Too Much Face Paint = $5,000 Fine

June 17th, 2009

Bucs defensive tackle Chris Hovan made an appearance on “Late Hits,” with Ross Tucker Tuesday night on Sirius NFL Radio. He spoke on all types of subjects. Sadly, Joe was unable to take complete notes as he was behind the wheel.

Hovan interrupted his shrimp dinner to speak with Tucker and made the following comments:

* “Derrick Brooks was an icon in this town and I’m not sure why he was let go. I look up to very few icons but Derrick Brooks was one of them.”

* “I would be open-minded about signing Michael Vick but I don’t know about our front office. I was given a second chance. This is America.” (Hovan also said the same about Plexiglass Burress).

* “I don’t know who is going to be the quarterback. I’m kind of playing in rush hour traffic all the time.”

* “The face paint is in part to honor John Randle but I have to be careful. If it runs down my cheeks its a $5,000 fine.”

* “Yeah, a lot of people are not picking us [to do well]. That’s your job Ross, that’s why you have a show on Sirius NFL Radio. But we’re working hard. We have Barrett Ruud and Aqib Talib and Ronde Barber and Gaines Adams and people like that. Sure people can count us out but it’s our job to play hard and win.”

* “I’m just fortunate to have a job in the NFL. I am lucky.”

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