Jameis Watch: Stock Down?

January 1st, 2015

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Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

The championship shine rubbed off Jameis Winston tonight, with his Seminoles getting beaten to a pulp by Oregon.

It was Winston’s first loss in college — and likely his last, as he’s expected to enter the NFL Draft.

But what will the game film tell the scouts and Bucs general manager Jason Licht and Lovie Smith?

Yes, Winston’s Josh McCown-like backwards fumble choke job in the second half gifted Oregon a key touchdown. Ugly stuff. Winston seemed to have some poise issues, too, with clock management and communication a problem in the second half, though it’s unclear who was at fault. Regardless, he’s the leader of the offense and is responsible.

However, Winston made several fantastic throws. He rolled right. He rolled left. And he completed passes both ways. He finished 29-for-45 for 348 yards, plus a touchdown, and an interception that wasn’t his fault. He very much looked like a quarterback that could handle a pro offense. It’s not like Winston was playing with a fantastic crew of receivers.

Joe has not soured on Winston. This game film won’t hurt him.

Joe suspects Licht and Lovie will like the fire and passion they saw from Winston on the sidelines and on the field, and Joe suspects his pumping up of teammates will impress.

The evaluation of Winston shouldn’t change.

The real question is how much Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota’s stock rose after handling the intense pressure surrounding this playoff game, and how he thrived in what was a tight game early in the second half.

206 Responses to “Jameis Watch: Stock Down?”

  1. GO BUCS Says:

    So Mariota is our man?

  2. MadMax Says:

    <Leonard Williams or trade down

    <Bryce Petty

  3. SteveK Says:

    Winston is a better pro prospect than Mariota.

    Bucs have one helluva decision to make. Let’s hope we make the right decision with the top pick …

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Don’t think much has really changes……their entire body of work and skillset is what will be judged.
    We get the opportunity to see Mariota one more time…..that’s a good thing!!!

  5. DB55 Says:

    Bryce petty

  6. Stalia Says:

    Joe this is dumb. You should be doing a Mariota watch NOT a Winston watch…

  7. Walter Says:

    Lol wow. Why do you want this loser so badly Joe?? The cow has been carried by a superior supporting cast ever since his first start, he sucks. Big, slow, clumsy, lazy bum.

  8. Loggedontosay Says:

    Winston does not have the talent on his team need to win this game. Mariota won with athleticism, not great QB play. Winston slipped trying to make a play with a team that quiet early in the third and fumbled the ball. Jimbo made bad calls in the red zone. Winston played great. Florida State defense played as they have played the entire season.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mariota post game presser…..impressive….says all the right things.

  10. Mr. T Says:

    Put me on the draft Mariota side. He demonstrated that he can pass well from the pocket and not just on the run. However which ever one we get will do well for us.

  11. DallasBuc Says:

    Does Mariota still have the better arm and skill set? What I saw was a team meltdown, not a QB meltdown.

  12. armchairGM Says:

    Would you guys get off the Bryce Petty train please. One good game and he still couldnt win the game. There is a reason he is not graded in the first round. It was one game for the 3 quarterbacks. Watch the entire seasons tape and then come back with an opinion.

  13. Aceofaerospace Says:


  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Trade down twice and take Petty….and use the boatload of picks on Oline…..MLB, DE……and even a Punter!!!

  15. surdBuc Says:

    Marcus Mariota makes fast decisions executes sharply. That’s are quarter back.

  16. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    Joe wanted Maziel. Joe STILL will cry for Winston.

    Joe is a BAD judge of QBs.

  17. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    I don’t know how much I think Winston’s stock is down, but Mariota’s stock is going through the roof! I’m buyin’ me some Mariota!!!

  18. wolf4bucs Says:

    Watching winston sit there and argure with his coach to the point he threatens to bench him if he doens’t calm down kinda bothers me, its not the first time i’ve seen him disrespect his coach this year

  19. Todd Says:

    I’m not interested in freeman 2.0 with winston let the jets have him! Draft mariota and hire scott frost as oc!

  20. Walter White Says:

    Come on Joe. Was that Josh Freeman wearing #5 back there? Look, Mariotta may or may not project to NFL superstardom, but damn is that kid exciting to watch. He has talent, poise, intelligence, and character.

    He’s our guy Joe. If that game didn’t show you that, if all Winston/RGIII/Josh Freeman II’s baggage still doesn’t register with you, then you are Lovie Smith Jr. for your stubbornness and refusal to accept the obvious.

    Surround him with the proper OC, staff, and build a system around this kid, and man he could be exciting to watch in a Bucs uni.

    From Ducks to Bucs!!!

  21. Gooberville Says:

    Wow Joe.. You call that fire and passion on the sideline? He was arguing with his Headcoach who threatened to bench him. And the excuses you’re making is just ridiculous. Quit looking foolish and backing another loser.

  22. Harry Says:

    I was highly impressed with both of them. We got to see how Winston handled extreme adversity really well – sure, a little bit of emotion on the sideline, but that is their first loss in 2 years. Mariota impressed me with his command. I was not impressed with his accuracy, but he ran his team and a complex offense really well.

    Alright L&L, don’t mess this up!

  23. tgreg Says:

    Winston < Johnny Football who is even < than McClown

  24. Dennis Says:

    Winston is a turn over machine… fumble, and 2 ints this game alone. He’s been regressing all year long. Tonight alone, he matched MM turnovers for the year.

  25. NashvilleBuc Says:

    +1 Mariota. This game has cinched it for me. He’s got the eye of the tiger. Calm and cool and calculating. Winston squints like he needs glasses.

  26. SuperSam Says:

    This game film wont hurt him!? WHAT!!!?? You have got to be kidding joe, that backwards falling down senseless fumble was worse than anything Josh McCown did this year, that was pathetic. Just admit it Joe, Winston just blew his chance at going number 1. Sorry your in denial

  27. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe has not soured on Winston.



    Joe thought the Bucs should re-sign Josh Freeman to a “team friendly” contract before the 2013 season began.

    Joe thought John Manziel was the second coming of Joe Montana.


  28. brett Says:

    as long as the joes keep ” watching ” Winston , i’ll be firmly on the mariotta bandwagon. their history of ” watching” qb’s is pathetic almost to the point of being counter-intuitive an assanine. if they are just trying to stir up the readers for more exposure for themselves and their sight , I say great job. but , if the point is to want the bucs to field the best team , PLEASE find another team to root for. buc fan since the beginning.

    Dude, what gets lost is that Joe also repeatedly wrote that Bridgewater and Manziel were his preferred QB choices in last year’s draft. Joe is not backing off them, but let’s not pretend it was just Johnny Football that Joe wanted. Joe prefers Winston for his skills and experience in a pro-style system. Joe is not alone. Joe has nothing against Mariota. He’s just not the preferred choice here.—Joe

  29. cmurda Says:

    I have to agree NashvilleBuc. Mariota can’t be judged because he plays in this system he’s given. The guy still has to make smart reads and read defenses and he does so superbly. With that said I’m hoping a trade down becomes available. If not I would have to take Mariota.

  30. BuccoDav Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah… give us a board for the game that is on now. I’m sure the Bucs will look at some of these players more seriously than Jamie.

  31. SouthFloridianBuc Says:

    Well, looks like Mariota is our guy now, Mariota played amazing in the pocket, he’s also humble, and made several stellar reads

  32. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Anyone who that Winston is a better pro prospect than Mariota is off their rocker…. I agree Winston looked good at times & had a few dropped balls, but Mariota is a complete player. Anything Winston can do, Mariota can equally good or better. The obvious #1 draft pick is Mariota.

  33. Delson Says:

    There’s no shame in being wrong if u can admit it. But its hard when u spent all ur energy towards one player. Suck for the duck. Maybe licht was keepin an eye on the sidelines, at the coach scott frost.

  34. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Typo..,. Anyone who *thinks

  35. ihateloviesmith Says:

    Bryce petty aint no slouch, check his body of work in his college career, pretty impressive, strong arm, surprisingly mobile, yea I know he took two sacks at the end of the game but damn everyone knew he was throwing, good head on his shoulders, I would not throw my hat in the ring with mm or jw until I did a thorough investigation on petty, just saying. I guess these three would all be fine or should I say better than what we got. so I will cheer for whoever the bucs pick. and after watching these games today, the choice is gonna be someones headache, and nightmare until draft day. go bucs

  36. Tempcopest Says:

    King Crab legs are breathing easier tonight’s!

  37. BB Says:

    Mariota Mania in Tampa the complete package Winston over under on jail time is five years.

  38. lightningbuc Says:

    but let’s not pretend it was just one guy Joe wanted.


    Then why does Joe insist on having at least one feature article every day on the SAME player like you have with John Manziel and the alleged rapist?

  39. ufcguy Says:

    I’m going to give u the big I told u so when mariota gets killed in the nfl. Fsu crumbled as a team . Definitely was not a game that Winston lost. I blame Fisher and our shit defense

  40. Bigbucs1 Says:

    I saw a very solid performance on both sides- can’t choose based on this game but I really liked what I saw from Winston – I was one of those guys that wanted the BUCS to pick MARIOTA last year( hadhe declared)

  41. csb76 Says:

    Fire and passion on the sidelines??? You mean when he was seen disrespectfully yelling at his head coach so much so that Fisher’s lips read “if you don’t calm down, you’ll sit the bench”? Yeah, that’s what we need…another Jamarcus Russell.

  42. NJBucsFan Says:

    Hawaiian Steve Young please….and stop with this Bryce Petter crap. Colt Brennan= Bryce Petty

  43. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Everything I said was going to happen in this game happened.
    I would still rather trade the pick to the Jets for the Farm but I will fully support Mariota if we draft him. Showed up big in the biggest game of his career.

  44. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Did see Winston disrespectfully yelling at Jimbo Fisher and didn’t settle down til Fisher said ‘Calm the f–k down or I’m putting you on the bench!!’ Then Fisher had to walk away…

  45. Patrickbucs Says:

    Loggedontosay Says:
    January 1st, 2015 at 9:53 pm
    Winston does not have the talent on his team need to win this game. Mariota won with athleticism, not great QB play. Winston slipped trying to make a play with a team that quiet early in the third and fumbled the ball. Jimbo made bad calls in the red zone. Winston played great. Florida State defense played as they have played the entire season.

    Really not enough talent? Best oline in college? Wr’s, running game, etc. They were undefeated because of the running game and big plays off that. Very misguided post.

  46. Pelbuc Says:

    I still think Winston is much more pro ready. Plus Bucs need a QB with some fire and attitude, something sorely missing from this roster since Sapp. Mariota Is a good athlete like RGIII. did anone see him check down receivers like Winston did? Give me Winston all day over Mariota. But I don’t trust the Bucs to make the right choice.

  47. SuperSam Says:

    ”If you don’t calm the F%#k down, your going to the bench”…. Jimbo Fisher to Jameis Winston. Im positive that’s not the ”sideline leadership” Jason Licht was talking about….

  48. BuccoDav Says:

    Loggedontosay Says: January 1st, 2015 at 9:53 pmWinston does not have the talent on his team need to win this game.

    So, are you saying Kelvin Benjamin made Winston what he was last year?

  49. Architek Says:

    Man what a great situation for the Bucs to have (except HC -) but we litrally control our destiny and have the opportunity to bring in the right OC to lead these young talents.

    Winston played good overall but looked rattled after the turnovers. Nonetheless his body of work can’t be ignored. His off the field carries a lot of weight.

    MM what can’t I say about this young stud. He’s big strong, intelligent, poised, leadership, big arm, release fast, and he’s a playmaker.

    I don’t think it will happen but if I wete Licht I would lure a OC that runs that Oregon style offense to coach because it’s a spread but it’s heavy on the run. I love it because you can chew the clock or maximize every second on the clock with tempo. Not to mention the pressure it puts on the opposition.

  50. mike30#1bucfan Says:

    SMH……..So many Madden 15 GM’s on this site! RGIII was just as flashy coming out, but that like is flickering badly now. I think its mostly salty Gator fans with all the criticism on Winston this kid is the best pro prospect since Andrew Luck and if the Bucs pass on a Real Pro QB prospect it will be there lost not Winston. All you fans threatening to leave if they draft Winston……BYE!!! DON’T LET THE DOOR KNOB HIT YOU WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YOU!!!!!!!

  51. Soggy Says:

    I think we need MM and some of that uptempo stuff but that will not be a deal breaker for me, but what if we don’t take either QB is more of a concern..I know we need oline and pass rush but I think we can upgrade them later if done right..

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Love to see Sims, Martin & Rainey catching passes out of the backfield with Mariota running on occaision….he can move around in the pocked and has really good speed for a big QB…

  53. bucs55 Says:

    And what are you guys judging off winston he’s regressed all year long no were close to thepplayer he was last year his supporting cast has kept them in all year long not him the only thing people are saying is that he runs a pro style offense I know tonz of qbs that have come out of the pro style and sucked look at bortles last year horrible

  54. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Typo again grrrr….. Did *anyone see Winston yelling at Fisher??

  55. Patrickbucs Says:

    SuperSam Says:
    January 1st, 2015 at 10:14 pm
    ”If you don’t calm the F%#k down, your going to the bench”…. Jimbo Fisher to Jameis Winston. Im positive that’s not the ”sideline leadership” Jason Licht was talking about….

    Oh yeah, at least Fisher covered for him.

  56. stratobuc Says:

    Sir, you don’t get to invent stuff about Joe. Sorry. Lie somewhere else. –Joe

  57. Brent Says:

    How about that immature spoiled brat personality joe? Did you see the offensive coordinator having to calm Winston down? Did you see Winston yelling at fisher and starting to unravel.. Please do tell.. I don’t know about his work ethic but his composure and poise are poor at this point. Like a bratty little kid?? Skills ain’t everything.

  58. Jim Says:

    I would say Mariotta, but do you take a guy who doesn’t snapped under center with the #1 pick? Are the Bucs going to run that offense? FSU looked much more like an NFL offense to me.

  59. Tim Says:

    Winston by a landslide. Ran a pro-style offense and makes all the throws. Mariota isn’t s system QB and while good in college can’t make reads. He throws to open receivers and bubble screens. That won’t happen in NFL.

    I’ll take Winston and let dingy and brooks spend time with him

  60. White Tiger Says:

    Wrong Joe – this kid just showed a complete lack of discipline. He did not listen to his coaches, and that lack of discipline was exploited, early and often.

    This loss – and the 5 turnovers Jameis was involved in – rest on this QB’s shoulders.

    Oh, and by the way, he’s not even the best QB in Florida to wear number 5…

    If we go QB in the first round – Mariota is the clear choice.

  61. Patrickbucs Says:

    Watching his press conference, reason Jimbo doesn’t let him usually speak to the media.

  62. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    If Lovie drafts Winston and then claims that Tampa is married to him for the next 5 years… well, then I would fully understand a protest on 1 Buc Place.

  63. sho-nuff Says:

    I will never understand how a media member that was as close to the basket case Freeman would want another emotionally intelligence challenged QB?
    Haven’t we had enough drama around 1 Buc to let this child that will get swallowed by the Drew Park scene on this team?
    Marriota is what this team needs…not another disease

  64. lurker Says:

    dang, can we get that bama punter?

  65. Walter White Says:

    Licht has postmarked the Bucs 2015 #1 draft selection card and he plans to drop it in the mail to Goodell tomorrow. For the Bucs, there’s only one choice here.

  66. bucs55 Says:


    Dungy dosent even want winston he wants the bucs to take mariota lol

  67. Jason Says:

    “Winston does not have the talent on his team need to win this game. Mariota won with athleticism, not great QB play. Winston slipped trying to make a play with a team that quiet early in the third and fumbled the ball. Jimbo made bad calls in the red zone. Winston played great. Florida State defense played as they have played the entire season.”

    Really in this upcoming draft class alone –
    – His offensive line is made up 3 strong Day 2 picks in Erving, Matias and Jackson.
    – His top receivers – Rashad Greene and O’Leary – are 2nd or 3rd rounders as well
    – His defense features multiple highly draftable prospects as well – Williams, Edwards and Goldman

    His team quit – then where is the strong leadership we’ve all heard about?

  68. ufcguy Says:

    Jameis has the burning to win. You can’t teach that. And u know what jimbo coat this team at least 21 points in the first half alone. I would have been yelling at his stupid ass too

  69. Pelbuc Says:

    Oh yeah, we need sideline leadership like Gerald “potato chip” McCoy or the Lovie lapdog McCown. Auburn or TCU QB can do the same thing Mariota does. Bucs need a player that’s not afraid to question his OC or coach. The rest of our team is filled with gutless zombies that are experts at excuses. No risk, no reward. The decision is as simple as that. Unless Winston gets in trouble again, he should be the pick.

  70. TN Bound Says:

    I hope to God that the Bucs take Winston with the #1 pick. I’ve been supporting this team since 1984 but I’m moving to TN this spring and I’ll start pulling for the Titans. (I’m not like the jerks who move to Tampa Bay and continue to root for the Steelers, Packers, Jets, Giants, whatever.) I will support my local team, the Titans. And I hope they get the better QB at #2 … Mariota. Whoever selects Winston will need a full-time babysitter as he is an immature man-child. Fisher had to threaten to bench him tonight before he would calm down. The Joes seem to really like the “bad boys”. This is my one & only post. Out of here.

  71. Yugenaugur Says:

    I think we can all agree that Joe is the Al Davis of sports writers world.

  72. White Tiger Says:

    What was clearly exposed is, Winston doesn’t play within the offense, he doesn’t consistently make reads, he forces throws. The team around him was good, he didn’t trust them.

    Jameis Winston lost millions tonight.

  73. 77bassguitarist Says:

    Joe you’re a goober. It’s Mariota mafia!

  74. jh Says:

    Joe, can you put up a Mariota vs Winston poll? I would be nice to see where the fans stand.

    It’s coming Monday. –Joe

  75. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Joe nose Jameis

  76. crazy Says:

    Draft the whole Oregon offense, coordinator and all. Too bad the brothers couldn’t close the sale with Chip Kelly 3 yrs ago. Wouldn’t Sundays be fun…

  77. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Winston threw 17 picks this year, and mainly playing UNRANKED teams

  78. Tom Edrington Says:

    I see where Joe(s) called his shot early, saying he was confident Winston would shine…..

    Still laughing about that…..

    I don’t believe he’s capable of handling the adversity he’d face with the Bucs….with a lack of talent around him, he would look like he did on the play where he tossed that ball backwards ….. Nice!

  79. Walter White Says:

    Joe, if you personally favor Winston, whatever. But why continue to dig yourself in to a deeper hole of lackluster journalism? Dude, you’re supposed to be the “insider” yet you are either blind or delirious. It’s just bad journalism. It’s your site, but is it a Bucs site or a site for your personal infatuations?

    Umm, how exactly is anything here bad journalism? Since when is opinion not part of journalism. Feel free to buy a Sunday newspaper anywhere in the nation. It’s filled with opinion. –Joe

  80. Mike10 Says:

    Ok so now we’re interviewing the former jags HC and Titans OC lol… Let’s just get as many former losers on this team as possible, just keep building that losing mentality

  81. Bobbybuc Says:

    Fire and passion on the sidelines per Joe.

    Lmao!!! You mean the fighting and arguing with the HC, what game were you watching? I’m sure that’s EXACTLY what the bucs need. If he’s not used to losing and blows up like that on the sidelines I can only imagine what it would look like when he’s losing all the time as a buc.

  82. poorglennon Says:

    #5 showed leadership down 20. But when the game was out if hand. He showed his immaturity. Arguing with coach,refs. What would this guy do on a losing team (2015 Bucs)? No way we can pass up the choir boy. You know Chip Kelly would give up anything for #8. Foles and Phillyz 1st and 2nd rounders. Works for me

  83. mike30#1bucfan Says:

    SuperSam Says:

    January 1st, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    smoke it and pass it?? what does that mean Jameis? hmmmm https://vine.co/v/OwVdHaB9T0p


  84. Michael Duggan Says:

    Marcus Mariota is the pick………you guys kill me sometimes.

  85. 2002bucglory Says:

    So let me get this straight joe. The quarterback who is very mature and nfl ready according to you has the following interaction on the sideline with his coach after a tough series: Jameis and jimbo are arguing. The coach gets upset with his antics and says to him on live tv with the camera perfectly on them the whole time “calm the f— down or you’re going to the bench”. I am sorry that’s immature and given all the other incidents begins to point to a pattern of an individual. It is concerning. He may change but honestly it looks very bad. I am not saying he isn’t very talented (he is) or that he isn’t in a more traditional pro style offense but maturity matters in the nfl to win Super Bowls. He does have a fire to compete but he has no control of himself and cannot channel it. Sorry but look at guys who won Super Bowls and almost all of them don’t ever act like that. All I am saying is this is a huge red flag for the leader and face of your franchise. Sometimes the most physically gifted guy is not the best choice.

    Here is a link to a video of the exchange. What hall of fame or super bowl quarterback gets so out of control his coach says that to him? Patterns of action over time can many times point to the truth. Not always but sometimes.
    Can we please get some more balance regarding qb articles?

    And do we know what was said to Jimbo, or whether it was Jimbo caving under the pressure and not Winston? Do we really know they were arguing? Jeez. Joe hopes you’re not on his jury one day, if it ever comes to that. –Joe

  86. lightningbuc Says:

    Tim Says:
    January 1st, 2015 at 10:18 pm
    Mariota isn’t s system QB and while good in college can’t make reads. He throws to open receivers and bubble screens.


    HE THROWS TO OPEN RECEIVERS and that’s a bad thing?

    The Garnet and Gold Goob Crew is out in force tonight.

  87. bucs55 Says:

    I’m trying to figure out why people are so high on winston this year he trew 17 picks this year against mediocre competition if you guys wants turnovers might as well stick with McCown smh

  88. mike30#1bucfan Says:

    poorglennon Says:

    January 1st, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    #5 showed leadership down 20. But when the game was out if hand. He showed his immaturity. Arguing with coach,refs. What would this guy do on a losing team (2015 Bucs)? No way we can pass up the choir boy. You know Chip Kelly would give up anything for #8. Foles and Phillyz 1st and 2nd rounders. Works for me

    ^^^^^ So Arguing aka questioning is against the rules of Buc fans now? SMH

  89. bucs55 Says:

    Joe are you a Florida state fan ???

  90. BucDaddy Says:

    Mariota is the pick. Period.

  91. Lamarcus Says:

    Bret????? I take Winston any day before Mariota. Just looks like better pro day qb to and showed that today. Mariota is a bust in the level. Sorry Mariota backers. Mariota looks more of a system guy. If Winston is on the Oregon squad tonight, the other way around, Oregon still wins!!!! If McCown played on Oregan, they would of still won

  92. poorglennon Says:

    Call me crazy but crazy could be on to something. If Mariotta ends up being the consensus #1 pick. Maybe the Glazers fire L & L and sign U of O coaches. Philly can be Oregon north. We’ll be Oregon south.

  93. RideAreDieBucFan Says:

    Mariota’s accuracy is shaky at best. He makes his receivers catch difficult balls, kinda like freeman did. A lot of his stats are off wide open receivers. I hope the bucs don’t draft him. I imagine he’ll be like a less accurate, less fast Vick. Winston is worth the gamble IMO. He seems to be pretty lethal with his accuracy when he gets warmed up, and leadership is off the charts.

  94. Dennis Says:

    Gime me Speed or Stupidity. Draft MM!!!

  95. Tye Says:

    I can imagine that Titans fans must want the Bucs to take Winston… That would give them Mariota and make them the biggest winners in the draft!

  96. mike30#1bucfan Says:

    If McCown played on Oregon, they would of still won…….

    ^^^^^^BEST QUOTE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  97. nate_tweetz Says:

    I saw nothing different in this game from either QB that I already haven’t seen all year. Winston can make all of the throws… no doubt about it. Mariota can make every throw in the “system”. I still have not seen Mariota throw to a WR with tight coverage. Every guy he throws to is open. I’m not saying Mariota CAN’T throw into coverage, I just haven’t seen him have to do it. He scares me just because he is a one-read guy. He also missed some really easy throws with no pressure in his face at all. Either way, I think we’d be better off with either of these two guys at QB than what we have now. I would pick Winston over Mariota though. I know Winston can make the throws. If the Bucs hire the Oregon coach, then I know Mariota would be a good QB. lol

  98. pick6 Says:

    I only saw one QB making big boy throws. Mariotta was as much a spectator as I was for most of the game. Nice little run but most of his throws were first read, instant release type stuff. Oregon runs an impressive scheme but mariotta will have MUCH more to do in the nfl

  99. pick6 Says:

    Re: hiring oregon coaches…yeah that’s what we want, The Chip Kelly consolation prize AGAIN

  100. Luther Says:

    I can imagine the Titans coaches want the Bucs to select Mariota

  101. BucsBall14 Says:

    The Mariota/Winston argument should b done at this point. Winston threw 8 times the picks as Mariota this year. Winston has a solid Oline and played the sisters of the poor. He’s terribly inaccurate when pressured. But ya Winston would do great with our Swiss cheese Oline. Not to mention the over/under on his first tampa arrest is thirty minutes.

  102. BigMacAttack Says:

    Winston should stay in school for 3,4 or 10 more years until he graduates and hopefully learns something. Please don’t draft either of these guys. They will not find success in the NFL. Trade the pick to some team that wants one of them. If you can drop just a few and get in the Amari Cooper sweepstakes, trade that pick again. Then draft linemen, more linemen, ILB and CB.

  103. nate_tweetz Says:

    For those of you who are a little slow… The reason why some of us are saying Mariota only throws to open receivers is because you DO NOT have the luxury of throwing to open receivers all game in the NFL. The majority of your throws will be to guys in tight coverage. Of course we all want our QB to throw to open WR’s. We also want our offensive line to block so the our RB’s can run for 10 yards a carry.

  104. Self-proclaimed GM Says:

    Mariota after what I saw tonight…He just looked like the guy my gut says go with. We’ll see come draft day

  105. BuccoDav Says:

    “I only saw one QB making big boy throws. ”

    If you are saying Mariota didn’t make good throws tonite then you have made your mind up about who you want for our next qb or you are an FSU homer.
    Mariota can’t help what “system” he plays in. He mostly made very good eeads an dlivered the ball well. He was ill undoubtedly need some work, but he is smart and has talent.
    In case you haven’t noticed, there are many successful teams in the NFL that don’t run the traditional “pro style” offense.

  106. lurker Says:

    shonuff and his silly ei theories…

  107. lightningbuc Says:

    The nerve of those Oregon wide receivers for getting open.

    The Jameis Jock Sniffer Mob is representing tonight!

  108. BuccoDav Says:

    mike30#1bucfan Says: January 1st, 2015 at 10:41 pmIf McCown played on Oregon, they would of still won…….^^^^^^BEST QUOTE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    No, I think he was playing for FSU

  109. deminion Says:

    1 Read O if u noticed Mariota didnt have to go thru progressions

  110. poorglennon Says:

    Chip Kelly is proving he’s a great evaluator of talent. He call Mariotta “the greatest prospect he’s ever seen”.Foles made the pro bowl last year…..throwing to wide open receivers. Never having to make a 2nd or 3rd read. We suck lets get us some duck.

  111. 2002bucglory Says:


    And do we know what was said to Jimbo, or whether it was Jimbo caving under the pressure and not Winston? Do we really know they were arguing? Jeez. Joe hopes you’re not on his jury one day, if it ever comes to that. –Joe

    Joe, I never said anything about pressure. You didn’t really read what I said before. Yes, Joe read exactly what you wrote. –Joe

    I basically said that he got very emotional, animated and had an outburst. If you went to the link I posted and saw the video replay it is only the part where fisher says that. If you were to record the game like I did and rewatch that sequence you would see a larger conversation than just that. I can post a link sometime of you don’t have it. I saw the whole think and hit rewind during the game and watched the whole thing multiple times because I did not expect it. You can actually see the whole thing if you watch it. It was jameeis who was upset and the coach then said that to him. I am not gonna type the whole scene but basically he stopped the qb mid sentence and told him that. Also, do you really think jimbo was caving? He is a man who worked with terry Bowden, nick Saban, les miles and tommy Bowden. Yeah he actually played for the old fsu coaches dad and followed him many times. He even was offered a job in 2006 for Alabama but it didn’t work out. This is a guy who used to play qb and is very mature. I would say based on watching it the coach was upset his team was playing sloppy and was trying to calm the team down so they could execute. I never said Winston can’t change just that he shows a pattern that is a red flag. That other star nfl qbs don’t ever have instances where that is seen on tv. He did a similar thing when he dressed and warmed up that game he was out. That is not what a consumate pro does. He has emotional outbursts that are not channeled properly sometimes. That’s not a good thing. Relax man it’s all good we still have the first pick.

  112. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I get that you prefer Jameis over MM due to physical stature and perceived physical skill sets that you believe project better to the NFL. We can have that debate and there’s room for honest debate there.

    But stop with the freaking Jameis akissing apologies. You embarrassing yourself

    . It’s not like Winston was playing with a fantastic crew of receivers.

    JOE! JOE! JOE!

    Rashad Greene, Nick O’Leary sit quietly atop Florida State record books!! That’s right one of Jameis targets is the leading receiver in FSU history and the other is one of the top TE’s in the nation.

    Because Jameis “alleged sexual transgression” sucked up all the publicity people have overreacted giving him a pass on ALL the other SMALL STUFF.

    Arguing with your coach…being uncoachable..projecting all kinds of petulant whiny expressions as the face of the franchise, are not positives!

    Meanwhile how about some analysis about the difference in tonights game.

    FSU’s tired old “pro style” offense just got smoked by the offense of 2015 not 1995. FSU looked confused and out of synch all night. And it’s not all Jameis or Jimbo or bad receivers…we are watching a change in football. I for one am thrilled. I’m sick of three runs and a punt and a stifling defense. I wanna some freaking points. I want to watch some offense.

    No matter how you feel if you’re truly honest you have to confess that Oregon was the exciting team and the FSU was the boring team. Oregon if fun to watch! Traditional pro style NFL offenses not so much Give me Green Bay.

  113. Pat Says:

    I heard FSU sulked off the field…was wondering if JW was trying to shush the crowd this time around. LOL!

  114. Warthog Says:

    Don’t let the scoreboard fool you. Winston was the guy making making accurate throws to receivers with defenders all over them. Mariota was the guy making gimme throws to wide open receivers in a scheme that has no hope of success in the NFL. I mean come on, receivers don’t have that kinda space in the pros outside of an occasional busted coverage.

    I know which guy I want.

  115. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Mariota will look great throwing the ball to Evans, V-Jax, ASJ and handing off to Rainey and Martin! Picks 2-7 should all be used on offensive line.

    Sorry, Joe…but Winston is not the guy.

  116. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Not a message board. –Joe

  117. Pruritus Ani Says:

    I do think Winston is the better athlete. In terms of personality and leadership ability, I didn’t see it. I do not think Lovie would be able to control him and he would become a distraction.

  118. BucNears Says:

    All I can say is Publix lock up the crab legs.. Joe quit embarrassing yourself.

  119. White Tiger Says:

    Anyone who saw that game and STILL thinks James Winston won’t do a ‘Johnny Football’ or a ‘Brady Quinn’ in this draft…has taken one too many tomahawks to the head.

    Jameis Winston acted like an immature punk, made too many bad reads, caused/contributed too many turnovers, did not play with discipline, could not take coaching, and ultimately had to be benched.

    …after the game, he continued his unsportsmanlike character, refusing to congratulate the winning team, and least any NFL GM still had lingering doubts about Winston’s ability to mentally process what’s going on when things go wrong…they don’t any longer. Any idiot who has just been handed his…head in a 39 point BLOWOUT…knows you didn’t beat yourself. The other team had something to do with it…

  120. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Here is a bleacher report on Mariota and why the Bucs should draft him.

  121. Tim Says:

    Winston has skills that translate to pros. Mariota doesn’t. He plays in a cute offense in college that simply won’t work in NFL. To assume he’ll translate to pros is illogical. He can’t read defenses and uses a single read. Will fail miserably in pros. All Oregon QB do.

    If not Winston, then trade down. Mariota is not the answer.

  122. getaclue Says:

    no i doubt i take winston over captain screen pass any day. he doesn’t translate to the nfl, winston passes the eyeball test, he looks the part of an nfl qb and makes nfl throws mariota never attempts in that gimmicky offense

  123. Walter White Says:

    Joe. It’s clear now. We go into the bear pit-err… I mean, the pick is Mariotta, hands down.

  124. chocolatecvb Says:

    Joe! It’s Amazing to me how many people commenting here refuse to see how much more pro-ready Winston is. He HAS to be the #1 pick for TB. Mariota is running an offense that only the Eagles are running in the pros. The Bucs would have to develop the whole offense around him and with their dysfunction on the O-line I can’t see that happening. He is another Kaepernick and RGIII waiting to happen. I’M WITH YOU JOE. WINSTON IS THE PICK!!!

    Start Winston on day one. Sign Iupati away from SF and run the ball with Koetter’s Air Coryell play action attack!

  125. lurker Says:

    ohio st qb looking the most impressive!

  126. Nate Says:

    Ummmm…..sometimes i wonder if you people watch football….up till half Mariota had 0 td’s and wr greene for fsu dropped a 20yd dart to put them in makeable fg range to be within 5…..cook had 2 fumbles in the red zone against Winston’s 4th down play

    The guy had 1 good wr who was shutdown and a rb fumbling twice and int was a dropped/tipped up ball and a defense nothing like it was NOT HIS FAULT YOU HATERS

    If you people think Mariota is going to beat bama or go #1 ..you non football geeks are sadly mistaken. …draft scouts and gms and big boards have him 5-10 range

  127. lightningbuc Says:

    The thing I’ve most learned tonight is that a lot of posters, and quite possibly the purveyors of this site, are bigger Seminole fans than they are Bucs fans.

  128. Nate Says:

    Mariota had 2 ints that were dropped out of the one he had so you mariota /glennon fans need to rewatch the game if you think it wasnt a Team loss and the least blame on QB play

  129. Doc Says:

    Mariota, is a good college player,the N.F.L. will eat him alive. That dink and donk junk,and receiver’s running wide open,the windows in the N.F.L is very small. When he tried to read the defense he threw a pick.

  130. Doc Says:

    His coaching staff read the defense and tell him what to run.

  131. Warthog Says:


    It is what it is. Mariota’s success dinking and dunking in a gimmicky spread offense isn’t going to translate very well to the NFL. How many times have we seen this before from Oregan QBs? Why not just bring in Dennis Dixon? It’s all the same garbage that is proven to fail in the NFL.

  132. caradoc Says:


    Don’t want.

  133. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Does anyone wonder why Mariota’s recievers are always “wide open”?…..could it be that he is pretty good with his fake handoffs and moves around well in the pocket and is a threat to run?……..huh!!!

    We could use a QB that helps create wide open recievers once in a while

  134. BucDaddy Says:


    Jameis Winston after Rose Bowl loss: ‘I’m just looking forward to baseball’

    Here’s the link. Do Not draft this kid.

  135. rayjay1122 Says:

    Steer clear of Winston. It is a no brainer. Mariota or a lineman and trade down.

  136. Bucs fan in Chicago Says:

    Trade down.

  137. mike30#1bucfan Says:

    BuccoDav Says:
    No, I think he was playing for FSU

    My quote was from a previous comment but I guess you fell to see that for yourself!!

  138. Rrsrq Says:

    Didn’t see anything from MM that made me say wow, look at that throw, though it appeared his accuracy with passes 20 yards or so, we’re not very accurate. I saw Winston put balls on the receivers, they were dropped. As far as Green and O’leary, Oregon followed the Blueprint, take them out with double coverage, rush three and make the other receivers beat you and they couldn’t. Still take JW, though I don’t believe the Bucs will

  139. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Bleacher report has a nice article on Mariota should be #1. You should read it. Mariota is going to be a very good NFL QB. Winston falls apart to easily. Our QB coach will always be calming him down because he is a hot head. He had some bad throws and he wouldn’t have thrown a pick if he wasn’t always staring down receivers. He made some nice throws in the game as well, but so did Mariota. I don’t think anyone changed their mind on who they wanted even though several claimed who ever wins is who we draft. If we draft Winston fine, but I’m hoping he stays to mature. Tonight was not a good night for him. Imagine being with the Bucs and losing. How much is he going to cry and how much are Nole fans going to make excuses for him?

  140. BucDaddy Says:

    It appears as though former Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston’s first priority may not be the NFL Draft this spring.

    The Florida State quarterback revealed the news following the Seminoles’ 59-20 loss to Oregon on Thursday.

    Winston, of course, is a two-sport athlete and thrived as a relief pitcher for Florida State. He compiled a 1.08 ERA in just over 33 innings pitched and limited opposing hitters to a .154 average.

    Winston’s desire to play baseball again this year means he won’t be devoting his full attention to preparing for the combine and draft, opening up himself to heavy criticism as he’s a projected top-two pick. A potentially serious injury suffered on the diamond could also drastically hurt Winston’s draft stock, should he choose to declare.

    Florida State’s baseball schedule opens on Feb. 13 and runs through to late May. The NFL Draft begins April 30 in Chicago.

    From TheScore.com Greg Warren

  141. Mike10 Says:

    Was hard to get a real gauge on either QB, there was only one half a football game. Biggest thing I saw is the same thing I’ve seen all year from Winston, you DO NOT get a full 4 quarters out of him, they weren’t coming back in the second half on Oregon. I saw first quarter jitters from both quarterbacks but saw 4 full quarters from Mariotta (in the spread option).

    With Winston playing so much in a pro style offense, I can’t help to wonder if Mariotta is better in he pocket; he ran A Lot from the option!!

  142. lurker Says:

    bleacher report sucks…

    it is just any joe6pack with an opinion…just like here

    their opinion is no better than ours here

  143. John Says:

    Maybe the Bucs will get lucky….we draft Mariota 1st overall. Then Winston with his off the field issues falls to us in the 2nd round. We get them both. Now that’s the dream.

  144. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I still want Winston. I saw some NFL type throws. But he probably isnt gonna come out. He said he’s looking forward to NEXT year! And baseball.

  145. port richey george Says:

    yeah forget about mariota and Winston…. the bucs better stay with josh mccown. how about a mccown tandem? luke and josh mccown. LOL LOL

  146. BuccoDav Says:

    Thank you fot your response, mike30…
    No, I did not “fell” to see that you were responding to an earlier post. Although, apparently you “failed” the spelling portion of your english classes…
    I found it was easier to respond to both of the asinine posts with the one response to yours.

  147. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I kno Oregon won. winston is the better Quaterback

  148. Soggy Says:

    I was impressed with the quickness of MM double pumps and ability to look off defenders, thats why some of the receivers were so open..

  149. iamkingsu Says:

    What complex reads are you’ll talking bout when it comes to Mariota? What the bubble screen? Or the fake bubble screen throw it down the sideline?

  150. Nybucsfan Says:

    The accused rapist sucks and it’s over will not go 1 in the draft Mariota is the pick get over it

  151. ManzielMadness Says:

    Bucs to interview mike mularkey

  152. Jf811 Says:

    People actually watched that game and still want Mariota? Seriously? I know Kirk Herbstreit loved him but did anybody see how many horrible passes he made or how the only time he completed anything it was either a screen or to a receiver that was wide open? He may have a good TD/INT ratio but does anybody really believe he can thread the needle good enough for the NFL level??? Gimmick, bust, and injury prone

  153. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Winston had to fit the ball into tight windows,.. Marcus always hits wide open recievers,.. I think Winston will be the better NFL QB

  154. Soggy Says:

    @iamkingsu, If you are talking to me, I liked the double pump and look off that got MM the TD, I think it was around the end of the 3rd, that was real nice..

  155. Capt.Tim Says:

    Make it easy
    How many times did Mariota walk up to the line, stick hos hands under the Centers butt, and take a snap.
    In other words- how many times did he lineup in an NFL style offenseive set.

    He is very successful, in a college spred offense.
    You would have to teach him how to operate in an NFL style offense. Thats been tried before( Andre Ware among others)
    Anyone remember it being successful?
    Sure worries me.

    But then, so does Winstons offield attitude of entitlement. That can blow up quickly on you.

    We trade for a vet qb, and pick up a couple more first rounders?
    Nick Foles? Kerry Cousins?
    Tough call

  156. Nuc if u Buc Says:

    Winston = next Jamarcus Russell, but wayyyyyyyy dumber

  157. BuccoDav Says:

    Hey Capt. Tim,
    Aaron Rogers ran a spread ofense in college and learned how to run a pro style offense. It worked out ok.

  158. cmurda Says:

    Enough about how the Oregon offense doesn’t translate to the NFL. Has nobody seen Chip Kelly’s playoff bound Eagles. It’s true that before the NFL cracked down on hits etc. Not true now. The Oregon offense would work beautifully in today’s NFL.

  159. Soggy Says:

    NFL is a changin, time to get snazzy with the offense side of the ball. I love the up tempo stuff and running everything from under center not so much..

  160. Nybucsfan Says:

    Winston is so Russell they are the same everything about them is the same and yes Winston is way dumber I would say 10 times dumber

  161. Tye Says:

    Profootballtalk.com has an article about Winstons after game interview and he says he is looking forward to playing baseball and next season…. Not concerned with the draft…

  162. bucs4lyfe Says:

    You guys sounds fun just for thinking any NFL franchise will look at ONE game a decide that player should be taken first overall. Daniel synder isn’t our owner so he wouldn’t weasel into power unless he earns it, both of these quarterbacks scared the hell out of me as day one rookie starters next year personally if we’re gonna pick mariotta with all the short passes might as well keep Glennon and trade down. Mariotta throws short passes, winston you could actually see him scan the field and make reads

  163. poorglennon Says:

    Cmurda the Eagles got bounced weeks ago.

  164. Sick of this $hit Says:

    No excuses for FSU. They got their collective asses handed to them tonight.
    There doesnt seen to be a gray area when it comes to Winston. People either love him or hate him (that may have a lot to do with the amount of Gators fans that view this site that have their collective asses in a bunch over the last few seasons up in Gainesville – not too pretty). I would prefer Winston but if they pass on him and take Mariota then Im fine with that, hes a hell of an athlete.
    As for the “attitude” of Winston and the rest of the Noles. Remember this….
    29 in a row. For a lot of these young men it was the first time they experienced a loss in college football and it was a big one. You all want to get down on Winston but when the majority of his team was headed to the locker room with their heads down, Winston was shaking hands and giving congrats to the other team.

  165. SAMCRO Says:

    I didn’t see all the hype. I just finished watching several key bowl games and I didn’t see anything more special from Mariota or Winston that set them apart from the other bowl QB’s. There is no slam dunk at the top of this draft. If i had to choose, I would give Mariota the edge but even he will need a lot of work. One thing for sure, none of them are Andrew Luck worthy of the #1 pick. I see the same similar talent, but better value, that can be found in rounds 2, and 3.
    I.E that TCU QB was sensational.

  166. Sick of this $hit Says:

    White Tiger
    Check yer facts. Winston stayed on the field to give congrats to Oregon players. Your just throwing mud.

  167. Supersam Says:

    I just read Jameis might not even declare, sounds like he’s gonna stay another year in school and play baseball. Probably best for him. I guess that settles that

  168. DallasBuc Says:

    Everyone acts like it was a QB duel. Much of what happened had little to do with Winston. Mariota did make a lot of sht happen, especially in the 2nd half. It wasn’t a QB duel. I would take either QB in a heartbeat in the draft

  169. Capt.Tim Says:

    BuccoDav- absolutely true. Dont get much better than him.
    But the Packers had a luxury we dont.
    Brett Farve

    Gave Rodgers a lot of ” learn and adjust” time. Our guy will be forced to start by week 4.

    Mot much time to learn the pro offense.
    And the Bucs have proven that they dont mind ruining a young QB!! They’ve done it a few times.

    Just wonder what Chip Kelly Would give for Mariota- who he said is perfect for his offense

  170. Baugh Says:

    Mariota is an adult presence in communications with his coaches, fellow players, and the public. When we consider the concept of being pro-ready, we should consider the term in a holistic sense. It isn’t just about what takes place on the field; it is also about what happens on the sidelines and off-the-field when the game is over.

    When he faced a rush tonight, Mariota bought himself additional time. He didn’t panic. He didn’t take off running. He sought to take advantage of the opportunities broken plays make in the passing game. That was impressive to me regardless of the system he currently plays in. It is a trait that will complement the receivers we currently have.

    The man carries himself with a level of maturity his opposite number would do well to study and emulate in the years to come.

    I can see why so many folks in the NFL love what he brings to the table. And I would be thrilled to see him in a Bucs jersey next year.

    There is a part of me, however, that wouldn’t mind us getting the kind of patsy who would offer us an insane deal to trade the pick. The kind of deal that builds and sustains a franchise for a decade (Vikings trade for Herschel Walker comes to mind). But that kind of offer doesn’t happen often.

  171. Rob Says:

    Jameis stock down? More like Jameis stock worthless.

  172. Rob Says:

    “Has nobody seen Chip Kelly’s playoff bound Eagles.”

    Nope, and neither has anyone else because they missed the cut.

  173. stratobuc Says:

    The truth hurts, I guess……

  174. DallasBuc Says:

    Arm talent in Tampa. Is that too much to ask?
    LovieDovie & lapdog Licht decided not to make arm talent a prerequisite for the QB position when they went on a DoubleDare spending spree on Trash McWho? last year. These are the so called professionals picking first overall? Sad business when your top 3 signings are McTrash, MJ (not the dead one, although?…) and Ehh, See (Anthony Collins). I wish there was accountability in the org but we all know LovieDovie was handed the keys. It’s a boring ride from here to further mediocrity

  175. realbucfan Says:

    Mariota did nothing to impress me. But his receivers and running backs sure did. I would guarantee that 3/4 of Mariota’s passing yards are YAC. A 5 yard pass that turns into 70. That’s not a great qb people. Winston can do something that is so rare it’s crazy, it’s called throwing recievers open. In my opinion there is only 2 qbs in the NFL that can do that, Peyton and Aaron Rodgers. You cannot teach that. Mariota can’t do that. I question his accuracy at 50+ yards, has he even had to make that throw? Remember this stuff.

  176. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I may be the only objective person here on this.

    The truth is, which quarterback we take will be determined by the style of OC Licht/Lovie hire. It is too soon to make any real decisions.

    That said, I HAVE watched, recently, several games each QB played this season, and the knocks on Mariota are not accurate. Still, I treated this game as an audition. Both QBs had positives and negatives.

    1. Negative – his self discipline that’s gottwen him into trouble off the field showed up on the sidelines, and it probably booted him out of the first round. This was not the behavior of a leader firing his team up. We saw him blaming his teammates for every mistake made. From rthe start. He showed a lack of respect for his coach to the point of near discipline. After blaming them, Winston gathered the offense to “fire them up”, but you could see it on their faces. They were thinking ” Drop the s from fsu.” He acted like a 14 year old child out there.

    2. Positive – While he was mostly innacurate, he did make some nice throws as well. A couple were very nice. Some of his passes were dropped or tipped. A bunch were.

    3. Negative – There were more poorly thrown passes than FSU/Winston fans are acknowledging. He over threw a bunch. These were not drops.

    4. Negative – Even though he did lose control, he took time to calm down. It looked faked to me, and clearly to his teammates, who quit on him as a result.

    5. Negative – He throws off his back foot a LOT.

    6. These progressions FSO/Winston fans mention only took place on 3-6 plays. On the rest of them he was staring down receivers. It made it clear to mwe why he has so many picks this season.

    7. The baseball thing. He talked about it after the game. I’m starting to dought the level of his commitment to football.

    Opinion – The jury is still out. I didn’t see much bettwr on the games I’ve watch with him so far, but I’ll watch a larger sampling to be fair. Winston certainly did not help his case. I think Joe is wrong, and he hurt his case. The damage by his playing, aside from that horrible fumble that looked like it was Josh McCown out thwere, may have only done sligjt damage. But his behavior? Massive damage.

    There is a difference between holding teammates accountable (like Manning, Brady and Rodgers do) and blaming them for everything. His leadership skills are horrid. So he tends to come from behind? The reason for that is he pkays poorly in the first half…just like Josh Freeman. And, this is shallow, but his resemblance to Sean King creeps me out. Especially the build, because he sterikes me as a guy who likes his burgers.

    (Mariota next)

  177. lurker Says:

    “Cmurda the Eagles got bounced weeks ago.”

    c’mon man. a lot of people here don’t let facts get in the way…

  178. PRBucFan Says:


    Yea I am sure Lovie and Licht LOVED seeing Winston go off on Jimbo and have to get threatened to get benched if he didn’t change his attitude.

    Very desirable trait to have indeed.

    I am sure they would rather have the fiery, passionate leader on the other side of the field that can display it in a respectful manner.

  179. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    1. Negative – I saw no snaps from under center. Did I miss them? While I do believe operating out of the shotgun has its place, wso does under center. It would have been nice to see how he handled it.

    2. Positive – He DID play well in the pocket. He didn’t panick and run. He only ran when the play called for it. Check his rushing stats. He threw the ball. I think Marcus took a step toward proving he can be a picket passer.

    3. Negative – Only once did I see play action to the left. And I wanted to see more. In fact, none of the games I’ve recently watched had him doing it either, except when forced out of the picket…which is improvation. Whether he is incapable or the playbook just doesn’t have those pkays, I don’t know. They may have removed them because it is a weakness. Although, he DID throw the ball to the left a bit.

    4. Positive – This kid sells the handoff, when its real or fake. Maybe I took note because I’ve been noticing a failure to sell thwe fakes by McCown and Glennon, but Mariota does an exceptional job on it.

    5. Positive – No huddle, fast-paced offense. Say what you will about the spread offense, but it does teach the quartwerback to read and reacte quickly. Winston helld onto the ball far to long. It didn’t hurt him badly in collehge, but in the NFL it will get him sacked. A lot. Mariota on the otherhand, is accustomed to gwetting plays off fast, sometimes in 10 seconds or less. And it wasn’t because it was vanilla offense. It was complex. In those few seconds, he read the defense and launched the play. Hwe was ready for what came ALMOST every play.

    6. Negative – A lack of adjustments at the line. Mariota read the defense nearly perfectly, but his offense is so fast-paced that he can’t make the adjustments. Instead, he tries to deal with the defense himself. In this game he had huge success. In the NFL, one big hit will make him gunshy, and the speed of the defenders may catch him pff guard. He’ll have to slow things down a little at first. Or be willing to slow it down at the line if its called for.

    As with Winston, the jury is still out. The type of OC will play a huge role. Fans here keep comparing him to RGIII but thats not accurate. The better comparisons are to Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton.

    Winston compares to a combination of J. Russel (attitude) and Jake Plummer. Plummer threw a lot of pucks, but scored enough to have a winning record.

    I think both quarterbacks have the talent to do well in the NFL. BOTH will have to sit for at least 5-8 games before starting, maybe even a season if its an option. That would be okay, because the new offensive line will suck until it gelks, and its better not rto risk injury. Put the sacrifial la,mb out there instead (Glennon). If he does rwallty well, we ,ight gwet a good trade offer for him.

    Winston is a huge concern behavior-wise. His attitude could cost him a locker room in the NFL. And thwerwe is a track record for it. I’m not judging him for his off the field stuff. I’m judging him for his tape. And he isn’t nearly asd “NFL” ready as his fanss claim…but then, neither is Mariota. And that didn’t loik like a pro offense to me, not with 4 receiver sets so often.

    Mariota will need work under center and the deep pass. He’ll have to work on play action to the left, and we’ll need an elite tackle to protect his blind side.

  180. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    My objective breakdowns are awiting moderation, but I tried to be fair. Two poists. Long evaluations of each quarterback based on todays game and three games of tape on each.

  181. Oahubuc Says:

    If only Winston would grow up, he’d be our guy. I saw some top-shelf throws today.

  182. MadMax Says:

    I say trade the pick if they arent going after Williams…..I think Philly just might give up the farm (all picks) plus Noles. If they do, pull that trigger.

  183. MadMax Says:


  184. D-Rome Says:

    I felt Winston’s receivers let him down in key situations. That loss isn’t on Winston. I don’t recall seeing Mariota take a snap under center all game and that’s troubling to me as there are habits that haven’t been developed. Sure, it’s one game but no one really runs a college style spread offense in the NFL. I completely agree with some of you that Mariota is a system guy….meaning he succeeds in a very specific system. I do not believe the Buccaneers are going to get an offensive coordinator specific to Mariota’s experience. No NFL team really does that.

    What else troubles me is Jameis Winston’s puff-puff-pass gesture in front of the cameras prior to the game. I feel like every moment on and off the camera is part of your professional resume. It wasn’t cool, humorous, or appropriate.

  185. Phil Says:

    I still hope we draft Winston. Other than Russell Wilson how many option quarterbacks have long term success in the NFL?

  186. bucrightoff Says:

    Mariota’s best chance at NFL success is to be in the Chip Kelly offense. So either trade him to the Eagles for a massive haul or trade for Chip Kelly to be the coach so his chances of success are maximized.

  187. J Moné Says:

    Seriously glad we don’t have joe as the GM no way in hell is Winston coming to Tampa lmao Mariota is the man beat down Winston and his overrated Seminoles lmao so garbage Winston is selfish and ball hog I can’t stand that fool. He has such a stupid face too Mariota <Winston = turnover machine

  188. passthebuc Says:




  189. passthebuc Says:



  190. nybucsfan424 Says:

    +1 mariota

  191. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m not a college football guy. For as little as I know about pro football, I know woefully less about college happenings. In my limited knowledge, I recall there being a lot of folks saying that defenses were on to Winston and were able to take his game away for the most part in recent weeks. I watched last night’s game and it looked like that was definitely the case. He made some nice throws, but it was clear that Oregon had his number. If that’s the case in college, I would imagine that it wouldn’t take much for pro level DCs to figure out how to take him out of the game. Is that worth the #1 pick? I get needing a QB. I get that we have the #1 pick, which doesn’t come around often. But are either of these guys worth that pick? I just don’t think so. Would be great to slide back 6 or 7 spots, while taking in a big haul of picks, and snag up a stud DE. Let the Jets and Titans work out the kinks on these two and let’s get actual talented players. We’ve got the top pick in the 2nd round as well. We can over draft a QB there and I’ll be great with that. Much better to do it there than to over draft a QB with the #1 overall. Let McCown and Trestman recreate what they did last year, let the rookie learn the game from the bench and let’s do this thing the right way. We’ll get so much more return on our investment if we pick the player that deserves to be drafted there instead of over valuing a particular position.

  192. Flmike Says:

    Already watched a lot if this game again, here’s what I saw. I saw a college defense completely confuse Winston for a good portion of this game, that’s not a good omen. I saw Mariota make some bad throws, not unheard of and were mostly based on bad mechanics, which can be fixed. I saw Winston panic in the face if a rush, I saw Matiota out run rushes as well as move within what pocket was created. I literally think Winston has reached his ceiling, I think we’ve already seen the best that he can be, he’s undisciplined and will ultimately flameout based on poor communication skills and attitude.can Winston make “pro style” throws, yes, but so can Mariota, everyone is whining, Mariota is always throwing to wide open receivers, God damn, I want my QB to be throwing to wide open receivers, I want that offense, I want an offense where our WRs are open because of scheme and deception. Ultimately Mariota looks like the one who won’t flame out, we’ve seen Winston before, Young, JaMarcus Russell, etc….

  193. Flmike Says:

    Going back and thinking about it, Winston ultimately reminds me of Duante Culpepper, right down the weight issue he will be constantly fighting.

  194. Noel Says:

    Winston sure did look like a Buc on that last play, reminded me of Caro Yepremian’s blown kick in the 70’s.

  195. Notonline Says:

    Wow, here’s a question For all you Haters (and that seems to be most of you)
    If you think that Joe is so dum he doesn’t QB’s He’s not very Knowledgeable
    You all seem so much more in tune I can’t understand why you come to his sight Go to the Bucs crappy ass official site, there’s a wealth of Nothing, or maybe you should just write your own columns or have your own site You all seeem so smart that I am sure Everyone would desert Joe and the others to get your Useless Opinions!

  196. Notonline Says:

    And it was Garo, not Caro he was a kicker not a syrup.

  197. Barry Says:

    Joe put the Winston to Bucs to bed please. You all in the media please leave player evaluations to the professionals. As much as you people despise Mike Cannon, he’s and will be a much better QB than Winston will ever hope to be.

  198. Bruce Says:

    “Draft lovers have been bombarded the past 24 hours or so with news that QB prospect Teddy Bridgewater was subpar in his Louisville Pro Day and is now in freefall on team draft boards.

    Joe can only hope this is the case so Bridgewater can fall to the Bucs. But it’s not reality.”

    “Of course, we all know Bridgewater is not Joe’s first choice quarterback. That’s Johnny Football. Now readers have hammered Joe why he doesn’t write about Bridgewater. That’s because Joe is pretty well convinced Bridgewater’s chances of falling to the Bucs is less likely than Johnny Football’s.

    Joe would be happy with Bridgwater.”

    Have to give Joe credit here. He did like Bridgewater. Only knock I can say is he shouldn’t quit his day job to start making mock drafts!

  199. Rrsrq Says:

    It’s funny how all the comparisons of Winston are to other black qb’s who did not pan out. Winston’s football IQ is so much better than those who you compare him to, just because of skin color, really. His football IQ is probably compared to a Brett Favre coming out of college and it will get better, skill set is probably Favre as we’ll, but if you want skin color as a prerequisite, I say Steve McNair. He didn’t do to bad for Tenessee did he?

  200. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Flmike Says
    “Going back and thinking about it, Winston ultimately reminds me of Duante Culpepper, right down the weight issue he will be constantly fighting.“

    Thank you!cI pointed this out last night! He looks a lot like Sean King, the burger stalker!

  201. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Rrsrq Says
    “It’s funny how all the comparisons of Winston are to other black qb’s who did not pan out.”

    I guess you missed the Jake Plummer comparison. Last I checked, Jake wasn’t black.

    And even if what you say is true, there is nothing wrong with it. He IS black. Calling him Ryan Leaf would be a worse insult.

  202. Rrsrq Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai, you are right, there was ONE comparison out of all of them. Ryan Leaf would be an insult, but so is J. Russell. All I’m saying is that there are other comparisons, some have even said Big Ben, but not the posters on JBF. I guess we will know if JW declares and then in 4-5 mos and then 2 more years to who he compares to. My hope as a Buc, he makes his own niche, SB winning QB

  203. Ed Says:

    While Winston did show his ability to make those rare 25 yard passes into tight windows he also showed a slower release than MM. I was underwhelmed with MM’s accuracy. But that very fast release is difficult to defend. MM gets the ball out very quick. Winston will take more sacks, he holds on to the ball longer.

    I can see more upside development in MM, he’s more coachable. Winston is who he is, a good pocket passer with a great arm.

    I think the downside on Winston is he is a QB that will throw the ball into coverage because his arm strength gives him the confidence to try and pull off big plays.

    Mariota’s elusiveness is just as important as his passing ability. My 2 favorite QBs in the NFL are Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Mariota moves better than either. He gets the ball out of his hands as fast as either. He can be coached to be a better QB than he is now.

    I don’t see Winston as being able to progress beyond what he is now, a big play QB who will turn the ball over way more than Mariota will.

    Tony Romo is another quick release, elusive QB who doesn’t have the arm strength of Rodgers or Wilson but gets around in the pocket and buys time to make big plays.

    The draft is a bet, my bet is Mariota is the safer pick. He may not be a superstar but he certainly can do what it takes to run a successful offense.

  204. White Tiger Says:

    At 6’4″, 220 lbs…not only does Mariota have the PHYSICAL tools that RGIII nor Johnny Football DON’T have…he also demonstrated leadership and discipline – which proves (unlike Jameis), Mariota can take coaching.

    Conversely; Jameis Winston’s off-field immaturity had led many pro scouts to red flag him BEFORE the 2015 Rose Bowl – after watching him closely during this game – I saw the one thing no prospect ever wants to demonstrate in what is supposed to be his FINAL college game…translating off-the-field immaturity ONTO the playing field – in the biggest game of his career.

    If it is left like this – Jameis Winston will not be drafted in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

    I think the kid OBVIOUSLY has talent, and there’s no doubt he posses the physical tools to be successful in the NFL – BUT when you actually look at how he plays within the offense, he just doesn’t!? He trusts his emotions, NOT his coaching. TWICE this season I’ve seen his perplexed coach ask Jameis to “LET ME CALL THE OFFENSE” …and make NO mistake, when he threatened Jameis with benching IN THE ROSE BOWL…it was over Jameis Winston NOT taking coaching, NOT playing within the offense, and NOT taking what the defense was giving him (which is known as making the correct reads, in the spread). His tremendous athleticism gives him false-confidence. That false-confidence allowed the Oregon defense to bait him into making numerous, and initially small, poor decisions that caused drives to stall…soon a PILE of bad small decisions forced him to try to gamble – and the defense dictated what those gambles looked like and WHEN he would make them…and that led to several BIG mistakes.

    The fact that a leader with 29 victories under his belt had to be upbraided into LISTENING to his coaches,,,caused his teammates to lose confidence in the one guy they thought they could count on. That means Jameis was not mentally prepared to lead his team to victory in a COLLEGE game. His COMPLETE LACK OF MATURITY means he’s NOWHERE NEAR NFL READY.

    No right thinking GM will allow his very expensive franchise to be run by such a volatile, emotional, hot mess.

    And you know what? Jameis’ OWN comments at his post-game press conference prove me right. When asked about the NFL Draft, he didn’t say “I can’t wait” or “Yeah, I’m ready”….nope, he said he wasn’t thinking about that…but he did mention something about baseball…anything but think about the millions of dollars his poor leadership and immaturity cost him.

    …so, likewise, regarding the idea of drafting Jameis Winston with the overall number one pick in 2015: I too would rather talk about baseball…

    His ONLY hope for NFL million$$ is to go back to school and see if he can correct the perception of his legacy, or at the very least, his maturity.

    Until then – there is only one choice for the Bucs with the 1st overall pick: Mariota (and I’m a Buckeye fan).

  205. Brandon Says:

    MadMax Says:
    January 1st, 2015 at 9:48 pm
    <Leonard Williams or trade down

    <Bryce Petty


    A DT and a major project at QB with average upside. Great drafting insight.

  206. TheBuc45 Says: