Phillips All-In At Linebacker

June 16th, 2009

phillips_featureJermaine Phillips seems to be taking the perfect approach toward his move from safety to linebacker. He’s all-in.

Phillips’ remote chance to be successful at 30-years-old will be aided by being completely immersed in the change and never looking over his shoulder at his old stomping grounds in the secondary.

Today Phillips tells Bucs beat writer Anwar Richardson, of The Tampa Tribune, that he has spent no time working out with the secondary just in case replacing Derrick Brooks doesn’t go so well.

Tampa Bay linebacker Jermaine Phillips said he has not worked out at safety since being switched to linebacker. Bates said Phillips has done well at linebacker, but the player is not satisfied.

“You can’t judge yourself at linebacker until you put pads on. Out here, of course I can look good,” Phillips said.

Joe remains baffled by Raheem The Dream’s desire to have Phillips change position. It’ll take a minor miracle for Phillips to be successful, and that’s no slight on Phillips, just the reality of a major position change at his age and small size.

Joe’s hoping Phillips is secretly studying the new secondary on the practice field and in the playbook. Just in case.

2 Responses to “Phillips All-In At Linebacker”

  1. Chris Says:

    Small size??? Now, I’m in no way trying to compare Brooks to Phillips (it’s almost a sacrilege to have their names side by side), but DB played at around 235 lbs compared to Flip who will be playing at 230. His size is not what concerns me its his lack of LB instincts that are worrisome. I don’t doubt he can make plays, but will he be able to read the O-lineman, will he bite on misdirection or play fake? Does he have the peripheral vision to scan the field to avoid the big crack back block by a WR? I’ve got no worries about him playing physical enough (I just hope his forearms don’t crack again), but I do have concerns on whether or not he can rapidly pick up the subtleties of the position.

  2. Michael Weber/ Rays_Rev Says:

    This move is an abomination and a sign of why this team isn’t ready for primetime. You’re moving a proven safety to linebacker so you can find a spot in the starting lineup for a guy who got his a** handed to him on a regular basis. Good luck with that Raheem.