Did Defense Doom Todd Bowles?

November 7th, 2023

Todd Bowles

In the Bucs’ locker room, Todd Bowles sure seems respected if not liked. So did the horrible defensive play last Sunday kill the head coaching career of the team’s respected head coach?

That’s what Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports thinks happened. For a defensive head coach struggling to keep his team in the playoff hunt and above .500 to have his defense crap the bed as badly as the Bucs’ defense did Sunday, that’s enough, Kerr thinks, for Team Glazer to pull the plug.

The defense may cost Todd Bowles his job: … … Not only did the Buccaneers blow a second-half lead, but Houston started 11 of its 12 drives on its own 25 or worse. The Texans scored on six of them (not counting the end of the half). This is also a Texans team that had just 53 rushing yards and averaged 3.1 yards per carry with a rookie quarterback, and the Buccaneers defense allowed 496 yards anyway. This could be the beginning of the end of the Bowles era.

Sunday night Joe asked if the game was Bowles’ Tennessee-Ready game or Capitol Collapse/”You Like That!” moment.

Over the years Joe heard through the grapevine that lousy Lovie Smith’s atrocious lack of preparation in the Tennessee-Ready game (opening day of the 2015 season) was the beginning of the end of his tenure.

Weeks later, after the Capitol Collapse/”You Like That!” game, Team Glazer had seen enough.

Joe would love to but the executive conference room at One Buc Palace.

91 Responses to “Did Defense Doom Todd Bowles?”

  1. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Bowles defense has become predictable and ineffective. Time to see if Canales can light a spark on this team as interim head coach.

  2. Goodbuc'nlife Says:

    Fire them all!

  3. Hopalong Bucco Says:

    One thing we all must realize when criticizing Bucs staff. It’s the players who don’t execute on the field.

  4. DFW Buc Says:

    Bowels needs to be flushed right now! Get rid of the stench!

  5. adam from ny Says:

    it reminds me of the moment when geraldini picked big ben up off the turf and apologized to him on mnf…

    and then conte got stiff arm steamrolled by the tight end…i think his name was vance mcdonald…

    things were never quite the same the rest of the year

  6. McBucky Says:

    Bowles is in way over his head. The reason he did so well as the defensive coordinator was because Bruce Arians was there to tell him what he needed to fix and what he didn’t. Now that Arians is gone (and Todd’s responsibilities have doubled) he has no backstop or sounding board of which to be critiqued from. As a result, you have a true situation where this man is completely out of his league.

  7. WyomingJoe Says:

    Hopalong is right to a point: it’s up to the players to PLAY! But it’s foolish for all of us fans, and the so-called NFL media geniuses, to know whether it’s the players or the coaches who are (the most) at fault. I’m meaning 70/30 against the players.

  8. adam from ny Says:

    he seems overwhelmed and unable to adjust to anything in game…

    but he does seem well versed in how to “act” like a head coach…

    and that’s very important when you’re faking the funk 🙂

  9. ChanEpic Says:

    Why can’t Arians return as a football QC head? He needs all the help he can get? Anyone have Tom Brady’s cell phone?

  10. Tye Says:

    ‘the beginning of the end of the Bowles era.’
    GOOD RIDDANCE to one of the NFL worse HC ever!

  11. Boss Says:

    todd bowles has……ah f it.

    just fire him already

  12. ModHairKen Says:

    Yes. And so did Bowles.

  13. Erik The Viking Says:

    It’s hilarious when stupid people can’t see inept decisions made right in front of them. But want to blame the players that have to follow those decisions to their demise. The lions share of players on any NFL team deserve to be there on their merits and ability. You simply cannot say that about TB 11-15 as HC of the Bucs. He got this job strictly on political reasons. But hey, if you like this brand of football, get ready for a fresh steaming pile come Sunday afternoon. I can already hear the excuses from the Joe’s and their merry band of lemmings. “It’s the players!!!” Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I like Todd Bowles, and wish him luck on anything he does. But it’s hard to imagine another Bucs season, under his coaching prowess.

    I wish him luck on his next job.

  15. Obvious Says:


    It’s simply too much on Todd’s plate. He gave it another go but he simply hasn’t been capable of steering a ship this size. When he stays in his lane he’s one of THE BEST. But once he bites off more than that he should… It seems He just checks out.

    He should NEVER have hired an OC with ZERO play calling experience “IF he wasn’t capable” of taking over the offense if need be. And He Isn’t Capable. It was a recipe for disaster and he went out and got a Baker when he needed a full fledged Chief. Not his fault that we didn’t have the money for the Best ingredients. WHAT IS HIS FAULT IS THAT HE DIDN’T DEVELOP THE POTENTIAL CHIEF WE DO HAVE Starting LAST YEAR! That’s on HIM.. And now We Just Don’t Know…

    It was clear that he never really gave himself a chance though it certainly DID start off nicely. Somewhere in there they lost the recipe for success and without an experienced OC to help him, HE’S BLOWING IT!

    Nice guy. Great DC! Terrible HC. His wisdom was flawed and now we’re All paying the price for a lousy meal. All the ingredients but not a clue of how they go together. He’s even lost perspective on how to use his most prized CB’s. Repeatedly insisting they play 8 to 12 yards off man when YOU KNOW they specialize in press man is cutting your own throat BUT you have to wonder if he even realizes it…?

    Bad choices, the kitchen is CATCHING A 5 ALARM FIRE as is his seat. He knows it’s the end and yet REFUSES to save himself much less the year by AT THE LEAST trying a new Flavors. Mix it up. Different seasonings, a different approach. And now the bank is looking to foreclose because WINS are The Only Way to pay the bills.

    STUBBORN TO A FAULT equals STUBBORN to Death…… Right NOW he should be Swinging for the fences with the season slipping away and the words he speaks is becoming repetitive gibberish indicating that NOTHING is changing and that he doesn’t even realize HE BETTER TRY SOMETHING NEW!

    Yet he seems too confused to make the critical choices, with no help from a struggling and inexperienced OC, too STUBBORN to reach out to Bruce Arians for the help he desperately NEEDS!

    It “might be” time to close the doors of our Expectations for another division title and to TRULY look towards the draft for the promise of “HOPE” of possible glory next year.. Two more games determines our fate..

    And if Mr. Bowles doesn’t chose VERY WISELY, He will as we All will face the…


  16. Beej Says:

    Clearly, the problem is Baker

  17. Texasbucsfan Says:

    Remember, it all starts at the top..Don’t blame the players. Bowles, Canales, & Lincht are the kingpins. They can bench, trade or cut players that are not producing. Every great organization has great leadership. Check out Microsoft Management. To say the players didn’t produce or execute is the sole responsibility of the team leadership..

  18. BucU Says:


  19. Hodad Says:

    Is it the players, or coaches? It’s easier to fire one HC, then to completely overhall a 53 man roster. That’s why the QB is the first to be benched when an offense is struggling. Benching one guy, is easier then benching the other ten. This is Bowles mess, he needs to clean it up. If he can’t, find someone who can.

  20. Richard Dickson Says:

    We’ve seen most of these same players respond to Arians, so I have to think it’s Bowles as a HC.

  21. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Theres a clear lack of leadership from the defensive side of the ball….when Arians was here he would make sure players are playing with maximum effort. Bowels doesnt do that and only seems to (apparently) care about X’s and O’s.

    Aside from Bowels…what are these assistant coaches on defense doing to make the defense better? It doesnt seem like much……every defensive unit failed on Sunday and that should fall just as much on the assistant coaches as it does on Bowels.

    On offense the clear vocal leader is Baker Mayfield while nobody on defense player or coach has yet to fill that void….for as good as Lavonte is, he’s never been a vocal leader.

    The Bucs are missing a true vocal leader and defense and true players coach like Antonio Peirce is for the Raiders.

  22. doolnutts Says:

    It is 100% Todd Bowles… This team still has good players but we are not playing to our strengths. Todd Bowles is a find DC but an awful HC. The core of his problems isn’t even the fundamentals its his philosophy. We went from Bruce Arians score as many points as we can anyway possible to Todd Bowles containment style hope we don’t lose it style. Todd Bowles doesn’t play to win he plays to lose. Thats why he wants to run the ball and slow the game down he’s trying to win and make the team conservative and that’s not what its built to do. We have two number 1 wide receivers and Bowles is obsessed with running the damn ball.

  23. BrianBucs Says:

    I can see that Todd Bowles is a nice, decent and respectable man.
    However that does not make him a good NFL head coach.
    He is in way over his head.
    Bucs will never win anything big with Bowles as the head coach.
    Why would any NFL team owner want a coach that he knows could not win them a championship?
    Time for the Glazers to send Bowles on his merry way before he makes a bigger mess of this team than he already has

  24. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Looks like this is going to be the best QB draft since 1983.

    A 40 year high bumper crop.

  25. Rod Munch Says:



  26. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I would like to get some clues from someone on what’s the next chapter for the Bucs. You fire Bowles who do you replace him with? There are no B Arians out there. Sean Mcvay, even if he doesn’t re up with the Rams, I heard he has been talking about burn out Harbaugh, if he leave Michigan there’s gonna be 3 or 4 teams after his service which I think he’s gonna be overpaid. All these hot assistants, it’s only like a 30 % chance that 1or 2 of those assistants will be successful and even if they are successful sometimes it’s a year or 2 down the road so as a lifetime Bucs fan what do we look for from the Glazers

  27. Everything is just horrble! Says:

    Every thing is just horrrrble!

  28. Lets bring the Hammer! Says:

    The readyness once again against Tenessee will dictate Tod’s future.

  29. Davenport Says:

    Bowles isnt worth talking about anymore.

    The fan pressure should be squarely on Licht and the Glazers. What they intend to do will decide the future of this team.

    Cut out the first two Brady years, there is no reason to be this bad for so long. Since the end of Gruden – two good years with Brady -until now its been two decades of disaster.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    Davenport Says:
    Cut out the first two Brady years, there is no reason to be this bad for so long.


    Wait? So just forget we won a SB a couple of years ago – and if we do that, the team has been bad.


    Also that SB was built on the teams before 2020, where do you think the Bucs got all those players to convince Brady to even come here.

    Bowles is a trash head coach, but that’s a nonsense argument. Also the Glazers have brought the Bucs two SB trophies since they bought the team, and the Bucs are what, tied for 2nd in terms of most SB wins this century.

    Come on, calm down a little and jump on #TEAMPOSITIVE!

  31. Rod Munch Says:

    Popcorn Mike Says:
    November 7th, 2023 at 2:46 pm
    I would like to get some clues from someone on what’s the next chapter for the Bucs. You fire Bowles who do you replace him with? There are no B Arians out there.




    Then you talk Brady out of retirement.

    BOOM! Bucs are back on national TV and people are talking about them again.

    Or we get another Greg Schiano, heck, maybe we just rehire Greg Schiano, I don’t know what he’s doing but I can’t imagine he’s that busy.

  32. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I defended Bowles at times, I gave him a chance, but I’ve come to the realization that he’s not cut out for an NFL Head Coaching job. Are his players playing poorly? Some, yes, but Bowles kept trotting out Ryan Neal as the starter every week, so far. That’s a fireable offense, IMHO.

  33. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Rod Muncher: Uh, look up who the Head Coach at Rutgers is. 🙄

  34. GoToDan Says:

    The lack of improvement of key 1st round picks on defensive side – Devon White, JTS-shows his “ability” to develop players on defense. Has me asking did they even improve after their rookie year? Combine that with complete collapse of defense in this game & horrible Atlanta Game. No longer believe he can lead this team to anything above .500 – He is at best, Jeff Fisher without any chance at playoffs.

  35. Buc50 Says:

    The players have some fault but it’s the coach’s job to put them in the right position to succeed. Soft zone on every play down the stretch was a fireable offense.

    It’s been something that the Bucs do all the time but it was plain as day that it costs them the game. There is no coming back from this because even if it’s fixed for the rest of the season, it’s very apparent that the coach can’t see it for himself and solve the situation during live fire.

  36. NJbucs23 Says:

    the worst part for me, I was at the 2015 Tennesse home opener and at the Washington “you like that” game

    WOW I am a suffering Bucs fan…..but i keep coming back for more !!!!

  37. Duane in Sanford Says:

    The exact moment was after they scored and Bowles went over to Canales to celebrate. They played well enough to hang in there and win it, and in that brief moment of bliss, Houston came right down the field with the dagger. You dont recover from that.

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ryan Neal, Dee Delaney, it doesn’t matter the defense is not working. You live and die by the blitz. Right now, we are getting torched…regularly!

    Everything starts at the top. As HC and DC Bowles should be able to identify and adjust in real time.

    Somewhere in the corner of a basement office is a smiling “Pressbox Smitty”!

  39. Since76 Says:

    Bowles picked Mayfield to run the offense. Mayfield has had one average game and that was this week and we still lost. He failed in picking at least an average QB. That’s what’s sinking this ship. The defense has been good until they $#17 the bed this week. Bowles has failed and failed miserably.

  40. WyomingJoe Says:

    For all the Baker Haters out there, there’s a great article on the Bucs site about how well Baker has produced under pressure courtesy of Next avenue Stats. Read and learn whiners.

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    Jeebs the Honey Bear … ‘Time to see if Canales can light a spark on this team as interim head coach.’

    OMG No. Canales is way over his head as a new OC. Now you want to ADD HC to his responsibilities? Come to think of it though, it would guarantee us first pick in the draft. OK, go for it.

  42. Defense Rules Says:

    It figures. Just when the offense comes alive just a little (courtesy of Houston’s horrific defense), our own defense craps the bed.

  43. CChead Says:

    Bowles is toast. He was hired to manage an NFL football team to entertain it’s fans, period. And the product the Glazers are selling is not worth buying.

  44. ATLBuc Says:

    I finally figured out what happened to the defense Sunday. This is the only possible explanation. They had been playing solid defense and all of a sudden they played horribly.
    It was just a bad game. The defense will rebound and will be alright. So, come on in off the ledge fellas!

  45. ATLBuc Says:

    Remember the bad 1st half against KC during our Super Bowl run? The defense played like they did Sunday. Then they snapped out of it at halftime and the rest is history. For that reason I think our veteran defense will bounce back and play lights out.

  46. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Every scoring drive except 2 were aided by Texan penalties of 15 to 37 yards.

    Seems the Texan defense helped the Bucs as much as the Bucs Defense hurt the team. Otherwise the Game isn’t even close.

    Titans are top ten in Penalties. Bucs will be hard pressed to score 13 this week. Vrabel is good against Checkdown Charlies.

    If the defense has not quit on the offense yet they might hold the Titans to 10.

  47. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Bowles said it didn’t matter if we played man or zone as we were getting beat either way. Well, there’s the door.

  48. David Says:

    We do understand Toilet Bowl is a bad HC but he only called one bad defensive game and you are going all out to get him with so many of negative blogs on him. You haven’t once blame Baker for running mostly a poor/below average offense until yesterday.

    Toilet Bowl caused his own mess by hiring Baker. Most of Baker’s stats were generated at the end of the games in garbage times. Baker is nothing but trash qb.

    Toilet Bowl chose Baker over Trask due to his experience. Well I guess Texans should have started Case Keenum over C J Stroud too but they are not dumb ass as the Toilet Bowl. In face Case Keenum beat C J Stroud in training camp competition.

  49. WyomingJoe Says:

    I finally figured out what’s wrong with the Bucs and it was right in front of me. Their “fans” suck! Run the white flag up the pole because you girls have surrendered without a fight. BA would kick your ass.

  50. BucaneroJim Says:

    Gees… lighten up on the team and Todd, any team can have an off Sunday… or 5 in a row… or an off year… or two years… or a decade.

  51. David Says:

    Who should be blamed more for a 3-5 record. Toilet Bowl or Baker ? I would say both.
    Baker has had two average games against Saints and Texans. Otherwise he has played so poorly at home. For that reason he needs to be benched now.

  52. Ricki Says:

    Why isnt this man fired?

  53. Marine Buc Says:

    I believe all the defensive backs and the edge rushers had a secret meeting and decided it was time for Todd Bowles to be fired.

    It’s a true conspiracy…

  54. Cobraboy Says:

    His failure was not just the Houston game.

    A more glaring example was the last-second meltdown in the playoffs two years ago.

  55. Adam Says:

    Bowles will never be a head coach again.

  56. Irish Laughter Says:

    When Bowls pulled that crap in the LA/Bucs playoff game to allow L A to kick a field goal/win the game and eventually move onto the Super Bowl he was rewarded by being named HC. Why should he worry about job security. He followed it up with an awful 8-9 season and drove the best QB into retirement. Why should he worry about job security. This year the Bucs have fallen a part before our eyes with a 4 game losing streak. Why should he worry about job security. Keeping it real in Ireland.

  57. Todd Rolls Says:

    I get it guys we wanna win I sure do since the days of sitting in the dale Mabrey end zone corner chanting Hardy!! Hardy!! I love this team with all my heart, we will be ok I see talent, I like Todd Inthink we give him the rest of the season.

  58. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Did I miss the confidence poll, or is there really no point in it?

  59. rickym Says:

    Rich Bisaccia.

  60. BoldDG Says:

    Joes: I don’t know where to share this opinion, so I’ll start here. Your website is too full of ads and now I see when I click on Read More, it takes me to an ad. Your content is great and I’d pay for it before I’d keep coming back and being frustrated by your aggressive revenue grab. If our defense was only that aggressive. Charge more and have fewer advertisers and make it more fan friendly. The fans really don’t need any more stress this year.
    PS: I appreciate you guys

  61. Since76 Says:

    Wyoming…….A lot of fans aren’t love blind. Their are a lot of different opinions. You think Mayfield is a franchise QB. I think he’s a back up. I think this team could be a lot better with the players we have. Your content losing. That’s your opinion and your welcome to it. Don’t bash people who don’t agree with you. When you name call you lose respect.

  62. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Todd Bowles doomed Todd Bowles

  63. Jack Clark Says:

    Todd Bowles loves making Bucs fans look like 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … ‘I believe all the defensive backs and the edge rushers had a secret meeting and decided it was time for Todd Bowles to be fired. It’s a true conspiracy’.

    Actually that’s as plausible as any I’ve come up with Marine (after the game I was convinced that this coaching staff was intentionally sabotaging any possible victory). There looked to be ZERO ADJUSTMENTS defensively. We kept letting the Texans do the same thing over & over & over, with zero answers to stop it. Most bizarre game defensively that I can ever remember watching.

    The Texans offense is not that good (and their defense was just as bad as ours Sunday). They had zero running game; we made them one-dimensional (nirvana to every other defense). but instead of capitalizing on that, we let a rookie QB sting us for 470 passing yards & 5 TDs on only 30 completions (that’s over 15 yards per completion average … how does that even happen?).

  65. Baking with Canales Says:

    I feel for players asked to play zone when they are good at playing man-to-man. smh

    Todd got Byron fired for being stubborn in his playcalling. What gives????

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    Joe in Michigan Says:
    November 7th, 2023 at 3:15 pm
    Rod Muncher: Uh, look up who the Head Coach at Rutgers is. 🙄


    WOW, I pay absolutely zero attention to college football, and literally had no idea Schiano was a head coach anywhere. Man, want to talk about the ultimate screwjob – the Glazers send a plane to pickup Chip Kelly and he turns them down after the plane landed. That leads them into a panic hire, which in turn means Schiano is head coach and promptly calls Josh Freeman a fatso and tells him to drop some tonnage, which in terms leads Freeman to a life of drugs. What could have been.

  67. Defense Rules Says:

    ATLBuc … ‘I finally figured out what happened to the defense Sunday. This is the only possible explanation. They had been playing solid defense and all of a sudden they played horribly.
    It was just a bad game.’

    Just a bad game? Our defense has been letting opposing offenses march up & down the field all season (that’s why we rank #29 in Total Yardage Allowed). It’s just that in previous games we were solid in Red Zone stops, and so we were able to keep the Points Allowed under control (we ranked #6 before the Houston game; we now rank #16 in Points Allowed after that debacle).

    So IMO it wasn’t ‘just a bad game’. Our pass rush hasn’t been getting home consistently all season, and our Secondary (with the exception of Winfield who’s been a 1-man-wrecking-crew) has been abysmal. Our luck ran out Sunday (only 1 takeaway & we were credited with only 1 PD) and the Texans showed the NFL who we really are. If we don’t adjust, we’re toast for the rest of the season. After seeing the total lack of adjustments in the Houston game, I’m not holding my breath on that one.

  68. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules Says:
    There looked to be ZERO ADJUSTMENTS defensively.


    Now I only watched the game live, I’m not going to go back and watch the replay of this one – but my impression from watching it live was that the Bucs in the first half were a lot more aggressive, in particular with sending White on blitzes. Then once Bowles got a lead, he does what he always does, and goes super soft and sits on his lead. So I would disagree, I think they did make adjustments, they were just terrible ones in the wrong direction.

    In any case, I know what you mean, they just stayed in zone when it clearly wasn’t working – until that 2nd to last drive when they finally appeared to go back to man-to-man (which didn’t work), only to then go to a prevent on the very last drive.

    I believe that is what happened, but with the caveat it was from the TV angle and I could be wrong. I’d love to see Ronde really do an extended detailed breakdown of what happened, but I think he’s a bit too team friendly to do that since it’s going to show Bowles in a terrible light, along with some of the players.

  69. captivajim Says:

    bowles doomed bowles…….

  70. Marine Buc Says:

    @ DR

    I feel you bro.

    Before this season began there were several position groups on this team that I was not feeling confident about and I had the Bucs winning 7 games.

    QB, RB, Interior o-line, TE, Edge, D-line and safety all seemed like the weakest position groups.

    All except QB have been rated among the worst in the NFL so far this season.

    I believe it’s time to keep our expectations low while we cheer and hope for the best.

    A 7-10 record still sounds about right for this team and coaching staff… Maybe worse.

    Todd Bowles is a mediocre (maybe wors

  71. Marine Buc Says:


    Edit: A. Winfield has also been rated high at safety but I really wish our GM could have kept Mike Edwards in Tampa… He really isn’t making that much in KC.

  72. Hail2dabucs Says:

    Yes yes yes

  73. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Simply put, time has passed Coach Bowles bye. He is a really nice guy and alpha males. Will take advantage of these types overtime. He’s not a disciplinarian, he is not a group leader. Just as in sales: your best sales people will never be your best sales manager.your best sales managers will never be your best area vice president. Your best vice president will not be your best CEO. He needs to focus 100 on the defense to be successful.

  74. Bucnjim Says:


    I’d love to see a Barber breakdown of the secondary, but unfortunately he is still tied to the Bucs. He also doesn’t like to call out individual play. If I were the Glazers though I would have Barber do the film study for them. Also I’d have Arians (who I believe is still on payroll) give them a detailed game by game study which should decide Bowles fate if it hasn’t already.

  75. Vancouver Buc Says:

    Don’t know what’s worse, the hiring of Bowels or giving him a 5 year contract!

  76. Vea's Second Stomach Says:

    Bowles defense doomed Bowles. The defense is predictable and his inability to adjust to the fact that his blitzes aren’t getting to the QB shows he is not the defensive mastermind everyone has made him out to be. Playing a soft zone and blitzing 5 or 6 who can’t get pressure leaves easy 10 to 15 yard gains all day and hangs the secondary out to dry.

  77. SB~LV Says:

    I have said everything I have to say this time last year

  78. Craig Says:

    If it hasn’t yet, it will soon.

    He has lost any chance of motivating them. He has given them horrid schemes that put press-man guys in zone with huge, soft offsets, then blames them or says they had a bad day.

    They will play well only for their own pride and ego, that means they are coming apart as a team.

  79. steele Says:

    It isn’t news. Bowles is a proven bad head coach and an average (at best)(and getting worse with time) D coordinator. Why is any of what we’re witnessing a surprise?

    The locker room was a mess last season, with problems that began after the SB win, and it’s gotten worse without being addressed. Sure, some players like Bowles because he “treats them like men” and such BS (aka it’s easy) but he is not a leader, motivator or disciplinarian, or a brilliant strategist.

    Nothing changes until he’s out, and everything he’s stuck into place is also dislodged and replaced. As for Canales. As head coach? Do you really think the entire team should be handed over to a guy who is a newbie even on offense; whose exit didn’t bother the Seahawks on bit, who has zero qualifications as a head freaking coach?

    This team needs a new regime entirely.

  80. Beeej Says:

    Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:
    November 7th, 2023 at 2:38 pm
    Looks like this is going to be the best QB draft since 1983.

    A 40 year high bumper crop.

    3 of the 6 failed to pan out, which is actually a better % than today

  81. Defense Rules Says:

    BoldDG … Ads have become a lot more ‘aggressive’ (and intrusive) in the past couple of years. I use Apple computers, and their Safari browser is normally quite good, except when it comes to keeping ads under control on some sites.

    Now I mostly use a browser called ‘Brave’ (the Brave Browser is built on the open-source Chromium Web core and its client code is released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.). It’s also considered to be one of the safest browsers. It blocks intrusive ads and trackers, implements HTTPS Everywhere, and offers protection against malicious websites. Plus because it blocks privacy-invading ads & trackers by default, there’s less stuff to open on every webpage you visit (they claim that it’s now 3 times faster than Chrome, the most used browser). Works with Windows & Apple computers. If you’re looking for options, you might do some research on it.

  82. Just Saying Says:

    Fake field goals, didn’t want to score before halftime, didn’t want TB12 to throw an interception, Bowels needs to go. Showing the young Bucs ownership is ok with losing. The thought of this team trying to make the playoffs seems laughable. Let’s say by some miracle they got in they would get blown out like last year, not have a premium pick and still never have known what they had in Trask. Levi’s will beat the Bucs this week because they always lose to rookie QBs and backups.

  83. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Some of y’all are crying like babies saying bowels defense is out dated or predictable. Not tru. So far before the sheet game the defense thru up on the defense has kept us in almost all the games this year while the offense struggle to even get close enough to kick field goals. Defense has bin our strength. We do give up a lot of yards but teams besides the Texans havnt bin able to score on us. Before Texans game we had the #6 defense in pts allowed. That does t happen by predictable defense or outdated. The defense so far has had 1 historically bad game and maybe another bad game this year so 2 all together isn’t end of the world like some of y’all are crying about.

  84. Mike Johnson Says:

    If Bowles loses to the Titans and looks bad, The Glazers might…man up and fire him right after the game.

  85. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    @ rod – Brady recruited Gronk, AB, Lenny, Suh…HUGE impact players

    Without Brady NONE of those come here.

    Jason Licht sucks out loud.

    I said it. He is NOTHING without Brady.

    Just another loser Buc.

  86. Mike S Says:

    Beeej a 50% chance you draft a bedrock HOF QB? You take that.

  87. adam from ny Says:

    does anyone remember the days of coach big ballz…

    seems like way back when…

    what’s a bucs fan to do

  88. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Just wait till the mighty rookie Will Levis gets ahold of our corner backs. It should provide heaps of entertainment if you are a Tennessee titans fan!
    You see the Bucs defensive secondary is an equal opportunity bunch and their motto proudly states: we will make all rookie quarterbacks look like all pros before their time! Will, be fully prepared to have a career day.

  89. Ed Says:

    The entire Buc operation smells of complacency. If you watch enough football your eyes will reveal that many of their players are not playing 100% until the whistle. The effort isn’t there and the big guys on the offensive and defensive lines are not playing as a unit.

    The front four of the Bucs defensive line is an utter failure. The back end besides Winfield is soft a melted ice cream. Besides Lavonte, what linebacker or edge rusher is going to make a crucial third down play to stop the 3rd down bleeding.

    Only David and Winfield are playmakers on this defense.

    The scheme is outdated and Bowles is no modern NFL coach. There are a couple of “old timers” like Andy Reid succeeding in the modern NFL but the Todd Bowles of the league can be easily replaced by younger coordinator’s that can coach much better than him.

    So many good teams now are led by younger coordinators who were not big names when they got their jobs. Promoting failure within your organization is the recipe for disaster. We are stuck with bad football as long as the culture inside the Buc players and coaches stays pat.

  90. It's Corn Says:

    Bowles is over-rated even as a defensive coordinator. “That defense won a Super Bowl!” yeah but the defense luckily faced Brees and Mahomes both playing very injured. And they had Tom Brady on offense to push other teams to keep up.

    Bowles got shown for what he was losing to the Rams in the divisional round. The Bucs should have won another Super Bowl that year.

    A team that relies on blitzes for sacks instead of effective pass rush with the front four will do great against average quarterbacks, but talented QB’s (which Stroud played like) will eat you alive.

    And when you can’t blitz, a defense like that doesn’t know how to be competitive when it’s not.

  91. dalvincookrules Says:

    Stroud was amazing, but the bottom line is, he’s still a ROOKie.

    There’s no good reason a defense with this much talent and experience couldn’t come up with a way to confuse and slow him. A game where Mayfield actually played pretty well, that loss is all on Bowles.