CBS: Bucs Will Beat The Eagles (If They Meet Wild Card Weekend)

January 2nd, 2024


Yes, Joe is confident the Bucs will win Sunday at Charlotte (if the Bucs lose to the worst team in the NFL on the final weekend of the regular season, well, then it’s a very different discussion on Monday morning.)

Not only is Joe confident the Bucs will beat the Stinking Panthers, that pretty much means the Bucs will host the Eagles in the first round of the playoffs.

And a guy who covers the Eagles for CBS Philadelphia is convinced whoever the Eagles play to open the playoffs will beat the Eagles. One and done.

That’s what Jeff Kerr typed for CBS. By losing four of their last five games including a loss to the terrible Cardinals, Kerr is throwing the towel. The Eagles are toast, he writes.

Eagles won’t win a playoff game
Overreaction or reality:

The Eagles just lost a football game to a team that entered with a 3-12 record, giving up 35 points and 449 yards to an offense that didn’t put up 30 points or more than 440 yards all year. They lost four of their last five games, averaging 22.6 points per game and allowing 31.0 points in that stretch. The Cardinals scored 29 points in the second half and couldn’t score more than 29 in a single game all year.

That’s the state of the Eagles defense right now, a unit that demoted (fired) their defensive coordinator three weeks ago. Players are showing the vibe of a team that can’t wait for the year to be over — and this is a football team that’s 11-5 and going to the playoffs.

The coaches can’t figure it out, but keep preaching “together.” That’s a sign of a fractured locker room. This team is in serious trouble, and an early playoff exit appears near.

So there you have it, Bucs fans. All the Bucs have to do is to put the Stinking Panthers out of their misery — and not get water thrown on them by meddling owner David Tepper — and the Bucs are playoff-bound.

And it sure looks as if that home game for the Bucs will be against the tanking Eagles.

28 Responses to “CBS: Bucs Will Beat The Eagles (If They Meet Wild Card Weekend)”

  1. nick houllis Says:

    REMEMBER: Bucs lost to Saints 38-3 at home 2020. Bucs got SWEPT by the Saints in 2002. Bucs hoisted the Lombardi trophy both of those years.

    I don’t know why anyone was shocked at the results of the game: For YEARS now the Saints have owned us at home. Only Tom Brady’s Tombradiness allowed us to comeback last year in that miracle.

    LAST 6 SAINTS @ BUCS results
    2023- Saints 23-13
    2022- Bucs win 17-16 but game is SAINTS 16-3 with 5 min left in game.
    2021- Saints 9-0
    2020- Saints 38-3
    2019-Saints 34-17
    2018- Saints 28-14

    So other than a Tom Brady miracle the Saints have owned us in RayJay. No one should be surprised at this years result.

  2. Allbuccedup Says:

    Big if!

  3. mg Says:

    You inhaled, didn’t you?

  4. Jerseybuc Says:

    I live in the area. Eagles are coming apart at the seams. WIP is dogging them. AJ brown is pouting. They are definitely beatable BUT what Bucs team will show. These coaches gotta open the O!! Eagles receivers are to good to play 10 yards off

  5. rickym Says:

    If the Bucs think like Joe they should be SUPER confident about a win against the Panthers. The will be preparing for a home playoff game against the Eagles and everything will be just fine. If the Bucs are thinking this way, the Panthers will destroy them on Sunday.

  6. garro Says:

    Extremely frustrated with CBS coverage of the Bucs! Every other play they kept cutting to one of the myriad of talking heads. Just to tell me some inane factoid of a game I have no interest in. Cutting back barely in time for the next snap with no time to see even who was on the field for our Bucs or sometimes even what the formation was. Really ticked me off! I, like many out there these days, have been forced into paying to watch the NFL. As such I want to see the game I paid for. Not constant interruptions! Media is totally out of control!

    Get a grip CBS.

  7. BucU Says:

    Can’t wait for the Bowles confidence poll this week.

  8. Mark hardt Says:

    2 tds and 2 int for 309 is actually a decent day for an NFL QB this year. The issue is Baker has to be perfect because Canales does not give him chances to make up for it. I think Flacco had 2 int in a win recently. The difference was Stefanski let him throw it again. Canales gets this loss for not going to the no huddle 3 series earlier. Running into the line 3 scores down in the 3rd is what lost the game not Baker.

  9. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Playing the Bucs is always the best remedy for a struggling team. Even if the Bucs beat the Panthers (big if), whatever team comes to the RayJay will slaughter the Bucs. Bowles can’t get his team to play inspired at all!

  10. Sal Says:

    Just like they beat the saints on Sunday huh #?

  11. orlbucfan Says:

    I’ll say it again: greenhorn Canales throttled the Offense. It’s my hope that Wirfs, ME13, CG14, and others on the O get in his face over it. That new Panthers’ owner is a real ahole from what I’ve heard. He’s one of these yahoos who thinks he’s special cos he’s rich. Has no class at all, and is the opposite of the original owner. Hopefully, he’s not a Culverhouse. Just another reason why the fans should own the teams. Let’s get this game won first, then worry about the playoffs.

  12. Rick Says:

    In a billion years will ‘this’ Bucs team beat Philly – or anyone else in the playoffs. In fact, let’s hope we can get by Carolina. We have no defense and our offense is erratic at best. I love this team like the rest of you, but am being real here.

  13. D W Says:

    Baker has more years at QBU. This experience will bring the W.

  14. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Just a few weeks ago 90 percent of the fans polled here had little to no confidence in Todd Bowles. I just want him gone. I hate seeing the Bucs lose, but I hate the idea of more wasted seasons with Bowles even more. I’m too old. I don’t have that many more seasons left. I’m losing interest for the first time in my life. Please dump Bowles and Mayfield too. He’s no Drew Brees. Draft a QB in round one, and have a legitimate competition with Trask and whoever. Give me some hope for the future of this franchise.

  15. Adam's Angry Says:

    The Bucs are the football equivalent of Joe Biden : Like Obama said about Joe, NEVER underestimate their ability to f___ things up.

  16. bob in valrico Says:

    I will say Baker didn’t have much of a chance for most of the game. O line was getting
    pushed back and he seemed to be surrounded and couldn’t find escape routes.
    But the way Canales was calling plays, you would think he was the getting creamed by the Saints D line. It appeared he was outcoached and overwhelmed for much of the game. I thought that batted balls might be a problem because
    of the Saints pass rush. We could have taken a page from the Saints playbook and made better use of our TE’s and Rb with passes toward the sideline near or past the first down marker. Baker should be able to get these passes over D line mans hands
    since they are taller targets. IMO, Our tight ends are neither fast or elusive
    enough to run crossing routes. And they probably lack the experience to catch
    balls thrown at their hips or slightly behind them as the more experienced slot receivers do.

  17. SlyPirate Says:

    No chance the Bucs beat the Eagles. We just got man-handled by the Saints.

    What do the Eagles do (and did to the Bucs) better than any team in the NFL?

  18. PewterStiffArm Says:

    As much as I want the Eagles to be one and done, the Panthers are in the way. I am not worried about the Stinking Panthers unless their players are really up for the task. And, like you said Joe, every coach will be clearing out all of their offices come Monday if the Buc’s don’t show up. We have seen games like Sunday’s before. The same lame excuses have been uttered by Bowles. What a disappointment in front of all those fans. Tampa deserves better, especially with all of this TALENT! The Green Bay game was the model that the coaching staff should be copying continuously. What we saw Sunday was a repeat of the Dallas playoff game at RayJay last year. It seems like the players don’t even want to show up and the coaching staff makes absolutely no adjustments. I thought for sure we were going to come out in the second half, wake up, and create havoc. New Orleans was laughing at us, it was so prevalent on the TV screen. There is a sanicle part of me that wants this whole team to change coaching staff, but my not so sanicle side would like to see Canales and Baker back in Tampa with at least one playoff win and another year under their belt.

  19. adam from ny Says:

    i called this about a month ago…they were down cycling even when they were still winning games…

    i want the eagles over the cowboys…

    our d is simply not that good, and the cowboys are fully down to get into a shoot out at ray jay…and if it’s a shootout, yeah we lose like 38-31…

    our d isn’t ready for the cowboys…

    we have a much better shot vs these low scoring lame azz eagles with an overrated qb…

    and maybe we can get revenge for the early season loss…

    it’s not easy for any team to come into another team’s stadium and win 2 in a row…both the eagles and cowboys are in that exact situation…a win by either team gives them each back to back wins at ray jay…not so easy

  20. Buccos Says:

    I could definitely see this happening. It’s a great time to go on another winning streak

  21. Tucker Says:

    Panthers defense is good I’m not really confident in anything the bucs are doing struggled last time against them not expecting them to blow them out this time.

  22. Tucker Says:

    Taking about the eagles falling apart when the bucs are in pieces themselves kinda comical.

  23. D-Rok Says:

    Hogwash. Bullsnot.


  24. Rod Munch Says:

    Jesus, they’re not even in the playoffs yet, and people are talking about them knocking off the Eagles.


    Talk about setting up the team for failure.

  25. Slacker Says:

    Lol….this week’s game is far from guaranteed. They puked all over the TV just a few days.

  26. ScottyMack Says:

    Earlier today, I read an article on a Philly newspaper website that stated the Bucs are the last team in the NFC South that the Eagles want to state. They, too, thought the Bucs would beat the Eagles.

    The article went on to state why the Eagles would beat the Saints and annihilate the Falcons.

    I certainly wouldn’t predict that the Bucs would beat Philly. Can I see it happening? Sure, depending which Bucs team shows up and which offensive game plan Canales/Bowles would go with.

  27. RGA Says:

    If the Bucs face the Eagles, I will wager a good sum of money to Joe in favor of the Eagles.

  28. RGA Says:

    I believe the Bucs have won just one game against a team with a winning record.