Cadillac Williams Dragging Down Bucs

October 12th, 2010

One reason why Joe so enjoys listening to his good friend “The Commissioner,” Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620, is that he is not afraid to speak his mind.

Currently, Justin believes Cadillac Williams is washed up. In fact, Justin goes so far to write on his blog located on the WDAE website, that if Cadillac is not benched soon, he will drag the Bucs down the road to ruin.

The Bucs are defying the odds of winning by not being able to stop the run on defense and not being able to run the ball on offense. We’ll start on offense and the lack of production from Cadillac Williams.  I know that people are shouting all over Tampa to get Cadillac out of the game, and I am with them 100%.  The guy is a nice story, but he is not producing.  This isn’t a one-game stumble, this is a full season disappointment.  In the NFL today, as a RB, you must either have the speed to burst through the hole or have the power to bust through the hole.  Cadillac has neither.  Huggins 1 carry and Blount’s 4 carries gives us no idea if these 2 players can bolster such a poor unit.  Cadillac is one more season away from his 30th birthday and has already had 2 knee surgeries.  If the Bucs want to continue to win, they MUST find a running game on offense.

Look, Joe loves Cadillac’s heart. If someone like Randy Moss had the heart and desire and work ethic of Cadillac, my, word!

Given his two bum knees and his approaching old man status of NFL running backs, it seems Cadillac is out of gas. Joe will again repeat what Marshall Faulk said on the NFL Network.

Faulk noted that “good running backs can overcome a bad offensive line.” (And Joe doesn’t believe the Bucs offensive line is bad.)

10 Responses to “Cadillac Williams Dragging Down Bucs”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    GM may be making a comeback but for Carnell Williams it’s time to sit the bench…

  2. JDouble Says:

    As if only giving Blount 4 carries wasn’t bad enough, why in the world is he getting pitches to the outside? The only RB on our roster that should be attempting to get to the edge on a pitch is Huggins. Blount is a between the tackles guy. He has surprising speed and agility for a man his size, but running the pitch with he or Caddie for that matter is just stupid.

    With all the blitzing in Cincy, I can’t understand why we didn’t have more RB screens. We tried one early and Caddie dropped the pass, and then never tried it again. Huggins could of had a huge day on screens alone.

    Also, how about we quit announcing to the world that Blount can’t pass block? Now everytime he enters the game the other team in 100% sure it’s a run. Not helping.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Agreed JDouble and I’ve stated the same thing in the past. Why in the world we think caddy has the speed to run toss\sweep\stretch plays is beyond me. Put Huggins in one game and give him the Lions share. We will never know what he can do if we don’t let him try. Also, Freeman is doing a good job of calling the protections so the RB should have a good idea of whom to pick up.
    Huggins does an excellent job of hitting the hole quickly, that’s why his average is high. Feed him.

  4. joey88 Says:

    @joe….i love cadillacs heart as well, but as you stated and i quote,” this is not college, it is the NFL”. See how far heart gets you when you average 2.5 yards per carry and give your team zero chance at pounding the ball down their god damn throats. As in RAMBO,

  5. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think this is blown a bit out of proportion here. First off, we only ran the ball 19 times with our running backs during the Cinci game. Caddy got 11 of those, so about 60% of the carries, that’s not really a huge load and he was in for blitz pickup. Blount had 4 carries, or just over 20%. For this being only his second game of action with no preseason or training camp with the team, that’s a pretty significant amount, especially against a team that blitzed so much. Graham had 3 carries, or about 15%, and Huggins had one, or about 5% (coming off of injury). That’s not a bad breakdown for this game, it is moving in the direction of getting the other guys more touches. You can’t expect these guys to come in and start getting 80% of the carries right away. Caddy had been getting a much higher percentage in the first couple games.

    The young guys are still learning, and I like them getting Graham touches from the FB spot. If they were going to run screens to beat the blitz, it probably would have been more effective with Graham on a FB screen. Remember, we weren’t supposed to be 3-1 right now, this was supposed to be a learning, growing season. Let that happen, and if wins come along with it, so much the better.

  6. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    So much for 1400 yards

  7. booty trap Says:

    I cant believe what im reading…

    Go ahead and put in Blount and Huggins and see what happens to Freeman. These guys dont know the offense and havent shown they can do blitz pick up.

    Caddy is invaluable to us, no way we can take him out.

    They need more time.


  8. Posey99 Says:

    agreed blitz pickup is huge. no way do you risk your QB like that. Not being familair and experienced with the protections is HUGE and critical. caddy and grahm are most familair with the scheme. they stay in until others prove they are capable, but others should be worked in slowly

  9. gitarlvr Says:

    booty trap-


  10. Patrick Says:

    This really should be a no brainer. START GRAHAM!! That 61 yard run was the first run of that length for the backfield since…..yeah….the last time he was allowed to run the ball!!