Raheem Morris Outcoached A Hall Of Famer

November 23rd, 2010

rah 0828The fact Bucs held superstar 49ers running back Frank Gore to 23 yards and sacked 49ers quarterback Troy Smith six times, despite both the Bucs rush defense being putrid and pressure on the quarterback virtually non-existent entering the game, proved Raheem Morris had one of the best Bucs gameplans Joe has ever seen.

It was the best since Chucky crafted a plan to shut down Rich Gannon in the Super Bowl.

It was the kind of a performance that usually gets the opposing coach run, especially when said coach is hanging on to his job by a thread. Niners coach Mike Singletary made no bones about it. Raheem shamed him as a coach, so reports Kevin Lynch in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Singletary said he led the team, and he motivated his players, but that he didn’t prepare them. He also admitted that the Buccaneers didn’t do what they expected. He also said that the coaches didn’t adjust well. He admitted that receivers ran wrong routes. … By his own admission, Singletary is saying he hasn’t coached well. Can anyone argue with that?

Joe was surprised Singletary lasted to midnight Sunday night still employed. The Bucs shut out of the 49ers was the first time San Francisco was shut out at home in 33 years, a stunning factoid.

14 Responses to “Raheem Morris Outcoached A Hall Of Famer”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I have to give credit to coach Morris on the defensive planning. Shutting down Gore was incredible.

    What’s interesting is how fast/easily the 49ers went from their running game to relying on their rookie QB whom the Bucs easily rattled.

  2. Amar Says:

    I’m a bucs fan from cali in korea and my friends from back home that are 49er’ fans won’t answer my phone calls….LOL


    Morris = Best young coach in the NFL

  4. JDouble Says:

    I have nothing but respect for Mike Singletary and if you would have asked me three years if I wanted him as our head coach I would have answered HE!! YES…but now that I’ve seen him coach in San Fran I’d have to say thanks but no thanks. He has too big of an ego, too short of a temper, doesn’t make good decisions, and he doesn’t seem to know how to relate to his players or form any kind of relationship with them.

    Great player. Pretty horrible head coach.

  5. booty traps Says:


    I too thought that he would lead the 9r’s to a great season. And felt he would make a great coach. Im not so sure of that anymore and it appears he may not be HC for them much longer.


    BO BUCS!!

  6. pbmbuc Says:

    Raheem Morris coaches the way Singletary played middle linebacker.

  7. gitarlvr Says:

    Of course Raheem outcoached Singletary. Unlike Raheem Morris, Mike Singletary really is in completely over his head.

  8. lakeland bob Says:

    Wow-Mr Lucky giving Raheem kudos-never thought I’d see the day.I know-we still haven’t beaten a good team.That’s about to change.With Blount in the backfield and the defense stepping up,we can beat anybody.

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    lakeland bob – yeah can you believe it?

    The defensive plan was spot on – I loved it.

    The offensive plan – too much disorganization; especially that 4th ‘fake’ field goal.

    The Bucs are on the right track and I’ve said that coach Morris DESERVED and has EARNED the HC spot and the right to return in 2011.

  10. gatorsfan Says:

    raheem is perfect for the bucs nd its nice to see a coach that the players actually enjoy playing for. If you saw kellen winslow today on espn he straight up said he never wants to play for anyone else. that pretty much says it all

  11. McBuc Says:

    The thing about fake punts is…if they work it is the play of the week, but if they do not work it was ill advised.

  12. derf Says:

    McBuc – I’m NOT against fake punts or a few weeks ago an onside kick. Heck I LIKE those types of plays. My beef was this – the players were out of position and it wasn’t disguised well at all. It was just an ugly play – PERIOD.

    If there is good execution and it doesn’t work – like the onsides kick – I’ll give the coach a pass.

    Heck the TD pass to Penn was a perfect example of a trick play – great call and poor pass but excellent catch by Donald. The reason for the timeout was they had to explain to Penn and have him visualize the football as a giant peanut that he could eat. Notice he didn’t give up the ball?

  13. jaytek74 Says:

    I am glad people are warming up to our coaching now. Players are enjoying playing for Rah and they respect him. It seems like morale is high and a winning attitude is being developed in this young team. I think the Ravens game will be tough but I also like our chances to grab another win. would 8-3 be our best start ever or tie our best start? GO BUCS!!!

  14. New Era Buc Says:

    Raheem Morris will go down as the best Bucs coach ever. And I used to be a huge Gruden fan right up until he proved he could not coach up young talent then lost the team