February 9th, 2015

whyJoe just doesn’t get it. The thought drives him out of his mind. The following premise makes zero sense in any way shape or form:

The Bucs should trade back and pass on drafting a quarterback.

Joe wants to ram his head through a wall upon hearing this nonsense, especially the drivel from folks who are of the mind Eagles strongman Chip Kelly is going to trade up with the Bucs and dump off Nick Foles in the process.

It’s just dumb on so many levels.

Even “The Professor,” John Clayton of BSPN, can’t figure out the logic as he fielded a question about the Bucs and Eagles swinging a deal.

Q: We all know the Bucs need a QB in this year’s draft. With that being said, what do you think are the chances they trade the No. 1 pick away? For instance, the Bucs trade the pick to the Eagles for their first- and third-round picks and also get Nick Foles in the deal. The Bucs get a good QB and picks, and Chip Kelly gets Marcus Mariota.

Ryan in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A: The Eagles draft 20th. A first, a third and Foles isn’t enough to trade up to the No. 1 overall pick. Plus, the Bucs have the choice of the best quarterback in the draft. If you need a quarterback, take a quarterback. For the Eagles to move up to get Mariota, they would likely have to give up at least three first-round picks. That’s not going to happen. For the Bucs, what benefit would it be for them to trade out of the top five?

John Clayton

Well, “Ryan in Oklahoma,” if you really know the Bucs need a quarterback, then why were you asking this idiotic question (unless he’s an Eagles fan)? Not one person has been able to answer this question for Joe, “If Kelly is so hellbent on getting rid of Foles, then why in the world would the Bucs want him?”

The Bucs have the rare, rare, rare opportunity — like once-every-30-years rare — to be able to hand-pick their quarterback of the future, you know, for the next 12-15 years, if all goes well. And you want to throw this away for friggin’ Foles? What brand of whiskey must Joe chug to wrap himself around this stupid notion?

Besides, Joe spoke to an Eagles insider during Super Bowl week, an employee of the Eagles no less, who told Joe that Kelly was openly discussing benching Foles for Mark Sanchez (of all people), and then Foles was injured, which forced Kelly’s hand.

And the Bucs are supposed to throw away a potential franchise quarterback for a guy that was about to be benched? Seriously? Trading down with the Eagles is just ridiculous on so many levels, it makes Joe’s head spin.

Why would any right-thinking person want to do this?

74 Responses to “Why?”

  1. nybucsfan424 Says:

    just just?? you mean Joe just maybe proof read first !!!

  2. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Simply put Joes……..I do not think either Winston or Mariota are worthy of #1 overall pick. Just because we a a need for a QB and own the 1st overall pick does not mean we REACH !. We have SO MANY holes on both offense and defense. The far sighted ,wise thing to do would be to trade down,TWICE, if possible and accumulate picks !
    You should know that ever year there are QB’s that garner the buzz of Jameis and Marcus….EVERY year !….

  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    If Kelly wants Mariota so bad then he should be willing to part with all of his draft picks for this and next years draft. Who could say no to that offer?

  4. Caleb Says:

    I think they can trade back just a few spots, pick up an extra pick and may still be able to get winston. if that is in the realm of reality i ithink thats best

  5. Eric Says:

    But every year you don’t have the number one overall pick to make said QB selection.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Joefunginail: I know we have a lot of holes on both side of the ball. But what IF during free agency we by some miracle pick up SUH, JPP, or Houston. All of which would instantly make our secondary look better because of the constant pressure pf the QB. And in the draft pick up Winston at QB and focus on the Oline and mlb position. I mean anyone of those free agency picks would instantly make this team a lot better. Especially Suh. Could you imagine Suh and gmc ? Shit with that much pressure up the middle would make then michael the ghost Johnson look like the future Simeon rice.

  7. OB Says:

    Joe, you ask why? Look at all the great players Lovie took like McCown, the ghost, Mankins, Collins, EDS, need I go on?

    I don’t believe Lovie can draft and/or trade anyone by himself any more, so this should be a non issue, last year done deal with Lovie.

  8. Eric Says:

    So how do you solve the QB situation if you make the trade?

    Wait until there is an Andrew Luck consensus number one pick in the draft on the horizon, and roll the dice that we will somehow get the number one pick in the draft necessary to select the guaranteed superstar?

    Gamble we get a Brady in fifth round?

    Count on Glennon?


  9. Terry4505 Says:

    The problem is, owning the #1 pick does not guarantee we draft a successful QB.

    I am completely comfortable with the Bucs trading back, accumulating picks and starting Glennon.

    There is no Andrew Luck in this draft

  10. Luther Says:

    Any scenario that does not include drafting Winston should get Lovie fired if not this year then next year. I don’t believe Mariota is on the same level or close to Winston. Picking Mariota number 1 is absolutely reaching for a QB.

  11. Dean Says:

    The only thing equally as dumb is, the Bucs will draft Winston and then SIT HIM for a year.
    Come on. The kid is smart…qualified for Stanford. As Jaimie Dukes is fond of saying, he went to FSU…the Harvard of the South(just kidding) But the kid is very sharp learning football stategy, works hard in the weightroom and in the classrooms, knows how to read defenses and is a great leader that hates to lose and lifts his team up on his back game after game.

    Those are the attributes of a starter and a winner. Sitting on the bench only slows down his growth. We don’t have a Brett Favre to learn from.

    Put him in, teach him, let him learn and grow on the field of battle.

  12. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    We need to BUILD a young offensive line… FA OLmen are either over the hill or wanting more than the team they developed on thinks they are worth….or coming off injury. There are other QB’s with just as much potential as M&W .

  13. Terry4505 Says:

    Here is a list of the 1st Round QBs the last 10 years:










    V. Young

    A. Smith


    Out of 30 dudes, I count 10 “Franchise” QBs.

  14. Luther Says:

    “There are other QB’s with just as much potential as M&W”

    Name them please…give me 1 name that the Bucs can get right now or next year.

  15. JFF Says:

    It’s almost like Bucs fans are afraid to have a franchise QB. This fanbase is so beaten down that they think they deserve mediocrity. It’s kinda sad.

    I don’t like Winston but I’d rather give him a shot compared to trading down in a draft that doesn’t even have 10 high-end prospects or more than 3 QBs with starter upside.

    The options are Mariota, Leonard Williams, and Winston. That’s it.

  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I could have sworn I saw Joe making offhand comments in the past that suggested this trade, right along with the others that did. I could be wrong, which I openly admit. After all, I’m an old man and my memory isn’t what it once was.

    But I agree that this trade would never happen…or at least there is a 99% chance it would not. Maybe we should not say never, because the unpredictable does sometimes occur.

    However, playing devils advocate, there is no way the Eagles would pay 3 #1s, because Jason Licht has not proven himself a capable negotiator. He has yet to work a suitable trade…and frankly, I have my doubts that he can.

    He could change this opinion with one really good trade. For example, Mark Dominick got a second for Gaines Adams. If Licht could accomplish something along those lines, I would feel more confident. Maybe a 2nd for Glennon (which is as unlikely as a 2nd for Adams was).

  17. Lovethepewter Says:

    I think you nailed it on the head Joe. This guy is clearly an Eagles fan. What idiot would be okay moving down to 20 from 1 for a third round pick and nick foles????????

  18. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Both M&W have benefited from big time programs with huge media coverage and HYPE. 2013 FSU had NFL starters which inflated W’s stats. Same with M this past year….both QB were shooting fish in a barrel. I am not saying they won’t grow into very good NFL QB’s in a few years..but there is not guarantee they’ll be better than any other QB

  19. BucRock Says:

    technically, the jags had their choice of quarterbacks last year, right?

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    “It’s just dumb on so many levels”

    C’mon brotha,

    You’ve banged the drums loudly for the organization to draft Morris Claiborne. You went as far as suggesting that we trade up for Johnny Manziel. But we’re the crazy ones for suggesting that we trade down to acquire more picks?

    Rather it be:

    • Trading Down with Raiders (No. 4 Overall)
    • Trading Down with Jets (No. 6 Overall)
    • Trading Down with Bears (No. 7 Overall)
    • Trading Down with Browns (Nos. 12 and 19 Overall)
    • Trading Down with Eagles (No. 20 Overall)

    You’ve admitted the draft is a crap shoot-So wouldn’t the wise play be to acquiring more picks? Especially for a team that’s clearly in rebuilding mode.

  21. armchairGM Says:

    @JFF your exactly right. Some Bucs fans have gotten so used to bad or mediocre quarterback play that the thought of pulling the trigger for one scares them to death and they think we are better suited adding players to other areas of the team now if we pass up on both of these guys and they turn out to be stars then we will continue to be the laughing stock of the league.

  22. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Jameis Winston is coming to Tampa.

    All these articles are just a mere formality.

  23. Eric Says:

    the draft doesn’t come with guarantees.

    Just like there are no guarantees that any of the players you pick up with the draft choices acquired in the trade will be any good.

    Nature of the beast.

    That wont change next year or the year after. A QB will always be a risk.

    But take a risk vs. the guaranteed loserville if we never get one.

  24. meh Says:

    If Kelly wants Mariota so bad then he should be willing to part with all of his draft picks for this and next years draft. Who could say no to that offer?

    I would. That is not enough compensation to move from #1 to #20. That package would need at least one more first rounder, and even then I wouldn’t take it because the picks are way too low in the round.

  25. Tom Edrington Says:

    Joe calls this pick a rare, rare, rare opportunity, once in 30 years or some other such bunk…..

    Which begs the question: Is Jameis Winston a rare, rare, rare quarterback, a once in 30 years type of talent?

    I think not, I would think any sane poster here would think not and if Joe were to be honest with himself, he should think not….

  26. Luther Says:

    “Which begs the question: Is Jameis Winston a rare, rare, rare quarterback, a once in 30 years type of talent?”

    The opportunity to draft your own QB at the top of the draft is rare. Indy had the opportunity twice in the last 20 years and they pick QB both times. Manning is rare but Luck’s story is still being written. It was the right choice both times for them and we should do the same.

  27. Eric Says:

    To say that the standard for selecting a QB as the first overall pick is he has to be the best prospect in 30 years is insane.

    If we traded down and got number 10, would number ten have to be the best 10th pick in the last 30 years (whatever the position).?

    Totally ridiculous.

  28. Eric Says:

    Is there any player at any position in this years draft that is the consensus best prospect in the last 30 years?

    Maybe we should just give up our pick.

  29. Buccfaninhawkeyecountry Says:

    Leonard Williams. Don’t reach. From what Ive read he’s basically a can’t miss. Too many questions with the qbs. Pass rush is almost as big of a need anyways. Fix the Oline (anybody would be an upgrade.) and let Koetter work with Glennon. Maybe grab an Eddie Royal for the slot.

  30. JTHV Says:

    Still amazes every sound mind person that some of you idiots still find it necessary to post a comment continuing your idiocy as pertaining to trading away the #1 pick.

    Please spare us your thoughts on this subject and concentrate on how to destroy other things.

  31. Luther Says:

    @Eric exactly…people come up with insane reasons to fail. Not grabbing a QB when you need one is just dumb.

    Pick Winston and enjoy the ride.

  32. Luther Says:

    I think we should just call Seattle and trade for Russell Wilson straight up. They get to keep their draft picks. Why settle for Mariota is is just a “clone” of Wilson as some here have suggested.

  33. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    QB’s drafted in the top 10 are supposed to be studs, franchise QBs. History says we can expect a couple of flops–Almost every time that has happened since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, one or bothof the QB failed to live up to expectations.

    Check this list:

    • Jack Thompson and Phil Simms (1979)
    • Art Schlichter and Jim McMahon (1982)
    • John Elway and Todd Blackledge (1983)
    • Vinny Testeverde and Kelly Stouffer (1987)
    • Jeff George and Andre Ware (1990)
    • Drew Bledsoe and Rick Mirer (1993)
    • Heath Shuler and Trent Dilfer (1994)
    • Steve McNair and Kerry Collins (1995)
    • Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf (1998)
    • Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb and Akili Smith (1999)
    • David Carr and Joey Harrington (2002)
    • Carson Palmer and Byron Leftwich (2003)
    • Eli Manning and Philip Rivers (2004)*
    • Vince Young and Matt Leinart (2006)
    • Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez (2009)
    • Cam Newton, Jake Locker, and Blaine Gabbert (2011)
    • Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, and Ryan Tannehill (2012)

  34. MadMax Says:

    Well, like I said the other day, Dom would take Mariota, and Joe would take Winston…all the more reason to stay away IMO. You Joes are a trip though. I think these daily articles like this are just to keep things interesting around here…yall really know we could benefit GREATLY if the right trade comes along.

  35. MadMax Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot….the curse of the heisman winning QB’s is glaring.

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Per: John Clayton (Concerning JaMarcus Russell)

    John Clayton of ESPN stated that Russell’s workouts at the 2007 NFL Combine that Russell’s arm strength and size impressed several teams, and predicted that it would “be hard to pass up on Russell at #1.

  37. Skyline Crew Says:

    Just draft Mariota and move on. Take the best QB and we are set for years and years.

  38. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe seems to have a hard time understanding this, so maybe we need to write more slowly. IF the Bucs DO NOT FEEL STRONGLY a about either QB (Mariota & Winston), or if they feel that there are good QB prospects available later in the Draft or in FA, then trading down makes sense. As many others (including myself) have already pointed out, the Bucs are much more than a player or two away from being competitive. Our entire Offensive Line needs to be rebuilt. We need to find another WR to groom. We need 2 pass rushing DE’s. We need a MLB, Safety, Nickel CB. And we need quality depth everywhere. We need a dozen players…not just a QB. If a team like Philly were to offer us a 1 & 2 this year, next year and 2017 ( and throw in a guy like Foles), that gives us 11 picks in the top 2 rounds over the next 3 years….that’s enough to completely replace the missing pieces on this team.Couple that with effective FA pickups ( which is no gimme either as last season proved), and the Bucs could be competitive for years to come! I’m not saying they SHOULD trade down, only that YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST CONSIDER it if the right offer comes along!

  39. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    “Take the best QB and we are set for years and years.”

    Then it’s settled then seeing how the overwhelming majority of scouts and analysts say that Winston is head and shoulders better than Mariota.

    We can take Mariota and sit him on the bench for a year like many analysts are saying or we can take the NFL ready Winston and start him early. It begs the question, who’s the better quarterback again? Some analysts are saying it isn’t even close.

    Then again we could listen to numerous analysts and scouts that come to JBF daily and run down Winston in the comment section. Surely their opinion carries more weight than the people that get paid to make evaluations.

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is virtually no way we would trade all the way down to 20…..I could see us trading to 6…..then trading down again…..

    If we are going to trade down…..trade down twice and really fill this team with some great young prospect.

    The only way we don’t draft a QB is if Koetter came in and said he absolutely can work with Glennon…..possible, but not likely.

  41. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Jeagan1999…I don’t think the right offer WILL come along. A team would be foolish to give up the farm for Marcus Mariota. That includes Philly.

    If there are more than a few analysts out there saying Mariota’s going to slide in the draft. Taint no one going to give up a gaggle of picks for the kid.

  42. BirdDoggers Says:

    The idea of trading wouldn’t have any teeth if there was an unquestioned top QB prospect in this draft. The Bucs might not have one of the QBs at the top of their draft board. However, the pick will probably be a QB, even if it means they have to “overdraft” a player. Depending on how the pre-draft process shakes out, one of the QBs may fall in the first round and the Bucs could pull off a great move by trading down and still getting their guy. It would be risky but possible.

  43. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Joe you’re going to feel vindicated soon The crap you have to put with about that rookie QB in Cleveland will slowly go away, hopefully.

    Some of us know that Joe likes Winston MUCH more than Johnny. When the Bucs do the right thing on draft day and Winston proves you right on the field.

    You too can go all Jeff Dunham on these people. Silence! I kill you!

  44. Skyline Crew Says:

    Sorry 87′ it is Mariota.

  45. Couch Fan Says:

    I love all these little fantasies people have of trading, especially down to 20, thats funny as heck. Lol. Get use to the idea of Jameis being a Buc. Cuz its going to happen. Reality>Fantasies.

  46. Couch Fan Says:

    By the way, for the “we are more than 1 or 2 players away” people…. You do know we have 8 picks in the draft? Just checking because your “we aren’t 1 or 2 players away” reasoning as to why we shouldn’t go QB makes no sense if you realize we have 8 picks, not 1 or 2. Not to mention free agency. But continue making up any reason you can think of to not draft a QB #1.

  47. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Couch Fan

    Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. ~John Lennon

  48. Skyline Crew Says:

    Take Mariota in 1st
    Take OL in 2nd
    Take OL in 3rd
    Take D 4-7.

    We have to find at least one starting offensive lineman in this draft.

  49. utahbucsfan Says:

    Draft willams, sign hardy. Top ten defense, sounds like love right?

  50. Marcus_Mariota_Mob Says:

    Can we just acknowledge that the Foles thing was a piece of speculation based on nothing? Why is anyone devoting thought to it? Nobody, I mean NOBODY, thinks he would be a big prize in a Mariota trade. Now, if the Iggles were willing to give up a few starting offensive lineman to go with a few #1’s, maybe we could talk.

  51. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    February 9th, 2015 at 11:57 am

    @Couch Fan

    Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. ~John Lennon (while he rolls another joint)

  52. Couch Fan Says:

    Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. ~John Lennon

    Well if you must, then imagine Jameis helping us win repeated championships. Ahhh love they imagination.

  53. lord cornelius Says:

    It’s insane to me anyone wouldn’t want to draft a QB. We aren’t reaching by taking either of these QBs. They are both considered worthy of the #1 pick.

    If you took every player in the 2013 AND 2014 drafts and put them into 1 draft; Winston would be #1 on the board if not for his off the field concerns; and probably top 3-5 with them anyway. Mariota would likely be in the top 3-5. Both would easily grade above Bortles/Carr/etc.

    I don’t want Mariota but I’d take a shot on him 1,000,000 times before taking a “can’t miss”DE. A ton of the “can’t miss” players miss too.

    I just don’t get it. If we hit on an all pro DE that’s great but that isn’t going to turn our franchise around. If we hit on an all pro QB we are all of a sudden a winning team for 10-15 years. THe upside of hitting on your QB pick is so rediculously better than any other position you would have to be a complete moron to not take that chance when the world is giving it to you.

  54. The Buc Realist Says:

    Even if the Front office is convinced of who they would select. The GM would not be doing his job of determining what the value is and what is the “price tag” for the bucs to move out. Other teams will low ball offers and only will offer more the last few minutes before the draft. So Licht needs to know ahead of time what the 1st pick is worth to the Bucs.

    Trading the #1 is beyond highly unlikely. All the desperate teams will wait to see who is left at #2 because the price tag is almost half of the #1 selection.

  55. Skyline Crew Says:

    If we hit on an all pro QB we are all of a sudden a winning team for 10-15 years.
    I wouldn’t say that, but you should definitely have more winning seasons than losing.

  56. WS99 Says:

    Here’s the most important question of all:

    What brand of whiskey must Joe chug to wrap himself around this stupid notion?

    A) Yak aka Hennessy
    B) if the have an extra $3500 burning a hole in your pocket try “The John Walker”

    That is all. You’re welcome.

  57. SOEbuc Says:

    Im not saying JW isn’t smart. He’s smart enough ON the field and he may have an IQ of 180 for all I know, but can we please stop with the Stanford references. When you’re one of the best high school QBs in the country, these big time colleges will throw anything (cash, clothes, girls, and even sometimes scholarships) at these kids to come play for them.

  58. ddneast Says:

    If Drew Brees was any good, why would the Chargers let him get away for nothing.
    Other teams and coaches make mistakes too, Joe, just not the Bucs.
    Kelly is in love with Mariota and covets him just like you coveted the last Hooters waitress that served you a platter of anorexic wings.
    The fact that you can’t have her makes you covet her even more.
    Your logic is just so flawed. I mean you feel like no one else in football can make bad personnel decisions other than the Bucs.
    Believe me, it happens every day with other teams.

  59. ddneast Says:

    Great post Terry4505 but I only counted 7 “franchise” QB’s on that list, not 10. Guess your grading is a tad easier than mine.
    Whatever the case, 33 percent success rate isn’t something to brag about unless it’s your batting average in MLB.
    Both these guys have such huge question marks behind their names for various reasons it makes me wonder why anyone is so hot to draft either one with a No. 1 pick.
    People get mired in this ” he was the best college QB” nonsense.
    That means absolutely nothing in the pros. See Tim Tebow.

  60. bucs4lyfe Says:

    im glad fans have no say in draft picks, you here some of the most comical nonsense that lets you know that grown men are still playing franchise mode in madden….

    @LUVMYBUCS and Terry4505

    the odds of finding a quarterback out of the second round are worse odds than picking from the first round. the money doesn’t handicap you and it’s easier to move on from these players see bob griffin III. you have the 1st pick in the draft there is no other choice but quarterback unless you trade out which is still dumb and doesn’t mean you’ll have better success with those picks either. the bucs have invested fewer 1st round picks on a qb than any other position on the field and this couldn’t work out any worse than picking a safety as high as 7 that’s a bust. one thing we can say about glennon versus freeman is atleast we have two season of hopes for the playoffs…. a 10-6 season and a 7-9 season where interceptions and stupid defensive play calls ruined the season….

  61. lord cornelius Says:

    Yeah those list of 1st round Qbs doesn’t really mean much in that context. A lot of those were known reaches by draft pundits and never considered worthy of the #1 pick.

    If you look at all the franchise QBs in the NFL; the majority came from the 1st round and it isn’t really close.

    Peyton, Rodgers, Rivers, Big Ben, Eli, Flacco, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Stafford, Luck


    Brady, Romo, Wilson, Brees

    10 to 4. But just imagine how many Qbs were selected in the 1st round over the last 10-15 years; versus how many QBs were selected in all the other rounds. Just do the math:

    4 QBs / every QB selected in rounds 2-7 (or undrafted) in the last 10-15 years


    10 QBs/ every QB selected in round 1.

    Pretty sure the % for the first one is a lot worse..

  62. Jeagan1999 Says:

    87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    “Jeagan1999…I don’t think the right offer WILL come along. A team would be foolish to give up the farm for Marcus Mariota. That includes Philly.”

    And if a great opportunity DOESN’T come along, then we can banter and bicker over Mariota and Winston right up until the pick goes to the commissioner! But Joe keeps stating that trading out of the #1 spot “makes zero sense in any way shape or form” and just like with his Johnny Rehab and Josh McCown infatuations…HE IS DEAD WRONG…AGAIN! Trading down makes a ton of sense…UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES!!! Who knows what other teams might be thinking? Maybe Chip Kelly is so hot and heavy to get MM that he is willing to give away the farm to get him! All I’m saying is that with no consensus pick at #1, what would it hurt to at least LISTEN to other teams? We don’t have to do it, but if we did, it would give us the ammo we need to rebuild the team quickly! We have SO MANY holes to fill, and as we saw last year, Free Agents alone don’t do it! Taking a QB at #1 is a crapshoot at best! If there is another team willing to take that risk in exchange for a handful of high picks, then you have to at least consider it!

  63. Bucsfanman Says:

    Man, you gotta love this time of year! All hope and no substance! I’m not giddy at the thought of either one of these QBs but the short story is that McCown ain’t it and clearly they are not comfortable with Beeker.
    Keep this in mind, a swing and miss here will set the franchise back a minimum of 5 years. Does anybody here want to risk THAT?!
    My fingers are crossed!

  64. Phil Says:

    They should sign Winston today.

  65. Matt Says:

    I appreciate you taking the time to compile that list of QBs taken in the first round. What’s your point though? What do you think about that 33% hit rate on a franchise QB?

  66. Skyline Crew Says:

    Have the Bucs signed Mariota yet? Can they do that or do they still have to wait? I’m sure his jersey is already sewn and ready to go.

  67. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Vindicated Joe. Vindicated.

  68. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Jeagan1999…then let’s roll some crap. Bring out the dice.

  69. rayjay1122 Says:

    LMAO @ Ryan in Tulsa!!! Taking a trade like that would get a GM and coach fired immediately. He is definitely an Eagle fan who is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. LOL

  70. Pickgrin Says:

    Anything less than 6 high draft picks (three 1st and three 2nds for example) should not even be considered unless you are talking about moving down 1 spot and still be guaranteed a top QB prospect. Trading down with the Jets to 6 for instance means its highly likely that the Bucs will NOT be able to draft a good QB this year. Unless Mariota looks terrible at his pro day or Winston has another major brain fart before draft day – these 2 QBs are not getting out of the top 5 – and if either is available after the 3rd pick I would be surprised.

    The idea that there are good QBs available every year and we have so many holes that we should do something other than draft a QB #1 overall this year is utter nonsense. Winston and Mariota are both better prospects than any QB that came out in 2013 or 2014 – and next years crop ain’t looking that great either. Do the research and then pick the QB you think has the best chance to succeed in your system. Simple as that. Anything else other than trading down for a literal King’s ransom would be incredibly foolish (not to mention would infuriate the majority of the remaining fan base).

    I’m with Luther on this one -” Pick Winston and enjoy the ride.”

  71. Buctebow Says:

    Yes picking a QB with the #1 pick is a crapshoot, it is a crapshoot every year. You never will get a franchise QB unless you roll the dice. We have the #1 pick this year, so we get to roll. When will we have the #1 pick again to get another chance to roll the dice? You have to roll when you get the dice, there is no guaranty of success, but you are guaranteed failure if you do not try. Trading down is not an option. Let’s say some stupid team offered their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks for 2015, 2016 and 2017. That would be a great haul, but we still would not have a franchise QB, because none of them would turn out to be the #1 pick in the draft and thus the choice of the best QB on the board.

  72. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    Anytime anyone mentions trading down I automatically stop listening. It’s just a moronic way to think.

  73. brett Says:

    1000 years ago everybody knew the earth was the center of the universe , 500 years ago everybody knew the world was flat , imagine what you’ll know after the draft joes. it’s ludicrous to say that either mariotta or Winston are worthy of the no.1 pick at this stage given what we all know about their shortcomings. when attempting to build a house , you start with a rock solid foundation , and then you frill it up. most SUCCESSFUL franchises have long ago figured this out. we can roll with glennon I believe successfully with a solid group around him. outside of tampa ( and jbf ) there are several teams that would have glennon as their qb. why are you suggesting we reach for the first shiny thing dangled in front of us? quite frankly , that’s what a 4 year old would do.tampa , and its writers/ bloggers have a long tradition of being short-sighted ( see steve young , i.e.) .lastly , only an idiot would not exlplore trading for more picks , given all the upgrades this team needs. no qb is going to come in here and fix everything by himself, and if you believe that one will with only minor adjustments I have a house in a swamp to sell you.

  74. BoJim Says:

    Luther Says:

    “There are other QB’s with just as much potential as M&W”

    Name them please…give me 1 name that the Bucs can get right now or next year.
    Glennon’s already here and we have a good OC. Go a head and draft WorM and let him sit for a while. Send McClown back to the circus.