October 19th, 2015
Is there a hidden agenda for Jameis to fail?

Is there a hidden agenda for Jameis to fail?

Joe understands just the mention of “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, brings out the worst in the blowhard hater crowd.

Never has Joe seen a promising rookie so reviled by so many.

Sometimes, Joe actually thinks the blowhard Jameis haters would actually rather see Jameis fail than the Bucs win. So sad.

Well, Bud Elliot of “Tomahawk Nation” believes it isn’t just blowhard haters who have an ax to grind with Jameis, but members of the Fourth Estate, as well. Elliot suspects bias is at play against Jameis.

Both rookies are having difficult seasons, but Mariota now has nine turnovers (five interceptions, four fumbles lost) to Jameis Winston’s eight (seven interceptions, one fumble lost). But because the Titans beat the Bucs in Week 1, you probably won’t hear about this.

That might be a fair point, but there is more at play here. The college football crowd, which gets an erection over the Mickey Mouse spread offense, believes Mariota to be their prophet if not savior. If he cannot hang in the NFL, them it means the spread is forever doomed in the NFL.

Jameis succeeding and Mariota struggling ruins the narrative for the spread offense crowd.

But it also reinforces why Jameis is America’s Quarterback. No matter what Jameis does, good or bad, there is a massive reaction. With the possible exception of Tom Brady, no quarterback moves the needle and pushes social media quite like Jameis.

42 Responses to “Bias!”

  1. Doc Says:

    The end of the season, will determine who was the best for that year. Could it be the color of his skin.

  2. D-Rome Says:

    Mariota was also sacked six times yesterday. When Winston is sacked the narrative is, “He has poor pocket presense” or “He doesn’t get the ball out of his hands quick enough” or “He can’t extend plays with his feet”. When Mariota is sacked it’s automatically, “The offensive line sucks” without any mention of Mariota’s poor pocket presence or poor decision making.

    Titans fans already want to fire Wisenhunt because their offense is too predictable and isn’t dynamic enough. After watching yesterday’s game it’s evident Mariota cannot do more at the moment which is why it’s not as dynamic. The rest of the NFL has caught on to what the Titans can, and more importantly, can’t do on offense. This season will continue to bear out that Jameis Winston truly was the more NFL ready QB of the two and that the Bucs made the right decision in the draft.

  3. J Boo Wins Says:

    Joe, another thing that you won’t here and the MM guys can’t deny that Mariotta had a fumbling problem in college (over 20 in his career). Jameis is by no means perfect and had his INT issues in college as well (some of which were not his fault), but the real difference between the two is that one QB the media loves (MM) and it’s another QB that the media hates (Winston) even though both are making rookie mistakes roughly at the same rate.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sure there is bias….it began during or even before the draft process…..particularly brought on by Jameis’ behavior in college…..there is also the UF/FSU issue. That, coupled with the number one overall pick and the Mariota/Winston debate sets the stage for controversy.
    Jameis has at least for now put off-field fears to rest. Both he and Mariota are rookies and their play will reflect that…..
    If you want to bring in Race….which unfortunately exists but I think to a minor extent….then that adds to bias.

    One other item here on JBF….that is the staunch support from Joe for Jameis….and the labeling him as “America’s QB”…..that adds fuel to the bias fire.
    As long as Joe continues to taunt the anti-Jameis croud….they will be motivated to respond.

    For example….How does everyone like “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys?

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I personally have no bias, except that Winston is the Bucs Quarterback so I naturally want him to succeed more.

    However…I also want them both to succeed. And frankly…I don’t think the one turnover difference is that dramatic of a difference. They are both playing like rookies.

    That’s pretty much it.

    Honestly, unlike the fans living in a fantasy world, I figured Winston would need a year of development before he actually did well…so I’m prepared to not judge him too harshly this year.

  6. DefenseRules Says:

    I’m still shaking my head Joe’s. Talk about a ‘biased’ article. Congrats … You managed to denigrate just about everyone who follows football at both the NFL and college levels.

    The Bucs simply aren’t that talked-about at the national level. National sports shows barely mention them … or Jameis … any more. And if anything, they pick on Mariota more than they do Winston, when they mention either.

    If folks hate Jameis so much (your viewpoint, not mine), how come he was selected as the offensive Rookie of the Week TWICE in 5 games?

  7. Cat Says:

    These sports writers hate Jameis because they think he is guilty of sexual assault. They will never give him the benefit of the doubt for any of his mistakes on or off the field. Simple as that.

  8. Clodhopper Says:

    I watched that dummy lay a turd on the turf yeaterday. (Great medicine for the bye week blues BTW) What ticked me off was the announcers. After his third turnover the announcer said ” I’m as convinced as ever this guy is the real deal” Really? I’m not saying a rookie struggling automatically disqualifies him from being great in the future, but how the hell does four turnovers make a person think that guarantees him the real deal. The puke said “real deal” twice yesterday.
    Dam right there’s bias. What make JBF so great is Joe admits his bias but still tries to be fair. Most media says they are fair but are more bias than mothers are!

  9. Crabdogg Says:

    Completely agree with Tampabaybucfan on the “America’s QB” monicker being one thing that keeps this cheap topic alive. He has done nothing to earn a nickname at the pro-level. Take it from someone who lives west of the Mississippi, I haven’t heard Jamies Winston’s name a single time on sports talk radio and maybe twice all season on the national shows. Not sure he moves the needle everywhere else like he might in FL where he is followed by all Bucs fans + all FSU fans.

  10. youngjameis Says:

    It doesnt matter that joe uses the moniker ” americas quarterback” this is a website for bucs fans, not the blowhard haters lol. It’s evidently that there is a huge bias in the media between jameis and marcus, whenever marcus stumbles its never his fault, marcus mariota has been horrible since that first game against the bucs, while jameis has been resilient and steady improving in his play, they are both rookies but you wouldnt know that by the way the media bashes jameis when he makes a mistake.

  11. Warthog Says:

    “No matter what Jameis does, good or bad, there is a massive reaction.”

    so you’re saying he’s the trump of the nfl?

  12. vegabuc Says:

    Free Jaboo. You bunch of pathetic haters. Get a Damn life!

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    I can tell you one thing (or I can tell you many)I was disgusted how much the commenter for the Titans game was slobbering all over Mariota yesterday. The dude kept saying stuff : “I’ll tell ya I’ve been really impressed with Mariota today.”
    That was after he gave away the ball with 2 fumbles. I think the commenter stopped drooling when Mariota threw the pick 6. It made me wonder if the commenters do that for Jameis when he looks good or do they just point out the bad.

    Here’s another point. Anyone see Cam dive head first into the end zone yesterday? I did and not one person from the media made a big deal out of it. BUT when JW did it in preseason, he was practically called an idiot by all kinds of media types. Some of them said stuff like : “See he’s gonna have to learn that you can so stuff like that in the NFL.” And of course some clowns on this site ran their mouths about him diving head first too during that game. Never mind those clowns though. He cant even tie his shoes right to them.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The main difference between Mariota & Winston this year thus far is that Mariota had the luxury of playing against the Bucs defense……Winston only does that in practice and frankly, that doesn’t prepare him very well for actual games against good defenses.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe I’m saving this for later, for the many idiots who still can’t understand why you call him “America’s QB.” Just so I don’t have to keep explaining it. Hell I understood it right from the first day you put out the moniker….plus it also upsets the haters as well, because they’re too ignorant to understand it. Go figure.

    “But it also reinforces why Jameis is America’s Quarterback. No matter what Jameis does, good or bad, there is a massive reaction. With the possible exception of Tom Brady, no quarterback moves the needle and pushes social
    media quite like Jameis.”

    Saved and put away for later.

  16. Tiny Tim Says:

    I wonder if Joe’s friend the big dog will acknowledge this about Mariota? He blamed Winston for the entire loss when he had 5 TO which is comical to say the least. We have seen qbs ie Manning this year have 3-4 TO yet his team still wins. Why? Because it is a team sport. The big dog goes on and on about Lovie not trusting Jameis yet his own golden boy is looking worse than Jameis by far and has continued his fumbling issues. This will be interesting come three o’ clock. Knowing the big dog, he probably won’t even mention it like he hasn’t mention any of Mariota’s bad games (which has been everyone since week 1). He loves to bash Jameis though. Yea, there is no bias there by the media.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Crabdogg …we have this thing called the internet now and cable television. They have national sports websites and national sports TV channels. So basically we don’t need your expert advice about who’s saying what in Mississippi. We can watch and read it with our own eyes on the internet and TV. If you haven’t seen or heard the bias talk when it comes to these 2, then you’re NOT paying attention.

  18. Joe Says:

    Could it be the color of his skin.

    For every “JaMarcus Russell” analogy Joe reads, he wonders.

  19. America's QB Says:

    This is a joke! I mean you are telling me that Marriota is third right now without a completion of over 20 yards and 9 turnovers, yet Winston is not even on the list. THAT IS BIAS!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Joe Says:

    so you’re saying he’s the trump of the nfl?

    LOL Sort of, yes!

  21. LargoBuc Says:

    If you look ariund the web, ie, fans all over seem to hate. Jameis. They dont just dislike him, they HATE him. They call him thief, rapist, moron etc. The same people that give Tom Brady the benefit od, call Jameis a rapist. SMH. Its really sad. It also dosent help when the media lacks objectivity regarding Jameis. And thats putting it mildly.

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Spread Offense Concepts have been around the NFL for decades.

    Some of the most successful offenses in the history of the NFL. Have utilized what would be considered a spread offense.

    Just Review Sid Gillmans Coaching Tree.

    • Al Davis
    • Chuck Noll
    • Chuck Knox
    • Dick Vermeil
    • George Allen

    • Don Coryell
    • Joe Gibbs
    • John Madden
    • Tom Flores

    • Bill Walsh
    • Mike Shanahan
    • Jon Gruden (Da’ Coach)
    • Mike Holmgren
    • Dennis Green
    • Gary Kunibak
    • Mike McCarthy
    • Steve Mariucci
    • Andy Reid
    • John Harbaugh

    The List Goes on and on – Must be a West Coast Thing

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Throwing in the Zone Read | Pistol elements – are fairly new

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    I understand why Joe calls him that….I am merely explaining that it adds fuel to the bias. There are those who are anti-Joe, regardless of the subject….It’s simply their nature.
    My only bias is that Jameis is a Buc…so, I naturally support him over all others…and even if he falters, as long as he wears a Buc uniform, I’ll be a supporter hoping he does well/better. Hell, I’m still a Glennon fan.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…I wasn’t calling you out on it. In a way I agreed with you when I said” plus it also upsets the haters as well, because they’re too ignorant to understand it. Go figure.”

    I actually didn’t read anyone’s posts before I started firing away at the keys. Because I noticed the bias yesterday with the commentator. It was so bad you would think the commentator was Mariota’s uncle.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I watched the game also….and found myself rooting against Mariota to succeed….I guess that’s natural….hoping we made the right decision.

    But, I watched the Bucs game against Carolina & Jacksonville and found the announcers were also forgiving of Jameis…..saying he’s the real deal and can make some incredible throws and that he will learn not to throw into coverage etc. etc.

    The difference between the Bucs/Carolina game and the Titans/Dolphin game was that Carolina is a much better team than Miami. Both QBs struggled.

  27. Buccfan37 Says:

    I did not watch the Titans game, no interest in either team. I had to think a bit to remember who they even played. “Well it’s all right now, I’ve learned my lesson well. You can’t please everyone, you have to please yourself.”

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    Correct LUV. I really don’t think the bias has anything to do with the spread offense in college. Joe does and that’s his opinion, mine though.

    Us FSU know exactly where the bias is coming from. Mariota is a saint and Winston is Satan. That’s been the narrative for awhile now.

    It’s not just in the media either. I have an uncle that tells me all the time that the Bucs drafted a r-pist.(that word is filtered on JBF) My mother in law in Seattle has told my wife that about 5-6 times since the Bucs drafted him.

    Then we have people that come on here and say “what are you talking about nobody talks about JW outside of Tampa?” Then I have to ask them WTH are you talking about? I have FAMILY members that still call him a r-pist to this day. They also still call me to tell me how much better Mariota is as well, but it’s the same ones that think he’s guilty of the assault.

    I bet there are people into the millions in America that think like my uncle and mother in law. They root against him for that very reason. He is Satan according to them.

  29. Chris Armstrong Says:

    Bias exists, and it will always exist in a sport involving emotion, opinions and money. Media, for the most part, doesn’t really mind stretching the truth or pushing a narrative so long as the end result is emotionally charging content. It can be wrong as heck and they won’t lose a wink of sleep. The fans are where the hatred is and the media takes advantage of it to profit. Simple as that. Listening to that Titans announcer yesterday made me sick tho, because when the Bucs play, Ol Gene tells it like it is, for both teams playing. Go Bucs, Go Jameis, And Go Joe!

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    Had a guy at the resort I was staying at during the 4th of July whisper in my ear. “I think that dumb N word is going to suck in the NFL.” Naturally me being me, I fired right back at him and came to Winston’s defense as to why he won’t suck. I didn’t want to defend him against the N word thingy. Because why bother? The dude was around the same age as my uncle and you can’t change their thinking when that’s the way they grew up.

    I did defend the dumb comment with his GPA in HS and college. The guy just snickered at me and walked away. If the convo would have continued I would have asked him what his GPA was in HS or college. That probably would have set him off though as I was comparing his intelligence to someone he calls an N word. Do you think that guy is rooting for Jameis? He was a Bucs fan BTW!

  31. Tiny Tim Says:

    America’s QB Says:

    October 19th, 2015 at 11:29 am

    This is a joke! I mean you are telling me that Marriota is third right now without a completion of over 20 yards and 9 turnovers, yet Winston is not even on the list. THAT IS BIAS!!!!!!!!!!


    That is very bias considering Jameis has won 2 rookie of the week awards.

    @ Troll Capt Tim

    Here are a few more articles for your reading pleasure. BTW, I am still waiting on you to show us how I was bashing Jameis for the past months. I mean I was questioning Buc1987 and Joe about the “hack” situation and you chimed in. Again you won’t find any article outside of the past couple of days. Buc1987 was a man about it and admitted his mistake multiple times. Yet nothing from you.. No need, I will keep showing you how much of an troll you are until you prove otherwise by being a man and admit your mistake. FYI….. these type of articles and links will not stop. Prove your troll comment and show me how I was bashing Jameis!!

  32. Crabdogg Says:

    My point was only that west of the Mississippi no one really cares about Winston, and only kind of care about Mariota due to HI and Oregon roots. Does this Bias exist, sure it does. Is it racially motivated, probably. are we talking about two rookie QB’s on two below average teams yes. People just don’t care that much on a national scale.

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    Crab….if that’s so then why does ESPN do a side by side comparison of the 2 every week on their website? Is it because no one cares?

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Bottom line is like I said earlier. Mariota to them is a squeeky clean nice boy.

    Winston to them is Satan and guilty of sexual assault.

    Take it from a Noles fan, it’s been like this for 3 years now. To the national media, Winston is Satan. Check out the NY Times falsehoods that they write about this kid.

    Just the other day TMZ did another piece on Jameis Winston. They pulled up a radio interview with Nick Carter (belongs to some boy band I forget which one) from Tampa and he says “Jameis needs to stay out of the Tampa strip clubs.” Which of course generated laughter from the radio hosts. This was just 3 days ago. Last I checked TMZ is not just locally in Tampa or the bay area.

    Here’s another point to back up what I’m saying. Go to google search. Punch in 2 letters J and a then wait to see what comes up first down below in your search.
    Answer : Jameis Winston

    Yeah no one outside of Tampa cares or thinks about him all that much…huh?

  35. DB55 Says:

    I just looking forward to 2-3 years from now when Cam vs Jaboo is an epic battle. They are basically the same personality although Jaboo has the better QB skills.

    This way ALL the HATERS can come out at one time. “Arrogant” “cocky” “htugs” should be heard from sea to shining sea.

    Hopefully by that time the defense can be an assest and not a liability.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    I’ll also add that before the draft. You could go to google and just type in the letter J only and the first thing that came up was Jameis Winston. Hell that won’t work with Tom Brady. You have to punch in T o and m just to get his name to come up.

  37. Mo_Downs Says:

    Saw the highlights of the Titans/Miami game. The league should suspend the Miami player that tried to hurt Mariota’s knee. There is no place in the league for that kind of play.

    I’m encouraged by the growth of both QB’s. I’m really surprised that the Titans haven’t given Mariota more chances to run the ball for easy 1st downs.

    I hope that both QB’s develop into great players. The NFL needs a QB youth movement to replace quality veteran players with marquee worthy replacements.

    It takes a long time to develop the quality of play we enjoy from the top 10 QB’s. Both the Bucs and the Titans and the NFL are counting on their rookie QB’s to perform at a high level in the near future.

    When you consider the poor play from rookie QB’s over the last few years, we’re right on schedule to have quite a few great seasons of quality offensive production led by our QB’s.

    Go Bucs…!!!

  38. Eric Says:

    None of this bothers Jaboo.

    He just keeps working harder and saying all the right things.

    Which is why he is going to be a great NFL player.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    Mo_Downs…really because I was on a Titans site yesterday and a Titans fan was actually disagreeing that it was a cheap shot. Not saying it was or wasn’t, but I just looked at it on extreme slo-mo replay and it looks like the defender lost his footing because a Titans o-linemen bumped into him. Which is kind of what the Titans fan said on the site.

  40. StPete727 Says:

    Mariota supporters have seen the light. MM is not a future hall of famer yet and not head and shoulders about JW. Did you see what happen when MM attempted that same play-action slant pass he scored his first career TD pass on the Bucs with….yes a quick pick-6. MM will be ok, but right now he is a Alex Smith type Qb that throws INTs and fumbles every other time he gets wacked. MM lucky he played the Bucs in his first game, because they made him look like a HOF. Reality has set in. JW and MM are rookie game managers. I’m happy the Bucs drafted JW. Peter King said after the 3rd game he gave JW the edge over MM and he is right, JW is clearly more NFL ready, its just a matter of time before he gets comfortable in this offense.

  41. Mo_Downs Says:


    I appreciate your comment. But, the same “momentum” could be ascribed to LT “pile jumping” on Joe Theisman and breaking his leg. Remember..??

    Official Statement by LT: “It’s hard to change direction mid-air, man.”

    Translation: “Man, I was only trying to put him out for the game, not end his career.”

    The point is the current “low blow rule” was instituted to protect QB’s from extreme lower body injuries, period. Intent, don’t mean squat if the result is a QB with a broken leg.

    While I applaud Vernon’s pass rush enthusiasm, his technique stinks.
    The problem with those kind of “results”, intentional or not, is that they encourage “intentional” retaliation by the opposition.

    What does it matter if a bench guy (Sean Peyton?) gets tossed out of a game while your starting QB is put on IR for the rest of the season….after the 1st RS game..??

    Again, tackling technique is everything.

    Throw the flag and let the NFL decide intent.

  42. Bucfan77 Says:

    Hmm if I mention a certain radio host name on this site my comment wont get summitted why not JBF