Raheem Lobbies For Penn To Pro Bowl

November 22nd, 2010

Pro Bowlers will be determined in four weeks and Raheem Morris thinks Donald Penn is deserving of his first NFL trip to Hawaii.

Speaking on his radio show Monday on WDAE-AM 620, Raheem talked about Penn’s touchdown Sunday and how he compares to his peers.

“Hopefully, he’s one of those guys who’s going to have a Pro Bowl candidacy this year because, you know, I don’t know who’s playing at a higher level than him right now at that position. You’d have to search long and hard to try and get that,” Raheem said.

“What he’s doing for us is very special and our offensive coordinator designed a little chicanery and debauchery for him. He lines up and he reports as a tight end, …we give him a hardcore playaction rollout to our left and Josh[Freeman] sticks a pass on him and Donald Penn makes an athletic move by lowering his hands and catching a big-time touchdown. The only thing I could think at that point was, ‘Please don’t get a celebration foul.'”

Now Joe had to laugh when he heard Raheem during his Monday news conference and on his radio show reference the “chicanery and debockery” designed for Penn by Greg Olson, as it relates to the call that got him a touchdown.

Joe’s not going to hazard a guess at what “debockery” is. A lover of words, Joe researched via various search engines and found some conflicting definitions for debockery. Whatever Raheem is referencing, it was a helluva call for Penn’s touchdown. Perfect, in fact. Olson is hitting his stride.

Joe agrees Penn deserves strong Pro Bowl consideration, but Joe doubts anyone on the Bucs offense will get to Hawaii. On defense, Ronde Barber or Aqib Talib now have about as good a shot as Penn.

It would be quite stunning if the Bucs, or any team, made the playoffs without a Pro Bowler.

14 Responses to “Raheem Lobbies For Penn To Pro Bowl”

  1. McSiD Says:

    Hey Joe,
    I think this is what Rah was going for:
    de·bauch·er·y [dih-baw-chuh-ree]
    -noun, pl.-er·ies.
    1. excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures; intemperance.
    2. Archaic. seduction from duty, allegiance, or virtue.

    Still creepy. You have to love Rah. Coach of the year and always good for a chuckle.

  2. rav Says:

    come on joe, you’re a writer. you’re telling me you’ve never heard of the word “debauchery”?

    that’s a vocab word for high schoolers taking the SAT.

    and yes rah pronounced it correctly.

    Rav, Joe is familiar with debauchery. Joe has fond memories of threesomes and various types of debauchery from his youth. Joe’s truly not sure if that is what Raheem was referring to, since he didn’t pronounce that word. And Joe’s not sure how that might relate to Penn’s number getting called in the end zone. Although Joe can speculate …

  3. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Debauchery + mockery = ‘Debockery’.

    They made a mockery of the San Francisco defense, which laid the groundwork for Penn’s debauchery. Got it now?

    Debockery is a perfectly CROMULENT word.

  4. ChallengerDeep Says:

    SkookumSmitty, you are a scholar and a gentleman.

  5. Patrick Says:

    I think Freeman has played well enough to go to the pro bowl this year!! But we all know that he won’t get it.

    Other than Freeman, Donald Penn, Ronde Barber, Aqib Talib, and Connor Barth all deserve to be considered for the pro bowl. Other than that, I can’t really think of anyone else. We have a lot of “good” players on our team, but few pro bowl players.

  6. Gary Says:

    We all want one to go but we also know in the end we will not get any probowlers when some second rate “popular” team will get undeserved nods.

    As far the niners game it was the best game so far for Olson.

  7. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    I agree Gary.


    Hey if Sarah Palin can make up words, Rah is more than welcome to.

  8. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    I agree “Hire”.

  9. Architek79 Says:

    Who cares about the inflated votes for the Pro Bowl. It’s like the Florida votes of years ago with Bush and the republicans.

  10. Fish Says:

    I bet Freeman gets some pro bowl attention, as he’s been getting some national media attention.

    Greg Olsen has been doing a fantastic job. I remember a number of commenters calling for his head even after our hot start.

    After this weeks’ stellar defensive performance, I don’t even know what to think of our Bucs anymore. It seems like they’re silencing concerns on a weekly basis and after their prolific run-stopping effort, i’m convinced they no longer have any true weaknesses (as long as they keep that up). When was the last time we could say that? I’m hyped. I’m especially hyped about GMC’s recent emergence…

  11. Fish Says:

    P.S. – I love Josh Freeman. He’s the man.

  12. oar Says:

    That play reminded me of when Gruden lined Sapp up at TE in 2003 and caught couple of TDs!

  13. gruss222 Says:


  14. Neecee Says:

    We have a number of pro bowl caliber players: Free, Barber, Talib, Penn, Williams (possibly), plus potential ROY with Blount, Williams, Grimm, and COY in Morris. What an exciting time to be a Buc fan. Decided to renew my season tickets just because I can not, not be a part of this excitement next year!

    GO BUCS!!!