Not Since The 2013 Ravens

November 7th, 2023

Some Bucs fans might not understand why fans like Joe rail about the Tampa Bay rushing attack to such a strong degree.

Is a great running game critical to NFL success? No. But when you do run the ball, it needs to be efficient. You know, converting in short yardage situations, running successfully in the red zone and grabbing at least four yards when you do hand off on first down.

Of course, it’s legal to have a Pro Bowl-caliber running back and to break tackles.

As of today, the Bucs are averaging 3.1 yards per rush attempt. That’s last in the NFL.

(Yeah, Tampa Bay has improved the past few weeks overall, running for a miserable 3.4 yards through those three games.)

Joe went the research route while manning the throne this morning and found that the last team to average 3.1 yards or less per rush attempt for a season was the 2013 Ravens.

Largely immobile Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco actually had one of his best rushing seasons while three-time Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice struggled mightily.

That’s how bad it’s been for the 2023 Bucs — 10 years since the NFL has seen anything like the Bucs’ running game.

It’s even worse than when former Bucs running Doug Martin had back-to-back seasons (2016-2017) of averaging 2.9 yards per carry.

Joe still hopes for significant improvement. The odds have to be in favor or Rachaad White having one breakout game this season. And surely somebody can figure out how to scheme close to average running behind Tristan Wirfs.

33 Responses to “Not Since The 2013 Ravens”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    But this team sucks at everything Joe.

    Kicking and punting…they’ve got a good punter and kicker!

  2. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Another Licht failure…..but 2020!

  3. Bucsfan951 Says:

    *slot receiver Rachaad White

  4. SBucs Says:

    All the blame goes on doofus’s shoulder.

  5. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Wait the last time a running game has been this bad the back was Ray Rice a three time pro bowler who must have been a god awful running back that certainly had no business playing pro ball. Because we all know bad running teams are the result of terrible running backs who don’t understand they can about a tackle if they choose. If only someone told Ray Rice this. I mean we all know football isn’t a team game. The failure of a running game always comes down to one guy.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Another problem much overlooked is the frequent number of run playcalls on 2nd down…….and they are usually stuffed…

    This failure causes too much pressure to complete a 3rd down pass……and limits options.

    We need to pass on 2nd and long much more often…….Byron….I mean Dave….

  7. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Speaking of the Ravens, they just had yet another no name back back off the streets Keaton Mitchel run for 138 on 9 carries.

    But Licht can’t find anybody better than Keyshaun Vaughn?

    Amazing how teams seem to find running backs from anywhere and everywhere while the best the Bucs can come up with is a fringe WR in Rashaad White and Keyshaun Vaughn.

  8. GP Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time we had a solid rushing attack, we also had a bruising full back. Not a tight end playacting as a full back, an actual full back that could plow through defenders, creating gaps for the running back to slip through.
    In my opinion, we have a talent on the team who could easily fill the role. Unfortunately, he currently is being utilized (part time) on the defense.

  9. MegaFailure Says:

    blow it up

  10. Marine Buc Says:

    Aaron Stinnie is grading out 20 points higher than Matt Feiler was…

    This might have a little something to do with the slightly improved run game.

    Now if we could replace Mauch and Hainsey we might have something.

    But we all know nothing will change unless there is an injury.

    Same old Bucs.

  11. Havenbuc Says:

    Houston averages 3.3 yds a carry & just threw for 500 & 5tds. Averaging 50 more yards a game with a rookie Qb/Hc. Can we please cut this bs out.

  12. BrianBucs Says:

    Is Todd Bowles fired yet?
    Come on Glazers, step up

  13. Cobraboy Says:

    “Hope” doesn’t call the correct play, open holes, or hit open holes.

  14. NYbucsfan Says:

    Can we get some more fire Todd articles?

  15. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Jason Licht is a bottom 5 GM and his resume bares that out; had it not been for BA, then Licht for all of his miserable drafts would have been canned, that same drafting ineptitude has struck again, JTT is garbage the corners he inked to huge deals are terrible, the ST coach, the OL, and the glaring RB

  16. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Amen Dusthty!

  17. ModHairKen Says:

    Well, how to fix it? Change coaches.

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    Mike Evans is great, but nobody is worried about him catching a shallow drag and turning it into a 60 yard run after catch. Godwin’s knee is gone, and his game speed never matched his clocked speed in the first place.

    You have to either have scary verticle recievers or quick twitch guys that can do damage after the catch to break down a defense and get guys out of the box and bailing deep. Trey Palmer is still developing and could probably be something close to that kind of player, but he isn’t there yet.

    Rachaad White is a running back that can be serviceable to good if the rest of the pieces around him can loosen things up, but he isn’t the kind of back that’s going to consistently beat a stacked box. The short passing game to him needs to supplement the inconsistent ball carrying that he can offer. The last couple weeks they finally figured out how to correctly use him. Now of course the defense decided to lay down and play opossum.

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    But the Bucs had more rushing yards on Sunday, and our running backs average more per carry – and yet the Bucs still lost.

    Oh right, let me look at my calendar, it’s 2023, and you win by passing the ball.

    Shockingly, the Mike Glennon line of 250 yards, and 2 TDs didn’t get er done.

  20. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Shockingly, the Mike Glennon line of 250 yards, and 2 TDs didn’t get er done”

    What? I believe a Mike Glennon line is 12/21 105 Yards 1 TD 2 Ints.

    Justin Herberts stat line last night was 16-30 136 yards 0 TDs 0 Ints….
    “He must be terrible” – Rod Munch.

  21. Ed Says:

    It does suck that most teams have backups that are better than any Buc running back. Good backs can get low and accelerate quickly.

    White can do neither but he is talented as a slot and out of the backfield receiver. In space he makes guys miss and he is physical enough to bill through defensive backs.

    His weakness is he can’t squeeze through small holes and does have the speed to get around the edges.

    It was good to see Wirfs and Stinnie doing good work on the goal line. White committed to running hard behind them and got into the end zone twice, that is encouraging.

  22. Since76 Says:

    Why always harp on the run game. What about the putrid passing game. 2 really good receivers and they aren’t getting the rock enough. Not even getting looked at. I’m going to say it’s Mayfield. Because I don’t believe Canales doesn’t have things dialed in for them.

  23. gofortheface30 Says:

    A completely overweight and high Doug Martin hopped up on molly would be a better option right now

  24. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    @Rod Munch,
    Even in 2023, I believe it is POSSIBLE for a team with a run-first mentality to succeed in the NFL.

    It is a problem though when you have a run-first mentality and you can’t run. 😉

    I think Bowles made a critical mistake when he became the HC by taking over a team that was built to run the No-Risk-it No-biscuit and attempting to significantly change it. He threw a major league curveball to Leftwich, his OC, whose only past experience was mostly running BA’s offense. Bowles tried to fix something that wasn’t broken.

  25. Tony Says:


    I wanted Keaton Mitchell, too! He came out of East Carolina.

  26. bob in valrico Says:

    Here’s the thing ,Joe. White has averaging 3.86 yards a carry the last two games, which coincides with the improved blocking scheme. He also has over
    110 yards from scrimmage each of the last two games. Mclaughlin was the leading scorer last week with 13 points. Baker and White were next with 12 points
    each. When your kicker scores more points than your QB, its clear that we have squandered opportunities to put more points on the board.

  27. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I read on PFF that Keaton Mitchell had 132 yards AFTER contact….

    Meanwhile Keyshaun Vaughn tackles himself….


  28. Tony Says:


    I’ve always said that the fans could probably do better at signing & drafting players. The coaching staff, the front office & the Glazers are killing that team.

  29. Tony Says:


    The 132 yards Keaton Mitchell has after contact is probably just about how many yards Vaughn has rushing in his career.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    Tbbucs3 – If Herbert has a line of 250 yards and 2 TDs, that’s considered a bad game for him. You think he was happy with his performance on Monday night? Also, the Jets have a top tier defense, the Texans do not.

    The issue with Mayfield is his track record, which paints him as a loser that gets all his coaches fired, before he’s sent packing to another team. He’s not getting a new contract here, not unless the Bucs are looking for a backup.

    In any case, the Bucs brought a spork to a knife fight on Sunday. They needed TD’s, not three FG’s.

  31. Rod Munch Says:

    BucsFanSince1996 Says:
    It is a problem though when you have a run-first mentality and you can’t run. 😉


    Well if the Bucs could run and had success and were winning, I wouldn’t have as big of a problem with it. Also if the Bucs had a running QB, I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with it. But, as you point out, this team was literally built to pass the ball – and to just run the ball up the middle for 0-yards to meet a quota is beyond dumb.

    I don’t really blame Canales, the guy was literally demoted on the Seahawks staff a year ago, was Bowles 11th pick, and he’s just going to do whatever he’s told – and Bowles is telling him to run it up the middle, because that’s what Todd Bowles read in his 1970 edition of the Coaches Handbook. You play good defense, run the ball, and don’t turn it over, that’s how you win.

    Someone should let Bowles know there are new editions of that book available, things have changed in the last 50+ years.

  32. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    @Rod Munch
    “Someone should let Bowles know there are new editions of that book available, things have changed in the last 50+ years.”
    Maybe we can get him a nice calendar. Christmas is coming up soon.

  33. Toad Bowels Says:

    I use the 1950 coaching handbook. Bring Mike Alstott out of retirement and I will show you that smash mouth still works. Also bring Ali Marpet to replace Chris (not a good 6th blocking lineman) to make things work.

    Smash mouth Toadfartz