Thank Rachaad White For Four Prime Time Games

May 16th, 2024

So the Bucs got four prime time games for the 2024 season. The Falcons did, too. The Slimy Saints got three and the Panthers got shut out. Zero.

TV networks make the call on prime time games and a little secret Joe was told by a television executive years ago is that fantasy football plays a role in decisions.

Want fans watching games to the final whistle? Have at least two players on the field that are close to 100 percent represented in fantasy leagues, or are popular in daily fantasy leagues.

Mike Evans has long been a fantasy football darling with a few off years mixed in. He was a top-4 receiver last year in the fantasy world by common metrics.

Bucs runnign back Rachaad White, however, was new to the fantasy party with his 1,500 plus yards from scrimmage and nine total touchdowns last season. He was a legit top-10 fantasy RB and Joe has no doubt that White will be a popular second-round pick in a lot of season-long leagues this year.

Was White the difference in the Bucs getting four prime time games this season versus three.

Joe would put that as very likely.

And for those unfamiliar with fantasy football, those were the Bucs’ big guns in that arena last year, not Baker Mayfield or Chris Godwin.

29 Responses to “Thank Rachaad White For Four Prime Time Games”

  1. Beeej Says:

    I spent my first round pick on Mahomes, what a mistake

  2. Bucben61 Says:

    Speaking fantasy football check out this link…FantasyFootballCalculator has Baker ranked #57 between sam Darnold and Mason Rudolph…talk about media bias…wow

  3. ir8oldman Says:

    Mine was D. Swift, worked out well. All this hype with Chicago’s offense this year has me sliding towards not picking him again. I don’t see their rookie QB doing what the Texan’s C J Stroud did though.

  4. geno711 Says:

    My first-year playing was 1988, 10 team league. We did the stats from the local newspaper and The Sporting News.

  5. Lt. Dan Says:

    I play FFB as well. But I’m just wondering how the hell I’ll stay alert for all four prime time games. A day of swilling Big Storms while I watch the early and mid afternoon games..? Then stay up til about midnight? Dan is stressing!!

  6. Bucben61 Says:

    I’ve been playing for about twenty years now….my first year I won 1 game and that was late in the season…it was a work league and I took a ton of flack…lol

  7. ModHairKen Says:

    Is that right? Fantasy football? Good Lord. That’s what draws interest? We are a nation of morons.

  8. BA's Red Pen Says:


  9. J Says:

    If you think White was why we got 4 primetime games your high as fu@k.

  10. Booger Says:

    If you’re not playing DraftKings (or Fanduel) DFS you’re missing out, especially on NFL Sunday’s. It’s a wild blast (definitely 4th qtr) constantly refreshing your screen when you have like 69 different lineups goin at the same time!!!! It’s AWESOME. I’m killing-IT (so far) on my PGA lineups this weekend at Valhalla (have actually played it and went to the ‘96 and ‘00 PGA’s, plus a Ryder Cup there)… I use FanDuel for Horse Racing only bc they gave me a free $200 during the pandemic. Already got my Preakness Picks in… Got two different horses to WP, two different Exacta Boxes, & a Tri-Box. Plus, a Powerball & a Mega for the weekend. Oh yeah, and just a ‘single-entry’ for the Nuggets-‘Wolves game in “Showdown-Captain Mode” in DraftKings DFS tonight… So, I am all SET!!!! Fingers Crossed. NBA DFS is a blast too, but you have to watch your lineups SO closely, up ‘til tip-off tho, since you never know ‘who’ is going o decide to sit-out at the very last MINUTE. It’s sooooo HARD it’s just ridiculous. I’ll prob pass on the NASCAR Race LoL. It’s fun to enter a few lineups on the BIG Races like Daytona, Etc. Or, when there’s nothing else to do.

  11. Booger Says:

    I go to A LOT of Spring Training baseball games all around… I live real close to the Phillies Complex. So, I usually, only do MLB DFS during Spring Training when I go to the games… Just fill-out a few lineups. It’s FUN. Also, during the Playoffs when bored. Those are the only times I DFS on MLB.

  12. D-Rok Says:

    White is a player on the Bucs. Now if you told me Mike Evans was the driving force behind this movement, I might believe you. White? C’mon man – he’s only been in the league a few years and doesn’t move anybody’s needle. Is he a good piece for the Bucs? Sure. Not a mover or shaker in how the league sees the Bucs.

    White is not a game-changer. He contributes.

  13. gotbbucs Says:

    My most memorable fantasy football pick was taking Antonio Bryant with my last pick in the 2008 season. Dude was a monster for me.

    Fantasy football is definitely a big turner of the dial for today’s NFL. It’s very naive to think otherwise. You can probably thank, or curse, fantasy football for the league making the rules favor the offense so much.

  14. D Cone Says:

    Yeah it probably is White and his fantasy numbers why the Bucs got two MNF Games. Couldn’t possibly be names like Maholmes, Kelce, Jackson, and Henry that would have anyone tuning in.

  15. Buchen61 Says:

    In 2023, White scored the sixth-most half-PPR fantasy points at the position and finished 13th on a per-game basis. He ranked ahead of the Isiah Pachecos and the Derrick Henrys of the world thanks to consistent play that saw him clear a dozen fantasy points in 12 of 17 games.

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I played fantasy football for a whopping three years. Won 1 championship in that time, but the amount of effort I put in to do it was too time consuming.

    Haven’t played since, and that was…I don’t know…15 years ago (purely a guess).

    To be fair, my brain was sharper back then.

  17. View from 132 Says:

    Fantasy football is just another way to gamble. Call it what it is. Gambling on player stats instead of team outcomes.

  18. Larrd Says:

    Baker Baker Baker

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    I got White supercheap everywhere last year, in particular because of all the idiots who were saying Sean Tucker was going to take his job. As for fantasy, it’s all those pass catches that make him so valuable as most modern leagues give you either a point or half point for each reception. So 5 catches for 60 yards in a full point per catch league is 11 points vs a RB who just rushes for 60 yards, which is worth just 6 points. Huge difference, and it’s why half-point leagues now exist, and why pass catching running back are so incredibly valuable in fantasy.

    White was a much better runner in the 2nd half of the year, as the blocking improved – however, for fantasy, it sort of leveled out as he got less pass catches as the Bucs were winning games, and as we all know, if Bowles gets a 3-point lead in the 2nd quarter, he’s trying to sit on that lead for the rest of the game.

  20. adam from ny Says:

    dave cantalones = zero prime time games

  21. Dave Pear Says:

    Fantasy Foitball is why we have the pussification of the game. A warped sense of what the cheer for. Warps what good football is. Reinforces the rules to eliminate defense.

    It might be fun as a thing, but it sucks for football.

  22. Dave Pear Says:

    Dave Canoles can blow us…….a kiss for getting him the job. I hope he is the Mark Dumdumnik of head coaches.

  23. Bowles4President Says:

    Thank you Joe, that is VERY cool insight. This is why I love this website. Who else is bring so much “inside baseball” to Bucs fans?

    I also didn’t realize that White was a fantasy factor. It took awhile for Bucs fans to get past the yards/carry from the first half of the season. In his defense, an unproductive run game is usually a group effort.

  24. Joe D. Says:

    Everything about this makes me slightly nauseous.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    Bowles4President – In PPR leagues, White was the #4 RB, in Half PPR leagues, White was #6, and in standard, he was #7. Also he was pretty consistent.

    He’d have finished higher if he didn’t take knees at the end of games when he had wide open field and could have scored TDs. At the very least, if he just took the ball down inside the 10 before taking knee on those breakaway runs, he’d have gotten over 1000 yards, and would have inflated his average. Someone needs to talk to him about that.

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    Dave Pear Says:
    May 17th, 2024 at 1:59 am
    Fantasy Foitball is why we have the pussification of the game.


    I’ve been playing fantasy football since 1991 and I’m literally the most manly man on this site, the toughest guy in the room everywhere I go.

    But that is only physical strength and bravery, that I can deal with, I can block you punch, I can deflect your kick… But what I can’t defend against is people using hurtful language. That wounds me deep inside, because words hurt. I demand a full written apology, and a poem explaining how you’ve learned your lesson and won’t use such bigoted language in the future.

  27. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    Nerd alert.

  28. Brandonbucc Says:

    Talk have no life… playing fantasy football. Barbies for grown folks.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:
    May 17th, 2024 at 3:23 pm
    Nerd alert.


    Why do you choose to insult the football statistical enthusiast community? We’re just like you, except we happen to have an IQ over 70 and enjoy numbers. Why must you ruin it by using the n-word to describe us?