Kyle Trask Talks About His Moments

November 27th, 2023

Kyle Trask speaks about his play yesterday. And Baker Mayfield talks about his backup.

Did you really think Joe would walk out of Indianapolis without talking to Kyle Trask about his momentus day yesterday?

Sure, Trask played last year in the meaningless Week 18 game, time he knew was coming, but yesterday was different. Trask entered a must-win game cold in a high-pressure situation when Baker Mayfield was injured on a quarterback sneak on 1st-and-goal from the 1 yard line.

What did the Bucs do? They had so much faith in Trask (and so little confidence in their running game) that they called a fade to Mike Evans in the left corner of the end zone.

The play was whistled dead after an Aaron Stinnie false start.

The Bucs than ran Rachaad White up the got on 2nd down and then asked Trask to fire a dart to Chris Godwin in the back of the end zone on third down. The throw was extraordinary, a precision tight spiral exactly where only Godwin could grab it.

Joe had the benefit of the JumboTron replays at the stadium and it was a phenomenal throw. Godwin had two hands on the ball but didn’t hold on through the catch.

Many times backup quarterbacks enter games and playcallers get very conservative. The Bucs did the opposite.

“I appreciate [coaches] believing in me with the playcalls and trying to air one out on third down,” Trask said. “So, like I said, whatever lands in the headset I’m going to do to the best of my ability.

“I felt really calm. I mean, I knew exactly what to do so it’s just about execution. Other than that, it felt great to finally get out there in a real rep, you know what I mean? I thought that was good experience for me even though it was short-lived. It was good experience I can put under my belt.”

So how’s it been going as a No. 2 quarterback and dealing with the challenges that brings.

“I kind of try to take pride in building a great routine,” Trask said. “That way, you know no matter how much I end up playing I always got my routine and will be as ready as possible. “

Joe asked Baker Mayfield about Trask’s laser throw after the game. He confessed to only seeing still images but agreed it was on point in the back of the end zone and looked like a catch with Godwin getting one foot in bounds.

“Kyle’s prepared. There’s no doubt about that,” Mayfield said of his backup. “So it just speaks volumes about him to be early in the game ready for that. So yeah, we trust him.”

71 Responses to “Kyle Trask Talks About His Moments”

  1. 1#bucsfan Says:

    I’ve bin beating the drum all off-season for trask to start. After watching baker I became a fan. He puts is life on the line. He knows how to avoid pressure but he didn’t do a great job yesterday. I really don’t know if trask fares any better. How could he have that pocket awareness that baker has if he’s bin riding the pine since he’s bin in the nfl. All that to say I would like to see what we have in trask again idk if he does any better or is the savior but the past few weeks baker deff has not made the best decision. Niners game their defense dropped 2 ints they were terrible throws and they did get 1. Then yesterday he threw another terrible ball to ME13 he had like 3 guys on him and he didn’t even put it up where only ME13 could get it. Baker plays with a lot of heart and you gotta love that I do but I’d still like to see what we got in trask

  2. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    If Trask went to Iowa no one would be calling her him to start.

  3. NJbucs23 Says:

    The Mayfield experiment is over. Why did we take trask in second round and never played him. Bad management.

  4. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I don’t give two sh**s about UF. I’m a Bucs fan, and I want to see what our 2nd round pick can do. Stop trotting out the journeyman and let us find out how bad our QB needs are for next season. Absolutely mindless team management to let a 2nd round pick languish for his entire contract. I’ve been fairly supportive of Licht, but his missteps are piling up.

  5. Mike S Says:

    Trask needs to start this week.

  6. Aubpierce Says:

    I have been watching football for 65 years, and in all that time I have never seen a second round pick ride the bench for three years. Was it a wasted pick? We will never know unless Trask is given a chance.

  7. Jack Clark Says:

    Baker Mayfield is average at best and has already reached his ceiling of throwing two touchdowns a game and that’s not enough points for us to win enough games to make it to the playoffs. We already know what we have with Baker and he’s not going to get much better. We should start playing Kyle Trask to see if he can score 3 or 4 touchdowns a game without turning the ball over too much. Trask threw a nice pass to Godwin in the end zone that could have been a touchdown. Trask is more aggressive than Baker Mayfield because he likes throwing the ball further down the field. Trask needs more playing time to gain more experience and develop into the best quarterback he can be.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BA’s Red Pen Says:
    “If Trask went to Iowa no one would be calling her him to start.”

    Completely inaccurate.

    If a starter sucks, the backup is always called for.

  9. August 1976 Buc Says:

    I like Baker,as a player on the Bucs. toughness/ grit, BUT….woefully inaccurate. He is just good enough to get you beat more than win.
    We see what Baker is, its time to see what Trask can do. A loss is a loss, with Baker or Trask, might as well see what Trask can do.

    Go Bucs!!!!

  10. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Aubpierce ever hear of Jordan Love?

  11. SB~LV Says:

    How embarrassing if Trask gets a start and shines
    He certainly brings a few things that Mayfield lacks

  12. HC Grover Says:

    Attn Elon Musk football team for sale needs new ownership.

  13. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    They should sit Mayfield for the Panthers. If he can’t move around, he’s screwed.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No way Bowles goes to Trask when we still have a chance at playoffs

  15. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Ridder is 6-6 @ Falcons and their only regret is that they didn’t start him earlier last year. Cost them a few Wins this season.

    Now like Jordan Love @ Green Bay the game is slowing down for them and they are turning one less Interception per game into a TD.

    Tampa will get to see the benefit of Quarterback Development up close and back to back.

    Bucs will likely be 5-9 with 3 weeks to play and they too will have waited too long.

  16. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Again Says:

    Give # 2 a chance Baker isn’t getting it done. Maybe a chage of pace would help. If Trask doesn’t succeed we know what we got when we have to go make to # 6!!!!! Might motivate Mayfield.

  17. Davenport Says:

    The goal is to build a team that compete to win a SB, not to try to back into a playofff blowout by winning a horrible division.

    Start the backups in place of all deadwood and pending FAs – except 13. That includes Mayfield. He is not going to get us there.

    What are they waiting for??

  18. JD Still Says:

    I am a Florida fan also and I have been Watching Kyle from the time he first played when the starting UF quarterback was injured and Kyle was put in , having never started in High School or college and there he was, put in an SEC game with the Gators trailing ,with a hundred thousand screaming fans and everybody just knowing he was going to fall apart , but he didn’t, he looked as cool as ice, like he was born to be there, he won that game , and went on to lead the Gators for the next two years to championships , (East), and himself as a Heisman finalist setting passing records at Florida and always looking the same, never panicking, and always on target! That is why it has been a mystery to me that he has never even been given a chance here , Maybe that will change before his rookie contract is up and he becomes a free agent going somewhere else and embarrassing us more than when we let Steve Young go and he ended up in the HOF!

  19. JCLV Says:

    Joe, how can a throw which cannot be completed be extraordinary? It may have been a tight spiral, but was a millisecond late and too wide to have any chance for Godwin to get his feet in. This isn’t college. It was almost extraordinary but it wasn’t. Under the circumstances, how close it was to being extraordinarily was impressive.
    Stadium angles Joe saw didn’t show a throw that was late or wide.–Joe

  20. SB~LV Says:

    Which starting Quarterback this year leads the league
    In batted balls?

  21. SlyPirate Says:

    realistic-optimistic … is right on the money.

    This year is the start of a rebuild. Find out if Trask can play. Give him 5-6 games. It would expedite the rebuild if our long-term QB is on the roster. It the difference of drafting Penix/JJ or trading Penix/JJ for 3-4 extra picks. The Bucs have so many holes. Extra picks would be amazing.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    I have been watching football for 65 years, and in all that time I have never seen a second round pick ride the bench for three years.

    I guess you’ve never heard of Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, or Jordan Love.

  23. SB~LV Says:

    That ball was thrown to the spot
    The safe and designed spot
    If for whatever reason the WR doesn’t get there it’s still a good throw

  24. Aubpierce Says:

    At SC Buc Fan, Jordan Love, 2021 passing yards 411, 2 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. Jordan Love, 2022 passing yards 195, 1 touchdown. The Packers new what they had with Love and weren’t that concerned when Rogers left. The Buc’s have no clue about Trask after three years. Some people need to do their homework before calling out other people.

  25. Voice of Truth Says:

    Why not Minot?

    Randy Herberg was the most popular QB at the time, from Minot, North Dakota

    The backup QB is normally the most popular player on a losing team

  26. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    I bet he plays this week given the Panthers being 1-9 and Mayfield’s ankle injury…

  27. Buc booote Says:

    I knew the season was over when gage got injured in training camp but also when trask won the preseason battle but was told mayfield had more experience after throwing 1000 ints in training camp.. if that don’t say tank job I don’t know what does. Trask got that Brady vision foot work in release.. when baker came out of tent in started throwing in front of Mike Evans I would say the look Evans had on his face was told me he wanted trask to stay in

  28. Chad Says:

    If trask plays against the panthers I wouldn’t use that game to be the one to judge him on, panthers are trash, I would see what he could do against the saints or falcons

  29. Aubpierce Says:

    At D-Rome, do your homework.Young played in 54 games before he started, they new what they had. Rogers had 319 yards passing in mop up duty, the Packers new what they had. How many snaps has Trask had in three years. The Buc’s need to find out what Trask has.

  30. David Says:

    Right on, Trask came in and threw a pass should have been caught by Chris G. as he still had room under him to stay in bound while catching the ball. Unfortunately he dropped the ball. That could have been Bucs first TD in first QTR. of the season. Trask shold start going forward regardless of Baker injury. We have nothing to lose but a lot to gain to see what we have in Trask.
    The HC and the GM don’t want to play Trask to expose their mistake by not starting him out of the training camp. They know they can go easily 6-0 with Trask playing their upcoming weak schedule.

  31. Joe Says:

    Licht and Bowles certainly would look like morons if Trask finished 6-0

    Licht, at least publicly, has defended Trask and very much supported him often. In fact he has been visibly annoyed (in public press conferences) when people have inferred Trask was a bad pick. Really have no idea what Licht thinks privately about Trask.

    It is very clear Bowles doesn’t trust him. And Joe can understand that given Bowles’ career is on the line.

  32. David Says:

    Baker fans: Most Bucs fans are ready to move away from Toilet B. and Baker as per the recent polls. As I said before you are not true Bucs fan if you still in favor of Baker to remain as a starter. How do you still post supporting Baker after losing 6 out of 7 last games ? Also Baker fans don’t post negative comments on Trask without playing a regular NFL game.

    The season is over. Please post an article promoting a change in QB as of next Sunday. IT would be perfect start for Trask at home.Thx.

  33. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Please for the love of God let Kyle play sooner rather than later. The competition was razor thing close, Bowles only gave the job to Baker because of bias from draft evaluation in ’18. So if we are to believe that narrative, then we have at best upside with Trask, at worst another Baker. Give Kyle a chance!

    Team Glazer, Jason, anyone at One Buc, we know you observe the goings on in the best darn Bucs website in the world. I am but a humble man from Wisconsin, but I bleed Pewter and Red, have Mayfield walk the plank and let Trask man the helm!


  34. ChiBuc Says:

    Hypothetical: What would happen if they did put Trask in and he won the last 6 games? Do Bowles and Licht get fired for blatant incompetence or are they praised for FINALLY trying something new?

    I’d vote for the former

  35. Joe Says:

    I too have never seen anything like this, a second round quarterback who in three seasons gets zero playing time with the ones. It’s really unbelievable.

    This isn’t brain surgery. Think about it:

    Forget the names. You are a head coach. You know if you don’t win games this season, you are toast, never to have another head coaching job again. You are given the choice of a quarterback you don’t trust who has only nine passing attempts in his career, or a guy you liked coming out of college who already has won a playoff game.

    “Unbelievable?” It would be unbelievable for a coach to commit career suicide and go with the green-as-grass quarterback he doesn’t trust.

  36. Joe Says:

    Like go with a guy who takes you to 4-7 plus a 1-6 run? If that’s not career suicide I don’t know what is.

    Joe has no idea what you do for a living. And Joe doesn’t know if you are any good or not. But if people on the outside want you fired and you want to keep your job, do you walk into your supervisor’s office and punch him in the face because folks who do not work with you want you gone?

    That’s basically what you were asking Bowles to do. Life isn’t a cartoon. And it surely isn’t *fantasy* football.

  37. Avejoe85 Says:

    It is past time to let Trask have a shot. Baker has lost 6 of the last 7 and missed so many opportunities yesterday. Before spending an early pick next year on another QB lets see what Trask can do with an actual chance. Not the fake chance that he got in preseason.

  38. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:

    What am I reading here: “What did the Bucs do? They had so much faith in Trask (and so little confidence in their running game) that they called a fade to Mike Evans in the left corner of the end zone.The play was whistled dead after an Aaron Stinnie false start.”

    No mention that Trask threw the ball directly to the Colts defender for an INT – and that the whistle SAVED the play from being an INT? Rewatch the clip, he’s throwing before the whistle.

    His second throw is a double clutch that causes him to throw Godwin out of bounds. It was a nice throw, but late. Concerns with Trask are processing.

    These are facts of Trask’s first 0/2 with an INT saved by the Refs and an indecivise throw.

    Real confidence building.

  39. Watch More All-22 Before Commenting Says:

    Having said that, Trask seems like a nice kid, and he should be grateful to be a backup QB, one of the better jobs you can have.

  40. Ran-D Says:

    I secretly wanted Baker to go out for one quarter just to see what would happen , is that so bad!, not a Trask homer just desperate.

  41. David Says:

    Nice article Joe. Great job pointing out the trust of OC in Trask in pass plays.

  42. David Says:

    Nice article Joe. Great job

  43. David Says:

    Baker fans: Here you go trying to trash Trask by judging him on one or two plays. Your Trash qb is done here in Tampa with his latest coach.

  44. Jonny Says:

    I am a Alabama fan and I want to see Trask start. It is idiotic to suggest that those wanting Trask to start are a bunch of Gator fans. I’m a Bucs fan first and foremost, I don’t even care about CFB playoff if a Bucs regular season game was being played at the same time.

    Baker is having his best season of his career and he is what he is. A mediocre starter at best that cannot make an average team good. It is highly likely that Trask stinks. But we aren’t playing for the Superbowl this year after losing to Falcons, Texans and Colts. It is unfair for us fans to have to put up with a coaching staff that will have Baker start to save their jobs by beating on bad teams. Well we are losing to bad teams and we are a bad team. Time to start experimenting.

  45. UKBuccaneer Says:

    David Says:
    The HC and the GM don’t want to play Trask to expose their mistake by not starting him out of the training camp. They know they can go easily 6-0 with Trask playing their upcoming weak schedule.


    So they’d rather lose with Mayfield than win with Trask, because they think it’ll be better for them?

    You’re aware of how stupid that theory is?

  46. Kelly Bowman Says:

    Like I said last week, if Drew Bledsoe never got injured, Tom Brady never would have started in New England. Now that they’ve lost 5 of their last 6, what have they got to lose?


  47. SBucs Says:

    Nothing the Bucs do this year will prove the Jason is not an idiot.

  48. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Why would Bowles know he has a third year, the bucs traditionally fire coaches after 2 losing seasons.

    It’s a ridiculous conspiracy, mooted by those who don’t understand how the league works.

  49. Zoocomics Says:

    At 4-7, I am 100% agreement that we start Trask. I was stubborn, I like Baker, and I think this team is just isn’t good enough around him. I think MOST/ALL QBs in this league would struggle on this team given we have zero margin for error. I still like our chances with this schedule, but really, who cares, we’re not winning a Super Bowl with this football team, although a 3rd Straight Division Title would be nice, realistically, there’s no way we run the table with this offense/defense, at no moment will there be a 2020 Brady Light Bulb where things will click and suddenly this offense opens up, this team is, what it is. Period.

    Reality? Because the division is still up for grabs and the schedule is still winnable, THIS is Bowles last chance to be a head coach in this league, so he’s going to go with what he thinks gives him the best chance to win, and that’s Baker, at this point there’s no time for an experiment. Yet ironically, he went with a first time play caller to save his career? Makes no sense unless he was promised a 3rd year.

    I think this Carolina game is perfect for Trask to start, give him first team reps this week, get him ready, and roll him out. Baker is too banged up, and I can’t believe a banged up Baker is still better than a 100% healthy Trask vs 1-9 team and @ home? This is a great opportunity to see what we have in him.

  50. Usfbuc Says:

    SLU I am watching it again now and while it was a pretty throw Trask had this little partial pump that he did before releasing and that’s what caused the pass to be late. Ball hits Godwins hands but with his lead foot already about to land out of bounds.

  51. Tony Marks Says:

    Watch says:His second throw is a double clutch that causes him to throw Godwin out of bounds. It was a nice throw, but late. Concerns with Trask are processing.

    These are facts of Trask’s first 0/2 with an INT saved by the Refs and an indecivise throw.


    Ding! DIng! DIng!

    Reality speaks . Replayed the pass SEVERAL times to make sure I was being fair. Rather than this dishonest nonsense it was such a great pass it was doomed from it left his hand. BY the time he throws it Godwin would have to defy physics to stay in bounds. From the angle I saw Godwin caches the ball just fine and the only way he can . However he has no possibility of staying in bounds. I don’t know if its decision making problems as much as his immobility doesn’t allow him to extend plays so he has to throw when no one is open with space in such a situation.

    That said its fine for a first time this season . Its just being hyped and lied about by the usual suspects.

    I’ll go further than thinking Kyle is a nice kid and say I am all for Trask getting some playing time but good night his fans are the most dishonest delusional fans in all of sports I have ever seen.

  52. Tb bolts Says:

    Wtf do they have to lose? Put Trask in against Carolina and its a win win for Tampa… if they lose… Trask gets blamed (despite the QB not once getting called out in this 4-7 season thus far)..If they win.. then Baker had a chance to get healthy and talks of who is the better option can have some substance to them.
    They have lost to terrible opponents in multiple winnable games already.. so saying We cAnT PlAY TrAsK Bc Muh SeAsoN is a dead argument at this point. But I don’t see Mayfield risking missing a game this Sunday.. he knows when Trask is throwing those pure spirals on the money his season will be all but done. Sigh…hopefully Trask goes to a team that gives him a chance.

  53. Cooper Kupp Says:

    You may wanna double Cooper Kupp with 40 seconds on the game clock. Even Giselle dipped

  54. Cooper Kupp Says:

    Meeting with coaches during the off-season is illegal. Tommy the Cheat walking into the wrong mansion with a couple duffel bags of DEFLATED FOOTBALLS. Rams 2 Shmucinbucs 1.5 glad it’s over

  55. Tony Marks Says:

    SLUbuc Says:
    The good news for you is that I found the video of the beautiful pass and can and will correct your lies. Click on my name above to see a screenshot from the video showing Godwin with the ball in his hands with his right foot INBOUND by a foot or more.

    Dude stop your own rank lying dishonesty. LOL…..The whole reason you are showing a screen shot and not the video is because you know what the video shows in motion.

    In real life there this things called physics that good Qbs have to account for.
    Theres no way a receiver can freeze frame his body in an instant when on the run. Look up p the word MOMENTUM for your first science lesson.

    You been busted…..again

    Get over it , Its a bad throw decisions because there isn’t sufficient space to catch the ball in bounds. . If he had any mobility he would have waited for two crossing receivers that were developing.

    and P.S your double account isn’t fooling everyone. Your arguments and style of writing including wanting people to click on your link is the M.O. for one Traskie and one Traskiie only.

  56. Cooper Kupp Says:

    Tommy was a Pulse Night Clubber as his final defeat he kissed his dad on the lips and his mommy on the cheek. Ji Jihtsu instructor beating that thang UP

  57. kaput Says:

    Just no excuse for playing Mayfield over Trask at this point in the season. None. Mayfield is exactly who we thought he was, which is to say an average at best NFL QB.

    What is Trask? Probably not much, but maybe it clicks for him. Who here really believes that Mr Conservative Bowles would play a younger QB over a veteran, particularly since his job is 100% on the line? Can’t be his decision.

    Greater good versus Dead Man Walking Bowles’ desperation down the stretch.

    Play Trask. If he sucks, you’ll lose and be better positioned to draft another QB. If he’s decent, at least you’ll have fans interest. And if he lights it up, maybe they make a push for the NFC South title (and sure fire first round Playoff exit).

    Makes no sense at all to play Mayfield at this point.

  58. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Tiny Marks the Bakette3 are the dishonest fans pushing your own narrative down our throats with your Baker support. Not once have I ever seen you guys down Baker for his horrible play at times only blaming everything else and calling people childish names for pointing it out yet you’re up here critiquing Trask’s two throws simply regurgitating what someone else said. That first pass was way off mark true but could’ve been because he saw the ref about to throw the flag and the second one get out here with your high chair coaching that pass was perfectly placed and he zipped that thing in there where only CG could get it. He had both hands on it and time to get both feet down. He bobbled it and didn’t do his job. I bet the Colts receivers would’ve caught it. The Baker experiment is over he’s simply not good enough to help us win time to see what Trask can do. How does a 5th starter with a playoff win on his resume barely “beat” out 3rd year player who’s never started a regular season game???

  59. Tony Marks Says:

    DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    He had both hands on it and time to get both feet down. He bobbled it and didn’t do his job.

    LOL Sorry kid. I watched the film not a screen shot and it busts you up. There is no room for Godwin to make the catch inbounds. You all are so silly trying to blame Godwin.

    For today’s homework. Please do a paper on MOMENTUM. Its associated with this thing called PHYSICS. shucks you all will be amazed to find out you have experienced this physics. its why your car doesn’t come to a complete stop the instant you hit the brakes.

    The best Godwin could do there is try and jam his two feet down but thats momentum and biology again . You need to push with your feet to run so its near impossible to just jam in an instant. Space is too small get over it. Trask will learn about space and momentum.

    and NO one is on trask for two throws. They were fine for a guy that was playing for the first time playing this season . Its YOU TRASKIEs that always have to lie anf embellish to get your guy off the pine with “the perfect pass” garbage

    P.S. Type furiously as you guys have all season about that Baker over. That another example of traskie silliness – like you still think Bowles listens to any of you. lololol.

    Too hilarious… 🙂

  60. Canabuc Says:

    At this point chances of playoffs are slim.
    As someone else said, it is time to see what our crop of young players are capable of so we can plan for next year.

    That includes sitting Mayfield.
    Giving Denis more snaps, kansey and Diaby larger snap share….
    Ryan Neal done
    Devin white likely gone but until David back play him

  61. Jason Says:

    Mayfield hadnt lost games with his qb play, but these last two weeks are very debatable on that. We have a 15% chance at the playoffs? Let Trask start these last games like many have echoed to see if we have a need at QB or potentially have the guy already on the roster. With so many holes this needs to be known.

  62. Tony Marks Says:

    “each NFL weekend receivers get their drag foot down when they are a lot closer to the sideline”

    sigh ……What a newb!


    Go watch every single one of those plays and you will see the receiver slows and extends. IF Godwin slows there the defender is there and he makes no play

    You literally cannot be running fast unless yuu push and lift your feet. Like a fool you are arguing Godwin needed to both push up and get feet down at the same time

    lol……I can tell why you changed your username. You were writing a PILE of nonsense under your other name as well.

    “The photo also proves you are a liar, as Godwin was well in-bounds with the ball and you stated he was “out of bounds”.

    IN the NFl a pass where two feet are not down is called “out of bounds”. because both feet have to be “IN bounds”

    Finished making an UTTER fool out of yourself kid?

    OF course not . You are like the gift of comedy that never stops giving.

  63. Tony Marks Says:

    SLUnitwitiest Says:

    Here you go, dummy. My name above links to a screenshot from the video that captures Godwin catching Trask’s ball 2+ YARDS INBOUNDS!


    HAHAHAHA. the ball is not caught yet on that shot oh real dumbie. If that was the catch point with control IT WOULD BE PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR GODWIN TO NOT HAVE GOTTEN both feet down resulting in a tD. His stride is not long enough to get out of the end zone from there

    Godwin would have had to FLOAT (lololol) to get his second feet out of bounds. The catch point is when you control the ball not when the ball reaches the surface of your hands.

    lollolol…stop you are going to make my sides hurt. Anyone with any intelligence can see now why you are constantly doing links to screenshots instead of the videos with motion.

    Its VERY CLEAR in the actual film where the catch was made. Godwin makes a good clean catch no bobbling – its just not enough space. Beautiful throw to the wrong spot. Trask should have gone for a crossing receiver to the left ( or middle) that was coming open but he can’t extend plays as well as Baker

    You lose



    Wrong what you did was “LFMBO”

    Laughed your brain out. Godwin is 6′ 1 ” He does not have a 6 foot ( 2 yard) stride silly.

    Go learn some maths with the physics kid.

  64. ScottyMack Says:

    Aubpierce wrote: “I have been watching football for 65 years, and in all that time I have never seen a second round pick ride the bench for three years.”

    I’m sure there are others, but here are just a few of the QBs who were drafted #2 or higher that rode the bench for three or more years:

    Jordan Love
    Jimmy Garoppolo
    Aaron Rodgers

  65. ScottyMack Says:

    Jack Clark wrote: “Baker Mayfield is average at best and has already reached his ceiling of throwing two touchdowns a game”

    Mayfield threw 3 TDs against the Saints. Doubtful that is his “ceiling”.

  66. Karl Says:

    Morning Joe
    Well it’s another Lost Monday. It’s must be. Your fans are spending so much time fighting with each other over weather a pass was good or not good when the simple fact is guys…IT WAS IRRELEVANT. The simple truth is the defense lost this game (and many others) . This team should have at least a 3 game lead in this division if it had even an average defense. Yes it would have been nice to score a TD with 1st and goal at the 1. And any team with SB ambition does. But we are what we are no matter who’s the QB

  67. Daniel Hammond Says:

    At this point I really wish they would put Kyle Trask in his starter let’s see what he’s got you can’t just judge it off of one game or a couple plays you got to give him the rest of the season of course I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the year

  68. Bob lamothe Says:

    Did no one notice the first throw, that was stopped because of a Stinnie penalty, was almost a an interception. While the second throw was nice albeit a tiny bit late, the first one was put
    several feet inside when Evans had outside leverage. The only person in a position to make a catch was the Colts defender.

    For the second throw it was a nice throw but it’s the same thing that has been happening to Baker all season, a good pass/play undone by either an untimely penalty of drop (Godwin drop in this case). Bucs have been dropping one or two critical passws a game for the last4 weeks. Mental lapses are a coaching issue.

    Until you can get run blocking from the Oline, until the defense stops blowing its assignments and until the mistakes are coached out, this will be a losing team whether Baker or Trask is at the helm. Qb is the least of this team’s worry

  69. ScottyMack Says:

    All of the QB talk is irrelevant. This team has far bigger problems, particularly Todd Bowles’ specialty, defense.

  70. Tony Marks Says:

    BOb says:

    For the second throw it was a nice throw but it’s the same thing that has been happening to Baker all season, a good pass/play undone by either an untimely penalty of drop (Godwin drop in this case).


    I’d love to see where this drop was. NO one has ever shown it yet and the ball is in Godwin’s hands cleanly in all the film. He just can’t get his feet down because of momentum. Watch the film not what commenters say.

  71. Pickgrin Says:

    Aubpierce Says:
    “I have been watching football for 65 years, and in all that time I have never seen a second round pick ride the bench for three years…”

    Guess you forgot about Aaron Rodgers – and he was a 1st rd pick