Todd Bowles: Baker Mayfield Was On Fire

January 16th, 2024


Did Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield have a perfect game Monday night? No, of course not. But that was easily his best game in weeks.

Mayfield threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns without a pick. He may have had 400 yards and four or five touchdowns if Bucs receivers didn’t treat the ball as if it was laced with the Ebola virus.

Bucs receivers bobbled more balls than a bad circus juggler. In fact, the only reason the Eagles made the game somewhat respectable in the second and third quarter was all the dropped passes the Bucs had that turned into field goals and punts.

(Joe is in too good of a mood right now to discuss Mayfield’s bad sacks.)

“He was sharp,” Bucs coach Todd Bowles said of Mayfield. “I mean, the whole game he was sharp. They dropped some balls but he kept coming back. He kept going to them.

“He was putting the ball only in a place where they could catch it.He didn’t turn it over. They kept making play after play after play.

“He did a helluva job.”

Much of the Bucs’ success this year can be credited to the rebirth of Mayfield. A year ago this time he was on the NFL scrap heap.

Now, Mayfield and the Bucs are one win from an NFC championship game.

48 Responses to “Todd Bowles: Baker Mayfield Was On Fire”

  1. Derobbins Says:

    Everyone talks about Flacco as comeback player of the year.

    What about baker?!

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    I hope he can carry this over to the next game, if he shows up again vs the Lions, the Bucs will have a chance.

  3. BucsBeast Says:

    Sign the Man!

  4. HC Grover Says:

    Yogi Bakefield will beat the Lions. On to the Super Bowl.

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Why do people care about stupid awards like comeback player of the year? What is Baker coming back from anyways? That award was literally meant for guys coming back from major injuries.

    Instead of worrying about that dumb stuff, go win the Super Bowl MVP, that’s an award to be proud of!

  6. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Baker and the Bucs defense was unreal today the score couldve been even more lopsided if Mike Evans and Cade Otten didnt combine for 6 drops

  7. HC Grover Says:

    Bucs are ‘Dangerous”

  8. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    pay him

  9. HC Grover Says:

    I wonder…after we whip the Lions do we get a home game or travel?

  10. David Says:

    No doubt Baker was sharp against a terrible Eagle Team. Can he play as well against a good team, Lions next week. He hasn’t won any thing big/trophy in six years.

  11. unbelievable Says:

    Here comes David and his bunched up panties.

  12. Let em Bake Says:

    Rod: the award is historically given to a qb who greatly improves from previous circumstances/performance. Tannehill. Geno. and now, hopefully, Baker. Left for dead in Carolina. Demoted to third string. Cut. Reclaimed by Rams. And now, here we are.

  13. Bucfan1988 Says:

    HC Grover, if we can beat the Lions, we pray that Packers surprise the 49rs and get by them…

    Then we would host NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game :
    That would be bad-ass 😉

  14. David Says:

    Trash Baker fans/Toilet Bowl
    Happy to see Bucs won but there are no more easy games against poor teams going forward. Please don’t revert back to low losing levels.

  15. Tbbucs3 Says:

    David, you clearly dont seem very happy that the Bucs won….reminder that there are currently 24 teams sitting at home right now and the Bucs are not one of them. Thats not good enough for you? Alright then….

  16. Dave Pear Says:

    Does Davood realize that the Lions pass defense is about as porous as the Eagles? Of course not. When brothers and sisters get married and produce such offspring, this is the best they can do because otherwise they’re locked in their family basement so they can be kept secret.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    Let em Bake Says:
    January 16th, 2024 at 1:42 am
    Rod: the award is historically given to a qb who greatly improves from previous circumstances/performance.


    I know that the marketing department changed the meaning of the award so they could give it to bigger named players, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to go along with it. The thing was meant to award guys who were literally coming back from major injuries.

    In any case, it’s like the pro-bowl, nothing but a popularity contest anymore, which is meaningless.

    But the Super Bowl MVP, now that would be something worth talking about constantly.

  18. Shane Callahan Says:

    Get a life David while the rest of us rejoice!

  19. HC Grover Says:

    Holy Makerel we could get a home game for the title!

  20. HC Grover Says:

    Bucs v Pack!!! Love it.

  21. Buccos Says:

    The Bucs are completely healthy and playing a very dangerous brand of ball. We could literally be a buzz saw going through the NFC Playoffs. And I didn’t see anyone get hurt tonight. That extra day of rest worked wonders for Mayfield. That was very Tom Bradyesque and without a doubt we need to bring back Mayfield and Bowles. They are both legit

  22. Buccos Says:

    We are 10-8 from 4-7

  23. MadMax Says:

    bakerhaters, GTFO here, yall stupid and you know it!!!! POS mfers,

    Go pound sand dummies!!!!

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    Some Next Gen stats are up, Trey Palmer had the 2nd fastest time of the weekend, some Packers corner was the fastest, but that was always on a rug.

  25. David Says:

    Without the dropped passes, this would have been 40+ points scored and a blowout much, much earlier.

    Mike Evans has 70 yards in his last 2 games and 0 touchdowns in his last 3…
    I need to find a prop bet on Mike Evans, because I guarantee he will have at least 85 yards in a touchdown against Detroit.
    He’s not getting out again.

    GO BUCS!!

  26. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    Come back player of the year!!!

  27. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I’m glad Bowles didn’t shy away from the pass considering all of the drops. I was worried about that.

  28. Rod Munch on this D Says:

    Munch on my gooch rod

  29. BUCS4LIFE Says:

    I’m so freaking happy right now Joe!!!!! Go Bucs!

  30. Jeremy Goins Says:

    Our stadium was loud last night. This is exciting. Go BUCS!!!

  31. BucU Says:

    It was glorious last night. I got 4 hrs sleep tops and I feel like I won the lottery today!! Thank you and congrats to everybody in the Buccaneers organization for a magical run!
    This season’s success is etched in stone now. Unbelievable story here. Victory Tuesday baby!!!

  32. Fansince76 Says:

    Buc’s have found their quarterback! no need to draft one and have to develop one now which is great. Seems like similar to when the Saints got Breese after being injured from the Chargers.

  33. ExBrownsFan Says:

    Give the man his flowers. He came on a prove it deal and did just that. I’m telling you from experience don’t complicate things, by calling for the backup, trading pics, overthinking quarterback play each week, and dreaming about what ifs.
    Sign your franchise quarterback, support him, expect some highs and lows ( cuz that’s the game), build around him, and don’t get too cute as an organization.
    If not you’ll be giving up the house for a “chance” for the next big thing, relying on questionable characters, and losing lifelong working class fans.
    Let’s go Baker, redemption!

  34. BillyBucco Says:

    I agree there should be NO desire to get a QB right now.
    Shore up C and LG. Stinnie almost got Baker hurt again.
    Can’t believe Otton had such a good game.
    I mean even Kelce dropped 4 balls.
    I was thinking TE high, and we still need 1, but bot before DE, LB and S.
    McCollum at safety was legit.
    Hoping we get some FAs that want to come to Tampa again.
    This young team could be enjoyable to watch for several years.
    Nobody will be concerned with Evans getting 6 either.
    Baker is the perfect QB for Evans.
    Just hope somehow he follows the Brady mold of 25 million and sign good players.
    Go win you a couple SBs Baker.

  35. BillyBucco Says:

    Evans getting 11

  36. Tony Marks Says:

    the only thing I ask for the Detroit game is keep the passing offense open for business. The formula for this team to have a running game has been established and now proven multiple times

    You pass to set up the run. Detroits offense will score more points so a shoot out MUST occur.

    oh and and just a little bit more Moore please.

  37. Former Browns Fan Says:

    To Browns ownership and Front office. HaHa, go get a massage…

  38. Hail2dabucs Says:

    You know how else baker saved us ? Go watch the tape . Check out thoes times he got hit and sacked , the man had a few balls that were squirting out but somehow he either regripped it at the last second or the ball was out when he fell yet he was able to re secure it between him and the ground. I saw that baker ! Great job holding on to it brother ! Go bucs !

  39. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    PAY THE MAN!!!!!

  40. Marky Mark Says:

    The Eagles were 11-6 so a very good team. The Buccaneers were basically a new team so they were developing all year. Peaking at the right time. I like Baker in a second go round against a NFC north team. See Packers.

  41. Les Says:

    Time to pay baker ,Evans, Godwin !! The proof is out there .

  42. RichieRich Says:

    (Joe is in too good of a mood right now to discuss Mayfield’s bad sacks.) Lol Yeah one was bad but nobody’s perfect, the eagles front was the only part of their team that played decent. I hope Joe and Ira stop talking about Bo Nix…. Cause Sorry it ain’t happening.

  43. Gipper Says:

    Hope Jimmy and Dee Haslam were watching last night. Here is another safe prediction for the Haslam’s, Baker and the Bucs will get to the Super Bowl before the Browns ever do.

  44. Conner50 Says:

    Baker played great held on to the ball a little too long at times but man he did a great job. Hope he plays like this against the lions there gonna be tougher. Also our defense was outstanding, which they usually always are in postseason. Go Bucs

  45. Gipper Says:

    Conner50 Says:
    January 16th, 2024 at 12:28 pm
    Baker played great held on to the ball a little too long at times but man he did a great job.
    Holding the ball too long and taking a sack is preferable to throwing into tight coverage and taking an interception. If Baker, would have been able to step up, he would have had a chance to throw ball away. The middle of pocket collapsed at times last night. Best course was to not try to get clever with the ball.

  46. Conner50 Says:

    Need to get a road grading center this draft to fix that and a LG. Mr Jason Licht will get it fixed up just right

  47. Gipper Says:

    Conner50 Says:
    January 16th, 2024 at 2:32 pm
    Need to get a road grading center this draft to fix that and a LG. Mr Jason Licht will get it fixed up just right
    I am in favor of a clean pocket. Tom Brady insisted on one. You saw Hurts, a Super Bowl QB, look pretty average last night without a clean pocket. No QB, including Tom Brady, can perform well without a chance to set and throw. Detroit Lions built there team the right way with tremendous power in both lines. Next game is going to be tough. Hoping Bucs can meet the challenge.

  48. Conner50 Says:

    Yea investing in the trenches is always a good thing when you can evaluate players really well. Lions are gonna be extremely hard to overcome but if Tampa plays like they did last night we can surprise them. Hope we can pull it off