“Closer To Doug Than He Is Chuck”

October 18th, 2016

martin and winstonSo what will the Bucs’ rushing attack look like when Doug Martin returns from the hamstring injury that sidelined him in Week 2?

Dirk Koetter put his foot down with an answer yesterday.

It’s Doug Martin’s show, Koetter said, regardless of how well Jacquizz Rodgers is performing and the fact Rodgers was chosen by Koetter to be the inspirational focus of the team.

Koetter elaborated to say Rodgers isn’t suited to magically step in and be all things Charles Sims, who is on injured reserve with a knee injury.

Rodgers, per Koetter, is “closer to Doug than he is Chuck.”

So will Martin return on Sunday? That’s top secret. The next step is seeing whether he returns to the practice field Wednesday after more than a month off.

13 Responses to ““Closer To Doug Than He Is Chuck””

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Martin will be a non factor for remainder of season. First it’s a hammy second there is nothing in his history that suggests he can rebound. Too many players in key roles with significant injury histories. Can’t win consistently if your so called stars are rarely in the field

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    I hope you’re wrong tmax. This offense has shown that with a healthy Doug Martin, it can move the football. Should we be looking beyond Doug to the future, no doubt. But what’s to say the next guy won’t get injured? There’s no crystal ball that will tell you 100% that you’ll have a RBs services every game. Doug’s a tough runner and always seems to be trying to get extra yards. I admire his running style and hope he comes back healthy. This offense needs that!

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    I agree but did you hear koetter the clown at the pr?

    He said if he is ready to be on the field, fatboy dougie will be the feature back running 1st and 2nd down. He wont be slowly worked in but take the most carries over better conditioned ready to hit the hole Quizz

    This clown is the worst player evaluator iv ever seen. But here in tampathis clown is a offensive genius..

  4. j$mac Says:

    We need to Chunck Sims off the team or to special teams one now that we got Quiz Rodgers playing ball because Sims is just a reciever at best. I think all the injured players like Martin,McCoy, and Ayers will be back for this one. They may practice on Thursday or Friday but i think they all play. With Martin back though i for sure would love to continue to see Quiz running alongside Dougie Martin. The offense would be scary with those two toting the load

  5. Stanglassman Says:

    J. Stewart just came back similar injury and time off with a 18 for 85 with 2 TDs day. I expect a similar work load and hopefully results.

  6. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I just wonder if tmax and Kobe are the same person or not. If they aren’t, I would think their pillow talk at night is complaining about the bucs organization….

  7. canadian bucsfan Says:

    I will give Tmax a little more credit the saying he is Kobe faker. Although Tmax is mostly negative his comments are much mor intelligent the kobe ever could be.

  8. Lord Corn Says:

    Kobe you’re rediculous lol

    Who here is praising him as a genius? Guy did set records on offense last year but I guess it was a fluke and his entire coaching career with many successful offenses is a fluke. We should hire Kobe Faker I’m sure he’d be loved in the locker room and be the catalyst for a winning culture.

    Also- everything you said the other day about offensive systems and what caters to Winston’s skillet was hilariously wrong in every aspect

  9. Lord Corn Says:

    Skill set****

  10. San Francisco Joe Says:

    Tmax to put it bluntly, you’ve lost all credibility with me. Injuries are a part of the game and shame on anyone who questions a player’s talent or heart based on health. Your conclusion that a healthy Doug Martin would be a non factor (baring major injuries to the o-line) is moronic. Even in 2014 when he spent much of the year battling an ankle injury, he continued to fight and be a factor in the run game.

    Martin could have gone to any other team in the league this offseason and the Bucs or their fans would be fools to lose sight of that fact. This offense is at its best when he is on the football field (see Atlanta Falcons game). Rest up Mr. Martin. Looking forward to seeing you out there soon!


  11. tmaxcon Says:

    San Francisco Joe

    the point you are missing pal is MARTIN WILL NOT BE RETURNING HEALTHY!!!!! His hammy will linger all season. He is a good running back but does not score and misses too many games… And yes i find it a little coincidental he seems to only be healthy when it’s payday…

  12. SanFrancisco Joe Says:

    Tmax are you a doctor? Are you his doctor? If he does return this week, it will be because REAL doctors determined that he is healthy. It’s pretty hard to name a top running back who has been in the league for five years and has not missed time due to injury. Frustrating? Sure it is. I think it’s pretty obnoxious as a fan to question a player’s work ethic when you have no facts to back it up. Injuries are a part of the game and every team deals with them. As to your other points, where were you in 2012 when he scored 12 touchdowns? Where was his ‘pay day’ that year?

  13. jason mobsby Says:

    Doug looked very well conditioned last year. This year he looks soft. Take the time to look at any photos.