Five Things

January 16th, 2024

Chris Godwin skies to celebrate his second-half touchdown that put the NFC Wild Card Round game on ice. (Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.)

You know what is better than Victory Monday? Victory Tuesday! So here we go. Grab your coffee and danish and lets get after it.

What A Defense!

OK, so the Bucs shut out the Stinking Panthers last week. Cool, but look who you shut out. The worst team in the NFL. Big whoop.

Well, a week later, the Bucs defense put the whammy on the mighty Eagles, who are the defending NFC champions. The fact the Bucs did not allow Philadelphia to convert a third or fourth down to a first down is mind-blowing to Joe.

It is not like the Eagles have trash playing for them on offense.

Excellent play by the defense. And perfect timing to: The playoffs.

Would Bucs Be One Win From NFC Championship Game Without Baker Mayfield?

Yes, Baker Mayfield should be the “Comeback Player of the Year.” Mayfield is coming back from damn near being unwanted.

Damar Hamlin, who likely will win this award, didn’t come back from anything he did on the football field. So yeah, Joe believes Mayfield is a worthy recipient.

Would the Bucs be where they are at without Mayfield? Joe doesn’t think so. Joe thinks you can make a good argument that Mayfield is a top-10 quarterback after Dave Canales saved Mayfield’s career.

It’s hard to find top-10 quarterbacks in a bar.

Speed Kills

Against the slimy Saints the Bucs had — if you listened to Bucs coaches — Mike Evans and Chris Godwin double-teamed. Or at least disguised as being double-teamed.

Why the Bucs that day didn’t feed the ball to Rachaad White or other receivers is way over Joe’s head.

But last night, the Bucs would not get fooled again. If Evans and Godwin were covered, then Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales decided to target lesser receivers. Hello Trey Palmer and hello David Moore.

Both guys took advantage of the Eagles trying to double-team Evans and Godwin. Each burned the Eagles with long runs off short passes for touchdowns to bury the Eagles.

That, boys and girls, is how you get defenses to ease up on trying to smother Evans and Godwin.

Todd Bowles Isn’t Going Anywhere.

Joe understands Bucs coach Todd Bowles is not very popular with fans. Maybe last night will turn some hearts?

Bowles did a very nice job scheming his defense yesterday, breaking out a five-man front and at times a six-man front. That extra tonnage on the defensive line made a major impact.

That totally jammed up the Eagles’ run game and Hurts had to take to the air. With so many defenders on the line, they were able to jostle, mock and rob Hurts.

Nice work.

Why Bowles is safe…

Who here raised their hands this past spring thinking the Bucs would win the division after the schedule was released? Conor Orr of predicted the Bucs would win two games. Peter King, typing for NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk, thought the Bucs would be just as dreadful.

Why? Largely because the Bucs saw Tom Brady retire and replaced him with Baker Mayfield, who was thrown in a pile of rubbish in the county landfill last offseason.

So instead of the Bucs rolling over and blaming the salary cap hell they found themselves in, they are now 10-8 and one win away from an NFC Championship game. The Bucs are now 10-8, two full games better than their win total last year.

That’s an improvement of two more wins this season with a quarterback Bowles almost hand-picked from the second-hand store.

These two answered the call and are getting the job done.

63 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. teacherman777 Says:

    He’s a good man. With a good heart.

    A family man. Not a greedy man.

    Licht has built a team and a culture that I am proud of!

    We have underdogs like Devin Thompkins and Ko Kieft.

    We have selfless receivers like Evans and Godwin.

    All of your team is United.

    Best GM in the NFL.

    Go Bucs!

  2. ‘79 Defense Says:

    One win from the NFC championship game. Damn! Who would have thought that months ago?

  3. adam from ny Says:

    bucs played a pretty complete game last night…

    take detroit down in detroit and something is def brewing…

    we’ve got nothing to lose at this point – because we were not supposed to be here…ball out and leave it all on the field on sunday with no regrets…

    for all you know, we could be then headed to frisco to fugg sheet up


  4. heyjude Says:

    Right on for all five things!

    Mayfield should be the comeback player of the year! Loved seeing all the Bucs smiling.

  5. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised… I thought with all the drops, Bowles was going to abandon the pass, but fortunately he didn’t. The aggressiveness on both offense and defense is winning football. Looked like the Jags game, but because of that, Im not yet ready to hop on the Bowleswagon. He has haters for a reason. He plays to not lose, not to win. Is adverse to scoring points and fixated on turnovers. I thought he learned his lesson and then the Saints game happened. So we’ll see. I’ll raise from No confidence to little confidence going to. Detroit

  6. DungyDance Says:

    It was really astonishing how bad the Eagles were tackling last night. I mean, wow. I know they had collapsed the last month or so but didn’t follow them to see precisely what their play was like. Some of those plays we could have broke on a motorized scooter from Publix.

  7. Bosch Says:

    Joe you stated in your game day post, that Bowles is a poor motivator, and I could not have agreed with you more. But as a team, I have not seen the Bucs more motivated at least since the Super Bowl victory. Those that have played well continued to play well. The under achievers of late stepped up. What was the secret sauce? I think it has something to do with Mayfield. His leadership qualities have yet to be fully recognized. But this was so special there has to be more. I just can’t put my finger on it.

  8. BucU Says:

    Unbelievable story here. I’m very proud of this team. It’s gonna be a very enjoyable week. Congrats to our Buccaneers!!

  9. Jack Clark Says:

    I can hold my head up high going into work today with all my coworkers who are Eagles fans, thanks Todd Bowles!

  10. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Fans were frustrated with Bowles because of his stubbornness and failure to adequately scheme for opponents. I’m hoping he has seen the light. It was also refreshing to see a little emotion from him on the sidelines.

  11. NE Fan Says:

    Any fan that takes pride in watching that obvious thrown game should be ashamed of themselves. Hurts should be fined and fined big. His wr’s yelling st him on the sidelines. Coach takes points off the board TWICE. No face mask call on the tush push, no PI call on Dean opening second half series, no sideline push off on Evan’s and the best one LVD runs into Goddert and they call PI on offense. What was there 3 penalties called on Bucs all night? Congrats Bucs fans, Bowles is the luckiest coach in the league, he played two back to back games where half the players lockers were cleaned out pregame. If anyone watched Hurts run post game heading to the locker room, he looked guilty as hell. Disgusting display of unsportsmanlike behavior by Eagles players, I feel bad for the fans.

    I do give credit to Canles for his game plan, if he was here in 2022 and planned games like that Bycs would have gone deep. Fans, you WILL NOT see a lay down next week. Take out Detriot then I’ll believe. This game was a joke.

  12. Leighroy Says:

    They’re playing with house money now, and somehow that’s not good enough for some people.

  13. Zoocomics Says:

    @Leopold Stotch… Bowles is the situational play caller. It’s amazing how many people think Bowles is directing the offensive play calling…he’s not, Canales is calling it. Bowles isn’t micromanaging that.

  14. JA Says:

    Baker had the game of his life last night. Jumping around, slapping butts and high ‘five-ing’ guys at an uncountable pace, it was hard not to think of a highly emotional player who was not too much smaller than Baker, Doug Flutie.
    As a team guy first, good for Baker. And as a Bucs fan, I want to dead wrong about him.
    Like many I presume, I’m not quite ready to say, ‘Baker is the man,’ but he did climb a few rungs toward that crown last night.
    Putting last night in perspective, the Eagles are a team who defines implosion. They were last against the pass, and it showed. After a 10-1 start they lost the next six of seven. Who does that? Has any team had such a monumental collapse?
    Beating a team who is falling apart is great (any NFL win is great), but it’s not Detroit (never thought I’d think those words) or San Francisco.
    Bottom line: if we can beat Detroit this Sunday, and Baker plays a large role in the win, I’ll admit I was wrong about Baker Mayfield … sort of.
    Baker runs on pure emotion. Guys like Brady were mostly all business, never too high, never too low. The emotional leader is fun to watch, but can it carry over from one week to the next?
    This Sunday will be a step toward finding out.

  15. Brandon Says:

    Who thought this team would win this division when the season was about to start? Yeah. Me. It was me. I’ve said since before the season that this was a 10+ win team. There’s roo much core talent to say this team was bad. Way too much. Seems that talent didn’t play up to all of it’s ability but Baker sure did. Then the talent showed up last night.

  16. Smoothbayrider Says:

    @JA, Jesus Christ , what more do you want from the man ? Your post makes it evident that you are still in fact wrong about Baker Mayfield.

  17. NE Fan Says:

    Oh one last thing, all I read all night was how Bucs dropped passes when the Eagles doubled the dropped passes. The only difference is Eagles were doing it on purpose. I would have written that if Joe allowed me to post on game day, censorship at it’s finest but in today’s world I guess that is expected.

  18. itzok Says:

    Don’t disagree I thought they’d win 6 games and Baker would be benched for Trask to see if he had anything. It was close to falling apart in the middle of the season but they improved and have started coming together. This team is a problem.

    Baker is come back player of the year. Flacco is in the running. F**k Hamlin what has he played like 20 snaps all season. If they give it to Hamlin its just another DEI participation trophy.

  19. StickinUp4Centers Says:

    Damar Hamlin almost died from a hit ON the football field.

    Baker did do A LOT more to help his team on the football field this year

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Using the TEs more…..come out passing….tight defense early….all prescriptions for victory.

    This team is being led on the field by Baker Mayfield.

    How can any real Buc fan not be a Baker Mayfield fan?

  21. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    So here is a thought. Eagles, Lions, 49ers and Bills all beat us this season. The stars could align so that we have to beat all those teams again with Bills of course being the Super Bowl opponent. Be one helluva story but one game at a time. Go Bucs! Beat the Lions!

  22. Tony Marks Says:

    JA Says:
    , I’ll admit I was wrong about Baker Mayfield … sort of.
    Baker runs on pure emotion.


    Your application to join the bandwagon has been denied. Thats about the saddest attempt I’ve ever seen to skirt manning up for being wrong. I get it

    Can’t manufacturer class overnight. Keep working on it.

    P.S. Yes Baker is emotional (which is why the locker room loves going to war with and for him) BUT Qbs that run only on emotion don’t have such low Ints.

  23. gp Says:

    I have gone from zero zilch nada confidence to hopeful (?)
    A good gameplan and motivated play made last nights game quite enjoyable.
    More Please!!!

  24. HC Grover Says:

    Will the NFC game be in Tampa?

  25. Elite Vita Says:

    What a wonderful photo! Godwin leaping with his arms in the air. Ref with hands outstretched indicating touchdown. Goalpost just visible to the left and fan in white shirt has arms raised high his head in victory motif. Just perfect!!!

  26. JA Says:

    Smoothbayrider Says:
    January 16th, 2024 at 7:01 am
    @JA, Jesus Christ , what more do you want from the man ? Your post makes it evident that you are still in fact wrong about Baker Mayfield

    Please don’t confuse objectivity with right or wrong. Everybody has been beating the Eagles the past two months, and everybody has been beating the Panthers all year. Am I supposed to put Baker in the hall of fame based on those last two wins?
    Excluding last night’s win over the broken winged Eagles, the Bucs have beaten three teams with a winning record this year, Jacksonville (who had their own implosion issues) Green Bay and New Orleans.
    I want the Bucs to win every game, so do not think I’m anti-Bucs.
    I’m just being realistic. And, like I said, if we beat Detroit this Sunday it will go a long way toward changing my mind about Baker.
    GO BUCS!

  27. DBS Says:

    Like one fan said slat week. Pay no attention to the constant Liars. They will move the goal post every time he succeeds to prove them wrong.

  28. D-Rome Says:

    JTS was all over the field last night. It seemed like it was his best game as a pro. At the very least top 5.

  29. rickym Says:

    A few years ago before Dan Campbell the Lions quit on an incompetent coach.
    In New England a offensive coordinator destroyed a promising rookie QB who would go viral berating his coach on the sidelines. The Eagles replaced their defensive coordinator mid season only to see a super bowl contender quit in their coach. The common denominator?

    Matt Patricia

  30. Boss Says:

    Great game all around. Props to baker and Bowles.

    Looking pretty damn good.

    Let’s clean up the drops and hope they blitz wisely against stronger passing attacks. Not looking to see a repeat of the last play a couple years ago against the chiefs.

  31. JA Says:

    Being denied admission to the Myopic Marks Club is something I’ll cherish like an invisible badge of honor.
    Groucho Marx once said he’d never want to join a club that would have him for a member.
    I echo his sentiment in reverse, especially in this case.
    Intransigent loyalty to a single person you’ve never met has and forever will confuse me. How do you do it?

  32. BucU Says:

    A massive win by the Bucs! They are once again the darlings of the national media.

  33. Lord Cornelius Says:

    That was one of the best Bucs wins ever honestly IMO. Just such beautiful domination at home on Monday night. Exciting offense and defense and the players playing super motivated. Given the context of what this team was supposed to be and our collective lack of faith in the coach it was just so freaking awesome to see.

    No matter what we need to bring Bowles and Mayfield back. I’m good with multi year extensions to both lets go

  34. Ed Says:

    Bowles and Bucs do deserve the credit for starting out fast in front of their home crowd. Last week I posted that was the key, not to have to play come from behind. Its a huge part of winning in the playoffs.

    Bowles had them ready and no they did not win because they stuck to the running game. First time I’ve seen them come out throwing on first down and the best runs were to the left side behind Wirfs.

    Its very much a common sense game plan. Don’t be predictable and play solid on the defensive line. Take that intensity and game plan to Detroit and come out with a win. Goff is less mobile than Hurts and Hurts was getting the ball out but under pressure all game.

    And who lit a fire under JTS’ rear, he looked like he belonged on the field tonight. Total team effort. Fantastic that the Bucs finally gave the home crowd some great plays at the right time. The Bucs were ready for this game, good coaching, Bowles outclassed the Eagles staff with a great game plan.

  35. gotbbucs Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an NFL team play with less effort in a playoff game than what the Eagles showed last night. Pathetic. Sirianni had no answer for anything. For a head coach that doesn’t call plays for either side of the ball, he should be worried about his job.
    Put Cade Otton in front of a jugs machine and fire 1000 balls at him. Dude would be All-Pro if he could catch the easy balls. They really need to continue to work Payne Durham into the rotation there.
    Zyon McCollum has all the talent in the world, but what a knuckle head. Nobody is blocking a field goal from the edge. Just go through the motions over there and don’t give teams extra life with dumb penalties.
    Our two rookie defensive linemen are legit. Kancey and Diaby are going to be trouble for years to come. Logan Hall had a really nice game. Even JTS showed up.

  36. geno711 Says:


    So according to your expert analysis, this isn’t a gem from the land of clam chowder and lobster rolls? Your expertise on being a sore loser is amazing and the bitterness of it is thicker than a Boston accent.

    So, according to our erudite friend from the Northeast, the Buccaneers’ victory over the Eagles was an “obvious thrown game.”

    And that Todd Bowles is the luckiest coach in the league. Luckiest? I’m pretty sure the man has a strategy, unlike some team up in the frozen tundra of disappointment. Let’s talk about the Patriots “sucking eggs” for the past few years. I am sure NE just had all bad luck where Todd Bowles apparently only had good luck.

    So, dear NEFan keep those salty tears flowing, because your prognostications on the Bucs have been wrong all season. Maybe one day, the Patriots will rise from their current cellar dweller status (something you said the Bucs would be for years in March). Until then, enjoy the taste of those eggs you’re sucking.

  37. Steven007 Says:

    JA, while I differ on the specifics, I can appreciate your posts. The bottom line is this is sports, and sports is entertainment. I was entertained last night. Somewhat unexpectedly. I’m guessing it was the same for you. We have posters who for whatever reason, a miserable life I’m guessing in most respects, cannot be entertained for some reason. David, who’s the most miserable poster I think I’ve ever seen, and NE fan who is clearly so bothered by his actual teams terrible performance this year, that he continues to post on a site that he found because he liked the last quarterback. And the hill that he’s dying on is that it was a thrown game. Haha. You almost can’t make this crap up!

  38. JA Says:



  39. Jason Says:

    Not a fan of Bowles but I said a playoff win and he’s safe. Seems like he’s learning to be a better coach.

  40. simeon97 Says:

    fantastic gameplan, i was in shock from the first sequence. smothering defense. What a game! It’s a tough road ahead, but there’s a chance with this team playing this way.

    Crazy there is a POSSIBILITY of Packers/bucs NFC championship game with no rodgers or brady only 3 years later.

  41. stpetebucfan Says:

    “Any fan that takes pride in watching that obvious thrown game should be ashamed of themselves.”

    NEFan since you’re not as obviously “out there” like David I honestly feel sorry for you.

    Am I reading that correctly? You’re accusing the Eagles of literally throwing the game. What does “OBVIOUS thrown game” mean?

    Do you also believe that they began “throwing games away at the beginning of their struggles?

    Seriously man what is wrong with you. I LOATHE BB and the Pats. It never occured to me to hit the Patriot blogs the past few years to remind them that without Brady Belichik is literally a LOSER! That’s a FACT STATISTICALLY.

    I’d love to see ANY proof that the Eagles were throwing the game.

    More importantly even if you were just using hypebole…why do you always choose NEGATIVE hyperbole in an attempt to what…bring us down…unlike Rod it’s not because you value your opinion so highly…you are clearly bright and informed so again I feel sorry that somebody has made you feel the need to go to a blogsite and attempt to rain on fans victory Tuesday. Seriously! What’s up with that?

  42. Not Says:

    I don’t recall ever seeing a Bucs receiver kick on the afterburners and pull away from the pass coverage as Palmer did last night.
    I was shocked as he pulled away, our guys always get run down or caught from behind.

    Toilet, if he stays always from the offense we may be ok.

  43. Marky Mark Says:

    Bucs play better on the road.. Hello Detroit.

  44. Obvious Says:

    You’re a bore and a lier. Time for you to go away. You’re jealousy is a hopelessly sad and OBVIOUSLY PATHETIC display of poor sportsmanship. How far the pats fans have fallen. How embarrassing for that organization. Just truly pathetic ~

    F OFF

  45. Saskbucs Says:

    I will continue to toot my own horn, I absolutely thought the Bucs had a roster good enough to get here if the OL could give Baker some decent protection. Only other question mark was Bowles. I still maintain this should have been a 10 or 11 win team but in the end got to where I hoped they would be. In early November, I did think the Cowboys or Eagles would beat us round 1 so will gladly admit I was wrong there.

  46. Student of the Game Says:

    The Bucs won as a team. Defense came up huge! Offense was less predictable and executed. Like it or not, Bucs have a top 10 QB. If Evans can cure the drops victory in Detroit is possible. Love Victory Tuesday!

  47. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    My biggest takeaway from last night was they came out with confidence like they did in GB a couple of weeks ago. Confident in the game plan and in themselves.

    They played to THEIR STRENGTHS and not so focused on their opponent’s weaknesses. Of course you want to exploit weaknesses but you never want to go away from your strengths which for us is passing the football.

    We’ve gone against teams that were supposedly “terrible against the run” so we abandoned the pass and tried to run too much. Two problems with that….that team was probably terrible against better running attacks than ours and DCs have an annoying habit of making adjustments and fixing problems.

    The Joe’s have beat that drum ALL SEASON…..We have great receivers. White is excellent out of the backfield. Play to your strengths! FWIW, R. White rushed for 72 yards on 18 carries (4.0 avg). The team as a whole ran for 119 yards (4.1 avg) so not bad and enough to get some “balance”.

    As my late mother used to say after watching her team win a big game, “That was wonderful!” It certainly was.

  48. Jay Molina Says:

    Here’s an “in your face” to Peter King and all the pundits who thought the Bucs should #Collapse for Caleb. Baker Mayfield had his best season ever and willed the Bucs to important wins. It wasn’t pretty, and at times it was downright ugly, but here they are, in the playoffs playing their best football of the year.

  49. Erik The Viking Says:

    It was glorious watching us dismantle the Igles at our home field.

    But let’s keep it in perspective, shall we.

    They were a wounded team and we successfully kicked them while they were down.

    Despite my better instincts, I do think Bowles has earned the right to stay.

    Mayfield also stepped up and had a really dominant performance.

    He was not perfect, but really close to it.

    Clean up the dropped passes because the Lions are a good team that will be ready.


  50. Frank Pillow Says:

    Credit where it’s due. This team was ready to play. I never expected that, but they were. The also had a solid game plan and made anticipatory/quickly adjustments to keep things rolling on both side of the ball. That definitely hasn’t been the case all year—but when it mattered most they were ready! Tough game next week, yeah, but this team has NOTHING to lose. All the pressure is on DET. Congrats, Coach Bowles. You’ve earned it.

  51. a-bomb Says:

    I am really starting to believe that Bowles likes to play more “vanilla” defense during the season and then get creative in the playoffs when teams think they have seen it all from the Bucs. No soft zone last night!

  52. Bobby M. Says:

    Bowles got a convincing win….he’s earned another year.

  53. D Cone Says:

    You think Mayfield looked good this year just wait until next.
    Seven games against teams with a combined 33-69. If you count the second Panthers game it would be 35-84.

    I’m sure there were a ton of Panther fans that never accepted the reality that their team really sucked. At least the Bucs had some fun beating up on some weak teams and can persuade themselves the Bucs are a Top Tier Team in all Phases.

    One game from the Championship but still the farthest NFC team from Vegas in both miles and odds.

    Bucs have had to beat two Real bad teams back to back to get here. Now they have to beat two real good teams to get to the dance.

    It will be another happy week for the team and then they will have to start facing reality.

  54. orlbucfan Says:

    That is an ABsolutely FABulous photo of Chris ‘Godzilla’ Godwin. And Canales called a decent game……wow, just wow!

  55. stpetebucfan Says:

    Can we all just stop with the ridiculous comparisons of which teams the Bucs beat.

    The NFL is freaking balanced due to the Salary Cap. On any given Sunday…even the lowly Panthers won games against the Falcons and the Texans.

    The Bucs had the Texans whipped in their own crib with less than a minute left.

    The Texans just kicked the Cleveland Browns arses 45-14 and are playoff darlings.

    The Bucs went to Green Bay and crushed the Pack and whiners here immediately blamed it on “crappy” Green Bay. Crappy Green Bay just went to Dallas and embarrassed the ‘Boys.

    See how tedious this becomes. Every team in the league gets paid. Every team in the league has both good luck and bad luck. It’s the freaking NFL…”On any given Sunday!” To sit at 10-8 with a ticket to the next round of the playoffs should be awesome.

    But NOOOOO people still come here desperate to find ways to diminish the Bucs success. Comparing quality difference in teams defeated is a fools errand.

    Unless I’m mistaken I just saw the Bucs listed at 10-8. Are 10 wins not two more than 8 losses? Is a WINNING RECORD not a winning record.

    Is anybody saying SF sucks because five of their wins are tainted by beating bad teams…or by one of their losses coming to Minnesota a team the Bucs beat on the road?

  56. Shane Callahan Says:

    The improvements this team has made on both sides of the ball throughout this year has been phenomenal. I’m impressed with this coaching staff and team regardless of what happens next week. Imagine what this organization can do when they get back under the salary cap!

  57. WillieG Says:

    “Joe understands Bucs coach Todd Bowles is not very popular with fans. Maybe last night will turn some hearts?”

    I am truly hoping I can say how wrong I was about Bowles….but I’m not quite there yet. If they beat the Lions, I will happily declare myself wrong.

  58. Bucsfanman Says:

    “NE Fan” just trollin’!

    Bucs win= “fix”.
    Bucs lose= “They stink!”

    Got it!

  59. infomeplease Says:

    I got nervous during the pregame show when all the talking heads on ABC were predicting the Bucs to win. The last time I saw this was a couple games back against the Saints. We all know how that went.
    I ain’t superstitious but a black cat just crossed my path! jbeck

  60. Capt.Tim Says:

    Just finding our team a Franchise QB should keep him on the Bucs payrole, for years to come.

    Finding him for Free?
    Might need a 10 year contract

    A couple years after signing Brady, and winning a SuperBowl?
    Might need to be a lifetime appointment!

    We just won a Superbowl. Now back iwinning playoff games with a differnt QB??

    Well Done, Jason Licht. Well done.

  61. BUCS4LIFE Says:

    Teacherman777: nicely said my friend! I’ll refer to the first comment from this man. Go Bucs!

  62. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Can I add a 6th? The home crowd was loud and “fan”tastic!! It would be awesome if they could get another chance against Green Bay. Stranger things have happened.

  63. garro Says:

    Time to hold all of the so called expert talking heads accountable!

    I want to hear a whole bunch of chatter about reining in the media! Make it a national drive to hold these headline whores accountable!

    Go Bucs!