If You Want To Keep Baker Mayfield…

January 26th, 2024

Rams QB coach Zac Robinson.

UPDATED 12:53 p.m. NFL Network reports the Bucs have asked to interview Zac Robinson.

Joe caught some flack yesterday after writing that former Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales bolting to Carolina to take over the Stinking Panthers lessens the chances that both Baker Mayfield and Mike Evans will return to the Bucs next season.

Joe is firm in that belief.

So if the Bucs are serious about keeping Mayfield, they may want to interview immediately the guy who worked with Mayfield last year. That would be Rams quarterback coach Zac Robinson, the former NFL backup and Oklahoma State starting QB.

Already it seems new Dixie Chicks coach Raheem Morris has his former Los Angeles colleague high on his wish list. Why let the Dixie Chicks win?

Last year, if you believe former NFL suit Michael Lombardi, Mayfield was the worst quarterback in the NFL, so Lombardi said on his popular podcast “GM Shuffle.” Of course, Lombardi’s son Matt was Mayfield’s position coach. So naturally, don’t stab your son in the back when you can have a much higher-profile scapegoat.

There was no question Mayfield struggled in Carolina. He was cut in December and the Rams picked him up as they had all sorts of injuries at quarterback. Mayfield had only a few days of practice and didn’t know his teammates when he got a start and won on Thursday Night Football.

His position coach? Robinson.

There is no question in Joe’s mind that Canales saved Mayfield’s career. But it was Robinson who helped Mayfield come back to life, if only in a short window led the Bucs to sign Mayfield.

Canales and Robinson are sort of different limbs on the Sean McVay tree. And it’s clear that type of offense is where Mayfield has success.

Joe would think if Robinson had to choose today between the Bucs and the Dixie Chicks, he’d pick the Bucs. He’s already worked with Mayfield. He doesn’t know who the hell he is going to work with in Atlanta (dismal Desmond Ridder, really?).

Joe knows Mayfield won’t follow Canales to Carolina. They have Bryce Young already in place.

If the Bucs are serious about re-signing Mayfield, they ought to have booked an all-expenses paid trip for Robinson from Los Angeles to Tampa for an interview. Today.

78 Responses to “If You Want To Keep Baker Mayfield…”

  1. Give it a Rest, Trask Brigade Says:

    Mayfield saved Canales career, not the other way around.

    Canales was no one and Mayfield’s play on 3rd down and long made an incompetent OC who was fixated on running on first down get a HC job. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, R. White all made Canales appear competent at times, but ultimately, it was their talent overcoming their OC’s deficiency.

    Mayfield simply returned to his 2020-21 form he was on in CLE, when he wasn’t saddled with Rhule & McAdoo (or six injuries).

    He’s not Geno Smith who never had a good season until last year.

    I give as much credit to the full offseason as I do to Canales.

  2. Drunkinybor Says:

    I’m telling you pay whatever it takes to bring in Pete carrol as O.C. slash assistant head coach and executive some bull spit. I know its a super long long shot but tampa is a great spot for people winding down thiwr careers. Executive head coach whatever title makes it look like he’s not too far off from head coach. He’ll make him out head coach and promote one of our defensive assistants to d.x sorry for bad spelling

  3. Drunkinybor Says:

    I meant hell make him the head coach

  4. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I think we should get Lane Kiffin he has a great offense, and I don’t think it would be too hard to get him away from Ole Miss. There’s a former player that has a lawsuit against him, and he might get fired anyway.

  5. DMo Says:

    Zac Robinson even made Carson Wentz look good in his one game for the Rams this season

  6. TJ Says:

    I want Kurt Warner. Watch his film study on YouTube. Guy is a football genius. Bring Kurt Warner in ASAP!

  7. MadMax Says:

    Canales left because of Bowles…. So will others!! Fire the pos already and start the rebuild…im sick of him

  8. Boomer10 Says:

    I’m with ‘Give iIt A Rest ‘ above.

    Valid points.

  9. CleanHouse Says:

    Fire Bowles hire Belichick- whatever it takes.
    Go from an absolute dud to the all time great.

    Let Bowles go coach in Washington where he played, that would be a good fit.

    I don’t care about any of your comments about how he’s washed.
    We have a decent roster, a good GM who he knows.

    Makes sense for the Glazers. Spotlight will be back on the team every week.

    I’d rather watch three or four years of Belichick than Bowles and his mind numbing “strategy”

    I’d rather take my chances with the GOAT
    It worked with Brady

    I’d also very much love to see Belichick deal with the Joe’s and Ira at the podium.

    This is all about entertainment right?

  10. HC Grover Says:

    Bucs are going haywire. Spinning out.

  11. heyjude Says:

    I like Pete Carroll, however he passed on Baker early on. So he wouldn’t be the coach we need at this time. Other teams are moving fast on coaches. No to Belichick. Brady made him look great for many years. He wasn’t after Brady came here. I am guessing Bowles will be here next season. But I have been wrong many times before.

  12. Big Red Says:

    Most of yall would make terrible GMs lol

  13. RBUC Says:

    Lane Kiffin’s annual salary is almost 3X what Todd Bowles is making so what makes you think he’ll leave Ol Miss, where he calls the shots,and is allowed to be a di**head as their HC to go backwards to Bowles OC and barely make $1 million??? Kiffin is knocking down $8.75 mil per season

  14. Jeagan1999 Says:

    “Fire Bowles….get this guy, get that guy…” Blah, Blah, Blah!

    Chill out Bucs fans! Every team loses coaches from time to time! Congrats Coach Canales!

    Jason Licht and Coach Bowles need to sit down with Baker and say “Bake, we want him back. Here’s a 5 yr contract worth $150mil, and who do you want as your OC?”

    Zac Robison would probably to be good guy for a job.

  15. TDTB Says:

    Time to give Monken the top spot

  16. heyjude Says:

    I like Zac Robinson too. Unfortunately, he may go to the Falcons.

  17. Fansince76 Says:

    Buc’s will be fine.
    They’ll re-sign Baker and Evans and get a new OC and go from there.
    Lets all hope Young turns out to be so bad he drags down Canales with him.
    I liked Canales but now that he is with the Panthers i hope he sucks as a HC.

  18. Retirement Roster Idea Says:

    Hire Belicheat as DC, and hire Pete Carroll as OC. Maybe their combined power will lead us to a SuperBowl

  19. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Im a firm believer in football that the Jimmies and the Joes FAR outweigh > the Xs and Os….

    Canales wasnt going to succeed if it wasnt for a revamped Oline from last year, a good QB and Mike Evans and some key role players stepping up…..his offense will likely fail in Carolina.

    You obviously still need to find a good OC but its a well constructed roster for a decent OC to have early success…..

    No idea why some fans are freaking out, you know what would be a major blow? Losing Jason Licht or John Spitek.

    I am not losing sleep over run run pass Canales.

  20. K_bassuka Says:

    So Joe wants the Bucs to break the bank for an average QB and treat him like a baby by getting him an OC that will work for him. That’s just great, sounds like a great recipe for success!

  21. Leighroy Says:

    Bring back Les Steckel! Call Mike Shula! Maybe Sam Wyche wants to play it again?!

  22. BucsB4 Sapp Says:

    Mayfield making 30M will change the dynamics of the team and how his performance is viewed. He will no longer be looked at as a ” bargain”. If you think this is the start of a Drew Brees career revitalization, well see. Or if he proves to be a streaky journeyman. I’ll back the team whatever direction they go on. And for the record they can trade Trask for a gift card for all I care.

  23. BucU Says:

    Canales is a traitor. I can’t wait for him to fail miserably in Carolina. All that garbage he spewed at the presser’s stating how much he loves it here and how coach bowles gave him the chance to grow into an OC, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
    Can’t wait to beat his ass twice next season.

  24. Bucs Guy Says:

    I really like Kellen Moore, but he was re-signed by Dallas yesterday. Bucs should reach out to interview
    Brian Griese – 49ers QB Coach
    Lane Kiffen – Ole Miss HC
    Ken Dorsey – Former Bills OC
    Zac Robinson – Rams QB coach

  25. Bucs Guy Says:

    And of course Bucs QB coach Thad Lewis

  26. Onetrickpony Says:

    TB said it’s going to take him a while to figure out who he wants who will do what TB tells him to do, is the person he is trying to figure out

  27. Marky Mark Says:

    Yea, i thought of the Rams immediatly when Canales left. Brunell in Detroit would be good. Also the Browns fired their OC Van Pelt who was Baker,s QB coach in 2020 Bakes last good season. Again the Browns are making bizarre decisions firing a guy who had 5 different starting QB,s in an 11-5 season. If we learned anything from Baker if the Browns discard something go pick it up.

  28. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Bowles’ words, not Joe’s — “prolonging the obvious.” Step aside coach.

  29. Marky Mark Says:

    I think Klingenberry who worked with Evans at Texas A&m may be available.

  30. Marky Mark Says:

    Give it a rest your analysis is right on the money. Canales will be fired from Carolina after 4 games but have a lot of Teppers money guaranteed.

  31. Pablothepoolboy Says:

    Thad Lewis is one to think about. He’s in house, Mayfield is comfortable with him and there is continuity without starting from scratch for the entire offense. I do like Robinson, Griese,

  32. BucfaninMi Says:

    F Canales and the panthers! I hope they never win a game! I now hate them as much as the saints

  33. Gipper Says:

    Uncle Milty,

    Everyone but you knows that when Baker was with the Rams they had about 5 starters on offense injured and out for the season. Nevertheless, Baker played well with them as most everyone knows. This year with Matthew Stafford back, Baker had a better year with Bucs then Stafford with Rams.

  34. kgh4life Says:


    Belichick really did a great job the last couple years.

  35. KindaHazyOne Says:

    “Give it a rest” spoke more truth in a paragraph than Ive seen in the last month of articles here… Can we get some more stuff from him?

    Idk when yall got on the “actually Canales is an offensive genius, we were so lucky to have him” bus… But I missed the stop. Maybe now we’ll get an OC/playcaller that plays players not plays..

  36. bob in valrico Says:

    Sad that the Bucs have their own version of colleges portal , only its coaches this time. Its hard to blame Canales, even though I don’t like it. I will say, it kind
    of tarnishes Pete Carroll’s reputation for slow walking Canales progression. He also benefitted from Beast Mode and Russell Wilson in his prime.

  37. garro Says:

    That is a lot of words to not tell me why Baker would not want to stay Joe. Not to mention Mike.

    He can’t have Canales no matter where he goes. His payday was just cut a bit shorter because now he will be foced to learn yet another offense from yet another OC….Same as last year.

    Or stay where he is and takes his chances. I would say that he is more than likely gonna get a very simular offense here if not a carbon copy (if Thad is the guy) I would even say he may have some bit of leverage as to who Jason/Todd hire if he signs here soon. That is a win win for Jason.

    Go Bucs!

    Go Bucs

  38. Beeej Says:

    Maybe ask Baker who he’d like to be the OC

  39. larrd Says:

    The offensive line and Racheed White started to click at the end of the year. I think the offense will improve with Mayfield or Trask and any decent young OC.

  40. stpetebucfan Says:

    How is a guy a “traitor” for taking a major leap forward career wise. And don’t even bring up $$$ as I think TBBF pointed out, Canales went from six figures to seven! He’s now a millionaire. He’s now a boss who gets to implement what HE wants to…and that’s a traitor?

    This will work itself out. Start with the trenches and make sure the Bucs win every battle…the rest of the team is already good enough to win if the Bucs just WIN the trenches. Do that and start Trask if Mayfield bolts,

    So…the sky is NOT falling. There is literally NO need to blow draft capital on a QB with Trask under contract. Try and get Robinson and resign Baker

    Backup plan…Start Trask and find a great OC. IMHO I think Trask can succeed in this league. I do not know his ceiling. He plays an entirely different game than Baker so two more studs for the OL become mandatory. No sweat it’ll just make the team better anyway.

  41. DBS Says:

    Milton. Do you have a book of names at your desk so everytime you have to change it you have another one ready? Just asking for a friend.

  42. John Says:

    joe this should tell u all u need to know. he performed that well with his back to the wall. he knew those guys for all of 10 minutes. it’s all mental. he doesn’t need canales either. he needs a competent oc that can run a similar offense that’s it. add more depth on the lines and hopefully score another dynamic weapon in draft or an undrafted rc.

  43. stpetebucfan Says:


    “Fire Bowles hire Belichick- whatever it takes.
    Go from an absolute dud to the all time great.”

    I mean no disrespect in fact I’m asking it out of respect. You are not alone a guy I consider a blog friend is right with you about Belichik,

    Based on just the facts…without Brady…that includes five years in Cleveland, the first year before Brady with N.E. and the final years without Brady…

    Bill Belichik has the same winning % as Todd Bowles. So why do you want him again. Is he going to LUCK out finding another GOAT in the draft?

    OR will he spend #15 ranked capital in the draft on another Mac Jones?

  44. stpetebucfan Says:

    BTW The Falcon’s hire of Raheem over Belichik was widely viewed as a win for Rich McKay who did not wish to surrender his power to Belicheat.

    Imagine this now…Raheem Morris…a young coach I respect got the job.

    BB a coach I loathe did not. Why are teams not beating down the doors for the “greatest coach ever”?

  45. johnnymoon Says:

    So Baker will follow Canales to the Panthers …Baker came here because he liked Bowles and went back to the draft with him …Canales 10mos ago no one even knew who he was including Baker .

  46. rickym Says:

    Whoever the QB is next season, the Bucs number one priority is to find better players on the offensive line. They were manhandles all season and only some creative play calling by Canales and Mayfields Houdini act saved the Bucs from disaster.

    I would find a new left tackle and move Wirfs back to the right side. Bucs need a center badly and I wonder if Jensen will attempt a comeback? However, the O-line needs a complete makeover for ant QB to have some success

  47. TheLaughingMan Says:

    Jay Gruden as OC..he was a QB in HS, played the lights out for the Storm and was a fairly good HC.

    Nuff said

  48. Couch Fan Says:

    As long as the ReTodd is here, it wont matter who the QB or the OC is. Unless you are expecting to compete in the worst division in football while having the luckiest season the Bucs have ever had (again). I wouldn’t count on it.

  49. Brandon Says:

    Bowles takes a projected FOUR win team to a winning record and 10 wins and still people are begging for him to be fired. Seems like there’s an ulterior motive here. Wonder what that could be… as a white male… I know what it probably is and i’m ashamed of all of you.

  50. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    David Canales left because of Todd Bowles? Lol, come on, bruh.
    You’re much better than that.

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Y’all have all the team loyalty I dislike and none of the genuine fandom I admire.

  52. D-Rok Says:

    When Joe says, “Joe knows Mayfield won’t follow Canales to Carolina. They have Bryce Young already in place.”

    At face value, due to the draft capital in Young, I agree. Also, another viewpoint is, due to the draft capital in Young, is it possible Canales wants to bring in Mayfield for 1-2 years, and let Young sit and watch so Canales can “fix” Young?

    I can see either scenario being plausible – of course, it all depends on what that madman, Tepper, dictates.

  53. StormyInFl Says:

    “Brandon Says:
    January 26th, 2024 at 9:55 am
    Bowles takes a projected FOUR win team to a winning record and 10 wins and still people are begging for him to be fired. Seems like there’s an ulterior motive here. Wonder what that could be… as a white male… I know what it probably is and i’m ashamed of all of you.”

    Just stop. Has nothing to do with race. Everything to do with him not being a very good HC. Backing into the playoffs by winning a historically bad division, then beating an Eagles team that quit before the opening kickoff isn’t something to crow about. It certainly doesn’t erase all of the time and roster management issues that never seem to go away, magnified by quitting in Detroit.

    That’s why. Mediocre is Todd Bowles’ ceiling as a head coach.

  54. Couch Fan Says:

    Aww the cheerleaders arent happy with other fans opinions. LMAO. I love it.

  55. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Per That Joe, “Johnny Football And The Bucs” (Archives), January 9th, 2014:

    Man, Joe wants the Bucs to draft Johnny Football so bad Joe can just taste the cold beer. But will it happen?

    Look, Joe has absolutely nothing against Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon at all. A nicer guy you may not find. But again, when you have the fourth-best quarterback in a four-team division in a passing league, you are painted into a corner.

    So, based on that logic with arguably the best QB in our division who’s still relatively young, the question arises: Why draft a QB in the 1st round when we clearly have other pressing needs?

    Seriously, do we have such profound depth that we can actually afford to draft and stash players for the future?

  56. Stanglassman Says:

    Thad Luis checks all those boxes too. And was hired by Bowles & knows the players. If its a choice between those two I’d take Thad all day.

  57. vadertime Says:

    Whomever the Bucs bring in to replace Canales, Baker will be fine if he decides to stay in Tampa. I was not overly impressed with Canales’ play calling and I do believe that Baker had a lot to do with the offensive success and it’s failures. Baker should be resigned for 3-4 year contract. Fire Bowles. Find an OC that can fix the o-line. Go Bucs.

  58. gotbbucs Says:

    You boneheads clamoring for Pete Carroll as an OC candidate understand that he’s a former defensive coordinator, right? Bucs fans are still so dumb.

    Zac Robinson would probably be the ideal choice.

  59. LANshark Says:

    Mayfield will not go back to Carolina. If you know anything about him, he does not suffer slights or perceived insults, and he got both from Tepper in Carolina. No, he won’t go back there, even if Canales begs.

  60. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Lane Kiffin? OC?

    That’s a HUGE step down.

    Per Michael Katz of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Kiffin was scheduled to earn base salaries of $8.75 million in 2023, $8.85 million in 2024 and $9 million in both 2025 and 2026

    And I think he got 2 more years added on.

    Again…people…read…Google…ask a friend. Anything but posting ridiculous stuff.

  61. tgoodwin Says:


  62. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Baker isn’t going anywhere. He came to Tampa because they gave him a chance. He’ll stay because he has a HC that believes in him and just wants him to be himself. Yep, he will miss Canales, but the NFL is built on a HC and QB that trust each other. Baker will be back, Mike and Antoine will be back. These guys know how close they were and want to run it back. I believe a stud edge rusher and depth at Cb is about all they lack

  63. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    A fire hydrant at center would be an excellent pickup too. Hainsey is a great 6th man but not strong enough to anchor the middle

  64. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Joe says:

    So if the Bucs are serious about keeping Mayfield, they may want to interview immediately the guy who worked with Mayfield last year. That would be Rams quarterback coach Zac Robinson

    I’ve seen this take from Joe and others. Why do you assume that a former coach even wants to work with Baker again? He has a polarizing personality, and he’s been run off by two organizations. He only had one suitor for a starting gig last offseason. I’ve heard fans clamor for Robinson, Van Pelt, Monken, even Kingsbury (LOL). We know for sure that Kingsbury doesn’t like him. He benched him at Texas Tech and forced him to transfer. Assuming that his former coaches are excited about coaching him again is kinda silly. Maybe some are, but others are not.

    Additionally, why all the hullabaloo over a borderline starter with a checkered career. Let him walk. His production is not mind blowing. It can be replaced. He only provided value with a $4 mil contract. Anything more than that is a very risky investment.

  65. catcard202 Says:

    Liam Coen (former Rams OC / current UK OC) had a ton to due with getting Baker up to speed on the Rams OFF, before he went out & won a THUR night game less than 3 days after being acquired. (Liam spoke to that process at length in interviews at the time)…I’m sure Zac Robinson was part of the process…But not so sure he was the QB guru your making him out to be, Joe.

    The one thing about bringing another McVay/Shanahan OFF minded OC into Tampa could do, is help keep in place the wide-zone run game, bunch set passing game system and terminology that Canales used. As Canales brought in the Shane Waldron’s SEA OFF (the former SEA OC under Carroll / new OC in CHI) who was a McVay disciple as Passing Game Coordinator for the Rams for 4yrs before taking the SEA OC job (& helping Geno Smith save his career!)…So, Zac would be falling off the same OFF minded coaching tree that Canales’ system from.

  66. Popcorn Mike Says:

    All interviews with these top assistants and people who should fit well in Tampa is the same story from last year when Bowles went out and named an almost unheard of OC in Canales. So I am not getting my hopes up for any particular guy, I am just gonna do a wait and see

  67. GhostofBrady Says:

    Great article. I am on the Zac Robinson bandwagon as well. But he may end up in Atlanta with his Ram co-staffer Raheem. If we don’t get him, it may be good to look at similar QB coaches and passing coordinators who spent time with the Rams coaching tree.

    Green Bay, Seattle, Cincinnati and Minnesota all played very similar offenses. Besides Robinson maybe look at Greg Olson, Adam Stenavich, Tom Clements, Wes Phillips, Chris O’Hara, Luke Getsy all have experience and current QB coaches or passing coordinators for teams using that offense.

    Other teams play a derivative of that offense that are much more run heavy. Probably because of personnel (RBs and O-Line). Not sure those are not a fit because Tampa does not have the run game to make those work.

  68. Let Em Bake Says:

    FWIW, Skip Bayless said today that he’s heard, via Bucs front office, that Tampa will do whatever it takes to keep Mayfield. This may entail getting Baker’s ok on the future OC. Sometime ago i thought the Carr/Jones type deal would be the ceiling…it may be the floor…

  69. Sooner_Fan Says:

    If we are going to throw out random “dream scenarios” the Bucs should go get Lincoln Riley who love Bake, was at a playoff game, and had him playing the best he ever has. After a disappointing last few years as a college HC there must be at least a 3.5% chance.

  70. Joe Says:

    the Bucs should go get Lincoln Riley

    LOL What in the world did you inhale on this fine Friday afternoon to think Todd Bowles of all people wants to run an Air Raid offense? 🙂

  71. Jhawk Says:

    Hey Milton. It was 2-3 but in the end who cares :).

  72. GhostofBrady Says:

    “UPDATED 12:53 p.m. NFL Network reports the Bucs have asked to interview Zac Robinson.”

    GhostofBrady Says:
    January 26th, 2024 at 2:32 pm
    “Great article. I am on the Zac Robinson bandwagon as well. But he may end up in Atlanta with his Ram co-staffer Raheem.”

    +1 what I said yesterday :). Doing cartwheels cuz team is interested in Robinson. I still think Robinson go somewhere else because Bowles may not be down with this offense. The run game was awful this year and Bowles prefers the 3 yards and a cloud of dust game. It helps his defense look better when the other team does not have the ball.

  73. Captain Vic Says:

    So, Canalis “resurrected Mayfield’s career”, “helped him to a career year”!? That’s just ridiculous, and there’s absolutely no evidence to support comments like that.. By my observation Canalis was the second coming of Leftwich , Leftwhich 2.0 – no actual “plays”, unimaginative, zero in-game or halftime adjustments Baker Mayfield succeeded in spite of Can ALICE, not because of him! Yes, every team needs to establish the Run somewhat, but you don’t run the ball on Plain vanilla handoff straight up the middle when you have a really weak offensive line. That’s just a recipe for disaster, and how many times did Mayfield Save the Day on a third and 12th with a laser pass or a scramble. And speaking of scrambles as recently as the last game the Bucks played against the Rams there were four times that a Rams rusher was completely unblocked including their best Edge dresser twice and Mayfield is running for his life. That’s on Canalis! It’s not like the Rams D line, which is already really good, had to do anything exceptional and beat their man one on one, those were just Free Runs at Baker. I thought Canalis was a reach, how he gets a head coach gig is beyond me, but I won’t miss him at all and I can’t imagine Mayfield will. Any talk of him following Canales there is insane. You know who resurrected Baker Mayfield’s career, Baker Mayfield! It was his ability to establish Rapport as a veteran QB and appreciate the weapons that he had at receiver, and succeed by sheer willpower and Grit- Plus our running game got better because Rashad just got better. I give Canalis no credit for the success Mayfield and our offense had last year. There are 10 better choices out there and six or seven of them have been mentioned by some really good posts by others on this blog

  74. Captain Vic Says:

    Ps, I agree with every other comment on here re: r weak offensive line that got bullied all year. Beef up that line, create a real pocket, create running Lanes and this team can actually win the division again next year and maybe get to a Super Bowl I don’t think Evans is going anywhere I don’t think Mayfield is either. There’s great talent at the skill positions. I hope and pray that my favorite Buc, Levante David, re-ups for a year or few more, he’s the linchpin on our defense! I wish they would have tried Devin White exclusively as an edge rusher specialist ala Von Miller. Seems like he played himself out of a big contract anywhere with his getting demoted, and his bad attitude. Probably end up on the Panthers or Saints now LOL

  75. Captain Vic Says:

    Correction: I said Rams, meant Lions in our last game. Sorry had Rams on my mind cuz I actually stumbled onto that game last year when Mayfield got traded there and led an amazing comeback with like 3 days to prepare and didn’t know the Playbook. I thought it was a coup that he fell into our lap, and wasn’t surprised by the success he had here.

  76. Proudbucsfan Says:

    RBuc- I mentioned Lane Kiffin because there is a player/scholarship recipient that Kiffin revoked his scholarship and is now under investigation for not giving the student/player the right services for mental illness and he could lose his coaching job.

  77. sunbunny Says:


    I’ve seen this take from Joe and others. Why do you assume that a former coach even wants to work with Baker again? He has a polarizing personality, and he’s been run off by two organizations. He only had one suitor for a starting gig last offseason. I’ve heard fans clamor for Robinson, Van Pelt, Monken, even Kingsbury (LOL). We know for sure that Kingsbury doesn’t like him. He benched him at Texas Tech and forced him to transfer. Assuming that his former coaches are excited about coaching him again is kinda silly. Maybe some are, but others are not.

    1) he didn’t get “ran off” by two organizations. he asked the panthers to release him because he knew that la needed a quarterback immediately. who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with sean mcvay? pretty much everyone in the panthers locker room and the panthers front office loved him.

    2) speaking of sean mcvay-he loved baker and wanted him to stay in la. the issue with that was they already had a superbowl winning qb under contract, mcvay knew that baker could get a starting job somewhere else.

    3) what’s your source that he only had one suitor for a starting position? because i have read from several reliable sources that bill belichick wanted him for the patriots and there were several other teams that were interested in him.

    4) almost all of his former coaches/coordinators have had very good things to say about him. he is still close with lincoln riley, sean mcvay, etc. alex van pelt has been very complimentary of baker, and maybe they can bond over how stupid the haslams are. sounds like they both got ran out of cleveland after being more successful there than anyone else has been in over 25 years.

    5) kliff kingsbury is a douche. baker isn’t the only qb who had issues with him.

  78. Zoocomics Says:

    Do we give these QB coaches too much credit? Do we really disregard the actual offensive play caller? I think we’re simplifying the Ocoordinator way too much here. There’s a schematic chess match that takes place before and during the games. It’s exploiting what teams do poorly on defensive and avoiding what they do well. QB coaches aren’t calling plays, perhaps pointing out schemes, missed opportunities on the Surface Pads. This idea that Canales resurrected Geno and Mayfield careers seem a bit blown out of proportion.

    Canales is a head coach predominantly because of Charisma and vision not because of mastery. Some people simply have a plan and know how to convey it, doesn’t mean they can execute it, but this is all you need to at least to get your shot, especially with the right NFL owners. It is crazy for Canales to get the opportunity he’s getting right now, crazy.