Antoine Winfield Is A Gamewrecker

December 24th, 2023

Monster game.

Say it with Joe, all together now: Antoine Winfield is a gamewrecker.

A gamewrecker, in Joe’s eyes, is the ultimate defender. He’s a guy that changes games, forces offenses into mistakes, makes his presence felt and is a man teams are smart to avoid.

Winfield continues to blow up offenses. His interception early today helped set up a Bucs touchcown as the Tampa Bay jumped out to a dominating 30-0 lead.

Winfield had a sack, a tackle for loss, a fumble recovery, a quarterback hit, an interception, and a pass defended.

Instead of asking what Winfield did, the more apt question is, what didn’t he do?

Winfield was pulled off the field as the Bucs thought he had a concussion. Joe is happy to report after the game in the locker room a Bucs media relations staffer told Joe that Winfield cleared concussion protocol. So he’s fine.

This guy is going to cost the Bucs some Team Glazer loot. And Joe guesses Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht doesn’t care.

Winfield ought to be an All-Pro this year. More than that, Winfield is a gamewrecker.

Today, the Bucs couldn’t have had a better first half against a team in the thick of a division race. The Jags may have played poorly, but they are not a bad team. The Bucs just made them look bad, especially in the first half.

Winfield of course was a big reason why. His pick set up Mike Evans’ second touchdown. His sack of Trevor Lawrence smoked out the Jags’ final chance at a scoring opportunity late in the first half.

When Joe thinks of gamewreckers he thinks of T.J. Watt or Micah Parsons.

In Joe’s mind, NFL folks ought to include Winfield in that list.

Man, that 2020 draft with Tristan Wirfs and Winfield is starting to look historic.

21 Responses to “Antoine Winfield Is A Gamewrecker”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    great game…a real nose for the football…

    is this team just getting better and better and surging at precisely the right time…?

  2. Wagonwheel50 Says:


  3. Dewey Selmon Says:

    All-Pro this year with consideration for DPOY

  4. DS Says:

    Definitely a candidate for DPOY

  5. DS Says:

    remember when folks cried for Derwin James ? He isn’t in the same league as Winfield

  6. Leighroy Says:


  7. Baking with Canales Says:

    Another Buc for life?

    Evans and Winfield?

    I hope so.


  8. Oneilbuc Says:

    He must be snig first!!

  9. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    JR stepping out of his father’s shadow and making his own mark. Game wrecker is his middle name

  10. YaYa Winfield Says:

    This kid is the best safety in the league, full stop! Wirfs and Winfield on pace to be the equivalent of Sapp and Brooks in the same draft. Kid is an absolute beast. White played lights out and May end up making this a tough decision regarding him in the off season. Lot of playmakers out there today.

  11. ModHairKen Says:

    I’d like to know what has happened over the last month. Every guy who was weak has improved. They look confident. Even mistakes don’t phase them. They are not having drive killing penalties on Offense.

    They are winning despite deplorable play from some CBs.

    What happened? What turned this around?

    Joe???? That’s what we need to know.

  12. BucsLife Says:

    They need to get rid of Jamel Dean and Davis!!! Not sure how they got such monster contracts, but the 10 or more yards they play opens up the middle of the field and they keep getting lost and allowing it, but always knew Winfield was going to be a star

  13. TBfan Says:

    Anyone want to cut Baker loose now?? 4 weeks ago the hate was real af

  14. Mord Says:


  15. firethecannons Says:

    You know Joe–this draft is looking good too, Kancey, Diaby, Mauch, Palmer, the tight end Durham, what iss happeneing with Sirvocea Dennis? anyway pleased with this

  16. Leopold Stotch Says:

    If he’s not an All Pro something is wrong.

  17. itzok Says:

    Is there a better safety in the league right now? sign him or franchise him. Kid has never been out of position, he’s freakin solid

  18. unbelievable Says:

    Winfield had a sack, a tackle for loss, a fumble recovery, a quarterback hit, an interception, and a pass defended.

    Whatever is the NFL equivalent of a hat trick for defense, Winfield had 2 of them today lol.

    Straight ballin

  19. Pick6 Says:

    Not sure any DB is influencing the game as much as he is this year. Reminds me of Honeybadger’s MVP season under…..Todd Bowles. And Jamaal Adams under…Todd Bowles

  20. garro Says:

    Did I see him selling popcorn in the stands as well? He did a bit of evrything in this one for sure!

    Go Bucs!

  21. Donna Says:

    Amazing game for AWJr🏴‍☠️