE!

  15. Ndog Says:

    I love this site, I really do, but this article is ridiculous.

  16. Guzzie Says:

    Click bait, weak bro

  17. Conte Piscateli Says:

    Oh and let’s stop with the trade for Cook, Mixon or any other RB garbage. There are still 8 to 10 starting caliber RB on the board, this draft is very deep at that position.

  18. Rob Says:

    Buc fans are lucky the Joe’s have no pool in the bucs draft room. I just have to say you’re not very good at looking at Talent

  19. Rob Says:


  20. No_Bucs_Given Says:

    Joe- you of all people saying this? Even your readers know Brate isn’t going anywhere. Especially not at his current price.

  21. Mike Says:

    No way. One of the reason I was excited about Howard was the fact he will be paired up with Brate. I would rather have Brate then Cook.

  22. Andrew Says:

    Joe, you’ve denied the TE need for months. Wake up and stop this madness. Brate was split off from the line more than anything other TE in the league. They will play together OJ on the line. Brate in the slot. Jameis controls the middle of the field then kills you on the outside.

  23. Eric Denman Says:

    LOL stop it Joe… Some of these articles are flat ridiculous… Brate is gonna fit in nicely opposite OJ on 2-TE sets.

  24. Chris Says:

    Patriots did pretty well wirh Gronk and Aaron Hernandez at two tight ends.

  25. Kenny Says:

    Absolutely agree… If we can trade Brate and get down to 33-39 I say you have to do it… How could you not? Throw in a 6th and 7th just to put the icing on it.

    They absolutely have to get Cook/Mixon 33-39 + plus a safety and WR at 50 and round 3.

  26. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    2 tight end sets have been tearing up the NFL for years, so Brate isn’t going anywhere soon.
    Stocker will now find himself expendable, especially if our new tight end can block well.

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Getaclue Says:
    “They like stocker in the run game though. ”

    Howard is a blocker. That makes Stocker expendable. So will our RB pick in rounds 3 or 4.

  28. Jim Says:

    If I were Luke Stoker I would be picking out a new Jersey number.

  29. Supersam Says:

    What is with you joe? We don’t need a runningback and why do you want to trade everyone. You always preach depth yet you never let an opportunity slip to post a trade article. Your a man that wears many different hats my friend.

  30. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    The joes have too much beer and not enough sleep with this article, patriots do pretty well with their 2 TE set, and I am guessing with OJ that koetter’s creative juices are rolling today, im not sold on the bucs OL, but adding a legit TE into the OL will drsatically improve the blocking and negatively impact the opposing defense as to who to cover

  31. Chris Says:

    Yeah how are they gping to spread the ball with two tight ends….oh wait 2011 Patriots, Welker, 122 catches, Gronk, 90 catches, Hernandez 79 catches…..

  32. gotbbucs Says:

    Joe, put down the keyboard for a while. You are not good at projecting these things.

    Why on earth would you subtract offensive talent from a team that is lacking it? Dumb. Brate is a damn good reciever in a spot on the field that Jameis is most comfortable throwing in, and our reciever depth isn’t great.

    ….and quit with the Dalvin Cook obsession now. It’s over. He didn’t get drafted last night because he’s a piece of sh!t off the field, and you want to keep him in Florida where all his gang banger buddies can have access to him once he gets a butt load of cash?
    I get that it’s a blog site and it’s your opinion and you’re going to write on what interests you, but you are not good at projecting the draft, at all.

    Trade the guy that had damn near 10 TD receptions last year in the NFL because they drafted a rookie at his position………..

  33. Jim Says:

    Brate is going anywhere. Do you think the rest of the NFL sees Brates great year because he is an amazing talent, or a byproduct of Winston?

  34. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    The answer is no.

  35. alamba78 Says:

    Brate and Howard are going to be Batman and Robin, Yin and Yang, Ham and Cheese, PB and Jelly, Gronk and Hernandez (err, nevermind the last comparison). Brate is going nowhere. He’s a Buc and they’re going to terrorize defenses with all these weapons.

  36. JP4 Says:

    ‘Is Cam Brate Now Trade Bait?’

    Uh, no. One day after the draft, and this is the title of an actual article on JBF?

    You post a lot of interesting, short articles, Joe. Digestible articles (they’re kind of like snacks!), but it’s not a contest. It’s not a ‘who can post the most articles per 24 hour period’ thing.

    You don’t have to post ANY lame idea that comes into your head. Stick with the stuff that makes some sense (or even the Dalvin Cook homie stuff). You’ll still be posting plenty of articles.

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  38. Miko Says:

    Ridiculous…Brate AND Stocker should be heavily involved…2 TE sets…Mixon and Cook go elsewhere hopefully, absolutely NO to fumblers and trouble…Foreman or Perine at RB…King in the 2nd for FS duty 🙂

  39. WideRightDevil Says:

    Joe – stop adding Bourbon to your morning coffee! #WeaponsForWinston

  40. SCBucsFan Says:

    Joe go back to the Cook and Martin articles

  41. AC Says:

    Joe asked for depth.. we get it.. now let’s trade brate? No thanks

  42. Tampa2Drew Says:

    Seriously??? lack of sleep is hurting joe

  43. Andrew Says:

    I can’t believe how stupid this column is…absolutely mindblowing.

  44. Kobe Faker Says:

    Did JBF hire Sander Philipse from Bucsnation?

    Who wrote this article?

  45. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Wow! I don’t think so although I have an open mind. If Brate was the absolute lynchpin in a deal that netted us either Dalvin or Samuels I could see it…anything less and NO DEAL.

    I’m already excited about the possibilities of two TE’s. Now if our running back was Forman who is a great ground pounder…poor in “part” of the pass game…only caught 7 passes last year but is considered the best blocking back coming out. A beast of a blocking back in the backfield with #3 is a great insurance policy for our franchise QB. And of course Forman is a good power runner…100 yards EVERY game last year…improves our 3rd and short and red zone scoring %.

    With the additional protection in the backfield Koetter would be free to run some variation of his “four vertical” out of a 2 TE set. Wow…just wow when you imagine the miss matches all over the field in our favor! It’s not about what positions they line up….it’s where Koetter can get them matched up.

    NOBODY can really run with DJAX…and there will be no LB’s or safeties able to run with OJ….ME13 with single coverage is something we’ve never seen on a consistent basis and we can only lick our chops on what will happen to him….which leaves Brate…odd man out…think he’ll be able to find open seams?

    Again with those targets we can sacrifice pass catching ability from the RB but even better…simply trade that ability for a block who can stay in and block and erase mistakes made by missed blocks on the OL.

    We do not NEED to trade Brate and there is still plenty of room for him to contribute. And it’s not just TE depth it’s target depth….what if DJAX or ME or OJ have to miss games? Brate just jumps up from the 4th best choice to the 3rd which is not shabby for the TE who led the league in TD catches.

  46. BuccoDav Says:

    If you can get something stupid for him, say a 2 round pick, sure. Otherwise why would you trade a productive pass receiving tight end who you are paying peanuts to have on the roster.
    I’m going to chalk this up to click-bait because I can’t believe the Joes can be that clueless…

  47. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Brate is going nowhere. Can’t wait to see Howard and Brate work together in 2 TE sets.

  48. Joeypoppems Says:

    If the Bucs are looking for a power back, they will target Perine. Everybody keeps saying Foreman is a bruising, physical runner, but when I watch his game I just dont see that.

  49. Tampa Tony Says:

    This is gotta be an intern writing this to keep stories posting as I’m not 100% sure Lee or Steve are this football illiterate

  50. denjoe Says:

    That would be retarded, bringing in certain TE’s was telegraphing run or pass
    Sounded like brate is a descent blocker who was still developing this gives them more options.

  51. Stick courier Says:

    Cheap excuse for an article! If they were gonna trade Brate, they would have never drafted OJ. Why would you draft a position of need just to turn around and trade your best player at that position. (OJ obviously hasn’t played a snap so I’m not gonna call him the best at the position yet.)

  52. Warthog Says:

    Joe, I salute this article which has finally united all commenters in the single opinion that it is ridiculous.

    They said it couldn’t be done, that Bucs fans would never agree – but you showed them!

  53. Eric Says:

    What is with you writing about trading players for higher picks? Yesterday Doug for a 7th and now Brate?

    I am so glad to see the response to this article. NO WAY should we trade brate, as everyone already said.

    This offense is now LETHAL.

  54. Mike Says:

    It must be good to control the site, and flood us with your stupidity. I guess you’ve earned your dunce platform. Congrats Joe!

  55. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I’m starting to like the idea of Obi in the 2d rd. And either RB or DE in 3d.

  56. Dreambig Says:

    Stranger things have happened but listening to Koetter’s his comments last night about the two tight end sets opening things for the whole offense, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Interesting question though.

  57. K2 Says:

    Yes they are looking to trade Winston and Brate as a package! They are very afraid that they have too much talent…and might win games.

  58. mark2001 Says:

    Joe…wait for the beer buzz to wear off..
    Koetter likes to run two tight end sets…. and Brate is truly an inside weapon that just adds to Jameis’s arsenal. I don’t see any way we trade him.

  59. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Warthog…well played my man or should I say joes….and you are right every bucs fan is in agreement….joe get back to RBs, GMC, Jason Licht, the putrid OL and Aguayo, so we bucs fans can go back to insulting one another

  60. Brian Says:

    These are truly the type of posts that make me wonder why I come back to this hack website and even moreso wonder how the heck you guys are actually credentialed.. Ffs. This post is an insult to the people who come here. Shame on you.

  61. avejoe Says:

    Yet another example of why joe is a glorified blogger instead of working in an NFL front office. Koetter loves two tight end formations and OJ Howard is a BEAST. Team him up with what they already have and add any of the running backs still available and that offense looks pretty damn good. (at least on paper)

  62. DB55 Says:

    Brate isn’t going anywhere.

  63. Gencoimports Says:

    Joe, you do realize that football teams are allowed to play 2 TE sets right?

    Brate is going nowhere. I won’t be surprised if he catches more passes this year due to Jackson and Howard’s presence on the field.

  64. NJBucsFan Says:

    Almost every offensive drive opened with a 2 TE set. So now it’s Brate and Howard instead of Brate and Stocker or Myers.

    Need some second level thinking here.

  65. Tackleblockwin Says:

    On another note…John Lynch first rd as GM was impressive lol. Bears got worked in that trade lol.

  66. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Really Joe.
    Damn guys and gals. The only way to stop the madness with these insane articles is to NOT comment on them or simply post
    Nothing to see here…
    Joe we’re fans not fish.

  67. mark2001 Says:

    BTW…consider this…. Howard has speed equal to Mike Evans… except bigger and heavier. How many teams have three corners that are big enough combined with their speed to cover Evans, Howard, and D. Jackson?

  68. Dex Says:

    Joe I swear sometimes youre so reckless…why would he be trade bait???When Brate went down our offense changed a lot ..we now have two really good young tight ends and u should be celebrating this!!!
    I honestly think u just write stuff for reaction and that’s pretty sad

  69. martinii Says:

    IMO Brate has earned his way onto this roster. He provides the luxury of having a two tight end set and one hell of a back-up if necessary. Actually Howard still has to beat him out for a starting role which won’t be a walk in the park. Last year when all our receivers went down Cameron. Mike and Hump dam near took us to the playoffs on the passing arm of Jameis. In fact at one point Brate was considered Winston’s security blanket. No No No you don’t even entertain the thoughts of getting rid of this guy. He is a warrior and deserves better.

  70. B Says:

    This article is more like click bait. He’s not getting traded

  71. tnew Says:

    Joe… I know that you are super busy with this site and your time to watch film is limited, but this is a ridiculously speculative piece. Brate is not going anywhere anytime soon. Was he going to be traded when the Bucs had ASJ???? so now we have an ASJ type, except he’s not a head case and he can do every facet of the game 20x better. Jameis went to Brate out of necessity last season, he still will be utilized. I know we have our favorite players, but don’t let that discolor the amazing opportunity that this is for the Bucs. It really looks like my favorite player won’t be drafted by the Bucs this year but drafting OJ Howard was a major coup. Why would we weaken the team by now trading away Cam Brate. H is super cheap, this year and will be a RFA next season that will most likely get tendered.

    Also, what about a story on the Rappaport claim that Doug Martin coming to camp and looking super good is giving the Bucs more draft flexibility?

  72. Garv Says:

    Well, I certainly agree with the lopsided majority here. Brate is going nowhere. Dirk Koetter is already gleeful in dreaming up new more effective formations using Howard and Brate. Brate not only is smart, as is Howard, but he is willing to learn, a great teammate and has great chemistry with Jameis.

    Exciting times! Great seeing Steve and Ira last night. Sports Legends was ROCKING!

  73. Mtbucsfan Says:

    Nah won’t be traded we finally have a TE duo as deadly as Hernandez and Gronk. No pun intended.

  74. Tackleblockwin Says:


    Exactly. That is why I hope we draft Obi in second round. He would be practicing against Evans, Howard, Jackson, Brate and could develop into a freak in the secondary with his size.

  75. nate_tweetz Says:

    I actually like the idea Joe. Get a 2nd round pick for Brate. Use the two 2nd round picks to get Cook/Mixon and Curtis Samuel/Demarcus Walker. Then grab Jordan Leggett in the 3rd. You get two 2nd round picks and still are able to pick up a complimentary TE later.

  76. mark2001 Says:

    BTW…Hump is 8 inches shorter, 50 lbs lighter, and runs the same speed that Howard is/does….and his time was about the same as Dalvin Cooks…=….a physical freak of nature. Glad he’s is ours.

  77. Defense Rules Says:

    It worked Joe … you generated lots of buzz with your comment that Cam Brate just became a ‘surplus tight end’. Have to think there’s no way in the world y’all REALLY believe that. You’ve been pushing ‘weapons for Winston’ for a long time now, and it’d be a real stretch to believe Bucs would get rid of last year’s top receiving TE in the NFL.

    Really excited that Jason Licht didn’t pull the ‘Cook’ handle last night with OJ Howard still on the board … he took the BPA who met a Bucs priority need, just like so many have been urging. With LOTS of talent still on the board, hoping that Licht grabs us a Safety, RB & DE in these next 3 rnds (not necessarily in that order). Who knows, Dalvin Cook may still be there when we pick #50.

  78. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Won’t happen. 2 TE sets are the future of this offense.

  79. Patrick in VA Says:

    How do you go from talking about our paper thin receiving group to suggesting trading away a legitimate pass catcher in the same breath? You’ve said that Brate doesn’t block well, so that basically makes him a receiver that is mislabeled. He and Howard bring different things to the table, why not utilize that? Why not use those threats and make the defense figure out where to allocate their resources? If we were to get Mixon on top of that, I would dare say that this offense could be on a whole other level. Not even talking about compared to other Tampa offenses of the past, I mean compared to the NFL. We’d have a young and extremely talented offense and I wouldn’t mind at all spending the rest of this draft and next year’s draft on getting the defense younger and better. I feel like i’m not even following the Bucs anymore. I guess this is how the other half has been living all these years while we’ve been toiling in misery. This is an incredible time to be following the team.

  80. 911bucs Says:

    JBF readers> Joe’s= you lose

  81. Eric Says:


  82. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    ProbBly the dumbest article I have read on this site and that says a lot. You do not trade a starting top end TE for a hope of a RB or WR in the draft. Wtf is wrong with you?

  83. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joeypoppems Says
    “If the Bucs are looking for a power back, they will target Perine.”

    I agree. And if they miss out on him, they can fall back to James Conner.

  84. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    But Safety has to be our 2nd round priority.

  85. $acbuc$ Says:

    Joe you need to quit

  86. tnew Says:

    I would go as far to say that we could draft another tight end in this draft.. say something crazy happens and Shaheen is sitting there in the 4th, or Leggett is in the 5th or Sprinkle is in the 7th. Even with any of those picks, Brate would still be on the team. You don’t jettison cheap young talent.

  87. SB Says:

    Well it is now official. One of the Joe’s has completely lost his freaking mind.

  88. biff barker Says:

    Winston + Brate = same page. He’s Koetters kind of guy too.

    BTW, Cam just got a whole lot more effective opposite OJ. Add a true power back and our Red Zone O will be formidable.

  89. Bobby M. Says:

    We need depth behind D. Jackson so lets trade away solid depth at TE….Doesn’t that then create a depth issue at TE? Didn’t the Patriots dominate with Gronk and Hernandez? Hasn’t this site been clamoring for more weapons for Winston so now its stating we trade away a proven weapon that led all TEs for TDs for a total unproven commodity in a draft pick at WR or RB that may be a reserve?

    Crap meet wall…..

  90. DC Bucs Fan Says:

    Sorry Joe but Brate is staying. I see Stocker or Myers getting the boot. With DJax, Evans, Brate, OJ, and a revitalized Martin back there, the d coordinators are going to have fits. Now, if we pick up Cook or Mixon and have them back there, this offense will be potent.

    Now, we need Licht to find some plug and play LB’s in the middle of the field.

  91. BUC55 Says:

    Joe you just don’t get this TE thing do you? Trade Brate? Ridiculous. I posted several times 2-3 months ago that OJ would be a tremendous get and you came back with we had no need for a te for several lame reasons.

    For the record I love your site and have much respect for JBF as entrepreneurs.

    As for judging talent and drafting strategy……..LAUGHABLE!!!!!!!

  92. Captain BucHeart Says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve read on here in a while.

  93. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    On Top of the O.J Howard pick.
    I wouldn’t be the least bit upset if we drafted an additional TE

    Draft Additional Option(s)
    • George Kittle TE Iowa
    • Jeremy Sprinkle TE Arkansas
    • Cethan Carter TE Arkansas
    • Gerald Everett TE South Alabama
    • Cole Hikutini TE Louisville
    • Josiah Price TE Michigan State

    • Luke Stocker ($1.7M savings)

    Possible Depth Chart
    TE O.J Howard | Jeremy Sprinkle ?
    TE Cameron Brate | Alan Cross

  94. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Cethan Carter – Nebraska

  95. Dan A Says:

    Bruh…. just ludicrous. You seriously think they will keep Stocker over Brate? The money that Martin would of had will go to Brate when he needs a contract extension.

    You remember what the combo of Gronk and Hernandez? They were killers on the field……..Hernandez off the field.

  96. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Joe has hit his low point.

  97. D-Rome Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Bird and everyone else commenting on the absurdity of this idea. I understand the Joes make their money on writing but sometimes there are things that aren’t worth writing or speculating on. This is one of them. If I’m wrong I’ll buy Joe a beer or four.

  98. R.O. Says:

    OMG.. You’re nuts. Good teams don’t deplete their rosters of good players. C’mon.

  99. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    At this point in his career…
    …Stocker has proven to be nothing more than a glorified Offensive lineman.
    Since he provides absolutely ZERO value as a receiving TE.

    Like I’ve said plenty of times on this blog.
    If your gonna telegraph what your doing.
    Why not? dress an additional offensive lineman on game day.
    This way some poor kid – that you hope – one day will become a starter.
    Can get much needed quality LIVE reps?

  100. Vico Says:

    Brate is staying. Can imagine a 5000+ yds season from Jameis with him on board. No players left worth trading for one of your most effective weapons. Brate is not dumb either, this could turn into the best TE tandem in the league. With one of the best WR tandems in the league. And an awesome young QB. Sims and Martin were once the best RB tandem in the league too. Now make that Sims + _______ (Cook/Mixon/Mack/Perine). The number of potential combinations is overwhelming. Keeping Brate makes the offensive possibilities almost endless. I thought we could go 9-7 drafting a RB in the first. Right now, getting Cook or Mixon and a sleeper talent for DE could get us to 13-3. For real.

  101. Brandon Says:

    Wow, a team that runs anywhere from 50-75% double TE sets and you want us to trade a dude on his first contract? This ranks right up (down) there with Johnny Football mancrush and Dalvin Cook at #19. This simply makes no sense, besides the fact that we aren’t getting much for Brate anyways.

  102. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Damn Joe u really don’t get it lol

  103. JabooBuc Says:

    This is just dumb

  104. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Doubt Brate is going anywhere! Koetter salivating to get both these guys on the field at the same time! “12” personnel, I.e. 2-TE sets will be all the rage at Ray Jay this season!

  105. Frank Pillow Says:

    Insanity. Brate will retain the role that was intended for him on those rare occasions where we had ASJ producing (think Week 1 last year vs. Atl). Dirk always intended to line up with two TEs on 1 and 2 down. Joe, let’s add weapons to the mix, not let one go. The draft will come to us. There’s great value in Rds 2-3-4 and weapons can be found w/o ditching Brate

  106. JayBucBoi Says:

    There are over 100 comments for a reason. Come on Joe. Smh…

  107. CalBucsFan Says:

    Sorry you missed it Joe but April Fool’s Day was 4 weeks ago today, better flip your calendar over because there’s no way Brate will be traded.

  108. stvcl Says:

    We have a great tight end with minimal salary impact. Dirk can now create plays within the two tight end set that will create nightmares for defensive coordinators. The run game will profit from defenses not being able to stack the box against us. It’s a good day.

  109. Buccfan37 Says:

    Brate could have already peaked last year.

  110. NoFlyZone27 Says:

    I believe Licht knows better than to disturb the chemistry that his young franchise quarterback has with a very reliable weapon. I see the combo of Brate and Howard, over time, aspiring to be equivalent to what the Patriots had when Gronk and Hernandez were terrifying defenses. Also, Dirk worked with Tony Gonzalez in ATL but he never got to play with two toys that could work the middle of the field.

    The fun is just getting started and Brate is definitely a great piece for our offense to deploy against undermatched defenses!!!

  111. orlbucfan Says:

    Definitely click bait. Not surprised that DK nearly almost peed on himself when #19 was called, and there’s OJ Howard. Brate, Howard, ME13, Hump, Fameis probably almost had heart failure when this went down. PLUS, Howard is NOT a head case!! Ya Hoo!!

  112. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ive posted here a looong time.
    And I wouldve bet the house- that Id never see an article where we all agree

    But today is that magical day

    I realize that Joe will hop on one of his many poster personas, but its too late the mob rules!!!

    The article that united all Postrs j

  113. unbelievable Says:

    Trade bait or click bait? Lololol get real.

  114. briandorry55 Says:

    As usual…you’re completely wrong. This is some click bait bull crap.

  115. bucs_365 Says:


  116. bucs_365 Says:

    You don’t trade away proven young players. Hey Joe, ever heard of a 2 TE set?

    This could be Gronk-Hernandez 2.0 minus the murdering.

  117. NFLNut Says:

    “This could be Gronk-Hernandez 2.0 minus the murdering.”


  118. PRBucFan Says:

    You must have failed to hear the words coming out of both Licht and Koetter’s mouths regarding the use of Both Howard and Brate and how they fill the different TE roles used in the two TE sets of Y and F perfectly.

    …Yea Brate is going no where.

  119. bucs_365 Says:

    I’m still stunned that anyone could be so stupid as to suggest trading Brate.

    Hey, we got DJax, why don’t we trade Mike Evans…. similar logic.

  120. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Wow joe, you have sunk to a new low of brainlessness. The bucs run 2 TE sets more times than not. Which makes both of our TEs starters. For a site that clamors “weapons for winston” constantly, why would you trade away a TD machine like Brate?

    Yesterday one of the joes weote an article saying the bucs need to draft a wr in the second round… even though that WR would be a back up.

    I guess this Joe doesnt care about roster depth nor basic offensive formations.

  121. Trubucfan22 Says:

    In this article joe wants to replace what he perceives is a back up Tr for a back up WR… why joe? Why? Brate is a weapon! OJ will probably line up as a WR or slot. Leaving Brate on the line working the opposite side of the field. Come on Joe. I know you claim to be just a regular “joe” but you have to be smarter at football than this.