Bucco Bruce Arians Emerges! Talks Baker Mayfield, Hot Playoff Teams

January 16th, 2024

Bucco Bruce Arians is in hiding no more.

The Buccaneers Ring of Honor head coach was a guest on the BSPN Manningcast of last night’s Eagles-Bucs playoff game.

Man, Arians loves him some Baker Mayfield. And he was gushing very early in the game.

“When you’re following Tom Brady, it’s not easy, bro,” Arians began. “But he has the charisma. He’s got a fire about him that I just love. I loved him coming out of school, had great grades on him. I think he’s just doing a tremendous job. He won this locker room over quick.”

Arians officially remains as a paid advisor to Bucs general manager Jason Licht, but he seems somewhat disconnected from the team and he disappeared from his new podcast three-plus months ago. While on the Manningcast, Arians was sitting at home and not at The Licht House for the big game.

Arians added that being a hot team like the Bucs makes a difference in the playoffs because a hot team practices so hard and with confidence, compared to a team that is struggling but found its way into the postseason.

It was great to see and hear Arians, who seemed to be having a fantastic time talking to the Manning brothers and dropping all kinds of stories and one-liners.

24 Responses to “Bucco Bruce Arians Emerges! Talks Baker Mayfield, Hot Playoff Teams”

  1. MF Bucs Says:

    I know this is off topic after such a huge win, but anyone else just a bit concerned about Belichick interviewing for the Falcons job?

  2. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    I miss Bruce being our coach.

  3. itzok Says:

    Good for BA. He’s long been wanting to be retired. He delivered for this franchise and can do what he wants. Keep on the payroll. You can never have too mnay wineers around the team

  4. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    I know this is off topic after such a huge win, but anyone else just a bit concerned about Belichick interviewing for the Falcons job?


    I’m reasonably scared. The Falcons have a lot of talent; they just don’t have a QB.

  5. MF Bucs Says:

    I’m reasonably scared. The Falcons have a lot of talent; they just don’t have a QB.

    I’m enjoying us winning the division every year, I don’t want the weak azz falcons ruining that

  6. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Want to know who else was sitting their couch watching the Bucs win a playoff game?… Cam Jordan!

  7. Derobbins Says:

    And me

  8. Hammerhead Says:

    Saints looking more like the Aints.

  9. Pink Says:

    I’m not worried, MF Bucs. With all respect to Bellicheck, the game has gotten away from him. It’s basically the worst move the Falcons could make.

  10. Jaybuc Says:

    I’m not worried that belichick might be the falcon’s HC. He’s only there to collect a paycheck and beat Shula’s record. Once he does that he’s riding into the sunset. Two more seasons MAX

  11. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    The team turned it up several notched, fighting for extra yards on O, hitting hard on D. BA is correct, fighting in is 10x better than limping in

  12. FortMyersDave Says:

    JayBuc, I am hoping it is 3 seasons, perhaps Belicheat going with a couple of 5 or 6 wins seasons before passing Shula in his 3rd Falcon’s season and then retiring for good…..

  13. David Says:

    Bucco BRUCE!!!
    Good to hear from him.

    As for Belichick and the Falcons… Not worried about that one bit. Belichick has not done anything before or after Brady. I also agree with the notion that the game is passing him by.

    GO BUCS!!

  14. Bosch Says:

    Shut up, Arians! You abandoned this team. The way you sucker the Glazers into paying you to do nothing is beyond me.

  15. Biggun Says:


  16. GetRealBro Says:

    Bosch, you mean the Man and his staff who got rid of Jameis and turned the franchise around?

  17. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    You know I love my guy, I loved it when we used to fix Brains Leftout’s unimaginative play sheet together, those were the best of times!

  18. TheMIGHTYVH Says:

    More worried than anything that they get a good, YOUNG QB. And someone that can actually use the weapons they have. I dont see Bellichik coaching more than 3 or 4 years. Besides, I think he will be coaching in the NFC East in Big D or Philly

  19. Wes Hall Says:

    Really not concerned about Belichick. I’m just wondering how many of the non-believers club are ready to give Baker his dues and give the man a decent contract . If Tampa doesn’t, some team will. He’s not Tom Brady, just a man proving that he belongs in the NFL. He’s had to prove his talent from hi school to the NFL. I’ve been dol on Baker every since he walked on at OU. He’s got Moxy.

  20. T V Says:

    What Buc team was that that showed up Monday night? OMG! Peaking at the right time. Let’s do this.

  21. T V Says:

    I love it when the front office has staff of folks who actually played the game. Thanks for sticking around BA. Made the transition that much smoother.

  22. T V Says:

    Coach Bill Bella-Cheat is done. Ride off into the sunset!

  23. Debbie Says:

    The playoff game was on fire. The crowd was electric. There were eagle fans there, but just a few. It looked like a sea of red, with some orange. They were not loud enough to notice. Then again, there was nothing for them to cheer about. I still believe. Go Bucs!

  24. garro Says:

    I would sure like to know who it was that made the decision to “banish” Bruce. I,and I’m sure many others miss the man. I’m sure we will never know the truth of it.

    Go Bucs!