Bucs Playing For The Right To Face Detroit Next Sunday

January 14th, 2024

What a Sunday of football it was. The Packers punched the Cowboys in the mouth and scored a huge upset, and the Lions squeaked by the Rams in Detroit, the first Lions playoff win in.32 years.

Now the Bucs are up next in the NFC, against the Eagles tomorrow night at The Licht House. The winner will face Detroit next Sunday at 2 p.m.

The Lions hammered the Bucs in Week 6 — in Tampa with the Bucs fresh and coming off a bye week. It was ugly, a physical beatdown by the Lions.

But hey, that was a long time ago and the Lions are still a better matchup for Tampa Bay than the 49ers, who will host the Packers.

Next up, beat those Eagles!

28 Responses to “Bucs Playing For The Right To Face Detroit Next Sunday”

  1. Bucs 95 Says:

    I hope we beat the eagles because we stand a good chance against the lions there defense is booty and the rams were going up and down the field on them they just couldnt score in the redzone plus the refs missed and jersey hold on punca on that big 3rd down

  2. Beeej Says:

    We lost to both Lions AND Eagles…..hard to beat teams twice

  3. Saskbucs Says:

    Don’t mind it. Beat the Eagles, don’t see Packers beating 49ers but never know. I also don’t know I would use the word hammered. Memory is a little fuzzy, Lions were a way better blocking team but that game was a knocked down Baker pass away from being completely different. I think first drive poor execution (dropped pass maybe) kept them from extending a drive deep into Lions territory. They also didn’t see Diaby and Kancey was game 1 off the injury. Not saying the Bucs are better than the Eagles or Lions but am saying with a better HC they could win those games! Get it done tomorrow fellas, Go Bucs!

  4. Bucs 95 Says:

    Funny thing is from here on out its all rematches for the bucs eagles lions 49ers or packers 🤣 we spanked the packers in there own house tho and they just dropped a 48 burger at dallas

  5. snookman9 Says:

    Do you guys really think we are going to beat the eagles? Do you really think Todd Bowles can lead this team in the playoffs?

    Our superbowl with this coaching staff was 9-0 vs the panthers and squeeking into the division lead. Im a realist but we have gone as far as we can go and the Eagles will get a jump start Monday night.

  6. Saskbucs Says:

    That was a cheap shot, Bowles is capable I think, to help them bet those teams but him and Dave need to step outside their comfort zones and attack for the W.

  7. WyomingJoe Says:

    So, to all the Bucs and Baker Haters out there, looks like the win against the Packers was bigger and better than you thought!

  8. adam from ny Says:

    looks like if we somehow someway make it to the superbowl, we will have to win 3 redemption (revenge) games in a row to get there…

    – eagles
    – lions
    – 49ers

    they all kicked our azz good…

    how sweet would that be – to go to the big dance after getting a win against all 3…

    and then playing the bills in the superbowl and taking them down too…a perfect redemption story

  9. FortMyersDave Says:

    Rams had a real chance to win but let it slip away. A sack takes them out of FG range and then they punted on 4th and 14 from the Lion 44 with over 4 minutes left but the Lions ran out the clock. Very Bowles like move from the Rams, their defense could not get a stop. Too bad, if the Rams won, their would be an outside chance the Bucs would host a second playoff game if they manage to beat Philly. Nonetheless, Joe is right, no one wants to play the Niners out in Santa Clara. LMAO that the Cowboys grabbed their ankles again in the playoffs. I wonder who Jones will fire for this loss?

  10. Buddha Says:

    Cowboys are the Cowboys. No heart.

  11. dmatt Says:

    The teams that won this weekend came out swinging. They were aggressive, took chances, pushed the ball down the field, n kept their feet on the pedal. They were aggressive on both sides of the ball. They made good open field tackles n was great at gain tackling. Run the ball n play defense did not make them victorious. Let’s see where Bowles head is tomorrow.

  12. sasquatch Says:

    If we beat the Iggles, Detroit will spank the crap out of us. Might be less humiliating to just lose a close one to the Eagles. Then fire Bowles, and hire Ben Johnson.

  13. Dave Pear Says:

    Todd isn’t going to let his team have a chance. He’s gonna run behind soft Hainsey on first and second down and give his injured QB 3rd and 12. Then he’ll have the defense start out soft zone bust and then move to the ultra exotic blitz packages that no one, not even Jesus, understands. To us it will look like cover zero receivers, pressure no quarterbacks.

    Todd will lose by 20+ points and then join Mike McCarthy in real estate and home improvement franchising.

    Shame, as a real head coach might be able to do some damage in this field of competition.

    Jason – time to intervene. Maybe you can save Todd from himself by telling him what time it is with respect to winning game plans.

  14. #99 the big fella Says:

    Crybabiessss all I ever see is the complaining. When the season started did anyone expect the Bucs to make the playoffs? Host a playoff game? You ladies would complain if your ice cream was cold 🥶! Seems like the fans are never happy.. The same fans would find something to cry about if we won the superbowl. Can’t you guys just enjoy the playoffs?

  15. Tb bolts Says:

    Wyomingjoe is still salivating over one of two good regular season baker performances…. But lets not talk about how he no showed the last two do
    Or die games lmao and number 3 is just a days ride away. When baker loses tonight :”BUT DID YOU SEE THE PACKERS GAME A FEW WEEKS AGO???”

  16. darengibo Says:

    Tampa is only NFC team to make playoffs the last 4 years in a row and yet so many complaints and constant negativity… crazy.

  17. flogrown Says:

    YESTERDAY: “The Packers led 48-16 with just under six minutes remaining, and 210 of Dak Prescott’s 403 yards came when the Packers defense was playing loose with the game already in the bag.”

    Sound familiar?

  18. flogrown Says:

    darengibo Says: “Tampa is the only NFC team to make playoffs the last 4 years in a row”

    Tampa wouldn’t be in the NCF South, would it?

  19. Ed Says:

    If you watched yesterday’s games, one common denominator was that both the Packers and Lions took control of the game early. The Packers took opening kickoff down for a score as did the Lions on their first possession.

    Those 7 points early in the game set a tone. The players have confidence and they don’t let up.

    The Bucs havn’t been in that type of start to a game all year so by watching the way they start off the game is an indicator of their chances of winning.

    Lets face it, the Bucs offensive strategy is to play with a lead. It hasn’t worked very well but it can if the club is ready to play and shakes off the sluggish starts.

    If Bowles is coaching for his job (probably), he has to be bolder than ever. He must wipe out the slow starts of before and have this team as ready as ever. The Eagles have a banged up passing offense without Brown, with Devonte Smith coming back from a couple of games out and with Hurts playing with a bad finger. Unless the Buc defense just completely chokes, they can keep it close. Vea has to play better as Swift will get more carries than usual and he destroyed us in the week 4 game. Britt is better vs run than White. I hope they use White sparingly. He didn’t show up vs New Orleans or Carolina.

    Such promise. Watched some great linebacker play in other playoff games. So much many better LBs than him. Once a rising star, now a bit player.

  20. bee bro Says:

    Congrats to the Lions

  21. darengibo Says:

    flogrown Says:

    Tampa wouldn’t be in the NCF South, would it?

    What’s the point? They won a super bowl as wild card. I guess you would rather be in the superior NFC East like the Cowboys who are brutal in post-season. Again, the doom gloom and negative feelings towards the team is amazing.

  22. BucU Says:

    What a massive opportunity the team has tonight. Bowles has got to have this team come out immediately with fire and brimstone. If I see run run incomplete pass on the first possession I may throw up. Nothing at all to lose. Throw the entire book at this Eagles team. Play like your lives depend on it.

  23. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Pear, Bucs win tonight, you still gonna be a negative Nellie? Bucs aren’t SB ready yet, so I’m cheering for Detroit. That’s if the Lions knock out the Bucs. Lions have never won the SB. Lions’ fans have a LOT in common with genuine Bucs fans. According to the players, they are fired up and ready. Weather is a question mark. Go get ’em, Bucs!!

  24. Jonbucfan Says:

    Rams were robbed. If that holding penalty was correctly called on that last 3rd down on their final drive; they would have been in field goal range. It was obvious holding on the Lion DB.

  25. Pewter power Says:

    Green Bay and Kansas City beat us in 2020. We beat both in the preseason to win our superbowl. Bowles you got smashed by Detroit and Philly so it’s only right he shows he learned from the first beatdown.

    Todd Bowles you are not the best coach for this team, most of us know it and the way you coach maybe you do too but you can put this team back on the map with a win today. Prove me wrong please

  26. NE Fan Says:

    Jonbucfan@ I guess you missed the blatant holding on Hutchinson during the late run that gave them the 1st down and PI’s that weren’t called. Someone ALWAYS blames the refs, calls go both ways.

  27. Greg Says:

    Don’t forget the encroachment call that got called off sides on the Lions. THAT ONE could have changed the outcome of the game.

  28. Jonbucfan Says:

    Miss calls happen all the time, but, when it’s a “game on the line” type of down and the opposing player has a fist full of Jersey, you expect the refs to do better.