“He’s A Super Underrated Player”

January 15th, 2024

One of the greatest Buccaneers players in history has spoken!

No, Joe is not referring to Warren Sapp talking last week about how he is all-in on Baker Mayfield (which is interesting because Sapp has the ear of Team Glazer).

Actually, Joe is referring to Mike Evans after tonight’s clobbering of the Eagles in Tampa. Evans was on the ESPN postgame show talking about his quarterback.

“He’s a super underrated player,” Evans said of Mayfield. “He gets us going. He gets us going. He make a lot of plays for us.”

Thriving quarterback, talented players, great internal fight, Mike Evans sees those as keys to the Bucs taking another step in the playoffs against the Lions on Sunday.

Joe loves seeing Evans appreciate his quarterback. It makes Joe wonder if Evans would return to the Bucs next season if the team can’t get Mayfield to sign a contract.

50 Responses to ““He’s A Super Underrated Player””

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    my wife had no idea who Ric Flair was until tonight, lol

  2. MerryPlankster777 Says:

    Bucs wanted this one, and Delivered! Go Bucs! Philly radio is going nuts up here right now. McLovin it! lol

  3. Weebs10 Says:

    What a performance tonight by the whole team!! With 6 drops. We could have reallllllly blown them out of the building. Crowd did great too!

  4. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Freaking awesome game tonight…I’m happy to eat crow after my complaining last week. Bucs proved me wrong big time and I hope they continue to do so against the Lions.

  5. DoooshLaRue Says:

    How’s ME gonna talk smack on anyone after those big drops tonight?

  6. Jack Clark Says:

    It’s amazing how much better our offense is when our OC doesn’t waste first and second down running between the tackles 😱

  7. BucsBeast Says:

    Sign Baker NOW

  8. unbelievable Says:

    Evans had 2 drops but is still a pros pro and caught some critical passes. Def not his best game, but I’ll take him any day.

    So awkward in the interviews tho haha

  9. johnny Says:

    Ric Flair is a cheap imitation of the real Nature Boy, Buddy Rogers. GO BUCS!

  10. HC Grover Says:

    I am easy. I am sold. Go Bakefield.

  11. infomeplease Says:

    Great TEAM WIN!! LFG!!

  12. infomeplease Says:

    The Buc’s 2023 season continues!!!

  13. Zoocomics Says:

    Because every “great” team that’s playing for a Super Bowl has all their money tied up in their QBs, they’re budgeting on skill players… Chiefs can’t afford what Mike wants, so Mike has to make a decision of taking a good chunk less to potential play for a Super Bowl, or going to a team that has the money because they are pretty damn terrible. I think we have some leverage, we won’t give him a max deal, but solid enough.

    Baker balled tonight. He’s going to get better money than I would want, but hopefully he knows his success is based off having guys like Mike Evans on the field. We have some work to do in the off-season, that interior Oline gets fixed and this team gets really scary. Add in a def end, this team could start to dominate.

  14. Jeff Says:

    Todd Bowles and the Bucs blew our minds tonight with this performance. Amazing! Great game plan on both sides of the ball. Bucs playing with house money now. Fully expect this to end in Detroit but you never know!

  15. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    If Baker doesn’t come back, then the team will take a massive step backwards in cohesion. Baker may not be “elite” but he is good enough (when he is “good Baker”) but to me, what makes him one of the better qbs is his leadership. The team loves him and will follow him. Baker and the Bucs win next week, then more will be calling for him to be signed and for longer. I do feel Baker should be back but he needs more Oline help and that will make his game more consistent.

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable Says:
    January 15th, 2024 at 11:56 pm
    Evans had 2 drops


    He didn’t have two drops, he had one very bad drop – but the second ball literally went off his fingertips when he was fully extended, that would have been an amazing catch if he someone brought it in, and those aren’t drops.

    Still, I’m sure he’s mad at himself for that first drop, not that it mattered since they got a TD 2 plays later.

  17. Zoocomics Says:

    @Jack Clark… exactly man, we’ve all been saying it. When you get so predictable the fans know what you’re going to do, pretty sure the opposing def knows as well. Drop passes were hurting our chances of winning on second down. That’s the key to succeeding with a less than great Oline.

    I will say that we re-tool that interior, and our run game gets interesting. Win or lose next week, be great if we can score points, and leave the season on a high. Something to look forward to next season.

  18. David Says:

    Mike E. is HOF.

  19. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I wonder what cam Jordan is doing??? 🤔

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    Paratrooper Buc – Not that it actually matters what I think, but I believe I’m in line with the sane Baker skeptics, and I think most people who are hesitant about Baker, including the ones that are certainly inside the building there, will have dropped any opposition to him being back next year.

    Although going out and winning next week will certainly won’t hurt.

  21. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Unfortunately, he won’t be here next yr.

    No money. If you had to pick 2/3 of Wirfs, Winfield and Evans?

    It’s a no brainer.

    We aren’t paying a 31 yr old WR $20+ mill a year for 3/4 years

    Move on

  22. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Sorry…saw Mike’s pic…

    Baker will get $100 mill over 3 yrs

  23. unbelievable Says:

    There’s always a way. Evans should be a Bucs for life.

    @Rod -you’re right the 2nd one wasn’t bad at all, but it still got recorded as a drop. That said, it was def a tough catch, just off his fingertips.

  24. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    @unbelievable – after you pay Baker, Winfield and Wirfs…there’s nothing left for Evans.

    It’s just the way it is…Godwin is untradable.

  25. FortMyersDave Says:

    I think the Bucs will pull out the stops to sign Winfield (objective number 1) and after he is on board; Evans and Mayfield to deals this offseason. The Bucs have freed some cap space and they could go back to kicking the can down the road to make the numbers fit if they need to (though many think this is unwise in the long term) like the Saints seem to do year after year but never seem to have to endure what the Bucs and Rams just did this year in over $75 million inn dead cap space for each playoff bound club…….

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – I don’t think that 2nd catch will be recorded as a drop, they’re pretty picky about what are called drops and what aren’t.

    In any case, I really hope Amon-Ra St. Brown is suckered into bashing Evans this week by the media, who are going to claim what a scam it was that Evans was selected ahead of him to the Pro-Bowl. Because if Brown takes the bait, and p/o Evans — well, a mad Evans is the best Evans.

  27. Rod Munch Says:

    FortMyersDave – I wouldn’t worry too much about the cap – you can structure deals pretty much any way you want to make things work unless you’re at the very extreme ends of things, and the Bucs should have enough space to work with and just kick the ball down the road another year.

    Licht will get it done, it just takes the Glazers being willing to shell out cash, and regardless of the nonsense said about them over the years, they’ve never lost anyone they wanted to keep over not paying them.

  28. Jerseybuc Says:

    Mayfield or Evans aren’t going anywhere. Baker would be a fool to leave

  29. Buddha Says:

    Baker Mayfield should be Comeback Player of the Year. He has earned it He is not going anywhere.

  30. Let em Bake Says:

    Ive said all season the time will come when it will be Baker who chooses, not the bucs. I think hes smart enough to know the Tampa situation is worth forgoing some $, especially since the endorsements will be coming back (progressive paid him 10 million). A fat signing bonus, plus a back_ end deal that can be paid when the cap money is freed. 4 year deal incoming. The only caveat is if Stafford retires….

  31. August 1976 Buc Says:



    Good to see a fun game to watch, and in the words of former Head Coach, Dirk K

    “the good guys won”.

  32. Crickett Baker Says:

    Mike looked to me that he was wearing new gloves. They were black and shiny. I don’t remember seeing those.


  33. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Yeah cuz you work for the Bucs you have no clue just what you think m1k3 will be a lifelong Buc have no doubt

  34. itzok Says:

    Ah those 2 drops would have been awesome if he made those catches. Love nothing more than embarrassing Philly. Would have been nice to score 50

  35. Brandon Says:

    They better give Baker his props. I counted at least seven dropped balls, two of which were TDs or long passes. Mayfield saved his best for today. That being said. That sack he took in the 4th quarter on 3rd and 1 was an awful decision by Baker and worse play call by Canales.

  36. SlyPirate Says:

    Tonight Evans was bad.

    That 50 yard TD drop went right through his hands. He had 5 targets and 1 catch in the first half.

    I’m guessing he steps up next game.

  37. Buccos Says:

    Fortunately Moore and Palmer stepped up. And Otton had a career day

  38. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    Rod- it’s good to be skeptical and I can be too. It’s better to be honest and I feel you have been with your position about Baker. There is good, ok and bad Baker. I think he earned a good contract and a win next week means he could push for more money. Other teams will try to get him. One thing I never realized is Baker doesn’t play with a play call list on his wrist. When his radio died and he was running back and forth, he had no issues. I bring this up as I read how Sean Payton likes Baker because he can memorize playbooks which is why Payton gave Wilson the boot. So the Broncos and others could make an offer for baker but as others have mentioned, Baker likes the bucs and seems smart enough to know giving some cash up to win is better in the long run. Having two 1,000+ yard receivers isn’t common. But we need to fix the oline to see how often good baker can show up.

  39. heyjude Says:

    Love Evans! He has been under-rated. Evans wanted to have his career at the Bucs and will stay if given the chance.

    Baker is the guy. They looked so comfortable.

    Great team, great win!

  40. Brady Micheal Cooper Says:

    Seriously. Mike Evans is the lowest ranked HoF receiver of all time. Still mad they let Leftwich have a shot at OC. His calls ruined TB’s last year

  41. Jprewitt Says:

    Mike E is going to feel bad until next week when he will ball is a$$ off! If you are a fantasy football player I would start Mike E!!

  42. 727BUC Says:

    First- time Long- time. Great team win! From the coaches down to S.T. ….. curious to see if David was watching the first Bucs QB in franchise history throw for 300+yds and 3 TDs in a playoff game. Baker is our QB. BUCS are our team. We cheer for the players (AND) coaches around here Mr. David. So much for him (F.F. David) being consistent b/c i didn’t see his super negative post today. Anywhoo… let’s go get revenge on the Lions!!! Go BUCS!!!!

  43. BigBucsFan Says:

    I wouldn’t overthink having to sign Baker, Winfield, Wirf, and Evans next year considering one of those four can and will most likely get a franchise tag thrown on them. I would say pay the older guys and franchise tag one of the younger ones. After deals restructured the next season rolls around he can get his deal too…

  44. Dan Naughton Says:

    Good to see play action plays. It gives more options and keeps the secondary confused. The running game is a must but not every other play! Keep tight ends in more plays. Spread the ball and substitute more keeps legs fresh for the last quarter. Always if you win the toss take it and receive. It helps because you get a photo on the defense and their coverages for later plays.

  45. Kingram Says:

    Where did all the 1 and done commenter go?

  46. Brenda Tegreeny Says:

    I have to say, that last nights game was one I would have never missed.And to see Mayfield and Evans work together are the Dynamic Duo. It goes without saying, Mayfield you need to complete your contract because I would like to see Evans stay there if anything possible.

  47. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey Jeff! How to tell you’re “not” a BUCS fan without saying it…
    “Fully expect this to end in Detroit but you never know!”

    I know we will enter that LIONS DEN and slay those lions! That is the only mentality to have. Detroit is the next team up, we are now 1-0 in the PLAYOFFS!!!! WIN or go home!!! Hey is that not right Falcons-Saints-Panthers??? This is why you WIN ANOTHER NFC SOUTH DIVISION CHAMPION “BRADY BANNER”. TO GET TO THE HOME PLAYOFF GAME!!!


  48. Bucsfan61 Says:


  49. Mike Pengelly Says:

    Another factor in the Bucs big win was improved tackling. The first guy in got the receiver and put him down. Fewer misses which have been the case in earlier games. Lots of gang tackles as well. The D boys were pumped. Stopping the tush push at the goal line was awesome! They must have practiced that a lot earlier in the week.

  50. Sooners1 Says:

    I’ve been a Baker fan since his days at OU and have been reading your criticism about him all year and now y’all put him down and hated him how sad y’all are supporters of him now. I’ll bet if lose Sunday y’all be hating him again. True fans support all the time. Hope he goes somewhere next year and has a better year just to show how good he is.