Bucs Pegged For Cellar At 5-11

September 1st, 2014

The fun folks at BSPN are at it again with their spread sheets and brilliant analysis in ESPN The Magazine.

Joe actually gets and reads this publication sometimes (for some reason it arrives at Joe’s house free). It’s amazing the data these people pump out. Joe was amazed months ago by a detailed look at why Blake Bortles would be a successful NFL quarterback because of his hometown zip code.

Their NFC South predictions are in, and the Bucs are living in the rectum of their division with a projected 5-11 record. They’re also picked to lose Sunday to the Panthers 28-14.

Joe’s season prediction will be out tomorrow, but Joe must say 5-11 is harsh. These Bucs are better than that. Don’t they consult with Herm Edwards?

But are they better than anyone else in their division? That’s a good question.

Joe can’t believe all the folks who assume Carolina will be a garbage team using the logic they lost key receivers.

If Bucs fans had Carolina’s suffocating defense returning, along with a franchise quarterback, they’d pounding their chests and talking playoffs. Rightfully so.

53 Responses to “Bucs Pegged For Cellar At 5-11”

  1. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Our defense will get us at least eight wins… Any update on Tedford, Joes? His ongoing absence really has me worried.

  2. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    If McCown, GMC or David go down, the prediction would likely be accurate.

    But I’m going to wait until Joe posts his prediction before I post mine (probably in that same thread).

  3. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As to our division, I believe the Panthers and Bucs will be the two top teams this year or next.

    The Saints are on their way down. I think the Falcons are better than they showed last year.

    Our advantage is the element of surprise this year. Which is why I don’t mind BSPN making such a prediction.

  4. billy buckaroo Says:

    ESPN predictions speak for themselves.
    Track record not exactly stellar

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    ESPN is simply playing safe with that prediction……If they are wrong they can claim surprise that Lovie got it together so quickliy.

    i would certainly take the Bucs and 14 points against the Panthers….
    My prediction wouild be this:

    Saints 10-6
    Panthers 9-7
    Bucs 8-8
    Falcons 7-9

    We will see how that stacks up vs. Joe!!!

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    5-11 Bucs prediction from BSPN. WTF! OMG! Give me a F’in break. Flush your head down the toilet, whoever the braindead A hole that made this prediction is.

  7. Louis Friend Says:

    Here’s their game predictions for the Bucs:

    L Sept. 7 vs. CAR 27-3
    W Sept. 14 vs. STL 23-19
    L Sept. 18 @ ATL 34-17
    L Sept. 28 @ PIT 19-13
    L Oct. 5 @ NO 27-16
    W Oct. 12 vs. BAL 24-14
    W Oct. 26 vs. MIN 26-17
    L Nov. 2 @ CLE 33-12
    W Nov. 9 vs. ATL 22-19
    L Nov. 16 @ WAS 20-14
    W Nov. 23 @ CHI 23-16
    L Nov. 30 vs. CIN 27-14
    L Dec. 7 @ DET 28-7
    L Dec. 14 @ CAR 31-23
    L Dec. 21 vs. GB 38-6
    L Dec. 28 vs. NO 41-10

    In summary, they believe the Bucs defense will give up an average of 25.5 points per game in 2014. 25.5 POINTS PER GAME!!!!!!

    Which would be worse than that horror show scheme defense gave up in 2013. (24.3 ppg) Which would be saying Schiano was better than Smith at coaching defense.

    These predictions smell like total BS to me.

  8. Rob Says:

    It’s amazing how these predictions almost always seem to be slight variations of the previous year and little more.

  9. cbell96825 Says:

    saints 12-4
    bucs 9-7

  10. cbell96825 Says:

    no way we lose to the fricken browns 33-12

  11. bigsombrero Says:

    If the o line is average, we win 8 games at least.

  12. Soggybottom Says:

    bucs fans not giving our team much credit either, I think 10 games, with the D and with dunkaneers and even some hole’s to run through.. 10 games maybe 11 Ya Baby..

  13. Louis Friend Says:

    Oh and based on points per game, we’d average 15.8 PPG, which if compared to 2013 would make us the 31st ranked offense in the NFL. Guess they don’t like our QB much.

  14. gatrbuc17 Says:

    BSPN has GMC ranked as the 51st best Defensive player in the League

  15. Snook Says:

    Carolina had the NFL’s 29th ranked offense WITH good receivers.

    Why is it far-fetched to say they’ll slip without them?

    Remember the state of WR in Tampa last season? WRs do make a difference.

    BTW – SI picked the Bucs for 11-5 and to win the division.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No way our defense gives up that many points……I would bet Bucs on all of those lines right now…. If they are correct, then Glennon is the starter in 2015….

  17. Buc the Haters Says:

    I agree with Soggybottom…. I see a roster & coaching staff worthy of winning 10, 11, or 12 games this year & making a playoff run. Anyone who doesn’t see that is BLIND.

  18. SAMCRO Says:

    8 -8 is hardly play-off bound. The same could be said about our defense but I personally don’t see Cam Newton having any better season statistically than Josh McCown. If anything he may have more opportunities only because of his stifling defense but without his defense I don’t think he could carry a team on his back. Plus, his mental makeup bothers me, where when things get tough, he tends to shrink away, and bury himself in his Superman cape (towel).

    This game will come down to field position, which the Tampa 2 is notorious for giving up plays between the twenties, but really stiffens in the redzone. But we can’t afford to have that type of strategy, or we will be beaten by field goals. So again which ever teams defense limits the opposing teams offense’s field position, should win. I don’t believe Newton will out perform McCown statistically, except maybe how many times he runs with the ball.

    Newton doesn’t have the weapons, like the dunkaneers, to bail him out. So if Tampa can keep him between the hashmarks, they have a better chance of forcing him into making some bad decisions. Once we take his mojo, we got him, cause he’ll just take himself out of the equation.

  19. feelthepewterpower Says:

    lol, yeah the odd scores. How many games are “33-12” regardless of who wins! So much for those predictions. With our defense I see at least 9-7, and with a few breaks and staying injury free, I think we have a shot at the division at 11-5! We usually play the Saints tough.

  20. buc4lyfe Says:

    I caught your sarcasm Joe and yea this would actually be important news if they weren’t always wrong.

  21. holymoly Says:

    Predictions are like rectums, everybody has one. If defense play as well as we think they will, suckspn can bite me !

  22. Cobraboy Says:

    Joe, have that article posted in the Buc lockerroom.

    I don’t see the Kitties as improved at all. While they have a very solid front 7 on D, the DBackfield is iffy, they lost a gaggle at WR’s, and OL is sketchy.

  23. Rrsrq Says:

    Interesting because SI has it like this:
    Bucs 11-5
    Saints 11-5
    Falcons 9-7
    Panthers 5-11

    So who really knows

  24. BFFL Says:

    I predict a looser until they prove otherwise. Let’s stop saying the Bucs will be good until they prove it on Sunday.

  25. feelthepewterpower Says:

    in the NFL, teams can go from 5-11 one year to 11-5 or whatever the next. Remember the 1999 Rams (how could we forget)? They’re were god awful the year prior to their super bowl year. There’s always a turnaround team or two, and and teams that disappoint like we did in 2013.

  26. Buc the Haters Says:

    With that 11-5 prediction above, whoever that is from Sports Illustrated seems much wiser & more knowledgeable than most people in the media & regular fans (including alot of posters on here).

  27. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Rrsrq Says:
    September 1st, 2014 at 12:59 pm
    Interesting because SI has it like this:
    Bucs 11-5
    Saints 11-5
    Falcons 9-7
    Panthers 5-11

    So who really knows


    I dont see the Falcons as bad as they were last season with their injuries and incontinence, nor do I see the panthers as bad as 5-11 with their defense keeping them in games most of the time. I think we’ll see at least two teams from our division make the playoffs with the NFC East being down this year, and West will be good as usual but may beat up on one other. Who knows, maybe even both wild cards will come from our division if that’s the case, but highly unlikely.

  28. feelthepewterpower Says:

    The only thing that matters is what the Buccs believe and do. Hopefully it’s a world championship mindset!

  29. Brent Says:

    At least people on this blog are optimists! I’d be thrilled with 8 wins! 11 I might go crazy. The team has some talent but a bunch of questions. Are 2nd and 3rd teams got routed in preseason telling me our depth sucks. Plus our o-line is suspect and an unproven qb.

  30. biff barker Says:

    Hater, 10-12 wins because of the roster and coaching staff? This is exactly why we should praying for an 8-8 season.

    Last time I watched a the Bucs play the staff weren’t taking any snaps and about 24 players are new.

    Granted, the simplification of the defense, bulked up roster on offense and better coaching should all be a factor. But to predict 6-8 additional wins over last season in the NFC South is a bit altruistic.

  31. OB Says:


    Since you are the spokesman for us, please tell them when the rectum shuts down, every thing backs up, so when our defense (not say they are the rectum) shuts them down, the castor oil is coming.

  32. Name Required Says:

    First, let me say I have been a fan of this team since 1987.

    I have seen some bad football teams and a few good ones for this organization.

    This is a rebuilding year. When you go 4-12, you will be rebuilding. When you fire more than half the team from last year, you are rebuilding.

    The defense may play lights-out. It is certainly possible. But when your 2 starting corners are out with injuries for most of the preseason, there is cause for concern. When you pick up that many free agents, it’s a patch job. When the season starts, those saying the defense gets you 8 wins may be sorely mistaken.

    Let’s be optimistic and say the defense plays lights-out, and gets a bunch of turnovers… Can the offense move the ball?

    Josh McCown does not impress me, and I sincerely doubt the teams around the league believe he is anywhere near a force. Doug Martin got hurt last year, but he wasn’t playing that great up until the injury 7 games in. Aside from Vincent Jackson, all the receivers are new. And the OL? We’ve beaten that drum all off-season. More patchwork upon patchwork. It’s like a whole wall of spackle. All new outside of Demar Dotson. We’re talking backups and starters.

    Special teams- All replacements.

    Let’s be serious and take off the beer goggles for a bit.

    In our own division we face 3 Pro Bowl QBs, one of whom is a sure hall-of-famer in his QB prime. I say 2 wins out of the bunch. maybe 3.

    The Bucs NEVER play Pittsburgh or Baltimore well. Cincy and Cleveland? Toss-up. Face it, 1 win out of that group.

    Detroit is good. Chicago is good (and they know McCown). Green Bay can tear you up. Minnesota is still rebuilding. 2 wins out of the group. Rams and Washington? I say they get one out of the two.

    Broken down- schedule, new faces all around, other teams’ rejects, neglecting the OL for too long… 5 wins might be right.

    Flame away, guys.

  33. gt40bear Says:

    I again restate my position that the 4 letter network (I won’t say the name because it offends me) is as irrelevant as SI. Having said that, and as much as I want it to not be true, until they prove otherwise they are what their record says the are…4-12. While I know that they have way more talent than that, there are too many unknowns still surrounding this team. Please prove me wrong My beloved Bucs, PLEASE!

  34. Soggybottom Says:

    Anything less than 10 or 11 win’s is not a win now team, and the whole bucs organization including players are going for it, I just hope they have more confidence the most people here.. Ya Baby

  35. Soggybottom Says:

    More confidence than most people here.. Ya Baby..

  36. Bird Says:

    Saints are the team to beat in division. Not so worried about falcons or Carolina for some reason. If offense is good anything is possible. D is gonna be good

  37. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Bout time to hear about having the “worst QB in our division” again! Oh.. guess that only is mentioned daily when Glennon is the QB!

  38. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    BSPN has become a parody of what they should be . They’re terrible.
    Last year, there were so many questions about the team. I admired the optimist, but couldn’t join them. I predicted 5-11. Still to optimistic!

    This year , for the first time in many years- I’m with the optimist!
    9-7, with better days ahead.

  39. Name Required Says:

    Sorry, but McCown’s on his ninth professional team. That includes the UFL.

    He is the worst QB in the division… again. He’s not going to improve.

  40. Brian Says:

    Except that Carolina didn’t just lose receivers. In fact, that’s their third biggest concern. They lost key players on the offensive line and in the secondary. 5-11 is a joke. Lovie could’ve won more than one extra game with the exact same roster from 2013. And this is a team that finished 4-4 after Glennon got a little more comfortable.

  41. Louis Friend Says:

    Let’s not forget in 2013 that this team gifted 4 games away in the first half of the season. Against the Jets, Saints, Cardinals and Seahawks we turned certain victory into defeat due to horrible play calling and coaching.

    If Lovie and crew can simply lose only half as many gimme situations, they’re already better than Schiano.

  42. JT Says:

    I’m tired of my Buccaneers being the pushover of the NFC South. We are NOT some red head step child. I want to see some fire from this team. I want our defense to kick Cam’s sorry a$$ up and down the field! I want to see him cry like the little b!tch he is and those fair weathered Panther hicks suck it too! I’ve waited all spring and summer for my Bucs to take the field and I’m done being analytical and unbiased… I’m out for blood! GO BUCS!!!!!

  43. #41 Says:

    Career backup at starting QB.

    Really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

    If Josh McCown had the tools to be even an average starting QB, don’t you think some habitually QB-needy team would have grabbed him? There’s too much film in the NFL for talent to go unnoticed on 8 teams over a decade.

    He’ll be below average and he’ll drag the offense down with him.

  44. West L.A. Bucs Fan Says:

    Name Required he doesn’t have to get better. McCown just has to be the same QB he was last year.

    Two pro bowl cornerbacks sitting out to get healthy for the games that count doesn’t bother me. You should drop Adrian Peterson with that logic.

    Pretty hard to say we play bad against a certain team in todays NFL. Head coaches and systems change too frequently.

  45. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    And this is why they say opinions are like aholes…everybody has one.

    Meanwhile over at SI, while Peter King is assigned with only naming an SB champ, he picks the Pack over the Colts, the other staffer assigned to actually dig and do the analysis has the Bucs at 11-5 along with the Saints but the Bucs winning in tie breaker and grabbing the 3rd seed in the NFC.

    Yes I’m a homer but honestly SI’s analysis made a lot more sense especially about the stinking Panthers. I would be very, very nervous right now if I was a stinking Panther fan. SI has them picked for the bottom of what SI has ranked a very tough division…second in the NFC to the West. Atlanta picked to be good but not great.

  46. BucinNC Says:

    People are overrating the panthers. Our defense will cause turnovers and their defense won’t be as good as last year especially in the secondary. Bucs will be 2-0 to start. That road stretch is brutal and hopefully we can win at least one of them.

  47. Ghost Says:

    11-5 is a pipe dream w a mediocre QB and below average OL.

  48. Lou. Says:

    @FeelthePewterPower —

    I think we all agree about the Falcons’ incontinence.

    @#41 —

    A habitually QB-needy team did snap McCown up. The Bucs.

    The corner will be turned when Buc fans no longer look over the schedule with concern. The Dungy Bucs were a predator and did not concern themselves with “hard games.” I do not think we are there yet and so predict 8-8. But if we do we will be a playoff team and a contender.

  49. Hoppy Says:

    sounds like they are saying like Joe and his junk yard dog friend said so much last year 4th worst qb in our division. Let’s just show their smart asses. We will do alright this year. We just have to believe this year and stop eating our young.

  50. BucIt941 Says:

    Hey Falcons lost 1 receiver last year and fell to the bottom of the division QUICKLY.

    With the Panthers tho, I see us getting a tad bit lucky. First Cam Newton has a (bruised?) hurting ribs, so you have to wonder how much of that will effect his throwing motion or his running/cutting motions IE making him less effective. Second Greg Hardy is a HUGE blow to that defensive line and he will definitely be out the first time we meet. Third add that to ageing running backs and no real solid WR threat (yet). We can at least break even with them by winning the first game. I feel game 2 will be a whole other story.

    Atlanta is still a minor threat but i see them going more backwards than forwards. I feel they missed their shot 2 years ago. Should be able to sweep or the very worst break even with them.

    The Saints are the serious threat and not just in our division but the NFC as a whole. They’ve done nothing but match our moves and get better. They have very few weaknesses and arguably one of the most potent Coaches combo on both sides of the ball in Payton and Ryan. If we can at least compete with them we should be in the running.

    I see us sitting at #2 in the division with a 10-6 season and just missing out on a wildcard birth, but left with a successful season, a strong push in December (once the team finally gels) and tons of promise for the 2015 season.

    1. Saints 12-4
    2. Bucs 10-6
    3. Panthers 9-7
    4. Falcons 7-9

  51. BucIt941 Says:

    My original prediction was 8-8 with us loosing the first 2 game against Panthers and Rams. Those changed into win with the recent news of injuries and or suspensions to both of those teams and with the acquisition of Mankins last week to the Bucs. Now both of those games are winnable (even if they are ugly) and the team can get a little wind under their wings moving forwards allowing us to have a more successful season. I know once this whole team has the time to gel during the season there is no doubt the will be a bit of a powerhouse down the stretch.

  52. jo mama Says:

    First off why call ESPN BSPN?

    Anyone who does not think ESPN is the world leader in everything sports especially football is just kind of a dick.

    I had bucs at 6-10, which is 2 more than last year.

    There is not much difference between 8-8 and 6-10.

    teams going to the playoffs have franchise QB’s or awesome defense. We have neither.

    Next year winning record if Glennon gets 8 starts this year. McCown is a backup.

  53. Phred Says:

    I’ve been watching the Bucs since their AFC year.

    New coach + new system + new players = rebuilding year. Defense is looking good but offense is on the wrong side of average. I think ownership will be very pleased if Lovie can get 7 wins out of this team. 8-8 would be outstanding and 9-7 ought to get him Coach of the Year.

    The great news is the defense looks like it’s on the way to being something really special. It may not all come together this season, but when it does Bucs fans will have something about which to brag.