New Message In The Bucs’ Locker Room

October 17th, 2016
Jacquizz Rodgers is the centerpiece of Dirk Koetter's new focus.

Jacquizz Rodgers is the centerpiece of Dirk Koetter’s new focus.

Dirk Koetter is a fan of messages and imagery.

Back in August, it was “Start Fast” with inviting graphics appearing on the in-house video boards in the locker room and in other areas.

But now, that has disappeared from the spotlight.

Today, there was a new message set on a background of Jacquizz Rodgers busting through two Carolina Panthers defenders. “COMPETE”

Rodgers’ stunning performance last Monday is being celebrated by the head coach. Joe pointed it out to Rodgers this afternoon, and the veteran running back admitted he wasn’t paying attention and hadn’t seen it since returning to work this morning.

In what was a very funny moment, another Buccaneers then pointed out to Rodgers and Joe that the image was the new opening screen on the tablet of every Bucs player. So that meant Rodgers either wasn’t in his electronic playbook recently, or he’s about action and not pictures and words.

Regardless, the message is Koetter wants a team of battlers. No surprise.

28 Responses to “New Message In The Bucs’ Locker Room”

  1. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Bwaaaahaha! Can’t make this $H!+ up

  2. DB55 Says:

    Love it! Couldn’t help but to see stars across the league competing while injured. Gronk had a bionic arm cast on while completely destroying the bengals def, OBJ had to go into the locker room then (can you believe) he came back out to go for 200+ yards and game winning TD. Russell Wilson playing a game with a sprained ankle and leading his team to a come from behind victory. Coates, the Steelers WR, was playing with broken fingers? Wow!

    Even seen a TE on the colts get what seemed like a 20lb bag of ice wrapped around his ankle and I think he still went back out a played. (Jk).

    I wonder what makes all these guys
    want to play through injury? Must be their will to compete? Having their teams back? Male Pride? Machismo? Idk but we could some of whatever they’re having.

  3. Dreambig Says:

    DB55 its a good question that has all kinds of ramifications. You watch Fla State the last 2 weeks and it looks like their QB Deondre Francios is clearly playing with a dislocated shoulder on his throwing arm and he is balling through it. Reporter asks Jimbo and he says Francios is fine, but then you see the young man’s shoulder sagging, arm held straight at his side and grimacing in pain. But he is out there throwing his A*s off. 20 years from now as part of the players union he will be sueing the NFL (if there is a NFL left) for not taking care of him. NFL has no choice put to take into consideration a players long term health else the lawyers will make sure the NFL is a flag football sport.

  4. DB55 Says:

    He dislocated it vs Miami. Cheap late hit at that AND no call. Smh

    There are some guys who will NOT stay off the field no matter what. If they can walk they will play.

    My hs captain virtually died on the field. Playing thru concussions, complained of headaches for 2-3 weeks. Come to find out he had a brain contusion. Died at 19. He saved my ass on countless occasions, had scholarship to play MLB at Maryland but he didn’t make it past week 2 of our senior season. We miss him dearly and recently had his 20th reunion and memorial service. No lawsuits just the memory of a leader who loved the game. That’s my reality and my perspective.

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    neither 93 nor 22 compete with the heart Koetter is hoping for. Sure Martin fought hard for his check last year but never has had back to back good years. he was not playing that well before he got hurt. joe was right about franchising 22. signing 22 to an extension was a mistake. Hopefully the new blood can overcome the love of losing that the old guard has cherished and embarrassed so well the last few years. Nobody has taught his followers how to quit on a coach or play with no heart as well as 93 as taught the bucs. 3 coaches quit on and counting all under the leadership of the Smiling Ice Cream Man

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    lol @ Smiling Ice Cream Man

  7. McBuc Says:

    Players cannot play without being cleared by team doctors. Players get hurt, it does not mean they don’t have heart. Every team in the league would love to have Martin and GMC. You guys are too much.

  8. tmaxcon Says:


    Every other team just had a shot at Martin in free agency and 50/50 is a buc again. Not a gm in the league would take gmc and his first qtr production and lengthy injury history for the 100 million he’s making. Stop defending and rewarding mediocrity

  9. Erik w/ Clean Athletics & United Games - a new 'Interactive' Fantasy Sports app by the makers of Madden Football Says:

    I think one of the key factors with most people is ‘if they are too injured to compete at the same high-level as if they were healthy or if the backup gives the team the best chance to win.’

    Depends if the injury is gonna either: keep u from playing at a level that will help your team better than the guy behind u could, or get worse/not heal properly because of playing.

  10. ElioT Says:

    Look, I like Rodgers but how in the hell is a 30 carry, 101 yard performance “STUNNING”???

    See what Jay Ajayi did to the Steelers yesterday? That is a lot closer to a “Stunning” performance.

    We’re really grasping at straws here. Tough times.

    Go Sucs!

  11. Erik w/ Clean Athletics & United Games - a new 'Interactive' Fantasy Sports app by the makers of Madden Football Says:

    Big Ben played the entire 2nd half with a torn meniscus.


    1. He felt like he still gave his team the best opportunity to win.
    2. There wasn’t a high-likelihood of making the injury worse or preventing it from healing properly.

    3. Heart.

    So, yea heart is a part of it (playing or not playing), but only if the other 2 factors are in your favor as well.

  12. Kevin Says:

    Maybe we need new team doctors, the same team.doctors said sweezy was good to go.

    He where is sweezy anyhow….oh yeah he is not playing along with the reat of our starters.


  13. D-Rome Says:

    3 coaches quit on and counting all under the leadership of the Smiling Ice Cream Man

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Smiling Ice Cream Man.

  14. Erik w/ Clean Athletics & United Games - a new 'Interactive' Fantasy Sports app by the makers of Madden Football Says:

    I didn’t know about the Smiling Ice Cream Man….

    Thank you for that, 87 & D-Rome


  15. Erik w/ Clean Athletics & United Games - a new 'Interactive' Fantasy Sports app by the makers of Madden Football Says:

    Oh, and thanks to tmaxcon.

    Although I disagree with lack of value that u place on McCoy’s contributions to the D.

  16. tmaxcon Says:


    fair enough. I think he is a good player not great and unless a DT is dominate and taking over games which he does not do that 100 million is being spent wrong. in my opinion.

  17. Chucklehead Says:

    And GMC should risk further injury for what? To make a bunch of disgruntled Bucs fans proud and say hes a real man?

    Why does this dude get critiqued harder than all the rest? The media and fans have propped him up to be the best 3 tech in the league. Ive never heard him say he believed he was the best.

    You guys are too much. In reality, he is nothing but a cog in the machine. Sure, we can play and win without him, but we need him. I dont see us being any better without him. I just dont think he deserves all the ire.

  18. Thomas Bowery Says:

    Compete and Complete!!!!!!!!! ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK No prevent Defense!!!!!!! Only one mission ATTACK THE ENEMY NO QUARTER OR MERCY GIVEN. That is how you win!!!!!! That is a much better message than compete.

  19. DB55 Says:


    That might be more than some of our players can handle. They may need to seek counseling for PTSD if you talk to him I mean them like that.

  20. McBuc Says:

    Tmax. I disagree with you opinion, that is all.

  21. Chris Says:

    That’s the smiling , laughing , look of 2-14 right there folks. Smiling Ice Cream Man, love the nickname

  22. Chris Says:

    True DB, after all , look at how the media and fans turned on Schiano for doing what the Glazers wanted him to do. Quit the bs, the fun n games, the partying at night clubs with the head coach, while ,( allegedly ) doing blow in the bath room. At least they fought, well, until the players knew he was fired. Even with Koetter, I see the same passive ass players and playing. This team in the last 15 years only played with heart for two coaches, Chucky and Schiano.

  23. CrimsonWarriors Says:

    Yo Tampa has some of the most fair weather and worst fans in the NFL I wouldn’t want to play for you people either. Have any of you actually played football past the high school level? Why would GMC play through injury all last season and then choose to sit this year? He has a Calf injury and is a 300 lb man whose game is all about exploding off the ball. Are you saying Ayers who is a straight dog is faking too? The Trainers say when someone can and can’t go period you don’t think it would come out if they cleared him and his chose not to go? Some of you sound like idiots.

  24. Phred Says:

    Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy! — Cobra Kai

  25. Louis Friend Says:

    Oh my goodness – JOE – THANKS FOR THE LAUGH

    30 carries – 101 yards = STUNNING!!!


    Joe, stop lying to people.

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    […] of how well Jacquizz Rodgers is performing and the fact Rodgers was chosen by Koetter to be the inspirational focus of the […]

  27. Brandon Says:


    Even seen a TE on the colts get what seemed like a 20lb bag of ice wrapped around his ankle and I think he still went back out a played. (Jk).

    If you ever see a player with ice on an injury, you can guarantee you won’t see that player come back in.

  28. drdneast Says:

    You are a complete idiot Dreambig..