“A Thing That Brought Our Team Together”

October 12th, 2010

Sabby Piscitelli fans, assuming there are some, were in full celebration Sunday, as their guy had the Bucs’ big interception to set up the winning score in Cincinnati.

Joe even gave Sabby the game ball, although it was clear Sabby didn’t play well before that game-changing play.

On Monday, Raheem Morris elaborated on Piscitelli’s demotion and how Sabby’s immature, angry response before opening day was a teaching moment for his young Bucs. Morris spoke on The Raheem Morris Show on WDAE-AM 620.

“[Sabby] put it out in public and it became kind of a thing that brought our team together,” Morris said. “It was a great example for me to use for our team. It was a great example for me to use for our guys. It took him a while to get out of his funk. He’s been in my office. We have a dynamic and unbelievable relationship. And that’s the beauty of this whole thing for me to watch him get that pick yesterday and his whole team tackle him and beat him up underneath the stands. And absoulutely have a ball with him.”

Joe would have been happy to dive on Sabby and smack him around a bit, too. Joe sincerely hopes Sabby didn’t pay for any beers on Sunday night.

But, back to reality, Joe’s very glad starting safety Sean Jones is on track to return for Sunday’s home game against New Orleans.

10 Responses to ““A Thing That Brought Our Team Together””

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Let’s not forget there was a reason he was on the bench in the first place.
    Kudos for a great play, nice to see him atone for all the bad ones. I still prefer Jones. Grimm did better, I’ll give him a shout out as well.

  2. Dr. Dave Says:

    The kid redeemed himself for getting burned in the EZ
    Don’t know if I’d a given ‘im the game ball, tho

  3. javto24 Says:

    Joe, I like your enthusiasm but all Sean Jones does is Hit better … He barely wraps up and seems to be consistently trailing plays from behind .. And has hit our own players on Defense harder than the other teams so far .. I wouldnt be too excited .. Sean Jones is def unerachieving to this point ..

    By the way anyone else notice Cody Grimm lay about 3 or 4 of the Hardest hits of the game on Sunday ??

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    javto24 – Joe knows Sean Jones won’t be seeing his first Pro Bowl anytime soon, but he’s better than Sabby.

  5. booty trap Says:


    Good job on the cudos.

    Yes, Sabby deserves the game ball. If it was not for his interception we would not have won the game. No, im not forgetting Spurlocks catch either. Yes, im glad Jones is back.

    Just giving credit where it is needed.

  6. javto24 Says:

    Joe, I agree Sean Jones is better … Was just hoping to see a little bit more from him …

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    You an me both, Joe! Sabby starting would mean a”L” against new Orleans!! Sabby needs ta stay a “special Team” ace!!

  8. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Joe…..I’m wondering, Ive watched the game a few times, wondering if you have insight that I don’t on that TO touchdown, it looks to me like they were playing man coverage with Talib on TO…..Sabby was not a part of that play, yet he is still getting beat up for something that he may have nothing to do with?

    I’m not a Sabby fan; however, since he is on my team I want to see him succeed to help our team succeed……you have a relationship with Steve White who I will assume knows more about football then anybody commenting on your sight, perhaps you can use your pull to have him write something up where he critiques the LB’s and Secondary similar to what he does for the DLine.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yea it’s called help over the top, or lack thereof. Top Flight receivers are going to make big plays. The fact that The Two Ochos only had one TD says the Bucs Secondary did a pretty decent job. Add 3 picks, 1 for a TD to that and it looks even better. Sabby still had a better game than Ruud. I hope Sabby can improve and make big plays. All that truly matters is the Dubya.

  10. McBuc Says:

    javto24…Nothing for nothing but lynch was known to lay heavy friendly fire as well…I am not saying Jones is on the ame planet as Lynch, but think back to when you dove into a pile and I am sure you hit a few of your team mates. There is NO way to avoid it. He is better than Sabby.i