A Sunday Loss From Team Glazer Involvement And Kyle Trask

December 7th, 2023

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In “Magnum Force,” Clint Eastwood stares into the camera and utters one of modern cinema’s most memorable lines: “A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations.”

So does a football team.

That’s why Sunday’s matchup at Atlanta looms so critical for the Buccaneers. The ramifications cannot be overstated.

Team Glazer members Joel (left) and Bryan.

The difference in franchise direction between a 6-7 record and a 5-8 mark is as wide as the lanes on I-75 heading into the Peach State. Yes, it’s all on the line for the visitors at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Let’s look at the bright side.

A victory would give Tampa Bay a share of the NFC South lead with four games remaining. At that point, even a setback at Green Bay the following week wouldn’t necessarily be soul-crushing. Baker Mayfield would keep his job under center for at least a while and Todd Bowles would have every reason to play his veterans in an effort to win a third consecutive division title.

A 2-game winning streak now would give Tampa Bay some momentum heading into home games against Jacksonville and New Orleans and a regular-season finale at woeful Carolina.

With their first back-to-back victories since the opening two weeks, the Bucs would enter the postseason stretch run with confidence. The Jaguars aren’t playing particularly well and Trevor Lawrence has a bad ankle, the Saints are nothing special and we just saw what gnarly leftovers the Panthers bring to the table.

But what if the Falcons come out on top Sunday?

The standings would tell a very different story. Tampa Bay would fall two games behind Atlanta and the Falcons would boast a season sweep. A division crown would seem like a prohibitive longshot and at 5-8, Tampa Bay’s wild-card chances turn rather remote.

That’s where the Glazers have to step in, front and center.

Turning To Trask

The family that signs the checks has to acknowledge their franchise’s limitations. A loss on Sunday would demand a frank discussion about where this team sits and where it’s heading.

Backup QB Kyle Trask.

For starters, it should mean an opportunity for Kyle Trask to show Buc Nation and the Buc brain trust he can handle the starting job. Baker Mayfield has played pretty well, but he hasn’t shown enough to discourage the Bucs from seeking an upgrade under center.

Saddled with a 5-8 record and with little to play for, the Bucs would be wise to start Trask the final four games. You certainly can’t make a sound judgment on Trask based on his 10 career pass attempts.

We know Mayfield’s ceiling — we know almost nothing about Trask at the pro level. If the playoff chase is effectively over by late Sunday afternoon, giving Trask the keys is the smart move.

Yes, Sunday’s game looms that consequential for the visitors. Let’s look at the potential dynamics of a loss with the power brokers, in ascending order.

Todd Bowles wants to win as many games as possible … period. He couldn’t care less about positioning for the 2024 draft at this stage. His job is to come out on top and he takes that job very seriously. Barring an injury to Mayfield, he would have little interest in a change under center.

GM Jason Licht may become conflicted, writes Ira Kaufman.

Jason Licht would be conflicted. He drafted Trask in the second round, so he’s invested in the former Gator standout. He’d be as curious as Buc fans to see what Trask could do on the big stage. Licht also brought in Mayfield as a free agent and Mayfield has taken good care of the football.

Unlike Bowles, Licht has earned the confidence of the Glazers. That Vince Lombardi Trophy goes a long, long way. If there’s a coaching change, Licht figures to survive. That doesn’t mean he gets to select the next coach.

That’s where ownership typically comes in. The Glazers might also flex their muscles in suggesting Trask be given a chance for the final month.

Suppose, just suppose, that Trask lights it up. Not likely, but possible. In that scenario, the Bucs may not feel they have to draft a quarterback in the first round.

This is professional football. You’re either a championship contender or you’re building a championship foundation. The Bucs currently find themselves waist deep in the big muddy, halfway in and halfway out.

By Sunday evening, their path forward will be clear.

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65 Responses to “A Sunday Loss From Team Glazer Involvement And Kyle Trask”

  1. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The Trask brigade will be cheerleading for the Falcons on sunday

  2. Rod Munch Says:



  3. HC Grover Says:

    I am for TEAM FANS buy out the ‘Glazer Family’ they are not a ‘football family’ and there is a lot of them that do not know what a football is. They are interested in family income. Nothing wrong with that. To them the Bucs are a family investment. Nothin wrong with that either.
    Maybe we fans should buy the Bucs….Culverhouse-Glazer etc….Buy them out. I do not know if it is viable just a thought I had. I think they are more interested in income than who is the QB. No complaint by me there either. They listen to their accountants.

  4. Greg Says:

    I don’t think anyone is cheering for the Bucs to lose. My angle on it is that Trask was a second round pick and if he just disappears to wherever, we shouldn’t have picked him. This calls Jason Licht into question because one of two things seem to have happened: either A he was a bad pick or B Jason Licht didn’t have the buy in of coaching for the pick or coaching screwed him by not developing Trask.

    We need to know that before this draft certainly if we are picking a qb. What Trask is or could have been is almost irrelevant. If can’t pick quarterbacks, running backs or defensive ends… that is a problem. The only way for ownership to answer the question is to put in Trask and find out.

  5. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    I feel that if you own an NFL franchise then you’re obligated to love football and to put winning above money. Anything else is avarice.

  6. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Todd is a good DC who has been shoe-horned into the HC job where he is completely out of his element. A modern HC is an executive. Todd is anything but. His attempts to function as an executive HC (ala BA) only result in distracting him from what he is good at: defense coordinator.

    I understand the argument to keep Todd….what it really boils down to is that the owners will not get a pricey Arians-style executive HC to replace Todd….rather they’ll go dumpster-diving and come up w more Raheem, Schiano type clowns

  7. SBucs Says:

    I expect more confusion from the Bucs braintrust. They’ve painted themselves into one corner and will have no answer for losing or winning.

  8. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I think you take it one step further and fire Bowles with a loss on Sunday. That gives total control to Licht. Lets you play any players you need to see on tape so you’re sure what you’ve got. Also let’s you start the new coach search.

  9. HC Grover Says:

    Vlad it is the big sponsors and advertisers that have a large impact on what they do.
    Just like everything else nowadays. Equity counts a lot in management decisions and profitability. \That said the paying fans experience and fun at the games is very important. Win or lose. It costs a fortune to attend and they should get their moneys worth. Buc games are a lot of fun even with a loss. Did you see the lights on the ship and such? It was awesome. The Buc field is too. The Buc field is the best in the NFL.
    That said….fire Bowles.

  10. Darin Says:

    Mayfields played pretty well? Where

  11. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Why continue the nonsense, HC Grover? It isn’t going to happen, ever.

  12. bagelman Says:

    “We know almost nothing about Trask at the pro level.”

    I would remove the word “almost”. We know nothing about him. In year three. Hard to wrap my mind around that.

    I would start Trask THIS GAME. I see no value in squeaking into the playoffs to get torched, especially when Baker ain’t gonna be here next year. Plus, if Trask plays only after we are out of the playoffs, you can bet the house he won’t be playing with all the starters.

  13. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Ira: Didn’t you compare Trask with Mike Glennon? I guess it is like The Glennon Mob 2.0, with these Trask freaks and their nonstop whining.

  14. Bosch Says:

    The only way for the Bucs to upgrade at QB is by trade or FA. This organization has proven it is INCAPABLE of drafting and developing a franchise QB We’re talking about 47 years worth of proof. Now, if you want to say the Culverhouse ownership doesn’t count, okay But we’re still talking what? 30 years?

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    *to Mike Glennon

  16. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Some people fail to understand the concept, of the Bucs needing to see what they have in Trask. Trask’s ability or inability to play QB, seems highly correlated to the Bucs QB needs going forward.

    It ain’t about Trask fans, or Gators fans, or anyone’s feelings.

  17. realistic-optimistic Says:

    The QB is playing on a 1-year contract. He’s being paid what backups get paid. What is up with the undying devotion to this guy?

    The time for action was after the HOU loss. We went from 2-0 to 3-5 with back-to-back crushing losses. That was the time to switch QBs. No, he was not the sole problem, but he wasn’t (isn’t) the solution. And you have a 2nd round pick wasting on the bench. That was the time to send a message that you want to win, and you’re willing to shake things up. Nope, Bowles and crew just keep leaning on the rental QB. Total nonsense.

  18. HC Grover Says:

    Look at the pic of the owners….They are checking on the family investment. That is all. Nothin wrong with that but that is what they are doing. There are a lot more Glazers that have interests in the famimily income. I doubt they know anything about football and the rest do not care.

  19. Hunter Says:

    “The Beer Whisperer Says:
    December 7th, 2023 at 3:01 pm
    Some people fail to understand the concept, of the Bucs needing to see what they have in Trask. Trask’s ability or inability to play QB, seems highly correlated to the Bucs QB needs going forward.

    It ain’t about Trask fans, or Gators fans, or anyone’s feelings.”


    I actually hate the f’in Gators and their fans but I really really really really want to see what Kyle Trask can do.

    We have a very low ceiling ( about 6 foot tall 😉 ) right now with Baker….

  20. Tb bolts Says:

    This is where bakey stands 12 games in. Is this what the bakery club considers a successful season? Pretty low standards for their god baker. Hanging on by a wet string and the bucs playoff hopes one foot in the grave. But as long as middy is behind center the bakery club will continue showing their ass on this site.. despite this utter failure of a season. Kind of like brandon voters… yeah he’s worthless but at least he’s in the drivers seat!

  21. infomeplease Says:

    Sunday’s game is all about Todd Bowles! If he can figure out a way to keep the Falcons from moving up and down the field, whether they run or pass, then he may still have a job at the end of the season. The Bucs will score some points. But the defense has to get off the field on 3rd and 4th downs for the Bucs to win. If the Falcons win, Bowles will need another job. He will have earned the season end firing!!! His poor game clock management, loyalty to under performing players, and refusal to make timely adjustments will have cost this team way to many wins and ultimately a chance at another playoff run (probably just a one and done, but better than a no show). Time to step up Bowles!!! If not, there is no tomorrow for you here in Tampa!!!

  22. Larrd Says:

    An NFL team has to try and win each week. They are professionals selling a product. Why sportswriters can’t understand that is beyond me.

  23. TonySoprano Says:

    I’m an FSU fan and I want to see what Trask can do. There really is nothing to lose. How embarrassing would it be if we drafted him and for 4 years didn’t even give him a chance, and he then goes in to succeed elsewhere? That would show a level beyond ineptitude for this organization.

    I certainly don’t have high expectations he’ll do good, but for the love of god, you have to at least see how your 2nd round investment performs when the real bullets are flying.

  24. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Never, ever, ever, effin ever wish for losing. I don’t care if you have a chance to draft the drop dead obvious greatest player in history. NEVER wish for losing. You’re a saints fan if you do.

  25. bucs107 Says:

    The only fan base and sportscasters that wish losing
    Ira and company are the bullhorns
    Unreal never seen anything like it

  26. Dean Bucs fan for life!!! Says:

    Kyle Trask’s development was sidetracked by Tom Brady’s arrival, and the need to have Blaine and Ryan as viable back-ups to procure a championship! I’ll take that seven days a week and twice on Sunday. With that said, It is time to put Kyle under center and realistically ascertain an evaluation of his skills in “real time!” I agree that if Kyle exhibits the skills and maturity (he did learn something from Brady over a three year window, no?) then we can re-set our draft priorities, and take a quarterback in the later rounds! Then we can replenish and address the dismal and disappointing pass rush that has given quarterbacks more time to throw than wine spends in a bottle! By the way, Jason Licht built a championship roster! He deserves an opportunity to get the Pirate ship back on course!!! LET’S GO BUCS!!!!!

  27. Tony Marks Says:

    Not sure where to start with these silly takes

    I’ve always said once we aren’t in contention that Trask should start . HOWEVER

    What kind of dumb would you have to be to look at 4 games with really only one decent one and then PASS ON DRAFTING A QB on the basis of those four games?

    What happens if you find out next season Trask is not up to better competition even if he doesn’t fall flat on his face in those four games? The only thing that makes sense is no matter what is you re are looking to this QB rich draft.

  28. gotbbucs Says:

    I have zero faith in Bowles being able to make that switch from Mayfield to Trask. They’ll have to walk him out the front door to be able to accomplish that switch.
    Bowles made his bed when he chose to go with Baker over Kyle. Choosing Trask would have bought him some grace period, choosing the guy with a proven track record allowed him zero room for error. He failed. Baker hasn’t been bad, but he hasn’t been good either. Good doesn’t compete for a championship, and when average QB play is the ceiling, that’s impossible to sell to the fans and media.

  29. Craig Says:

    I think Licht believes himself cursed when it comes to second round picks. He has mostly made bad ones but the others proved they were bad.

    Arians was afraid Brady was going to bail after the Stupor Bowl win, so he pushed for Trask as an insurance package. Brady came back and Arians found out his ticker wasn’t up to outguessing Brady.

    He bailed instead and that left Trask with none behind him. Hot Toddie does not feel a need to care how Trask feels, thinks, or practices.

    If and/or when this season is off the rails it is time to see if Licht, with Arians help, could draft someone good in the 2nd round. Trask should play, whether it is good or not, it will be put to rest.

    Maybe Baker will be back next season for another prove it year, maybe the Bucs 1st pick will be the 50/50 chance of drafting a franchise QB, or maybe Trask is a franchise QB, there is only one way to know, play the games.

  30. TonySoprano Says:

    Even if you don’t believe Trask is a legitimate starter, you can at least use these 4 games to gauge if he is even worthy of a backup contract offer. If not, we’ll need to find a starting QB and a backup.

  31. Tony Marks Says:

    Dean Bucs fan for life!!! Says:
    I agree that if Kyle exhibits the skills and maturity (he did learn something from Brady over a three year window, no?) then we can re-set our draft priorities, and take a quarterback in the later rounds!


    So for the sake of a third year Qb looking mature against the scrubs of the league competition you are going to forego going after a first rounder in THIS p QB draft? With the hype in this draft what are you going to get in the “later rounds”?

    Central Florida must be selling some good weed.

  32. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Believe it or not- the OLine is the most important unit in an offense- Mauch is a rookie lacking NFL strength-coming from Division 2. Hainsey is a backup- lacks strength and power to lead a dominating OLine.
    Blame Mayfield, RWhite, coaches all you want – putting Trask in at this point would only hurt Trask’s confidence because he lacks experience and will get sacked with this OLine twice as much as Mayfield.
    Team playing hard and management understanding future personnel needs is all I’m hoping for this year.

  33. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Four games isn’t enough time to evaluate a QB. Look at Jordan Love for example. He was bad at the beginning of the season. Now he’s playing good football.

    The Bucs are in a rock and a hard place from an evaluation stand point. Baker is not a franchise QB, they don’t know what they have in their second round pick after three years, and it’s “the year of the QB” this coming nfl draft. If the Bucs draft a QB in round one it makes Trask a wasted pick. Period.

    I don’t know if Kyle will be any good and that’s the problem as a fan. The Bucs wasted his opportunity this season on a below average journeyman QB with no accolades.

    I would have rather taken the lumps with the draft pick over Baker as a Buc fan because it wouldn’t matter if it worked out or not at least the organization would have a clear direction in the offseason.

    This season has given me flashbacks of the lost decade over and over again with the mediocrity, inept offense, and bad pass defense.

    Right the ship Glazers or I’m closing my wallet.

  34. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    HC Grover said, “ I am for TEAM FANS buy out the ‘Glazer Family’…

    You think Tampa Bay fans can shell out the $1 billion it would take to do that? I would bet on a 10-mile wide asteroid colliding with earth during the off season before I bet on a fan buyout of the Bucs from the Glazers.

  35. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    Vlad The Impaler Says:
    December 7th, 2023 at 2:44 pm
    I feel that if you own an NFL franchise then you’re obligated to love football and to put winning above money. Anything else is avarice.

    Winning = more revenue, more profits. A winning team gets more media attention, more nationally televised games, more fans in the stands, more merchandise sales, etc.

    Given that the Glazers have two SB victories during their tenure as Bucs owners, my guess is they already understand what I said above better than most other NFL team owners do.

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    HC Grover Says:
    December 7th, 2023 at 2:39 pm
    I am for TEAM FANS buy out the ‘Glazer Family’

    That’s ridiculous considering that brought us TWO Superbowls and numurous conference and division titles.

  37. HC Grover Says:

    I think so.550 a share. Cheaper than a ticket.

  38. HC Grover Says:

    BB I want a Dynasty not a SB every 20 or thirty years.

  39. realistic-optimistic Says:

    @Bonzai, “numerous?” That’s a tad generous.

  40. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    This year’s catch word, “ceiling,” is getting old.

    Joe….your logic of say we’ve seen Mayfield’s ceiling is flawed. Give the man some protection and some non-predictable play calling. Then you can make an informed judgement.

    BTW…. All you whiners screaming about Baker being too short at 6’1 215 lbs and calling for the miracle worker Caleb Williams. Yeah, he’s 6’1 219 lbs. Huge improvement 🤣🤣

  41. HC Grover Says:

    BB can not have a share….LOL

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s what I think at this point:

    Start Trask. Period.

    Regardless of how he does, take a QB in the first round. If Trask does well, he starts next year. If he bombs as a result, we have insurance and he becomes our bridge QB and backup.

    If he ends up becoming a true franchise QB, we have a drafted backup with great trade value, and all the naysayers on Trask and Jason’s 2nd round picks eat crow.

  43. MegaFailure Says:


  44. Since76 Says:

    Mayfield supporters are satisfied with someone giving their all even if they come up short in their objective. They are ok with losing as long as we are close. We lost but boy did you see that run of 6 yards. He gave up his body!!!! That’s all good and well. I want better. I want to win.

  45. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Lot of people herein say the following:
    We will draft a QB next year………what if they are gone?
    We will resign Baker………………..maybe not.
    Stuck with Trask whom we have never seen play a game or sign another retread to play QB while Trask sits again?
    I say before you toss a valuable 2nd round pic in the dumpster, evaluate real time.
    Another NFL team will be checking out our dumpster and might find a hidden talent that the inept Bucs can’t see.

  46. WyomingJoe Says:

    All of the garbage I just read is useless blather since Baker will win on Sunday. I’m of the opinion that Baker has not reached his ceiling because of injury and because the Browns traded him to the worst team in the NFL. Concerning Trask, the Bucs organization has seen this guy up close for three years and know EXACTLY what he can do. Thats why they signed Baker.

  47. Oz Len Says:

    All you Trask fans, if you took the time to read this article, do yourself a favor and listen to Ira’s latest Podcast. In there, you’ll get a better idea of who Kyle Trask really is. The other two guys on the podcast have very different opinions. One of them said he’s seen nothing from Trask in 3-years that says he could be a starter. Go on, check it out. By the way, all you FSU fans could take your comments here and substitute FSU for Baker and use them over on the “FSU GOT SCREWED” blog. LOL

  48. infomeplease Says:

    Tony Marks says” What kind of dumb would you have to be to look at 4 games with really only one decent one and then PASS ON DRAFTING A QB on the basis of those four games?”

    I believe that if KT starts the last 4 games and sucks , the Bucs pick a QB in the first round. If he does well, then the Bucs pick a QB in the later rounds. They are going to draft a QB at some point in this draft. There are a bunch of good ones coming out. Even if BM wins all the remaining games, they will pick one, but probably in the later rounds. IMO

  49. Blue Diamond Says:

    Mayfield has done a lot better than I thought he would, and we have seen his best, but he is at best a good #2. Trask sat for a year and then Brady came and wanted a journeyman as his back-up instead of a rooky. So Trask sat for 2 more years. Trask has never played with the starters in 3 years. Let him play 3 or 4 games to see what he would actually look like with the Starters. He deserves a few games to find his way. That would show what he has for the man that drafted him, all the bickering fans, And the owners, whom have some hard choices to make real soon. I personally feel that Trask will impress all of us. And if Trask does show he has an upside, then Mayfield can back Trask up next year.

  50. ShakeandBaker Says:

    Bonzai they can do that anyway. No way you’re passing on this years crop of QBs. Were not going to pay Baker the 17-20M he will get in free agency. Next year you roll with Trask to start the season. Most likely he will flame out like Davis Mills who was taken right after him in that draft. Once he proves that he’s not the guy you roll with Nix or Daniel’s from that point on. At that point you will know if Trask could be a serviceable back up long term.

  51. ShakeandBaker Says:

    Wyoming you are spot on too. All these posters act like management has no insight on Trask and his abilities. They see him on the field everyday and obviously are not impresssed.

  52. WyomingJoe Says:

    Keep winning Baker.

    Keep whining Cult of Kyle.

  53. D Cone Says:

    NFL is a copy cat league and the Bucs can learn something from their competition.

    Last season the Falcons went into the season with ‘ the guy that gave the team the best chance of winning’ under center’. A QB with an over .500 career win loss record playing for just under 10 million. After he went 5-8 they decided to bring in the next guy to see what they had. Marriotta was good enough to play and went to sign a deal with the Eagles. Kid went 2-2 to give them a 7-10 record and finished one game out of 1st in the Division.

    This season he struggled early in the season and the team gave the Division a two games cushion when they benched him to send him a message. Re responded.

    When they brought him back he brought the team back to victory and then Kyler Murray happened. Took an L.

    This week if Ridder plays well and wins I believe Baker will suffer the same fate as Mariotta and move into the World of Back Up QB. Maybe he will ask to be released ala Carolina to start for a team in need of a QB. Cleveland is in need. Would he be welcome? Team guy like Baker? Sure.

    Then Trask will go into Green Bay and take the ass whooping that Mayfield would have, regroup, and finish the season with a 2-2 record.

    Bucs will finish 7-10 and 6 games into next season Bucs will be in the same position as the Falcons are now and wishing they would have started him a few games earlier as experience for 2023.

  54. Falconrap Says:

    I guess all the guys who think there’s no way we should not draft a QB in the first round forget how many 1st rounders we’ve had and how many have been successful for us. We have a crap history with 1st round QB’s. If Trask can show himself to be a competent starter, it gives you the ability to use your high picks to rebuild this team further. Draft another QB and it’s a shot in the dark.

  55. BucsWillAlwaysSuck Says:

    Re: fan buyout of the team… lol we don’t have a big enough fanbase.

    Maybe the Saudis will shell out. They can’t be any worse picking HC’s and GM’s than the Glazers.


  56. sasquatch Says:

    Disagree. I don’t care about Trask. Until he can outright win the starting job, he doesn’t get to play. I don’t care what my record is, if I’m the head coach I’m playing my best guys, and I don’t believe the owners (even if they have the right as owners) should be sticking their noses in on-field decisions. When that happens, your franchise is a joke. Play Mayfield all the way unless there’s clean up duty in a blowout loss or win.

    Trask is a backup until he comes out a starter during training camp and preseason one year, which will probably never happen. Sorry, Traskophiles.

  57. Mediocre Mayfield Says:

    Start Trask this week against atlanta

  58. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Finally some sanity from Joe

  59. garro Says:

    Ira you continue to accurately express my own feelings about our beloved Bucs. The Glazers know enough to stay out of everyday operations of the team but it may be time for the Glazers and or Licht to step in on the QB situation and maybe a couple of other spots as well. If only to help clarify what our true needs are and where we may be able to stand pat in the draft.

    That is not to say we should tank!

    Go Bucs!

  60. Falconrap Says:

    asquatch Says:
    December 7th, 2023 at 8:42 pm

    Trask is a backup until he comes out a starter during training camp and preseason one year, which will probably never happen. Sorry, Traskophiles.


    Did Brady outright win the starting job in training camp? Kurt Warner? Brock Fricken Purdy!? Practice is not game time. Some players just look meh in practice. Sometimes a player looks better in practice than your starter, but you feel the warm and fuzzies staying with the starter because of experience and it takes an injury. Do people like you now learn from the history of the NFL? If Kurt Warner can be bagging groceries one day and leading the Greatest Show on Turf the next, what the hell does that tell you about practice? It means crap, that’s what.

  61. Razor Ramone Says:

    Harry Callahan, great American philosopher.

  62. vadertime Says:

    I actually agree with this article. I think if Baker makes more boneheaded throws that lead to interceptions or fumbles the ball and we lose, then let’s kick the tires on Trask. If Licht likes him so much, let him play a series of games if we lose after Sunday. Nothing left to play for and Bowles is a dead idiot walking whether he knows it or not. Let’s see if Trask is a long-term prospect, because Baker certainly is not. I am not sure where we fall in the draft, but the best QB prospects will be gone in the early picks of the 1st round, probably at 1 and 2. The remaining QBs coming into the draft are fair to middling. So, maybe use our draft picks to fortify the O-line and replace departing veterans on defense. Go Bucs.

  63. Daniel Dream Says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading this. Who is the idiot who wrote this article and why does he hate the Bucs? Is he insane? He wants to give up all chances to make the postseason and put in the backup QB instead?!? Why does he want to tank the season? We still have a good shot!!! What an idiot! What a complete and utterly moron who hates the Buccaneers. Why even publish this crap article? What garbage. I guess Joe ‘Bucs fan’ is not a Bucs fan at all, and I’ll have to stick to the higher quality websites for actual news about the Bucs, because this ain’t it. What trash.

  64. Daniel Dream Says:

    Now I’m reading comments from so-called Bucs fans on this website, who would rather the genocidal 9/11 committing oil baron communist freak saudis own the team rather than any American, let alone an American family WHO HAS WON SUPERBOWLS. This whole site is crap, amd you obviously have no respect for America, Tampa Bay, this team, and the entire sport of football. Get stuffed, you haters.

  65. BatWarren Says:

    Been a Buc Fan sense 1994 and I want the Bucs to win always. But if we lose to the Falcons our season is over. So start Kyle Trask just to see him in action. Keep one of them and draft a QB in the 1st round there are 3 we could get. Daniels, Nix and McCarthy and grab an offensive minded head coach