Report: Carlton Davis Or Jamel Dean Are Available For Trade

March 10th, 2024

Bucs GM Jason Licht.

This is a bit surprising to Joe.

Per well-plugged-in Jeremy Fowler of BSPN, multiple teams have told him the Bucs are open to trading one of their starting corners, Carlton Davis or Jamel Dean.

That’s in a notebook column Fowler typed along with Dan Graziano.

Apparently, per Fowler, either starter can be had (for the right price) but the Bucs are not interested in trading both. This doesn’t mean the Bucs are actively shopping Davis or Dean, but that the Bucs are listening.

Well, if the Bucs are looking to swap Davis or Dean, what do the Bucs want in return? Draft picks? A center? A linebacker? Maybe a package deal for Haason Reddick?

Philadelphia’s secondary was sad last year and if you want to see sad, watch what happens with the Bucs’ corners if YaYa Diaby takes a step back in his development.

Joe doesn’t know what kind of market Dean would have since he was hurt so much last year. Dudes that are damaged goods don’t tend to bring much in return.

Davis on the other hand might fetch something worthwhile, though he’s been an injury magnet, too. Davis has missed 20 regular season starts over the past five seasons, far more than Dean.

85 Responses to “Report: Carlton Davis Or Jamel Dean Are Available For Trade”

  1. Mark Says:

    Joe, what team do you cover? Dean played in more games than Davis last season.

  2. All_da_way Says:

    I do not mind this at all. Draft or sign a competent boundary CB to team with McCollum.

  3. Marine Buc Says:

    Go get SMB on the cheap and draft another CB in rounds 2-4.

    I would rather keep Dean over Davis but both are mediocre at best.

  4. adam from ny Says:

    this could be ok…

    due to the development of zion, and delaney as well…even hayes…

    i think part with one, and try to bring both SMB and whitehead back in the fold

  5. Buccos Says:

    If we are playing press man coverage I wouldn’t trade either of them. If we keep playing soft zone get rid of both of them

  6. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    A little bit of a wake up call wouldn’t hurt either one of these two. I like them both a lot when they are available but it’s hard to dish out that kinda money with a limited return on INT’s. The invest we’ve made in the secondary hasn’t worked out but the lack of pass rush has been the biggest issue we can’t seem to fix.

  7. R.O. Says:

    Bowles’s D requires the corners to fill gaps and play the run. Corners will get hurt sticking their heads and shoulders in there to make tackles. Winfield playing as an in the box Safety will get hurt.

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    Trade both.

  9. adam from ny Says:

    lol you guys with the trade both…

    yeah ok, leave the CB room barren…

    what is wrong with some of you…?

  10. SB~LV Says:

    ‘Tis the season…

  11. JimBobBuc Says:

    Too much money in our corners and one needs to go, and start Zyon or Izien. Bring in some medium priced FA’s like Whitehead, edge, or OL.

  12. Lt. Dan Says:

    Been saying this for a while. Davis and Dean are just average at best. Trade either one.

  13. BucEmUp Says:

    Go back coverage and stop with the soft zone b.s

  14. Boomer Says:

    Saves some salary cap.
    Seems there’s not a lot of production and both guys have had injuries and can’t stay on the field.
    I don’t know if it’s training, conditioning or bad luck… but you need more from those positions.
    And yea, defensive line wasn’t much help.

  15. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    If the cost against the cap is fairly even,

    Haasan Reddick, come on down!

    since ’76

  16. Free Will Says:

    I too like both corners but they are injured too often, and only seems to play a full season during there contract year! Best ability is availability! Time for McCollum to get the start and draft another for competition! GO BUCS!

  17. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Yeah, maybe Philly…Maybe a package for Josh Sweat? 🤔

  18. Cobraboy Says:

    Liar’s Season

  19. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    If the cost against the cap is fairly even,

    Haasan, come on down!

    since ’76

  20. BucsFan Says:

    SMB is equally as productive as Davis or Dean and could be signed for far less, so trade one.

  21. sasquatch Says:

    With Winfield’s tag or new contract, there’s a whole lotta cap tied up in a secondary that hasn’t been stellar. It makes sense to rebalance, especially since they see Zyon as a starter.

  22. Miller5252 Says:

    There’s been a lot of secondary folks getting released this off season. It’ll be hard to unload one of them, but it’s the best thing for our overpriced secondary. Had one of the worst secondary’s in the league and we just franchised the best player in the backend. Trade em for any pick and save the money. Then go get a cheaper veteran and draft a young player. Or if someone will give the Bucs a piece we’re missing, ship em out.

  23. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    Joe, only saw 1 of Coen’s pressers, here’s the quote:

    “I actually watched Kyle Trask a good amount coming out during that COVID year in 2021 and I watched him throw an unbelievable seed against the Colts in the back of the right of the end zone to Godwin, which wound up being incomplete,” Coen said. “But I think he’s got some accuracy and some ability.”

    Since ’76

  24. The Truth be Told Says:

    They both stink in Zone coverage and are pretty good in Man coverage. Yeah- but we all know the Bucs play very little Man and they both get paid way too much. Pass Rush. Pass Rush. Pass Rush.

  25. Beeej Says:

    SMB did his 1 year thing with the Titans for $3.5 mil, we could give him $5 and still be way ahead–his grading is about the same as CD3

  26. Bucsfan207 Says:



    Too many fans are stuck on Mike (reasonably so) & Baker Mayfield. The defense gave the offense all the opportunity to win 9 games & make the playoffs as the 7th ranked scoring defense. What fans don’t know is Bowles’s defense is super complex (he blitzes the 3rd most in the league but only ranks 28th in sack) – When Winfield blitzes,which is a good portion of the time, then he is not in coverage, that means Dean or Davis and whoever the safety is are in coverage having to pick up whoever! It’s not normal coverages there put in and they’re left out to dry a lot with no pass rush at all! – we have too many pieces missing to sit up here & trade valuable assets for hardly anything in return – a rookie will not be better than McCollum who struggled this year in big moments (Detroit is a prime example) – also too many new guys on the defense will spell disaster! We’d be losing key contributors from the SB win!

  27. Clearwater Wes Says:

    Davis missed 16 games in the last 3 years. Dean only missed 8.
    Last year Davis missed 5 and Dean 4 so who’s more damaged?

  28. Bucsfan207 Says:

    Ppl in here bringing up SMB like he had a good year last year or as if he didn’t miss more games than Dean or Davis last year – it’s apparent a lot of Bucs fans don’t know winning football smh

  29. Allbuccedup Says:

    Draft one and sign Patrick Peterson as backup for vet minimum. Looks they are clearing money for Mayfield.

  30. RiggedNFL Says:

    I thought we had a defensive minded HC? To give up on our high priced CB’s this soon says a lot about coaching. Or lack there of. Eventually the NFC South won’t be the dreck of the NFL. Then this illusion TB has built will fade away.

  31. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    wrong post

  32. Bosch Says:

    adam from ny Says:
    March 10th, 2024 at 1:22 pm
    lol you guys with the trade both…

    yeah ok, leave the CB room barren…

    what is wrong with some of you…?

    The CB room is already barren.

  33. Kgh4life Says:

    Not surprising. Both CBs can’t turn-over the ball and can’t stay healthy.

  34. mark2001 Says:

    Frankly, don’t see it. Dean is good but very expensive. And unless a team thinks they are one corner away from a SB, I just don’t see any team offering anything.

  35. Beeej Says:

    <Bucsfan207 Says:
    March 10th, 2024 at 2:10 pm
    Ppl in here bringing up SMB like he had a good year last year or as if he didn’t miss more games than Dean or Davis last year – it’s apparent a lot of Bucs fans don’t know winning football smh"


    SMB played 840 snaps, 5th most on whole defense. All his stats looked similar to CD3 , though his completion rate is probably higher

  36. Defense Rules Says:

    R.O. … ‘Bowles’s D requires the corners to fill gaps and play the run. Corners will get hurt sticking their heads and shoulders in there to make tackles.’

    Fascinating observation RO, and it got me wondering. I’d never looked at their tackles before.

    o Dean … 70 games – 254 tackles (3.63 tackles/game avg)
    o Davis … 76 games – 324 tackles (4.26 tackles/game avg)

    Here’s a list of the Top-10 CBs around the league who are currently FAs:

    o K Fuller … 117 games – 486 tackles (4.15 tackles/game)
    o X Howard … 100 games – 331 tackles (3.31 tackles/game)
    o T White … 82 games – 311 tackles (3.79 tackles/game)
    o D Williams … 80 games – 236 tackles (2.95 tackles/game)
    o C Awuze … 86 games – 369 tackles (4.29 tackles/game)
    o S Gilmore – 165 games – 561 tackles (3.40 tackles/game)
    o K Moore – 103 games – 516 tackles (5.01 tackles/game)
    o S Nelson – 130 games – 436 tackles (3.35 tackles/game)
    o A Jackson – 83 games – 376 tackles (4.53 tackles/game)
    o A Witherspoon … 77 games – 204 tackles (2.65 tackles/ game)

    Most are in the same ballpark (from a tackles perspective) as Dean and Davis. Kenny Moore (Colts) is in a league by himself though (over 5 tackles/game average). But 2 of them are well under 3 tackles/game average: Ahkello Witherspoon (Rams) and Darious Williams (Jaguars). Neither of them had great availability (kinda like Davis & Dean?).

    Interestingly, the tallest among the 12 was 6’0″ and the shortest was 5’9″ and none weighed over 200 lbs (all were smaller than Davis & Dean – both of them are 6’1″ & 206 lbs). I’d say that we’ve got 2 pretty good sized corners. Throw in Zion McCollum (6’2″ & 199 lbs) and Dee Delaney (5’11” & 200 lbs) and we’ve actually got some beef back there. Now if they could only stay healthy.

  37. DJB Says:

    Go re-watch the 4th quarter of the Bucs playoff game against the Lions when McCollum was playing in Dean’s spot after Dean’s injury. The Lions receivers abused him in every way possible. McCollum was responsible for the Bucs’ loss as much as anyone. Now put him in at Safety, and you might have something.

  38. RBUC Says:

    To me Dean is more athlete than football player and I question his heart! He’s the one I would rather see gone hope we could get something for him 🤔

  39. John Says:

    no qb pressure no star corners needed. we need ints. trade one keep one draft draft draft

  40. Tony marks Says:

    Bucsfan207 Says:
    March 10th, 2024 at 2:09 pm


    Unless they have their eyes on the replacement. Besides that yes. You could easily have none fo them for a third of the season if you trade one. No lead would be safe for multiple games like it wasn’t against Stroud.

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucsfan207 … SMB played on a bad team last year. Still, he played in and started 14 games for Tennessee, and had arguably his best season (2022 might have been better): 2 INTs, 2 FF, 1 FR, 8 PDs, allowed 63.8% completion rate with 2 TDs allowed, 3 TFLs plus had 57 combined tackles (42 solo).

    I wouldn’t use him as an outside starter, but he was always a pretty good nickel & can fill in outside when needed. For the right price, why not?

  42. Jake been there since the beginning Says:

    I think that the last few seasons we’ve paid enough people to keep the bench warm. I thought 🤔, we were opening a retirement house for the old and unwanted players to come and retire. I think Dean got paid and yes was hurt a lot so who’s next?

  43. Ricki Says:

    Hopefully somebody wants to trade for them. Get rid of them asap

  44. It's Corn Says:

    Both those signings felt a bit dumb to me at the time, overpaying for that position.

  45. Rod Munch Says:

    I don’t buy it – the cap hit for trading them is pretty massive.

    According to OTC, the trade hit on trading Davis is $14m dead cap, with $6m freed up. For Dean, it’s $9m dead cap, with $5m freed up.

    The question, like always, is if you get rid of someone, how do you replace them – and $5m or $6m isn’t going to get you a decent starter unless you hit the lottery.

    Then again if Bowles decides he’s going to run that worthless soft zone he started off last year with, and ran all in 2022, then you might as well get rid of them since he’s completely wasting their talents. But at the end of 2023, Bowles FINALLY seemed to go back to running more man, and shock of all shocks, the defense looked a lot better.

  46. Bucsfan207 Says:

    @Rod Great Take & Agreed!

  47. MadMax Says:

    Why have i been pushing for us to draft Cooper Dejean so hard….duh

  48. Oxycondomns Says:

    Kind of a catch 22 . Felt like the turning point in the Lions playoff game was Dean getting injured but then theres the problem of him getting injured frequently . Seems like if theres a position that bowles knows how to coach up and work with less its cb

  49. FrontFour Says:

    When Dean got hurt vs Detroit the Lions targeted and torched Zyon. Just need to keep these guys healthy. Trading quality corners is never a good plan.

  50. Capt.Tim Says:

    We were the 29th ranked pass defense in football.
    Our Secondary sucks. Our Pass rush sucks. Our defense sucks.
    We need to utcalot of our lazy, job secure players.
    JTS, Devon White, Jameel Dean should all be out on their arse.
    Would love to see a couple others gone also.
    The defense was on Coast most of the Season. That is unacceptable.
    Wed be better off with less talented, hungry players.

    Too many of our defenders have been he with Coach Bowles too long, and feel job safe.

  51. Capt.Tim Says:

    We pay Dean and Davis top dollar. That should buy better than 29th ranked pass defense.
    Find a hungry young player to team with Zion. He played hard last season

  52. gotbbucs Says:

    Davis has a $20 million cap hit this year, Dean is $15 million. Can’t see many teams being interested in those deals.

  53. Jack Clark Says:

    Trade both, use the salary cap savings to pay for great pass rushers. Great pass rushers are much more valuable to a defense than great cornerbacks. Defensive backs are like the running backs of the defense

  54. Defense Rules Says:

    Davis, Dean, Winfield. Oh ya, we did win a Super Bowl with them, and were in a decent position to repeat the following year when we went 13-4. Our problems with our pass defense IMO relate more to what happens upfront than anything else. Start with Bowles first year here (2019) when he had basically a newly-created Secondary …

    o 2019: Pass defense (yds): #30 … Run defense (yds): #1
    o 2020: Pass defense (yds): #21 … Run defense (yds): #1
    o 2021: Pass defense (yds): #21 … Run defense (yds): #3
    o 2022: Pass defense (yds): #9 … Run defense (yds): #16
    o 2023: Pass defense (yds): #29 … Run defense (yds): #5

    2019 was a learning year, and by 2020 our defense had improved significantly. Stayed about the same in 2021 (of note, Vea, Suh, JPP & Shaq were here all 3 of those years, so we had a pretty decent DLine that played the run well AND put pressure on the QBs). But when Suh & JPP left in 2022, and Shaq got hurt, notice what happened; Bowles switched up our defense it appears (to compensate for lesser talent?), and our pass rush suffered but our pass defense actually improved. Kinda looks like he refocused on stopping the run in 2023, and our pass defense suffered once again.

  55. sweti_yeti Says:

    Trading away CBs who don’t get interceptions and consume significant cap while spending extra time in the trainers room, and starting Zyon sounds like a plan to me.

  56. BucsFan81 Says:

    Zyon was our best CB last year because he was available the whole year. Dean and Davis spend more time injured.

  57. Defense Rules Says:

    For all those whining about Bowles’ defense, the bottom line is still POINTS ALLOWED. You don’t win games based on Yards Allowed. And Todd’s defense have done very well for these past 4 years (after that first 2019 ‘learning year’):

    o 2023: #7 Defense (325 Points Allowed … 19.1 Pts/Game
    o 2022: #13 Defense (358 Points Allowed … 21.1 Pts/Game
    o 2021: #5 Defense (353 Points Allowed … 20.8 Pts/Game
    o 2020: #8 Defense (355 Points Allowed … 22.2 Pts/Game
    o 2019: #29 Defense (449 Points Allowed … 28.1 Pts/Game

    Just as significantly, Bucs haven’t had very many games where they get blown out because their defense didn’t show up. Some pretty decent consistency IOW.

  58. D Cone Says:

    Plenty of DB’s in Free Agency and Many being Released because teams over paid for certain positions.

    Perhaps Light is just throwing out possibilities to come up with the 120 they want to pay their QB over the next 3 years.

    Isn’t that the formula? Pay a QB and gut your defense to do it?

    Don’t know how the schedule is going to shake out but hat to see the 10-11 L’s next season all come on the front end. At least sprinkle a win in here and there to keep things hopeful.

  59. SlyPirate Says:

    Shows the team believes in Zyon

  60. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    March 10th, 2024 at 1:16 pm
    Trade both.


  61. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Just in: when asking teams what value they placed on davis and dean; the response came in resoundingly; ‘ we can get used lawnchairs cheeper at the flea market, why pay millions for davis and dean’?
    Now when asking what value they put on mayfield; the respose came in resoundingly; ‘tampa, i guess your fixin to find out’.

  62. Panhandle Buc Says:

    Per Jenna Laine…Baker a done deal!! 3 years, $100 Mil, $50 Mil guaranteed!!

  63. Dewey Selmon Says:

    We just signed Mayfield 3 yrs/100 million

  64. BUC CHEEKS Says:


  65. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Exactly what I called.

  66. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Breaking news Joe’s! Let’s see the article lol

  67. Marine Buc Says:

    Baker just signed!

    Exactly what I have been saying – 3 years $105M with $50M guaranteed.

    Good deal for both parties.

  68. sweti_yeti Says:

    Mayfield is signed!!!

  69. Zzbucs Says:

    Wake up Joe!

    Baker is in!!

    Need the brackdown of that contract,m

  70. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So…$30,000,000 per year plus $15m incentives. Only $50m guaranteed.

    That’s a great deal!

  71. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Trask brigades real sad this afternoon huh

  72. geno711 Says:

    DoooshLaRue Says:
    March 10th, 2024 at 5:12 pm
    Exactly what I called.

    Exactly what you said!

  73. ModHairKen Says:

    They both are injured way too often and do not have picks or sacks or anything to set them apart. Too much money for too little play.

    Lose them both.

  74. Capt.Tim Says:

    Fantastic News! Congrats Baker Mayfield!
    115 mil over 3 years. 50 mil guarenteed!
    Baker Got His Bag, We got Our QB.
    Great job Jason Licht. You had me sweatin’
    Thats franchise QB Money.

    Now, lets sign some of those FAs wandering around.
    Safety, Center, Guard, Pass rush.

    Great day to be a Bucs fan!

  75. Darin Says:

    Salary cap Joe. There’s a lot of Bucs available to other teams now. That’s what happens when guys get paid big bucks. Not sure why this is even a story.Thought it was common sense by now

  76. Frank Pillow Says:

    Neither is worth more than a 4th.

  77. David Says:

    They’re about the same age. Dean’s contract goes for a few more years, I think last year with Davis. Whoever brings them the most money and best draft pick. Although I’d rather keep Davis because he is a top 10 CB when he is healthy. He can lock people down. I’ve never seen Dean lock down, he can be very good at times though.

    Either way, one of them has to go because you can’t pay 13 & 14 million for two CBs that rarely stay healthy a whole year.

  78. Canabuc Says:

    Trade one for a pass rusher

  79. Larrd Says:

    It is a money thing. They figure McCollum can start outside, I bet. They can get a backup cb in the fourth round. It is smart but I wish they’d keep all three big, good cornerbacks.

  80. Destinjohnny Says:

    7th rounder ?

  81. BillyBucco Says:

    It’s simply about money allocation in 2 years.
    Every team can have 5 or 6 big money guys and then you draft well every 4 years to supplement and add reasonable priced FAs to fill in gaps.
    Baker Mike Wirfs Winfield and Vea are already 5, but we need to add a OLB and pay him accordingly. They can fit Huff or Hunter in and restructure Vea and cut Gage to pay for it. I doubt Baker hits more than 15 against the cap this year when said and done. Lower this year by signing Wirfs and Winfield to 5 year deals and backload. This team is closer than most think.

  82. Ed Says:

    I can’t see what Licht saw in Davis when he resigned him. He has never been a game changer. He is good as a physical cover corner but he isn’t very good at getting turnovers and his tackling is suspect.

    Dean is a better cover corner further down the field and can cover fast guys. Like Davis, he isn’t a game changer in the sense of getting take-aways but he is probably the better of the 2.

    Neither of them are other than good to average corners in the kind of system the Bucs play. If they were on teams that had decent pass rushers and some LB’s that could cover, they would elevate their game.

    What they have shown in their Buc career is what you will get keeping them.

  83. Fred Says:

    NEVER been a fan of Dean.

  84. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Just goes to show how some of y’all fans are not all there mentally. Get rid of both ? That’s dumb thinking. We don’t win a SB without them also injuries do happen let’s say we get rid of both I know we got zyon but what happens when he goes down who do you replace him with ? What our defense needs is a legit pass rusher most likely 2. Can’t hope for YAYA to take the next step cause if he doesn’t then doesn’t matter who is back there they will get roasted. If we can get 1 legit pass rusher to pair with kancey an yaya then a safety to pair with AW31 our defense will take us a long way. Not to concerned with LB only if we sign LVD. Britt or SVD can replace Dwhite. Bucs are looking good only need a few players. PASS RUSHER , OLINE , SAFTEY, DLINE in that order and Bucs are set that’s if we sign LVD an our kicker

  85. Bucfan561 Says:

    We also have to consider the pass rush was mediocre/above avg at best.. I would move Dean & keep Davis. Let him play his style ( press man cvg) & go draft a corner or safety.. when he plays he’s worth every penny, the past two yrs anytime jamel dean touches the ground it’s like he’s made out of LEGO or something