“You Take Baker Mayfield Out Of There Right Now And Put Kyle Trask In, You’re Talking About First Pick In The Draft”

November 4th, 2023

QB chatter from Ian Beckles.

Joe’s been hearing it since Tom Brady announced his real retirement last winter.

Ian Beckles has been hearing it a lot lately.

The former Bucs offensive lineman (1990-1996) and popular local sports radio personality took to his podcast “In the Trenches” this week to warn Bucs fans who slobber over themselves wanting Kyle Trask to replace Baker Mayfield.

He says benching Mayfield for Trask means the end of the season and maybe the end of Todd Bowles and his staff.

It would be the equivalent of pulling the pin on a hand grenade, Beckles said, tossing it into the Bucs locker room and then running for cover, ducking under Bryan Glazer’s desk.

“Baker Mayfield is one of our better players and that’s not saying much,” Beckles confessed. “You take Baker Mayfield out of there right now and put Kyle Trask in, you’re talking about first pick in the draft. I’m saying it.

“The reason Baker Mayfield is here is because of Kyle Trask. You want to put him in there when the Bucs are still in the mix? They’re 3-4. If the Buccaneers go .500 the rest of the way, they probably make the playoffs or come close.

“This ain’t the time for Trask, yo. No way. He don’t know football. When he gets in there it is going to look bad, I’m just telling you. It’s going to look bad. It ain’t gonna look better than it is now.

“Baker Mayfield is getting us out of a lot of situations. A lot of situations. Baker Mayfield himself has ran us out of a good half-dozen sacks this year. And as an offensive lineman I definetly appreciate that.”

Beckles made it clear that he doesn’t believe Mayfield is the future but he added the team losing isn’t because of Mayfield.

“Is it Trask time?” Beckles asked. “If you put Kyle Trask in there you will lose the locker room. Completely. You put Kyle Trask out there Mike Evans is going to shut down. They ain’t going to be happy. I’m not sure they are happy now.

“You went from Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield. Now you go from Baker Mayfield to Kyle Trask? Too far of a plummet. Too far. Can’t do that.”

Beckles then struck a chord very similar to what former Bucs quarterback Shaun King said this summer.

King, who is but one of four quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to an NFC Championship game (he’s now a primetime on-air personality for VSiN) keeps close tabs on the Bucs and said his intel leads him to believe Trask “stinks.”

“Just because you haven’t seen somebody doesn’t mean it is better. I think that is the mentality of a lot of Bucs fans. If Kyle Trask was great, we would have heard it. I’ve not heard that one time,” Beckles said, echoing King.

Beckles said Mayfield is not the problem but he’s not the solution, either. Right now, however, he is the best option for the Bucs.

“Listen, I’m not that big of a Baker Mayfield fan,” Beckles said. “Never have been. He’s played OK. He’s played OK. They don’t need OK now. They need kick-ass. They need kick-ass, some how.

“If they don’t start kicking ass soon, [fans] are going to start talking about that draft pick and then we’re going to be bringing in a rookie quarterback. … That’s definetly what’s coming next.”

Beckles had other thoughts after the loss to Buffalo:

* Are the Bucs good? “The Bucs are what we thought they were. And that’s not that damn good. Are they fighting? Sure, they are not laying down. But they are what we thought they were: an unestablished team with a lot of unestablished players and unestablished systems. … We have a few good players but not nearly enough. Not even close.”

* Where do the Bucs excel? “What do we do well? … There is one thing we do well. We punt the ball well. [Jake] Camarda is a badass.”

Beckles also said he’s “tired” of all the talk about running the football because they can’t, otherwise, they would have by now. “Stop saying it.”

* On Mike Evans: “For God’s sake figure out a way to get Mike Evans involved if you can’t score any points. Figure it out! Everybody else does.”

* On the losing streak: Why have the Bucs lost four of their last five games? Beckles believes the first few games opponents weren’t overly sure what the Bucs did or could do. After those games, there is plenty of film out that shows the Bucs’ tendencies and flaws and it has given opponents a lot to work with and exploit.

* Beckles is appalled by the lack of scoring. “Thirty-seven points in [the last] three games. Remember when Warren Sapp used to say, ‘Just give me 17 points?’ That ain’t it.

* Beckles believes the Bucs are regressing. “When the Bucs were 3-1 “I could say with a straight face this Buccaneers team is good enough to beat bad teams. At 3-4, I can say with a straight face this Buccaneers team is bad enough to lose to anybody. Anybody. I wish they were, but they are not.”

* Beckles added the Bucs can do something fairly good. “What do the Bucs do well? They lose, unfortunately.”

* Lack of a pass rush: Beckles’ mind is fried just like Joe’s over the fact this team simply cannot get to the quarterback. “We just don’t have a pass rush. We just don’t have one. I ask you, who is our best pass rusher? I dare you to say ‘Shaq Barrett.’ Last three games he’s been silent. Nothing, absolutely nothing. I’m gonna say this: Our end play, on the perimeter, is one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time.

* Fundamentals lacking on defense. “Tackling is pitiful. Tackling is not great for the Buccaneers.”

* On false starts: “If you keep going first-and-15, you won’t win.”

* The Bucs are on the edge of taking a season-long nosedive. “If you lose a couple [more] games in a row, you can throw a bomb on this thing, real quick.”

* Beckles thinks the over-emphasis on turnovers might be choking the team. “A lot of times, you get too enamored with not throwing interceptions. That’s Mike Glennon mentality. ‘Oh, Mike Glennon didn’t throw an interception.’ We scored 10 points. Go throw an interception. Try to make something happen. Take some damn chances. That ball ain’t going down the field enough for me.

* Bucs defense is overrated. “We have to stop saying the Bucs defense is good. They are not. They are not. They are not. They are below average to me. Here is a statistic: Dead last in third-down defense. What? … How the hell can you be good and be last in third-down defense? That’s not happening. They are not good. Get off the damn field.”

* Beckles is just about done with Devin White. “Devin White, I’m tired of hearing how good you are. You’ve had two good games so far this year. That’s it. Tired of hearing how good you are. Kept hearing all offseason how you needed that money. Tired of hearing how good you are. Why don’t you show us how good you are? … Right now I wouldn’t give him a nickel” to return next season. “He is out of position a lot. He gets blocked a lot. … Hardy Nickerson, Shelton Quarles, they stayed in their gaps and were blowing sh!t up. I’m not seeing that with Devin White.”

* Beckles highlighted a couple of players he thinks are doing well. “I think Jamel Dean plays well. Big physical cornerback. Will Gholston makes plays all the time. I like the kid. I like how he plays old school. He’s got that Big Ten mentality. I know he went to Michigan State — I won’t hold that against him.”

* Failed Hail Mary is overblown. Beckles said he doesn’t want to hear any whining about the failed Hail Mary in Buffalo. “You had how much time [earlier in the game] to score?”

* Beckles is beginning to wonder if Todd Bowles is the right man for the Bucs. Beckles seems like he’s nearly reached his breaking point with Bucs coach Todd Bowles and the straw that has nearly broken the camel’s back for Beckles was the faux field goal stunt. “Never in my whole life have I ever seen that,” Beckles said. He added Bowles’ explanation of the stunt made no sense. Beckles also wanted to know why long-snapper Zach Triner never even got into position to snap the ball which was an obvious tell to Buffalo the Bucs had no intention of kicking. “You can’t draw anyone offsides if the center doesn’t even have his hands on the ball, it’s impossible! There’s a lot of things that go on with this team that I just don’t get.”

97 Responses to ““You Take Baker Mayfield Out Of There Right Now And Put Kyle Trask In, You’re Talking About First Pick In The Draft””

  1. NYbucsfan Says:

    You leave Baker in there we pick between 10 and 15. I’m not sure who would think that that’s better.

  2. Beej Says:

    Mostly Peaceful Sweep isn’t gonna like this

  3. power sweep Says:

    “Jameis Winston is a gamer.” – Ian Beckles

    Try finding someone who has quarterback credibility, Joe. LMAO.

  4. tickrdr Says:

    Magma cum laude!

  5. Allen Lofton Says:

    Mistakes are not being corrected. You can draw your own conclusions, but this is a formula for disaster. Bowles is old school and is being outcoached by take calculated risks coaches – Detroit, Jets, Chargers and the list goes on and on. The NFL is about winning and so far the Bucs aren’t cutting it.

  6. power sweep Says:

    Click on my name and watch Ian Beckles on YouTube explain why “Jameis Winston is the best choice for the draft.”

    We know you can’t risk Kyle Trask being given a chance, Joe, but you gotta try to find people with actual quarterback credibility. LOL.

  7. Beej Says:

    If we lose this week, I’m good with seeing what Trask can do. That being said, there’s a LOT more to qb than throwing a ball thro a tire, and fairly or not, he doesn’t have any of that experience

  8. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Horse slugger hasn’t said one enlightening thing that a fan hasn’t brought up on here already. Some expert.

  9. power sweep Says:

    Beej Says: “he doesn’t have any of that experience”

    Neither did Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Brock Purdy, Will Levis, and in fact every other quarterback who has ever taken a snap in the NFL snap – until he did, hadn’t. So what’s your point? It’s really stupid.

  10. Boss Says:

    The fact that he has not seen a snap just shows how stubborn lovie is.

    Limping along acting like they are trying. This teams screams “give us a reason to fight”

    Cause they ain’t getting it from the coaches.

  11. Bojim Says:

    I’d like to see Trask but he’s not playing till the seasons lost or Mayfield gets hurt. I think the defense has been overblown for a while. They have great games but too many crappy games. I agree with everyone, the run game should’ve taken off by now. We have a few great players on defense and a few on offense. Not enough to win consistently. If we lose Sunday it’s hello to the draft. I can’t see Bowles coming back. He’s not a good HC at all and that’s OK because he’s a DC. New head coach comes with a new OC.

  12. ShakeandBaker Says:

    Power he explains in that article that nobody at OneBuc is saying that Trask is good. He was third string behind Gabbert for two years and now backing up a pretty bad one now. If Trask was any good the Bucs would not have kept him buried on the depth chart. He went as the last pick in the second round for a reason. Most guys that go in those spots end up as back ups or out of the league before long. Davis Mills went right after him and Houston couldn’t pick Stroud quick enough with their 2nd overall pick last year. I’m a Gator fan but have zero faith that Trask will succeed in this league. At best he would be a poor man’s Kirk Cousins which is basically what we have now with Baker.

  13. garro Says:

    The old pot stirrer returns for another round of lets see what kinda BS I can come up with to get some clicks!

    Go Bucs!

  14. power sweep Says:

    Beckles – “If Kyle Trask was great, we would have heard it. I’ve not heard that one time.”

    Beckles never heard it about Brett Favre or Tom Brady or Brock Purdy or Will Levis either. But Beckles did hear it a million times about Jameis Winston and Beckles was a big advocate for Jameis (click on my name to watch him ogle over Jameis).

    This article is more proof that having a proven record of accurate quarterback evaluation is not a requirement to get quoted by Joe as long as it fits Joe’s anti-Trask agenda.

  15. ShakeandBaker Says:

    Jameis was the consensus number one overall pick and he did put up some good numbers while he was here. Threw too many picks too but everyone that wasn’t biased knew he was the best option that year over Mariota. I wanted Jameis too and he had his moments. I’m sure you were pining for Mariota or Randy Gregory back then lol.

  16. SufferingSince76 Says:

    A lot of comments on here jumping on Beckles credibility. Take each of his points and prove him wrong. It should be easy, apparently.

  17. Mark hardt Says:

    Reminds me of an RL Burnside Blues track from the late 90s “It,s bad you know”. First time I have heard the Sean King quote about Trask stinking so bad. I would go back to the Sooner system that Baker had in college. Let him throw from the shot gun every down so he can see over the D line and survey the field. Use the RB check downs as a defacto run game. Baker will take whatever easy run yards there are. I agree with Beckles in that Baker should air it out. He is an elite scrambler and has elite arm strength. Everything else is average. That 60 yard spiral in the Hail Mary is something very few current or past QB,s can do. You either get a touchdown, a long incomplete, or a deep interception that serves as a punt.

  18. Bobby M. Says:

    I always like Beckles commentary….players know the realities of the game/business. We aren’t good….weren’t good last year with better talent and more money to spend. We lost Brady and Fournette yet somehow how thought the offense would improve? Bowles is a bust as a HC, as a DC he’s serviceable but as Beckles pointed out, you can’t be dead last on third downs and consider yourself decent. Bowles defense rarely ever makes the key stops to hang onto a lead. Teams march down the middle of our defense with little resistance in the 4th qtr.

  19. Marine Buc Says:

    I would like to see Kyle Trask given a chance at QB. This team is going nowhere with Mayfield behind center.

    But I do agree with Beckles – it could get ugly. Our interior o-line is awful and Mayfield has prevented at least 6 sacks (maybe more) this season because of his athleticism in the pocket…

    Nobody was talking about Brock Purdy either until he was given a chance to play in a real NFL game.

    I’m not a Trask “fan boy” either. I’m just done watching Mayfield throw 5-10 yard passes and Mike Evans sitting alone and aloof on the bench shaking his head in disgust.

  20. McBucky Says:

    Beckles is straight and to the point. Although it’s hard to hear the assessment, I do believe he’s right on.

  21. Colonel Angus Says:

    He’s right. If Trask was any good, he’d be out there. He was a 2nd round pick, no way they’d keep him stashed if he was showing out at practice. And like Burger King said, with his connections, he’d hear from somebody in the organization saying he was good. The silence is loud on Trask. But who knows, maybe he gets in and lights it up, as a Bucs fan that would be awesome.

  22. Daniel Hammond Says:

    Has anybody seen how many receivers that Baker Mayfield misses that are wide open he is not an NFL quarterback I love my Buccaneers but just about anybody would be an improvement look at his percentage when it comes to passes caught and then look across the NFL is there another quarterback that’s playing that has that horrible of a percentage

  23. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    At some point real soon if Bucs do not win Bowles will push the Trask button, because he will have nothing left to lose.

  24. Joseph Gasper Says:

    I’ll take that deal. Pull BM out in Trask. See if he is worth keeping as a back up. We lose the season, a couple of bad coaches in trade for a first round draft pick? Deal

  25. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Baker isn’t great but if the Bucs get to a point where they put Trask in they will drafting in the top three. Trask is nothing more than a backup in the NFL and he might not even be that good.

  26. Daniel Hammond Says:

    Last year the lowest passer rating in the NFL was 72.8 I Believe by Zack Wilson this year Baker Mayfield is 57.2 so what does that tell you

  27. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Glennon didn’t throw many interceptions because he rarely threw it more than 5 yards past line of scrimmage.

  28. Bucfan37 Says:

    None of this Trask business makes any sense except to bamboozle Buc fans into thinking that Trask somehow does not have anything worth further evaluation.

  29. JD Still Says:

    The most ignorant, convoluted , asinine, thought processing I have ever seen or heard heard of since the Salem Witch Trials! So just what is it that leads the anti-Trask sycophants to abandon all logic , facts and reason when it comes to the young man? Could it be what he did at Florida? A Walk on that was put in when their starting quarterback was injured and the football minds that be all moaned and groaned saying what a disaster it was going to be , that their season was finished , that they must immediately start to recruit a quarterback to save their future!Sound familiar? All Kyle Trask did over the next two years was lead Florida to top 10 finishes , multiple bowl games , multiple passing records , and Kyle as a Heisman finalist! How embarrassing! Not for Kyle but for his naysayers! Then when Kyle was drafted the same naysayers ,(that by this time had turned into haters ) lost their minds, they decided Kyle must be stopped to spare themselves further embarrassment, so the anti Trask propaganda campaign was kicked into high gear and for two years with their unsubstantiated hate filled rants ,they succeeded in stunting Kyle’s development with anti Trask article after article to the point he wasn’t even allowed the normal number of snaps almost every other rookie quarterback everywhere is allowed, and when in his third year ,it looked like he was finally going to be given a fair shot , panic set in with the anti-Traskers , and they persuaded the powers that be they needed a quarterback with “experience” no matter if that “experience” was good , bad , or absolutely disastrous, So they went out and got Mayfield , a quarterback who definitely had “experience” with multiple teams! The anti-Traskers being so sure Mayfield would outperform Trask , that they declared it would be a “fair” competition , that the Quarterback that protected the ball the best would win the competition, ( It appears Mayfield was promised the starting role whether verbally or contractually and that Mayfield would easily outperform Trask during the preseason) well that backfired , Mayfield’s practices were terrible, fumbles , incompletions, and interceptions abounded while Trask did much better , so the goal post’s were changed , it would now be who performed better in head to head competition during preseason games with the quarterbacks alternating starts , that was what was said but it didn’t happen, Mayfield started and played with the First teamers for minimum snaps throwing only high percentage little dinks and dunks , when Kyle “started “ the first teamers did not, and he was left in much longer ,exposing him to the possibility that his stats would be worse playing with less experienced players but that too backfired , Mayfield barely accumulated 100 yards in passing offense while Kyle amassed over 500 yards ! So after such a “fair “ competition , Mayfield was gifted the starting position because of his “ “experience” and it’s that “experience “that has led us to where we are today, but the totally unfounded, anti-Trask propaganda continues unabated. It is amazing , but not in a good way.

  30. Mike S Says:

    Bucs are near the top in the league in pass pro and WR separation. BAKER ISN’T THE GUY.

    Click my name to get schooled.

    So we’re relying on Ian Beckles now to keep the Baker delusion going now?

    Its glaringly obvious Baker is failing.

  31. NJbucs23 Says:

    This team is annoying and I don’t expect nothing better tomorrow.

  32. Mike S Says:

    JD Still spitting facts.

  33. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Say what you will about Kyle, but the Bucs absolutely have to find out what Trask will do given the chance, especially considering Jason Licht gambled our 33rd Pick on him.

  34. Mike S Says:

    Joe is painting himself deeper into this anti-Trask corner.

  35. Bucfan37 Says:

    [Not cool. — Joe]

  36. Mike S Says:

    ShakeandBaker “I’m a Gators fan”

    Yeah and I’m from the planet Jupiter

  37. Mike S Says:

    Bucfan37 his girlfriend is Jade Caraway. Click my name.

    Baker bois are getting desperate.

  38. Marine Buc Says:

    @ 1976

    Logan Hall was pick #33.

    Trask was the last pick in the 2nd round #64…2021.

  39. Hodad Says:

    It’s not a question of will we see Trask, but when. I said all along Baker would start, but also said he’ll never finish. He played a whole season only once his rookie year. Since then it’s been injury, or poor play where Mayfield has been replaced. His knee is already wearing a brace, and we’re on a 3 game skid. Tick tock, tick tock, clock is ticking on Baker, Bowles, and the season. Soon enough we’ll be seeing Trask.

  40. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    I believe that both Mayfield AND Trask are decent NFL QBs, but not good enough to succeed if there is no running game. Not many QBs are. If Mayfield could get his timing down better on the deep balls to Evans, Godwin, and Palmer it could have a dramatic impact on our offense, enabling us to score more than 17 points per game. If the Bucs could bump up their average points per game to 24 and improve our 3rd down defense & pass rush a little they’ll be a much more difficult team to beat.

    I agree with much of Ian’s assessment but not all of it. I don’t agree that the Bucs have a below-average defense. It’s true we have a horrid 3rd down defense but the purpose of a defense is to stop the other team from scoring points and we are decent in that regard. We’re giving up an average of 18.3 points per game and that’s 7th best in the NFL.

  41. Joe Says:

    Joe is painting himself deeper into this anti-Trask corner.

    If Joe thought Trask was the answer he’d be screaming from the top of the Skyway Bridge.

    It’s not anti-anything. It’s pro-what’s best for Bucs.

  42. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:
    November 4th, 2023 at 10:23 am
    Say what you will about Kyle, but the Bucs absolutely have to find out what Trask will do given the chance, especially considering Jason Licht gambled our 33rd Pick on him.
    I agree that the Bucs need to see what they have in Trask. He may not ever be given that chance though IF Mayfield keeps them in the playoff race.

  43. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Joe was amazed at Trask’s transformation just a few short months ago. He looked like a different QB. Mayfield was the one throwing interceptions all summer, and Trask’s completion percentage was outstanding. The “QB competition” was a joke, and Mayfield’s moxie ain’t doing sh!t. If he craps the bed in Houston, we’re done anyway. Trask is under contract for one more year, and we have clue as to what he can actually do as a starter in a a real NFL game. If he sucks, at least we get a better pick in the draft. Being honest, Mayfield can’t beat any of the good teams in the league. One and done is the best we can hope for, even if the rest of the division collapses. I suspect Trask can see open receivers better than Mayfield, and he can move, even if he is not as mobile. Mayfield is not coming back next season. Trask will be here. It would be nice if he had some actual game experience, even as a backup to to our new rookie QB. They have to do something. After 47 years, I’m starting to lose interest.

  44. 1sparkybuc Says:

    So, if we started Trask and ended up with the first pick in the draft, would that be a bad thing? At least there would be some hope for the future.

  45. Oneilbuc Says:

    I’m seeing how everyone keep saying if they put Trask in then that means we will be picking number one in the draft with no evidence!! This is the same Kyle Trask who was better than Baker Mayfield in training camp and we all know it. But Baker Mayfield was brought here to try and sale tickets so Joe and other bucs media pushed Baker Mayfield to help the Glazers sale tickets and that’s why it doesn’t matter how bad Baker Mayfield plays they will always blame someone else other than Faker Mayfield!! Lol 🤣🤣 watch and see tomorrow if sucks Joe and the rest of bucs media will say it’s not Baker Mayfield fault!! Lol 🤣 They were trying to justify Baker Mayfield playing on his 4th team in 6 years!! That’s what you call a narrative and by the way the whole time Jamies was the quarterback we never heard anything the running game and it was bad but no one cared about the running game until Brady got here and now Baker Mayfield lol 🤣🤣!! If this was Kyle Trask playing like this he would be getting killed by Joe and bucs fans and bucs media as a whole. Facts!!

  46. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    If the Bucs do not win and that right soon , mark my words you will see Trask , because Bowles will know he has to do something?anything to try to create a spark and save his job. If the Glazers give him the dreaded “Vote of Confidence” that will be the death knell for Todd.

  47. Toiletbowles3 Says:

    Not a Trask fan boy! But a Florida fan boy! All I’m gonna say is Trask got beat out in practice by every other qb in high school and college, then when given his shot broke multiple school records and lead the sec in pass yards and tds with few interceptions. I’m just saying when the pressure is on he’s done nothing but excel. I’d like to see him get a shot.

  48. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Trask brigade is upset this morning

  49. 941Boltsfan Says:

    Todd Bowles is a defensive coach, if our defense sucks thats when you would have an argument to replace him. But the defense is solid and for the most part been damn good since Bowles arrived. If you want to see the Bucs suck on both sides of the ball then ya by all means fire him. But, be ready for another lost decade or two.

  50. ShakeandBaker Says:

    Mike S 100% a Gators fan. My daughter is a junior there right now and I attend numerous games with her. Where someone went to college is meaningless when it comes to my Bucs. It’s so weird how all you fanboys care so much about where they went. You hated Jameis but love this guy simply because of where they went to school. Who gives f@$#! Mike Evans is my favorite player. I could care less about Texas A&M and the fact that he went there.

  51. David Says:

    Absolutely correct. Trask cannot escape 80% of the rushes Mayfield has escaped.
    Either way, hopefully they’re smart enough to trade up to get the best quarterback they possibly can in this draft because Baker and Trask are not the answer

  52. Jeff Says:

    One can only dream of the Yucs being wise enough to tank it for the 1st overall pick. Bucs MUST dump clueless Todd at the end of the season! Only way to get this franchise back on track.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    Why was Trask drafted in the 2nd round?

  54. Mike S Says:

    Shake Jameis was caught a rape accusation and I defended him. Walked out of a Publix with free crablegs – I defended him. Struggled to win games – I defended him.

    Threw 30 INTs and I was done. Tom Brady came in and show everyone the way it needed to be.

    The body of work emerges and after a time a guy is who he is.

    The eats Ws thing – Jameis is a clown. Yeah he’s a competitor with a live arm, but the problem is between the ears. You can’t fix that. Jameis may mature into a grown man’s mind, but by the time that happens the electricity of youth will have left him. It might be too late. Best hope for Winston is to be a backup and down the line catch an opportunity. Be one of those guys who came into his own later in his career.

  55. Mike S Says:

    Shake Jameis caught the accusation with that young lady and I defended him. Walked out of a Publix with free food – I defended him. Struggled to win games – I defended him.

    Threw 30 INTs and I was done. Tom Brady came in and show everyone the way it needed to be.

    The body of work emerges and after a time a guy is who he is.

    The eats Ws thing – Jameis is a clown. Yeah he’s a competitor with a live arm, but the problem is between the ears. You can’t fix that. Jameis may mature into a grown man’s mind, but by the time that happens the electricity of youth will have left him. It might be too late. Best hope for Winston is to be a backup and down the line catch an opportunity. Be one of those guys who came into his own later in his career.

  56. Mike S Says:

    David Mayfield avoids a couple of sacks (yet he’s still wearing a kneebrace) and you guys think he’s the answer.

    Dude can’t pick a part a zone and just dumps off underneath. That you overlook.

  57. Truth Says:

    It’s one thing for a national media personality to take a stance and hate on a player. You see it from time to time. But for a local site like this one that covers one team to diss one of its own players, directly or indirectly, with such frequency, is just…..wierd.

  58. Obvious Says:

    Umm, hmmm….

    GO BUCS!

  59. pewter941 Says:

    I love the Ian Beckles Podcast, but hes all over the place, 1:30 in he says The Bills arent a good team we should have beat them, 3:30 minutes in, he says the Bills are a good team and we werent going to beat them. He also has a Cannabis podcast, I dont think thats a coincedence.

  60. Joe Says:

    It’s one thing for a national media personality to take a stance and hate on a player.

    Nice try. Joe doesn’t hate Kyle Trask. Talked to him the other day.

  61. orlbucfan Says:

    Beckles was a competent player but no HOFamer. So, I take the reads on here about him with a grain of salt. If the offense totally jells between Canales and the players, Bucs win. That includes the ref BS. My deal is following Devin White. He better get up off his arse and help LVD out.

  62. Allbuccedup Says:

    If the Bucs fall to the Texans, Trask time will be getting near. If the Bucs fall to the Texans talk of the playoffs will be over.

  63. Lombardi Lenny Says:

    Burn it all to the ground.

    Who in their right mind would want to keep this team and coaching staff together for another season? Dump everyone but Tristian Wirfs.

    Right now this is a loser team and loser organization.

    Bucs fans are to complacent settling for below average.

    Bowels is the worst thing they ever happened to this franchise.

  64. Duane in Sanford Says:

    You cannot blame the quarterback when the oline and running game are horrible. You cannot insert Trask with the notion that he will be a spark, because the oline and running game are horrible. The one beauty of no change is that we likely dont win another game this season, and clean the slate. I have been a Buc fan long enough to still appreciate a mediocre season with a playoff appearance versus the beginning of another lost decade. Massive changes are coming next season, this may be the closest we come for quite a while folks.

  65. Irishmist Says:

    We are the 3rd worst scoring offense at 17.3 pts/ game. How much worse could Trask be?

  66. TB bolts Says:

    In the mean time all failures will continue to fall on baker. So when the team finishes with five wins let us know how much better of a choice he was.

  67. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  68. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  69. Salary Cap Hell Says:

    Yep… Everything is right on schedule. New head coach next year.

  70. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lose to the Texans this Sunday. And the spiral really starts. Tenn and the 9ers are no pushovers. Ruck up Bucs. Put it all on the line come SundaY!

  71. Jonbucfan Says:

    Sad truth is our O line is bad. Trask mobility is not great. For the Trask fans I have a feeling, putting him in with this line, running backs, TEs. and coaching staff, you. may be setting him up for failure and ultimately career suicide? If you really like Trask I would think you would want him to stay as far away from this Bucs team as possible!!! Unfortunately if he does struggle he will be labeled a bust and get no breaks the Buc fans: See Mayfield for example

  72. Swampy Says:

    A few years back, we paid close to $8000 to watch us lose every home game. That was supposed to be a good thing because it meant we’d get to chose between one of the two available sure thing franchise quarterbacks. Jamis Winston and Marcus Mariota. Who’s the best quarterback to come into the league in the last two seasons? Brock Purdy, Mister Irrelevant. When the last play determines the outcome, it was a competitive game. In the 0-8 home season, we left at halftime several times. Out performance was embarrassing. This season we were outclassed against the Eagles and Lions.We were competitive in the other two losses. We knew the Brady contract would make signing good free agents impossible the season after he retired. All things considered, I’m okay with how Mayfield has done with an offensive line that only has one top shelf player, providing no chance for a decent running game. That leaves Mayfield exposed to injury. When that happens, we’ll see how Trask does.

  73. Robbie Says:


  74. ScottyMack Says:

    Wow, far too much stupidity here to cover it all. I’ll just take on a couple.

    Yes, Beckles is right. Mayfield is the Bucs best option of winning. Put in Trask and you are signaling to the fans and the team that you have completely given up on the season.

    If Trask is put in and he sucks (which he will), the answer is not as simple as drafting a QB. You have no backup now, either. Gonna have to waste a couple picks on QBs at the very least and maybe more if you blow the whole thing up and toss Canales out (which means Wolford goes, too).

    The Bucs have lost one whole game this season to a team that some believed, prior to the season, that they had a chance to beat and have definitely beaten two teams that practically nobody gave them a chance to beat (the Saints and Vikings). In other words, their record is at least one game better than most people thought they would be at this point.

    This game against Houston is 50/50, although prior to the season, I chalked this and the next one up as wins. If my pre-season predictions are correct, the Bucs will be exactly where I thought they would be at week 10 – 5-4 and 5-5 after a loss to the 49ers.

    I had the Bucs at an 8 or 9 win football team due to their weak schedule and that’s where I still think they will be. In other words, not an elite team at all, but certainly not the “horrible” team practically everyone here thinks they are. They are your typically average, nothing to write home about team, which is remarkable considering the situation they were in, post-Brady.

    Trask is the answer for people who gave up on this team from the beginning – the answer to a truly horrible season and a better draft position. Tanking the season is for losers. At least this team is fighting. A great draft position guarantees nothing. You should have learned that by now!

  75. Let em Bake Says:

    “We’d like to make a trade for Kyle Trask”..said no GM this year. Watch the Traskites go ballistic when Wolford gets the nod before Trask (assuming Baker injury)..Bucs rushed to the gate to prevent Wolford from being signed by the Rams….why is that? 🙂

  76. TB bolts Says:

    Lettemsuck your boy has lost 4 of the last 5. I’d spend more time hoping he pulls out a win against houston and less time showing your ass over a losing QB.

  77. David Says:

    The photo this dude with a slice of pizza tells us all we need to know about this clueless fat slub.
    Mayfield has been just good enough. He has not been a guy you can count on to be the reason this team wins the game. The Bucs need more than just “good enough.”

  78. Posey99 Says:

    “If Joe thought Trask was the answer he’d be screaming from the top of the Skyway Bridge.

    It’s not anti-anything. It’s pro-what’s best for Bucs.”

    Lol. If we had a 64th overall draft pick at any other position who hasn’t seen the field you would be posting articles about it everyday.

    Mayfield is doing exactly what he’s done with the browns. He has a future in the NFL as a backup and he’ll be a great one. But he’s not a starting long term QB. Saying trask isn’t the answer is silly if you use the same thought process as drafting a 64th pick and never playing them. Being open minding is a powerful tool and doesn’t paint you into a corner like Winston, Johnny football, etc. Talent isn’t always obvious until the ball is snapped, Look at our undrafted rookies

  79. MelvinJunior Says:

    I said-it right then, when it happened… That was a “FIREABLE” Offense, especially combined with Losing at HOME to a weak ace ATL team with Desmond Ritter (and THREE ‘RedZone’ turnovers)!!!! And, talking about inexcusable, just God-Awful, ‘postgame’ press conferences where, he couldn’t even come CLOSE to explaining WTH happened… There were at least TWO MORE of those such ‘pressers’ LAST season!!!! 💯 FIREABLE.

  80. MelvinJunior Says:

    Also, knowing that “Beckles” feels that way about “Baker & Trask,” only confirms ‘my thoughts’ on Starting TRASK NOW, even stronger!!!! There has been VERY FEW times, I have heard much of anything ‘smart’ come outta HIS big-mouth… Rarely, ever agreed with him. Tho, I usually, did over that lazy, dumb ace Jay!!!! If they get DESTROYED AGAIN, by the Texans tomorrow, then you have to go to Trask… IMMEDIATELY. If it’s 27-3 in the ‘3rd-Quarter’ with 6:43 left… NOW!!!!

  81. Nope Says:

    I don’t know what angle you’re working here, Joe. Ian’s pie is looking pretty limp, or…not fully Baked🤪

  82. Zai Says:

    Baker is NOT the long term answer here and we all know that. Does not matter if Trask sucks or not. Put him in and see what he got at least since we invested a 2nd round pick on him. Then draft at Franchise QB next year if Trask is not it. It’s so obvious. PR for Baker is ridiculous.

  83. TheLaughingMan Says:

    I’m not a Baker fan but he’s not the reason your team is crappy…It all comes down to the coaching and while Canales has done about as well as can be expected with ZERO experience where he is at, it boils down to Bowles.

    Mayfield does well with a competent head coach, whereas Bowles lacks in that department.

    Trask is not the answer and the fact Woolford was kept on the team, Trask may be out the door come seasons end.

  84. Zai Says:

    Baker is not the long term answer and we all know that. Does not matter if Trask sucks or not. Put Trask in to see what he got at least since we invested a 2nd round pick in him. If Trask is not it, draft a Franchise QB next year. It’s so obvious! PR for Baker is ridiculous.

  85. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Beckles made blunt and fair points and as for Trask he’s right because he’s waited until now to show something. It’s obvious behind Brady and Gabbert he had no chance at starting and it showed in his preparation when he did play in pre season. There’s no way he didn’t read about what people said about his weak arm and he did nothing to change that until now. It’s obvious he was promised a chance to start because it showed in practice and pre season. The one thing ha has always shown is he’s not afraid to stand in there and throw down field which is what we lack now. We all thought Brady was going to get killed here but it didn’t happen and he broke all of our passing records , Trask did the same at Florida, and he threw a lot of tds. He knows how to get the ball down field and in the end zone which are top priorities in football. Maker Bayfield does neither. He can’t even see the field unless he’s in shotgun all the time . The only thing he has on Trask is his ability to escape pressure. He’s the perfect qb for Bowles who coaches not to lose/win. The time to put Trask in will be when it’s obvious we will have a losing season, like when we lose today because Bowles will be out the hot seat and into the fire(d) so there will be nothing else to lose except maybe if Trask blows it up.

    You Maker Bayfield fans are hilarious and show what kind of men you are because a beta male pretending to be an Alpha. To me the word moxie which has always been attached to him is a female or child attribute and last time I checked neither play in the NFL. Trask exposed your man crush and your female/child brains can’t handle it so you do what you do, throw temper tantrums.

  86. Patricia Seagrave Says:

    How is Baker supposed to do his position when his own team don’t want to connect with him???? They need to start connecting with Baker period!!! Get out of the mode that they are losers and start Winning!!! Their mind streak went south when they loss Brady to Baker ??? They need to get their head out of their asses and start connecting with Baker and start winning some games period!!!!

  87. BlahBlahTraskBlahBlah Says:

    What team are you Trask fans looking at? Coaching is stuck on stupid, O line is not good. We can’t run and our TEs can’t block. But by all means put Trask (who couldn’t escape a sloth in pads) in! that should solve the problem! A couple of weeks ago I talk to someone who attended many Bucs practices and I asked him about Trask; he was very brutal in his response to his ability and performance. All the conspiracy’s about why the team started Mayfield are just lame. We are not a good team and before we dump everything on Mayfield we should at least fix MANY of the other issues first! No QB will be successful with this line up! So with all these issues that I just stated why are some people saying lets put in Trask to see what we got…WTF people?

  88. JRay Says:

    You don’t know what you have with Trask until you pay him in some real games. He has been overlooked since high school. I’m not saying he’s the guy but even offensive guru Mullen didn’t know what he had on the sideline until an injury forced Trask in

  89. Terry ONeal Says:

    Early 4th quarter and the DEFENSE has totally collapsed. Stroud 340 yards Mayfield 130 yards. The season is over. Canales and Bowles are done.

  90. Luis Says:

    I hope this 🤡 watched today’s game. Davis is a liability and Trask rhymes with trash

  91. Sacker58 Says:


  92. bengh Says:

    “You take Baker Mayfield out of there right now and put Kyle Trask in, you’re talking about first pick in the draft.

    LOL, TB isn’t top pick either but he made it when his time came.
    This should not be the basis, how many top picks turned out to be lemon?

  93. Old School Bucs Says:

    It doesnt really matter. We dont have a QB problem. We dont have a running back problem. We dont have problems with our receivers, tight ends. We have an Oline problem and a defense problem. We have had this for going into three years now. Hell we went 8-9 with the GOAT who had to throw the ball in under 2 seconds last year so he could make it thru the year healthy. Until you fix that Oline and get a defense that stops giving up big plays on the ground and in the air this team will not win nany games. Frankly the team stinks! Starting with the Oline, the team lacks grit, and a nastiness required to win in the NFL. The Oline needs a massive upgrade in talent and the defense needs a coach who can lead, motivate players to a cohesive unit!

  94. Gerald Says:

    All these people calling for Trashk to start just collect his football cards and want him to play so they can dump them on another poor idiot before he craps the bed.

  95. Optimist man Says:

    You people gotta have somebody to blame. Well it’s not Baker!!! Get a damn running game and see how easily the game turns around. Baker has shown enuff to be a starting QB. If Tampa Bay doesn’t want him some team damn sure will. Tampa Bay, get Baker sum help and next year this team could be very good 👍just sayin.

  96. Chris Says:

    Daniel Hammond Says:
    November 4th, 2023 at 10:04 am
    “Last year the lowest passer rating in the NFL was 72.8 I Believe by Zack Wilson this year Baker Mayfield is 57.2 so what does that tell you.”



  97. Chris Says:

    @David BigBucsFan

    Trask got exposed in the bowl game vs. Oklahoma.
    That OU defense wasn’t even any good and Trask kept throwing interceptions. That game alone ruined Trasks draft stock. Is that why you hate Baker so much? Because his alma mater crushed your boy’s draft stock. Your comment shows that you are a buffoon.