Baker Mayfield Talks About His NFL Future

January 11th, 2024

So does Baker Mayfield want to play for the Bucs next season when his contract expires in March?

Mayfield was hit with that question point blank today on The Rich Eisen Show, hosted by the face of NFL Network, the man whose name is on the Roku Channel show.

Rich Eisen: Do you think this is your spot after how long you play in the playoffs this year? Are you home?

Baker Mayfield: I would hope for that, yeah. But here’s the thing: I’ve allowed myself to go into free agency again to show people what I’m capable of. But yeah, it’s been a great place here and I would love to be back.

Well, there you have it. Mayfield wants to come back to Tampa but wants to get paid after showing the league what he’s capable of accomplishing. Remember, Mayfield believes he had “a great year.”‘

Eisen followed up to ask Mayfield if he’s entered contract talks with the Bucs. Mayfield said he’s unaware of any discussions.

“I know there’s probably a mutual interest to come back here but no specifics,” he said.

Will another team want Mayfield to be its starter? That question could be answered more easily after seeing how he peforms in the playoffs.

88 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Talks About His NFL Future”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    i did hear baker was given the grand tour of the stadium’s underbelly…

    and he was given his choice of the boiler room or a room like bill murray had in caddyshack

  2. adam from ny Says:

    later in the day he was spotted at ikea shopping for futons 🙂

  3. BakerFan Says:

    Go get the money because nothing is a guarantee in this league

  4. Millco Says:

    Mayfield taking them to SB
    Will be historic

  5. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    He’s a top 15 QB and a team can do a lot with that. The Giants won two Super Bowls and I don’t think Eli is more talented than Baker. Maybe he’ll keep getting better, too.

  6. BrianBucs Says:

    If the Glazers bring Bowles back then Baker will be back

  7. Millco Says:

    Him and Mahomes put up more pts&yrdage all time in college ft ball
    Probably 2017, Nixon the difference that game
    Regardless BM still got it in him
    Prepare to die

  8. Buccos Says:

    I hope he returns because it is fun to watch him play. I love the way he sacrifices his body for the team. It is real easy to get behind a player with that competitive drive, as both a teammate and a fan. The team hasn’t ever quit on him yet. He has great leadership

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    Relative to the predecessors at the helm of this franchise, Baker did have a great year. He was above .500 and made the playoffs. Williams. Dilfer. King. Johnson. Simms. Brady. Mayfield. That’s your list of playoff QBs. In 48 years.

    That said, can’t overpay him. He has to take a team friendly deal in exchange for guaranteed money over a period of years.

    But if the Eagles whip them bigly on Monday, it would not surprise me to see the team go after Belichick or Harbaugh or Carroll. Would any of them want Baker? Maybe Carroll wants to get back to the Halcyon days and mend with Wilson. Maybe Harbaugh wants a rookie. His boy will be there.

  10. Since76 Says:

    Does anyone think he will play better against the eagles than the stinks. I don’t know. I believe the defense will be ready like it has most of the season. If the offense shows up like it did the past two weeks it will be over by half time like the saints game.

  11. David Says:

    Baker says“I know there’s probably a mutual interest to come back here but no specifics,” he said.”

    LOL. Toilet Bowl is the only source in Bucs One Place who wants Baker to be backed. Why ? I tell you. He is his loved son and doesn’t matter what he has done lately or he will accomplished in playoffs. Remember Mayfield believes he had “a great year.” That has been Baker mindset every year with the four various teams during the past six years that he has been great. I don’t blame him but no one else has agreed with him except the toilet bowl.
    If “a great year” meaning is wining this underachieved division followed by one and done in playoff, then no wonder no one believes him outside of toilet bowl.

  12. Let ‘em bake Says:

    If he feels good and plants that back foot with authority like he did in Green Bay, and against the jags … I like the Bucs chances.

  13. David Says:

    Baker’s/TB will all come to end with a loss to Eagles. Let the re-build start if that occurred.

  14. David Says:

    You just woke up Baker fans again. Great job. All you have to do is to reference a source with a positive take and Baker top 5 fans will come up with the familiar following post;
    1. Bucs should re-sign him with 3 years $100M
    2. Bucs are better with Baker than GOAT.
    3. He came and won the division that Bucs were missing before.
    4. He is the top 10 qb’s in NFL.
    5. He is a leader/moxie that Bucs were missing with Brady.
    6. Baker will be come back player of the year.

  15. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    I wasn’t a baker fan for part of the season.

    Question for the folks who don’t want him back…considering the bust rate of college QBs…who are you gonna get that is better?

    Honestly, let’s hear your list.

  16. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Canales needs to call a lot of 3 step drop passes early to build his confidence.
    This is the game where we must score early and often.

  17. Boge Says:


    I understand your concern. I think you always have to try to upgrade especially at QB. And if you do draft one your franchise and fans are set for a 10+ years. I think it is worth the risk. Would be nice to let them watch on the bench for a year and learn.

    I admit Bakers numbers are good but I’m not sure he passes the eyeball test.
    Some of the games this year were almost unwatchable. Our terrible luck with drafting QBs need to end at some point! Stay optimistic!

  18. FortMyersDave Says:

    optimisticbucsfan: You make a great point. Who can the Bucs get who would be a bonafide future top 10 QB in the NFL?

    The Bucs will in all likelihood be picking between 19 and the early 20’s depending on how they fare against Philly. At that spot someone like Bo Nix, Penix, McCarthy, etc might be on the board after Caleb, Drake and the LSU kid are taken in the first 5 picks, then again they could be gone too if there is a run. Out of last year’s group: Stroud appears to be the real deal, the Panthers may have a bust and the situations in Indy and Nashville are cloudy at best. In a nutshell, getting a franchise qb in the first round is a low percentage dice roll and if a team were to trade up like Carolina did, a mistake could be compounded exponentially. Lynch made a really bad decision with Trey Lance but got bailed out by Mr Irrelevant.

    The list of first round qb busts is larger than franchise qbs taken in the first round.

  19. m milligan Says:

    FO DAVE, gFy

  20. m milligan Says:

    Where’s Dick Munch your wife. Aren’t u 2 getting ready for bed

  21. TampabayDJ Says:

    Wow !! Bunch of fake bandwagon crybaby fans ! You make real Bucs puke ! All you do is complain about everything. I’m sick of reading you bandwagon jumping people. When we win, you still find something to complain about. Or you are the other ones that say we’re going to be in the Super Bowl after beating Green Bay and the Jags , to saying that the season is over after the AINTS BOUNTY GATE 3.0 GAME. Go root for the Eagles, you fantasy football dorks ! You probably already sold your tickets to their fans , or your the ones who dust off your hidden AJ Brown Jersey when they come to town. Go Bucs and real Bucs fans !

  22. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I agree with Let ’em bake. When Mayfield plants his feet and throws with authority and confidence like the GB game especially, he’s a different QB.

    That Green Bay game had a lot of good game planning with motions and play action and well-designed routes. The offense played with confidence as a whole. All we need is better in-game adjustments on both sides of the ball and we can win this game.

    The Eagles don’t scare anybody right now so we need to take it to them.

  23. WyomingJoe Says:

    Great comments TampaBayDJ, Let ‘Em Bake and GlassHalfFull …

    When Baker has time to set up and throw like he did against Green Bay and the Jags, he’s as good as anyone.

    Unfortunately, we have a lot of fake “fans” and Haters on this site like David who whines and complains about everything – win or lose. You KNOW deep down inside that he’s rooting for the Eagles, don’t you? Time to walk the plank Davie! We’ve had enough.

  24. CleanHouse Says:

    This guy thinks he has arrived when in truth, he hasn’t done squat.
    Tom Brady’s seasons didn’t even begin in his mind until the post season began.
    This team didn’t learn anything from Tom.

    The team is terrible. The coach is terrible.

    Get Belichick, his standard of success is an accurate one.
    Get rid of Mayfield.

    Eagles win in a blowout. Bowles has sleep walked the team into the playoffs only because our division is wretched.

  25. Let ‘em bake Says:

    David, you forgot he spearheaded a division win, when most thought hed bring a “trash” year, and win only 4 games. Also, career yards thrown, career tds thrown. I need a great monday effort. Voting for cpoy begins ( with Ira in atlanta) on Tuesday/wed. Cha Ching😊

  26. Tb bolts Says:

    How many games this season did we watch this dude played terrible? More than half. Batted balls, 50 yards at the half, passes to no one.. happy feet..missed targets down field.. throws at receivers knees. Inaccurate and consistently inconsistent. Thats who you want to bring back? Waste of time and money. Let baker go give it his 5th go on a new team. He had 2 SOLID games this year out of 17… however thats only good enough if you’re a baker jock washer named wyomingjoe or tony marks. This dude isnt it. The game he won in cleveland in the post season.. his defense gifted him 4 possessions off turnovers. The only way baker sniffs a game beyond philly is if our defense shows up… the same D that won a chip 3 seasons ago.

    Seriously what goes through the bakery clubs head when game in and game out baker is out there doing nothing and wasting possessions? Are they just that delusional that no matter how anemic his play is they’re just star struck by his drawn on jawline? Maybe its the way he walks like he’s 6’8 and owns the world. Dude is nothing but smoke and mirrors and moxie. Look for the excuses to fly Monday night… unlike bakers passes against the panthers which were never completed beyond 10 yards.

  27. NCBuc Says:

    The newbies on the site trying to call out fake fans who’ve been here for years is quite funny! You act like the we’re the only fans that complain about QB play. You newbies or should I say BM fans should check out other team’s sites and see what is being said about that team’s QB. Oh wait….. You’ve already been there and know what the so called fake fans think!

  28. NCBuc Says:

    Another thing that’s funny is…… I can post and not use elementary school name calling to get my point across. Some of you Baker Bois should try it!

  29. heyjude Says:

    Baker brings so much to the team. He plays hard every week. Yes, he isn’t perfect, but many others aren’t either. We did so much better then we thought we might after Brady left. We made the playoffs! This is so exciting.

    I am a newbie to the blog and have been a Bucs fan since moving here around 1990. I do like other teams, especially the Bills since I grew up in that area. I love this blog and have read the articles and comments for awhile until getting up the nerve to be on board. Go Bucs 🏈

  30. ATLBuc Says:

    He let himself go into free agency??? Wait WHAT?? The Rams let you go back into free agency by not resigning you dude!!

  31. #99 the big fella Says:

    I agree lots of fake fans! Ones that hope the Bucs lose so they can start trask.. yes fake fans i

  32. SufferingSince76 Says:

    NCBuc, absolutely spot on. Dudes following one player from team to team and telling us we’re not real fans.

  33. darengibo Says:

    Bucs were THIS close to being 11-6 (Houston and Atlanta collapse) with a team many thought would have 5 wins max. Much of that is QB play and that includes leadership and instilling confidence in each other. I believe baker was huge part of it. Was it perfect? Nope. But sure was pretty good and something to keep building upon.

  34. SteveK Says:

    What a bunch of sour pusses!

    Go Bucs!

    If Baker can win us a home playoff game, I’m intereste in bringing him back for the right price. He’s not elite.

    I keep seeing “3 yrs. / $100 million” as a suggested starting point. I got news for all of us, if the Bucs were to allocate that kind of scratch toward the QB position, they’re going to get the best QB possible for that value – Kirk Cousins? He’s better imho.

  35. SteveK Says:

    The buccaneers are striving for greatness, not to just be a 9 win team. Bowles and Baker need to deliver us a MNF win vs. the Eagles of there is any talk of them coming back. Anything less will not be good enough.

  36. SteveK Says:

    Who is a “fake fan”?

    I am a Buccaneer diehard fan. No
    Doubts. I choose zero players over the whole team. That’s how it works.

    I will absolutely say: if Baker is limited and can’t make the throws, but Bowles runs him out there anyways and we get smoked, I’ll call for both of their heads. That is not a call for Trask, but just a base level expectation that my football team will make the right call and start the *able/healthy*QB. If Baker is not healthy and we get our butt’s kicked, you’re damn right I’m going to be looking for a new HC and QB, bc this team is better than that. And we need to see that the HC and QB aren’t just along for the ride. They must positively contribute.

  37. SteveK Says:

    Maybe the new generation of Bucs Fans is its inherently soft? Maybe the Baler Bois grew up on an environment where everyone gets a trophy. Not how it works in life. There is one Lombardi awarded each year, and 31 other failures: with the context being how well did you “try/stack up”.

    I got called out for saying that if you don’t win the AB it’s a failure. You’re damn right! You don’t win it all, and I’m disappointed every year. But, I also adjust my expectations for what’s feasible. And imho, Baler and Bowles need to show
    Us something more to keep them for next year. Win this game.

    They still wet the bed against the Saints in week 17, but they have a chance to make it up. And, no excuses for Baker. He’s tough and I am rooting for him to kick some ass. However, if Bowles and Baker took care of
    Business at home in wk 17 and against the Saints, we could’ve rested our guys at Carolina and not got Baker more hurt. We didn’t bc the HC and QB didn’t do enough.

  38. SteveK Says:

    Hopefully my comments come through moderation. Sorry for the cussing, Joe.

  39. flogrown Says:

    He’s been around .500 all his career I want better.

  40. rickym Says:

    If the Bucs were interested in keeping Mayfield, I thing some negotions would have already started. Mayfield basically played for minimum wage this season. He gambled on himself and won BIG! There will be a bidding war fir his services this off-season.

    There are teams that would love to have this type of leader on their team. Denver, New England, Atlanta and Pittsburgh just to name a few. The Seahawks intrigue me as I can see Canales and Mayfield there as HC/QB. The shocking removal of Pete Carroll signales to me that the Seahawks have a plan.

    With Lavonte Davis not sure if he will return and allowing Mike Evans to play out his contract, I believe the Bucs will begin a total rebuild at the end of this season.

  41. #99 the big fella Says:

    Steven k, I to am a lifelong Bucs fan ,55 yrs old ..
    I am a Season ticket holder for a very long time. I even travel out of state to see OUR team.I have a man cave with old school Bucs memorabilia that would make some drool. I have never seen so many complainers in my life. People like David are pathetic. Win or lose I support the team. Do i want a better younger offensive coach ? hell yeah I do.
    Let the playoffs start and if we get blown out then we know changes are coming..until then go Bucs!!

  42. SteveK Says:

    Go Bucs! Thanks #99, thst sounds like an epic Bucs watching experience!

  43. Marky Mark Says:

    It does not matter if Baker believes he had a great year or not. The numbers don,t lie, he had had a great year. Free agency is all about supply and demand. The supply of quality free agent QBs is low. But the supply of quality draft picks is high. Stroud was great but Bryce was terrible so again the draft is a crap shoot. Carroll will land somewhere but passed on Baker after the Browns put him up for sale.

  44. Zoocomics Says:

    @Nicholas Carlson

    Eli Manning was more talented than Baker…jesus… where do some of you guys come from on these boards?

  45. SteveK Says:


    Baker had a good year. Sure! He also has a great supporting cast. Look at the last three years with Brady, and the 30 for 30 with Jameis. Point being, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin make life easier for QBs.

    Supply and demand is great point too.
    If Cousins and Baker are both available for the same asking $, then give me Captain Kirk “you like that” cousins.

    With the amount of QBs in the top end of the draft this year, I’d have zero problems if we snagged a guy and let him sit a year to develop, as Joe has mentioned. Could you imagine the kind of damage we could do with a QB on a rookie contract? Once we pay a QB, we have to have that production and it becomes tougher to align the rest of our salary cap resources for the players we covet.

  46. SteveK Says:


    I would agree that Eli was way more talented. Also taller (see field better/less batted balls).

  47. Zoocomics Says:

    @rickym…perhaps you’re right. The smart move for owners is to let the season end without any changes to any contracts, there’s a period before anything gets going into the next season for evaluations. After Monday, depending on the results, this whole damn thing could blow up. GM included. Especially if they chase Belichick. I think it’s the only way Bowles gets fired, is if the Glazers have their heart set on something very very specific, and Belichick is just that.

    And to be clear to everyone else on these boards…Baker is not the missing piece to ANY team out there looking to win the Super Bowl. If some other GM wants to pay him a gaudy amount of money to play for them, let him walk. Baker is a great free agent option, and yes he will most likely make us more competitive then some of the other available talent out there. He may even help us win the division again and or get us back in to a wild card… BAKER IS NOT WINNING A SUPER BOWL FOR US. Oh, and if Mike Evans wants to get paid, it will be elsewhere making Baker’s numbers much more pedestrian moving forward.

  48. Conner50 Says:

    If he’s thinking he’s worth a long contract for about 100 million then he can go test free agency again, not worth money like that. He wants to really come back to Tampa he needs to take a very friendly deal for them to retain Evans. Winfield also needs to come back he’s too good to let go. 2 year max for 40 million 25 guaranteed, that’s pretty good for an inconsistent qb

  49. Tony marks Says:

    FortMyersDave Says:
    At that spot someone like Bo Nix, Penix, McCarthy, etc might be on the board after Caleb, Drake and the LSU kid are taken in the first 5 picks, then again they could be gone too if there is a run.


    Thats the thing. We are already KNOW there is going to be a run. In terms of Qbs this is one of the most hyped years of the draft. Even if he knows he doesn’t need a QB every GM knows his pick in the top 15 is more valuable because QB is a premium position. Any GM that needs a qb will be raked over the coals for not trading up to get a guy.

    sO ANY QB left in the 20s will have some serious asterisks besides his name because this QB hyed up draft is going to be a feeding frenzy.

  50. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    BakerBeBack, if the money is right. The Bucs (or anyone) should not over-pay for an average QB. Three immortal truths: Death, taxes & upgrade your QB if/when you can! The draft isn’t the only place to find one, either. There are a few viable QBs in free agency, too. Also, if Bowles is gone, so probably is Baker.

    It sure would be nice if the Bucs coaching staff could help it’s QB/players and prepare a game plan that can help Baker and the offense “Bake”. We have our doubts about that now, don’t we? Does Baker have the health in his ankles to plant that back foot with authority? I have my doubts about that, too.

  51. SteveK Says:

    Tony Marks,

    Good point that sitting back at our 1st round pick could leave less QB options. I wonder if Licht would trade up, like he did for Wirfs?

  52. Tony marks Says:

    NCBuc Says:
    January 12th, 2024 at 4:53 am
    The newbies on the site trying to call out fake fans who’ve been here for years is quite funny


    We DONT GIVE A RIP how long you been on this blog This is one of the silliest most desperate arguments you FAKE fans make. There are Buc fans for decades that still haven’t and will never post here.

    “Well uh duh I am a better fan because I umm have der posted in the basement comments here longer than U erR YOuZ so Um THeRE”

    What makes you a fan is how you behave and root for the the team. If as your crew of FAKE fans have done

    You are call for Buc players to get hurt ( so your Lord and Saviour Trask can play),
    Root openly For your team to be embarassed in prime time hoping for a blowout, ( aka as thursday night football)

    whine at every win

    and even in open threads on game day ( like Sunday gone) poat you are cheering fo the other side


    Love hearing and eating it because those be the facts and the record shows your crew doing ALL OF THE ABOVE

    Kapow…another gets kicked off the bandwagon..lololol

    GO BUCS!!

  53. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I hope some team does give Baker a big contract. The higher it is the better our comp pick will be. Win-win

  54. Tony marks Says:

    ATLBuc Says:
    January 12th, 2024 at 5:39 am
    He let himself go into free agency??? Wait WHAT?? The Rams let you go back into free agency by not resigning you dude!!


    He is correct and you as usual are wrong. The Rams wanted him to stay and play behidn stafford ( who did win a super bowl for them and has a guaranteed sizable contract) for a while and no doubt for more money.

    Baker told him he wanted to start now somewhere so passed .

  55. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I recently watched a recap of the Super Bowl between the Patriots and Falcons. It was an incredible comeback led of course by Brady but it wasn’t all him. The defense rose to the occasion as did the others on offense.

    Then I remembered all of the interviews with Patriots players afterwards. They all said to a man that they never gave up because they had TB12. They knew he wasn’t going to quit and they wanted to match his intensity and do their parts.

    Of course Baker is no TB12 (nobody is) but the “moxie” that so many scoff at shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to its effect on a team. You see your leader gutting it out, never giving up and leaving it all out on the field you want to match it. You don’t want to let him down. If he’s having a bad game, you want to lift him up by raising your play.

    By all accounts this team believes in Mayfield and respects his grit. That’s a good thing. The results may not always be there but this journey is only beginning with this crew of coaches and players.

    If we don’t bring back Mayfield, I hope we get someone who plays with the same fire because win or lose, I’d rather watch a guy play with fire in his blood than a wimp with a pedigree.

  56. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Tristan Wirfs says:

    “We ain’t scored in eight quarters. We’ve got to be better when we f’ing go into the f’ing playoffs,” Wirfs barked. “We’ve got to put f’king points on the board.”

    The number 1 reason the Bucs are not scoring points is the QB. It doesn’t sound like Wirfs “believes in Mayfield.”

    You know I’m not a fan of his game even when healthy, but him playing injured is just pure garbage. If he’s still injured the coach has to take the reins and start a healthy QB. At least give your offense a chance to move the ball and “put f’king points on the board.”

  57. Tony Marks Says:

    SteveK Says:
    January 12th, 2024 at 6:34 am
    Hopefully my comments come through moderation. Sorry for the cussing, Joe.


    Now what do you have to be cussing about when all us are always in such sweet agreement?

  58. Tony Suede Says:

    In today’s NFL, every team must have 2 serviceable QBs. This fact makes Baker so much more valuable under the salary cap system because teams will realize the backup QB position is critical. So even the biggest Baker haters will admit he is a serviceable backup (except for Know It All David on this thread). But Baker DID have a great year and he DID step up and perform and advance the prospects for his career. If the Buccaneers want a real man who gets it done on all levels- on the field, in the lockerroom and in the Tampa community, pay Baker Mayfield. A stable NFL home for Baker will only lead to better things for him in the future. Watch.

  59. stpetebucfan Says:

    I get that if you don’t take the shot you never score. So I get all the people here who believe…no big deal..if we dump Baker and Trask the Bucs simply go to the draft for a replacement! It’s NOT THAT EASY.

    Warren Sharp at Fox Sports recently did the math.

    “There have been 38 quarterbacks drafted in the first round since 2011, the year the NFL changed the collective bargaining agreement to set a wage scale for rookie deals, making it extremely affordable to draft a quarterback,” he began. “These 38 first-round quarterbacks have made a total of 1,909 starts. Their record? 1034-1035-7. Almost exactly break-even.”

    “Only one of those 38 quarterbacks led their team to a Super Bowl victory: Patrick Mahomes,” Sharp reported. “Of these 38 quarterbacks, 10 are still on their rookie deal, so set them aside. Of the other 28, only 11 (39%) were even given a second deal with the team that drafted them. Most were cut or saw their rookie deals expire.”

    Yes many great QB’s are selected in the first round…so are a lot of busts…and when you consider the GOAT was selected in the sixth round and the Bucs other SB QB Brad Johnson in the now nonexistent 9th round…Brad would be a UDFA in today’s world.

    Selecting a QB in the first round is usually an act of desperation…like “Fameis’.
    Desperate actions are the most risky. Occasionally someone breaks this mold like KC who selected Mahomes even though they had a competent QB. KC’s IMHO are the exception.

  60. Tb bolts Says:

    The reason this team is 9-8 is because of chase mclaughlin and the defense. At no point was baker the MVP while he was putting up pathetic numbers the entire game until garbage time when teams knew it was over. Our fg kicker was automatic from distance the entire season so when faker couldnt move the ball past the 40 we still got some points. Oh wow baker didn’t turn the ball over? Hard to turn it over when he’s throwing ducks 10 feet over receivers heads. Dude is as MEDIOCRE as they come. Baker came to tank division and benefited… and STILL sucked against the aints, panthers and falcons.

    BY ALL MEANS sign him. And when its the same exact story next year the baker crew will still be on here showing their asses. Theyre in love with sooner mayfield, not pedestrian NFL journeyman mayfield.

  61. stpetebucfan Says:

    I read the debate over poster credibility here with amusement. Long time fans…short time fans…long time posters..newbies…

    It’s all the same. AMATEURS expressing their football OPINIONS. The people we love to criticize…Mayfield and Bowles actually do this for a living…IE they are professionals we are NOT. Doesn’t make them perfect or us ignorant but damn call me old school but I look at results not opinions.

    I like all the posters here although I obviously disagree with many just as they disagree with me.

    The ONLY thing that disturbs is SOME posters here are so obsessed with their ‘AMATEUR” opinions they begin to root for them to come true so they can have blog bragging rights.

    I am NOT a professional! I post AMATEUR opinions to share with other AMATEURS and have fun discussing the Bucs. I don’t really care if I’m right or wrong because my career nor livelihood depend on it. It’s just for FUN!!!

  62. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Of the other 28, only 11 (39%) were even given a second deal with the team that drafted them.

    @stpete, that looks pretty good to me. I’m not asking for nor expecting a rookie QB to bring home a SB. If that happens, you’ve won the lottery. I want a rookie QB to give the team longterm hope, and a (temporarily) beneficial cap hit. If we have a 39% of landing a 1st round QB that earns a second contract, I’m jumping at the opportunity.

    This team has a lot more work to do before they’re real contenders. Paying 25/30/40 million per for a QB is not what a team in our situation should be doing. Especially when that QB is not really pulling your team over the top. Let another team pay up for his services. The Bucs could definitely use a 3rd round comp pick.

    Also, 1st round QB selections are not “an act of desperation.” Trading the farm to move up is definitely “an act of desperation” (See CAR).

  63. orlbucfan Says:

    I’m a female long-time, long suffering, (since 1979) Bucs fan. I am absolutely thrilled to pieces that they are in a home playoff game!!! And Division champs to boot! Back-to-back. I know enough about the game to enjoy it. I also am aware of its negatives. There are plenty of sports/Bucs blogs around. Heck, they’ve got ’em on the team site. So, I just laugh at the fake fans. Welcome aboard @heyjude. Gotta warn ya: this football club will drive you crazy at times. Like your moniker, BTW. 🙂 Go Bucs!!

  64. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Yes many great QB’s are selected in the first round…so are a lot of busts…and when you consider the GOAT was selected in the sixth round and the Bucs other SB QB Brad Johnson in the now nonexistent 9th round…Brad would be a UDFA in today’s world.

    Also @stpete, this argument is not strong. Yep, there have been anomalies, but consider this. 30 SBs were won by QBs drafted in round 1, and 26 were won by QBs acquired after round 1 (all rounds combined). And that stat is heavily skewed by Brady’s 6. This argument isn’t even close. Your team has the best shot at landing a SB-quality QB by drafting them in round 1. You just need a good scouting department and good coaching staff to maximize your chances.

  65. Craig Says:

    He is saying he will come back if you bring a big enough bank truck to the table.

    Yes, Baker had a just better than decent year. I am on the fence because it was the biggest year of his entire career.

    I am not sure he can do better. I am almost positive that he will not be able to sustain such high level, for him, play. It is kind of like his ability to sustain drives; non-existent.

  66. realistic-optimistic Says:

    My apologies, Brady. He has 7!

  67. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    This team can go deep in the playoffs if Mayfield is mobile. More worried about the ankle than the ribs. They should easily beat the Iggles, their locker room is s shi$ show, finger pointing and coach blaming. IF they can take away the easy intermediate center of field passes from Purdy, the 49ers can be beat as well. Nobody beats the Ravens this year though.

  68. Tony Says:



    Baker vs Flacco

    The two QBs everybody started to give up on. Baker wasn’t gonna be giving much of a chance by other teams anymore & goes up against Cleveland & then Flacco makes it when nobody was giving him much of a chance either.

    Then they can rename it THE CINDERELLA BOWL!

  69. Oz Len Says:

    I don’t think it matters what Mayfield does in this game. Good or bad, everyone has their mind made up already. No NFL personnel person is going to be swayed by a game where A: He’s legitimately injured, B: On a team, nobody expected anything of, and C: Playing a far superior team that was in the Super Bowl last year.

  70. SteveK Says:

    St. Pete Bucs fan,

    I am confident the “JBF” commenters (long timers) would be able to do a better job than David Tepper.

    On what planet is Bryce Young better than CJ stroud: as a prospect? And, what on earth led them to buck every trend to draft the smallest/slightest QB ever in the 1st round.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m tickled that we don’t have to face stroud twice a year bc he would’ve won them the division.

    But to say “amateurs” are completely clueless is not giving full credit to the train wreck that is thirsty hand tepper!

    I am sure there are more examples.

    Another one that comes to mind. Why would Dom/Rock star draft Adrian Clayborn (known physical limitations) over the son of an all-pro and potential HoF player in Cam Jordan. Joe is the man, and he shared Dominik liked to play “mess up dinner” with the prospects to see “which one he wants”.

    I can tell you without a doubt if I was given the autonomy to pick a. Draft pick or sign a player, I’d heavily lean on my experts o. Staff, and I would ABSOLUTELY NOT make football decisions on the basis of anything g other than football.

    No guarantee, but to think we could not do better is absurd.

  71. SteveK Says:


    I don’t want Baker or Bowles back if they can’t win this game. Simple as that.

    Baker may not be healthy, but then it’s on Bowles to make the call and win the game.

    It would be foolish to commit big money and another year of this HC, if they can’t win a meaningful home game in January. They had a chance two weeks ago against NO and Shat the best. Now they can make it right. They must make it right to come back.

  72. Student of the Game Says:

    TB Bolt, just stop. You are exposing football ignorance. Time to move on the basketball season and complain. There are fewer pieces and a single player can really affect the team. In football, not so much.

  73. DBS Says:

    Tb bolts. So Vasy gave up 3 goals again! Sure glad someone saved him in OT after they had the lead. They need to get put him on the bench. See you can point the finger at just one player. That’s all you seem to ever want to show up to do here.

  74. stpetebucfan Says:


    “I am confident the “JBF” commenters (long timers) would be able to do a better job than David Tepper.”

    That’s because David Tepper is the perfect illustration of my point. He’s a freaking AMATEUR when it comes to football. He’s a Hedge Fund billionaire who earned a pile of money in the market NOT football.

    I would add to your observation that many “owners” assume their MONEY makes them smarter than they really are. I’m not a fan of Jerry Jones particularly but he DID play for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP college team so he at least knows football.

    “But to say “amateurs” are completely clueless is not giving full credit to the train wreck that is thirsty hand tepper!” Well I’ve already explained that Tepper is no NFL expert he just a guy with more money than he knows what to do with.

    But I also wrote…”IE they are professionals we are NOT. Doesn’t make them perfect or us ignorant but damn call me old school but I look at results not opinions.”

    Neither professionals nor amateurs are correct all of the time. But I simply prefer odds from the professionals. The amateurs here who I respect post like without the juvenile name calling and BS and state facts or stats. And yes we know that stats can be twisted as well but that’s where the debate comes in.

    So it’s a FACT…that in the ten years without Tom Brady Bill Belichik has the same win..or perhaps better stated losing % as Todd Bowles career .

    IE Statistically at least, in the years without Brady BB put up the same record as Bowles. If you just wish to consider the last two years Bowles has blown BB away.

    Those are FACTS! It is my opinion that BB and Bowles have a lot in common. They are not dynamic rah rah individuals. Both could use personality transplants although unlike Beliechik at least Bowles is not obnoxious. Now there’s a prime example of OPINION. If you’re NEFan who worships at the altar of Belichik I get it…but he can’t argue the FACTS..Belichik’s record without Brady is the same as Bowles career numbers…he certainly can state in his opinion Belichik is not really obnoxious.

  75. Student of the Game Says:

    StevK, you do know Cousins has already been in the league 12 years, so next year is 13, right? So if they were the same money, Mayfield would have 6 more years to get to where Cousins already is. Doesn’t seem like good math to me.

  76. Student of the Game Says:

    STpeteBucfan, spot on. I doubt any posters here make a living at football except Joe. I tried, didn’t work out. I do love the game. It mirrors life. The lessons I learned have made my business successful.

  77. Tony Marks Says:

    Tb bolts Says:

    BY ALL MEANS sign him. And when its the same exact story next year the baker crew will still be on here showing their asses.


    Not true . Theres no way we would ever find you attractive enough.

    However you do you bro. just make sure to tell us when so we can put on the ugly pic site blockers. We want to make sure we don’t have flashbacks whenever we see a deflated football.

  78. Student of the Game Says:

    SteveK, pretty high standard. Regardless of how they have played last 7 games, the Eagles were in the SB last year. Most of those guys are back. TB can win, but will need errorless game (ie not holding and no turnovers) and some turnovers by Eagles. I’m putting money on TB plus points.

  79. NE Fan Says:

    What is he supposed to say, no this place sucks??? He has had to eat crap since Cleveland dumped his arse, he will 100% go to the highest bidder, he’s got some catching up to do.

  80. SteveK Says:

    Student of the game,

    Thanks for the reply!

    The point I was aiming to convey:

    If the Bucs decided to allocate a 3 yr. /$100 million towards a QB, age be darned, give my Cousins over Baker.

    I believe Cousins is a better passer, regardless of age.

    I would be down for another Tom Brady-level stud.

  81. BucsMinisterFuller Says:

    Everybody talking about take a QB in the first round when Baker is only 5 years removed from being the #1 Pick.
    THE #1 PICK!

  82. NE Fan Says:

    He isn’t the only #1 QB bust that came out of the draft and he won’t be the last. Wasn’t Jamaise #1?

  83. infomeplease Says:

    It makes sense that the Glasers would wait until till post season before starting contract talks with BM6. First the team needs to determine which direction to maneuver. Who’s the HC? Who’s the GM? Who’s the OC? Then perhaps who’s the QB?
    A bad playoff showing could result in a complete rebuild. A good playoff showing could result in a moderate reset. This starts to get resolved come Monday night!! LFG;;

  84. BakerBucs Says:

    Hay DAVID does not deserve to walk the plank we need to do shove him off the bow with no life jacket & several other krud balls on this site.Screw u r draft picks we have a very capable QB in the house who helped save this year’s season from doldrums of Panthers 2&15 record i c it like this baker basically had the same problem last year at the panthers as did with young tjis year but baker is a way better qb.& this year shows that I am also sick of hearing he was with 4 teams in 1 year that is total bs he was with browns for 4 years went to Panthers was released & mc ey picked him up played pretty well for 4 games as fill in & comes to Tampa the following spring plz get u r damn facts straight

  85. Student of the Game Says:

    SteveK, IMO behind the same line, with the same running back, and the same OC you will get the same or less results with Cousins. Not as elusive as Mayfield. Running game has to improve to improve results. It’s the root cause of what everyone is calling Mayfield’s inconsistency. Hard to be consistent when 11 defensive guys and 80,000 fans know its a pass.

  86. Kevin Says:

    Randy Quaid in the movie major league is David. Baker Mayfield is your quarterback and the future of Tampa Bay. Shake n bake.

  87. NCBuc Says:

    @ Marks….. I love that the little things I say trigger you. It’s rather funny. I’m realizing that you don’t read entire posts before you start spewing your words. I’ve told you that I’m an FSU fan that didn’t even know who Trask was until we drafted him. Yet you keep coming with the same argument. So you wanna talk fake fans that wish injuries to start another. I say you are way off base. If your guy (Baker) is truly that injured, then he should not start. It’s really that simple. I for one have said that Trask is an unknown, in which you keep calling me a Traskie. Learning to actually read is a great thing.

  88. NCBuc Says:

    I’m the type to never trust that a rookie QB is the answer. Too many have been busts. You get lucky every now and then. I would rather have a known commodity than the unknown. We know what BM is, and it’s mediocrity. Not bad, but not good. And just to be fair, I wouldn’t want to pull a trade for a Rodgers, because he is a choke artist. I will pull for an upgrade every chance I can.