Five Things

October 27th, 2023

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OK, Joe is keeping this way short because it is way late, the wee hours of Friday morning. Let’s get after it.

Bad Bucs

No matter how great the feel-good fourth quarter was last night, with the near-miracle game-winning catch by Chris Godwin, this is still a bad Bucs team. They have talent, maybe quite a bit. But key pieces of the puzzle for a really good team are missing.

That is why Bucs coach Todd Bowles bemoaned the offensive penalties last night. The Bucs don’t have the talent and/or coaching to overcome repetitive mistakes. So these penalties are drive-killers.

Buffalo can overcome them. So can Detroit and Philadelphia, all good teams that beat the Bucs. You could start with the quarterback and the pass rush and running games, too.

Until the Bucs demonstrate they can beat a good team, they are a bad team now that they are 3-4. Yeah, last night was close. As we all know, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

The Faux Field Goal

That stunt Bowles pulled trying to draw Buffalo offsides on a field goal attempt was just whacked out. Why not try that with Baker Mayfield under center? Given that the Bucs booted a 57-yard field goal just minutes before, why not kick a 59-yarder?

Was Bowles that distrustful of his defense that he thought Buffalo would score on a 60-yard drive in 16 seconds? You may not like Bowles but the man sure as hell isn’t Lovie Smith or Mike Smith.

The last time Joe saw something that crazy was when Tony La Russa, then managing the Cardinals, brought in a relief pitcher to throw four wide and then pulled him for another reliever — in a World Series game!

Chris Godwin Playing Center Field

Let’s just say if Chris Godwin ever played baseball, he must have been an infielder or a pitcher. That end zone Hail Mary would have damn near fell in his hands had he not turned his back to the play. When he did turn around to look for the ball, there was zero time to react.

Had he been looking for the ball, that was a can of corn touchdown would have been like fielding a punt. How wild would that have been? Talking about stealing a victory!

Please do not misunderstand: Joe is not ragging Godwin. The man is not only one of Joe’s favorite players, but he has made big play after big play after big play for years. He may go down as the most underrated Bucs player if you think of all the clutch plays he has made.

But man, if the Bucs miss out on a division title or a wild card by one friggin’ game, Joe may never get that Hail Mary out of his head.

It’s Always About Hitting The Quarterback

Was this the result of Vita Vea and Logan Hall missing last night’s game? Buffalo jostled, mocked and robbed Baker Mayfield all night. Buffalo had 10 quarterback hits and three sacks.

The Bucs? Three quarterback hits and two sacks of Josh Allen.

Again, was that because Hall and Vea were inactive? Maybe. Still, the game of football early in the 21st century is a simple game: Score touchdowns and get sacks. You do that, you’ll be just fine. Everything else is just Styrofoam peanuts.

Will Gholston Reaches A Landmark

Bucs defensive tackle Will Gholston has seen a lot in his career. Gholston has seen and played on some of the worst teams you can imagine. And Gholston is also a Super Bowl winner. He’s just about done it all while being a lifetime Buccaneer. One thing Gholston did last night can now be checked off career to-do list.

Gholston, in his 160th game, caught an interception off a tipped pass by Antoine Winfield. It was his first pick. Ever. Not bad for a fourth-round pick in 2013.

A lot of fourth-round picks never make it past their rookie preseason. Gholston is now in his 11th Bucs season and has made Tampa his home.

Gholston is one of the good dudes. Solid career.

92 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    3-1 to 3-4 in what 11 days

  2. Allbuccedup Says:

    But why dont Licht sign Gholston to a three year contract?

  3. R.O. Says:

    Logan Hall played last night. He wasn’t inactive.

  4. Scott Says:

    Trey Palmer needs to stop holding

  5. Big Wally Says:

    Some here claim Godwin was twisted around by Bills defender so he couldn’t see the ball. What a crock!! If anything he was twisted so he could see the ball. He either got there late or simply failed to look.

  6. NCBuc Says:

    Baker Mayfield showed toughness but too much indecisiveness. The Bills’ defensive strategy appeared to be to primarily sit back in zone defense and force Mayfield to diagnose and make decisions. For the most part, it worked. Mayfield appeared hesitant and indecisive at times, double-clutching on several throws. He arguably had two dropped interceptions and was lucky not to take a few more sacks than he did (including more than one in the end zone). Then late in the game, Sean McDermott started heating up Mayfield more, and two of the Bills’ three sacks came in the fourth quarter. To his credit, Mayfield fought all night and — improbably — kept his team alive until the last second. He grinded his way through the Bucs’ longest drive of the year (92 yards), capping it with a gorgeous throw to Mike Evans. Mayfield’s ensuing two-point pass was a fun improv, and the game ended with no Bucs receiver making a play on an excellent Hail Mary attempt by Mayfield. On the whole, though, it was a tough night for Mayfield, who missed some open receivers, threw short of the sticks too often on third downs and couldn’t get Evans and Chris Godwin involved enough early in the game.
    “That’s all I have to say about this year”

  7. lunchmeat Says:

    The football gods really, really wanted the Bucs to steal this game.

  8. PassingThru Says:

    The game was lost on the previous drive; it ate too much clock.

  9. WTF? Says:

    Back to the cellar for the next 5 years.
    I hate being a Bucs fan.
    So terribly ran.

  10. ModHairKen Says:

    No one thought they’d win. They didn’t win. This team mirrors so many with bad head coaches.

    Bowles is done. With ten games left, who thinks they will win half of them? And what if they do? 8-9?

    Does anyone think Bowles deserves a third year?

    It’s time to sever ties with Arians and his progeny.

  11. Eric Says:

    Anyone at Joe Headquarters still think Baker is the answer asking for Bucs Fan!

  12. Hodad Says:

    He’s got moxie, a chip on his shoulder, the players love him, the good news. The bad news, he’s just not a good enough QB to win consistantly.

  13. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Don’t know of too many times we’ve needed a hail Mary, either we were being blown out or needed 3 points. Nobody looked for the pass not even our 2 best receivers. They probably don’t do it in practice.

    That being said Baker Mayfly is exactly what everybody has said he is, good enough for some ooh aahs, and just good enough to screw you out of a better draft pick and bad enough to get you fired. Even Winston isn’t as scared and indecisive as he is even though neither can read defenses.

    In all my years watching the Bucs play one play that has eluded them is the quick slant, the defense can’t defend it and offense can’t execute it. Watching this Canoles/Bowles offense is worse than sitting thru a root canal and I’ve never had one! These Bucs are a really hard watch.

    As good as Camrde has been punting last night he was shown how to put the ball consistently inside the 10.

  14. PassingThru Says:

    An earlier article on JBF hit the nail on the head: Baker Mayfield isn’t terrible, he’s a middling talent. Mayfield is not good enough to propel a team to the playoffs, and he’s not bad enough to land a team an early first round pick.

  15. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Can’t post?

  16. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Oh mod squad

  17. I remember 21 Says:

    I’ve got to say I’m becoming less and less impressed with Canales. Love his “moxie” and press conferences and all, but man he makes me scratch my head so many times. Vaughn barely made the team, he plays like he didn’t, why does he get so many touches/ passes? 20 carries for 33 yards, no first downs rushing or receiving. Palmer gets way more attention than his play deserves. Second lowest catch rate on the team for guys with over 5 targets. Plus the penalties.

  18. Merryplankster777 Says:

    At least we Repeatedly learned that “Bux number 1, in the Red Zone!!!”

    Or as Sting would say . . RoXanne . .

  19. Merryplankster777 Says:

    Glad someone else also was like Why not kick a FG!? The Offsides trick almost never works. It is a treat for the defender as it makes the offender looks silly!
    Roxanne. – Dan! Wait is that Rosanne? Sounds like a bargain-ing chip shot

  20. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Any REAL chance to win that game last night was PI$$ED away by Canales and Mayfield showing no urgency and taking almost 8 minutes to score when time was of the essence. Baker was running play clock down to near ZERO on multiple plays. Bucs have HUGE problems with lack of coaching awareness and lack of leadership by the QB.

  21. Since76 Says:

    Joe josh Allen was getting the ball out in 2.4 seconds. That’s what the announcers said. Seemed like Mayfield had it for 10 seconds every play.

  22. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Its 2022 all over again…2-0 start, 3-4 at this point. But will they back into the playoffs again?

  23. Mike Malarkey Says:

    Baker is a game manager with no running game soft oline up the middle dumb coaching and a defense that’s last in the league in 3rd down. Last scoring drive was 97 yards. Final drive gets them in position for hail mary that drops right in front of godwin. Yes baker is a stop gap but what else can any qb do at this point with what’s surrounded by them? Heads will roll and as they should.

  24. Allbuccedup Says:

    Logan Hall is always inactive even when on the field.

  25. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Besides Evans and Godwin, Bucs lack NFL quality receivers.
    Way too many dropped passes by the young receivers.
    Maybe it’s because they practice against Bucs soft zone defense and when they get into physical matchups in games they can’t deal with the tight coverage.
    Some are tough catches- but NFL receivers make those plays.

  26. dmatt Says:

    Where’s the Trey Palmer whom I now refer to as “Preseason Trey”.

  27. Boss Says:

    This really did look like a CFL team playing an NFL team. It was laughable on many levels. I could not finish it.

  28. bob in valrico Says:

    Baker did not look comfortable in the the beginning of the game. To his credit
    he sheds sure sacks, and is tough as hell. But I just don’t see him being more than a stop gap player in this offense. There was more hype than substance to this offense.
    The defense had their hands full in the passing game. You see Shaq running all over
    the field. JTS had another uneventful game. IMO he is not setting the edge or
    making enough effort to get off his blocks. Bowles needs to make a change to
    complement Shaq.

  29. power sweep Says:

    Baker is good at one thing, padding his stats in garbage time. SMH

  30. Bucs13 Says:

    Mac Jones competed 80% of his passes last week against this same Bills defense. Kendrick Bourne was his top receiver. They had a worse OL than us and they ranked dead last in offense. I don’t wanna hear any excuses!

  31. Coquiro Says:

    It’s obvious from all of these posts that the fans see more of what’s going on the field and have more answers. It also seems that we get more pissed off than the players and coaches about losing. They get paid too much to “really” care. Bowles Smiling on the sidelines w his arms crossed and Canales calm as hell w his playsheet and headphones…weak and soft, no passion, urgency or drive. Get pissed off dammit.

  32. Curse of Gruden Says:

    The Curse’s Five Things:
    1. The D is average at best. Since they give up so many yards, the Bucs are always losing the field position battle.
    2. It’s obvious that some of the cornerbacks don’t want to tackle.
    3. Bucs need a new QB.
    4. Bucs need a new OC.
    5. Bucs need a new HC.

  33. D Cone Says:

    Sometimes luck just falls in your lap. That was the case of the Hail Mary. Godwin was clearly playing the rebound and missed it. That’s Luck. It runs out. Without it the Bucs are not even in that position. Two defensive penalties on 4th down to keep the previous drive alive.
    Good teams can overcome mistakes like three turnovers inside the 20 with two of those at the one. Might want to put Atlanta on that list.

  34. Sacker58 Says:

    I agree with Bucs 13 ,
    The excuse of we gotta do a better job at blah,blah,blah.
    We have to correct blah blah blah.
    We have to stop holding in those situations blah blah blah.
    We have to do a better job at coaching blah blah blah!

  35. Cchead Says:

    Joe here is you headline from Sept 14,2014
    Lovie: I Didn’t Want To Put Points On The Board
    Bowles is the same guy. Playing not ro lose.

  36. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Same BS different day. The Bucs are a good team they just need good coaching. As I’ve said over and over, they make a big play and it get called because of penalties. White make the best run he’s made in 2 years and it’s called back The offense is a mess. Last night, the defense gave up a lot of big plays too. I know we were missing a couple of player but, it just seems like Bowles played to soft of coverage in a lot of Buffalo’s TD. We can’t get to the QB. That 1 TD Allen had more the 10 seconds to just stand in the pocket. The bad calls and desperate actions Bowles took last night tells me one thing, he want be back next year

  37. Tony Marks Says:

    “Yes baker is a stop gap but what else can any qb do at this point with what’s surrounded by them?”

    the average fan that knows little of football doesn’t want to hear all that . its all about the QB being the scapegoat no matter what else is lacking. Worse for a fan base that rented the GOAT and thinks their next Super Bowl should come again by the acquisition of one magical player.

    Baker was specifically brought into not play hero ball and win games all by himself because they wanted a balanced attack – but there is no run game.

    add to that the tight ends suck

    add to that The Oline is Nowhere neeear as good as what the sack numbers indicate because Baker is getting out of sacks Houdini like at least twice a game. add 10 sacks to the books and see where the line ranks

    add to that there’s no established third receiver

    with all that lacking the utterly ridiculous claim by many fans here is that getting to the playoffs is not good enough. Baker has to get us where Brady didn’t last year – well into the play off schedule or its not worth it

    The fan base is delusional. Baker is ranked about 15 among QBs but some are even claiming he is backup at best because they have a completely unrealistic take on the QB market again because of Brady Rental Syndrome.

  38. Mark hardt Says:

    Well they were supposed to be 0-7. It is never easy replacing the GOAT. Things went better when they played hurry up. I would script 2 hurry up drives before the 4th quarter just to keep the D off balance. Baker played pretty well. O line killing drives. Defense can,t stop anyone. Try any field goal under 60.

  39. Pistol Pete Says:

    Seriously don’t believe we even get a winning season. Even though in the surface the schedule looks favorable……2 against Carolina I’d like to think we can win both but we will probably split, Tennessee is in a fire sale but setting a rookie which is kryptonite for us, Green Bay is on the ropes but a December in GB, nope we don’t have Brady and Scooter. And side bar, the clock management down by two scores this season feels like Koetter is back on the sidelines. Leaving too little time to get anything done. Also I should rewatch hit how many times did the refs sustain the drive from the 8 yard line but on the Hail Mary I saw at least two clear DPI with no flag!

  40. JerkingCircleofEpileptics Says:

    It’s not Mayfield’s fault that that the offense has drive killers on the team. Mayfield not only had to overcome the defense, he has to overcome offensive penalties.

  41. Todd Says:

    WHY is there zero fricking acknowledgment that Godwin was MUGGED by that Bills defender…literally twisting him around prior to the balls arrival. That should have been flagged…along with two other defenders sandwiching _____ (can’t remember the Bucs player).

    It would have been impossible for Jerry Fricking Moss to turn around and catch that beautiful Mayfield pass.

    Give Godwin a break. He deserves it.

  42. Todd Says:

    Randy Moss

  43. Ed Says:

    There is no explosiveness or urgency with the offensive philosophy.

    Too many players that aren’t hustling. I don’t think there have been many edge rushers as ineffective as Joe Tyron. He can’t finish plays and with all his speed he is still a stiff and upright edge rusher. Schaq Barrett is not the player he once was.

    Devin White is playing like a 35 year old, not a 25 year old. He has to make big plays for the Bucs to be competitive. He is very slow to stop the rushing game and is blocked out of most running plays. Ryan has put up enough lowlights to be a backup. He is the biggest liability in the back end. Every touchdown they give up, he is nearby.

    Then there is the issue of Mike Evans and not enough targets.

    Only Godwin, Winfield and David are hustling and trying. All the other guys appear to be going through the motions.

    Game planning is clueless. Rough waters ahead I’m afraid.

  44. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Question is Mayfield hurt? Why doesn’t he run when the field is wide open in front of him. I’ve seen at a 10 or 15 yard opening in front of him but he wait and wait then throw when he’s under pressure which many times causes those bad throws. Allen’s runs last night was a key in Buffalos win

  45. Wild Bill Says:

    Stick a fork in it. The party is over. Too many short comings starting with the coaches and including numerous sub par “starters”. It sure looks like the preseason pundits called it right. Poor coaching, play calling, and too many sub par players (especially Neal).

  46. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Ed I agree. That’s on the HC and his staff

  47. QBKilla Says:

    Logan Hall has 3 sacks in 24 games. He’s a bust just like JTS. Bad drafting is killing us.

  48. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Just want to say this. I’ve watched the Glazers since they buy the Bucs from the Culverhouse’s and I guarantee you they are already looking at a replacement for Bowles. I mean this kind of play from a team with this much talent is just unacceptable in the NFL

  49. BucU Says:

    At this point all I hear in post game press conferences is white noise. This team is bad. The coaching is bad and now I believe the front office is bad.
    Fire Todd Bowles YESTERDAY.

  50. Usfbuc Says:


    Anyone know how often we are in zone on third downs? It seems like we are in soft backed up zone that allows the other team just enough to get a first down every third down.



    Passing Game

    Need to get quicker routes in the plays so Baker can get rid of the ball. He seems to have time but WR are constantly covered. I watch other teams plays and theirs are designed to get WR open. We seem to be relying completely on some backyard scheme of you run and get open. Also we should convert White to a WR this off-season.

    Running Game

    Go get a big back this offseason or maybe two and just pound the d line until they don’t want to tackle our backs any more.

  51. Bbro Says:

    There has to be either faster, throwing pass, plays or better protection on the offense of line right now it’s just piling up losses

  52. George Gaspar Says:

    Good. I hope they don’t win another game all season. They don’t deserve to win. Come on draft picks 2024.

  53. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bad coaching a lot of the long runs or long pass by the Bucs are getting called for holding. Especially the one to Mike Evans and got called because of Mausch Oline holding. Those are drive and time killers.

  54. Beej Says:

    Allen was rarely under pressure (to be fair, Vita wasn’t playing) and he’d just stand there as long as he wanted for his guys to find an empty spot in our zone. It was like they were playing catch.

    Can’t say the same for OUR offense. I am also REALLY, REALLY not a fan of our D playing zone. The Bills D? They had a dude assigned to ME13, he was shutout for most of the game

  55. Jack Clark Says:

    Five Things

    1. Getting a new running back is not going to save our season
    2. Our team is not better without Tom Brady
    3. Our offensive line is extremely bad and can’t run block for sh#!
    4. Our OC is hot garbage and a failed experiment
    5. “Big Bawls” Todd Bowles went back to being a coward

  56. Popcorn Mike Says:

    George gaspar your hope may turn into fact 😊😊. The season is already lose. With 10 games left, even if the Bucs went 500. They would only be 8 and 9 back to back seasons for the Bucs and some what of fan base loss

  57. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    💩💩 Fire Bowles 💩💩💩

  58. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    Had Godwin turned around a second earlier on that Hail Mary the Bucs would have won a game that they shouldn’t have.

    They got bailed out twice on 4th down by Buffalo penalties, Evans’ TD catch glanced off a Bills defenders helmet only “a little” so ME could still grab it. We got a very fortunate bounce off another deflected pass to get our 2 point conversion.

    Apparently the horseshoe fell out of their arses just as Baker heaved that Hail Mary into the Buffalo night sky. Guess we used up all of our luck one play too soon.

    Positives for me:

    Gholston, even without the INT played a heck of a game. I’m so glad the Bucs brought him back. Nelson got his name called as well.

    R. White showed his speed and what he can do with some daylight. He rushed for 39 yards on 9 carries (4.33 ypc avg) not to mention his longest run got called back because of a penalty. He also had 7 catches for 70 yards (10 yard avg). 109 total scrimmage yards and looked like he was the fastest guy on the field last night when he got the ball and some space. (I still think we need a bigger, bruising RB since that space White needs is limited)

    Godwin FINALLY got a tuddie thrown his way and it was a helluva grab, too!

    The Negatives (where to begin?)

    Canales was out-coached. His route packages were minor league stuff. He never adjusted to the pressure on Mayfield. The Bills’ DBs never really seemed “settled” and playing pretty soft. It seemed like the routes called did more to create traffic than to clear out some spots for easier throws.

    Baker: Never looked comfortable and had “happy feet” all night. He was pressured a lot but even when he had a fairly clean pocket, he looked like he wanted to escape instead of taking a step up or to the side. His knee couldn’t have been hurting too bad because he was hopping around like a bunny rabbit all night, affecting his timing and accuracy.

    Wirfs had an off night, but you gotta love that he played through his injury. A hobbled Wirfs was still better than whoever they would have replaced him with. Going against a speedy EDGE rusher when you can’t move well is what led to the sack he gave up. The guy out-ran him on the outside and came back to Baker before Wirfs could get to him.

    DUMB penalties, highlighted by 3 false starts by Goedeke and holding on Palmer and Mauch. Both of those holding calls hurt but I gotta admit I think the one on Mauch was “iffy”. It just looked bad because the guy was slipping and Mauch shoved him the rest of the way down and fell on top of him. If anyone was grabbing, it was the defender pulling Mauch down with him, so “golf clap” for a heads-up veteran move.

    3 things I remember John Madden for when he called games for CBS and later Fox: “Boom!”, “Something turducken-related” and “How do you hold on a running play?!?!? Your job is to hit ’em in the mouth not dance with them!”.

    Barring a total collapse or injuries, Atlanta will be tough to catch, let alone pass. Their remaining schedule is softer than soft, especially compared to ours. BUT………that’s why they play the games.

  59. Todd Says:

    NBC got it right.

    “There was blatant interference on tight end Cade Otton, who was taken out by two Buffalo defenders just a few feet from where the ball landed.“

    The same happened with Godwin.

  60. Todd Says:


    I like your “5 Things”. Great assessment.

  61. Steven Says:

    This team has decent talent, but I do know clock / game management and penalties are on the coaching staff.

  62. Bobby M. Says:

    Get Harbaugh on the phone….Bowles is toast as is Canales. Start unloading players….D. White, Evans, Dean/Davis, JTS, get what we can and position for the draft. This team is grossly overrated, we’re not good, we’re not well coached, at best we barely make the playoffs and get killed again.

  63. Cobraboy Says:

    I have just “One Thing:” Todd Bowles has an established track record of HC fail.

    It’s just our turn, I suppose.

    The Year of the Tank Without Looking Like a Tank.

    At this point, a similar point when Radio and Toe on the Line were HC’s, I hope 3 wins is this team’s max.

    If you can’t compete for The Big Dance, don’t compete at all.

  64. Cobraboy Says:

    I’m OK with Mayfield. He’s just good enough to lose.

    I’m all in for 3-14. If this team is going nowhere, I want it to go nowhere with a high draft # and a slew of new picks…for a new coach.

  65. confido75 Says:

    All of the Bucs issues go back to the fact Bowles needs to be fired. The fact this guy had a losing record with the Jets was enough to say he is not HC material. Yet, management decided to promote him anyways. What did they see that they thought he was the right guy. I know lots of guys that get along with everybody and people like them, but they are terrible at their jobs. I really hope this is all just some master plan and Bowles is just a stop gap until we get out of cap purgatory, because if the organization continues to think Bowles is the guy, then we can expect more losing for years to come.

  66. HC Grover Says:

    The last few games are it. This is your average buc team for the year. They will win a few but not enough. Just enough to save Bowles and the rest of the average middling staff and players. Get used to it. I bet they get edged out of the playoffs. W/O Evans and Godwin they just lose.
    Send plan 9 to Mars.

  67. Buddha Says:

    What a bunch of cry babies. Why did anyone think this was a super bowl contender? They have more rookies and undrafted free agents than any team in the league. They are playing hard and exceeding expectations. They have lost to four teams with better rosters and last night they played without their pro bowl defensive tackle.

  68. HC Grover Says:

    Stennie better than Feller

  69. Bucs56 Says:

    Baker looks uncomfortable in the pocket because he is too short. He can’t get clean looks of the entire field and then has to arc the ball over the line. Why he is holding the ball so long. Very few qbs his height have success and most are deep drop guys like Brees. I am ready for Trask. Baker is a back up or place holder so evaluate Trask.

  70. EricTheViking Says:

    Bowels is 11-14 as a Bucs HC.

    What more do the Glazers need to see?

    Do they need to go 5-12 before the light bulb goes on?

    Anyone that tries a fake FG to draw a team offside instead of going for points, deserves to be fired immediately.

  71. Aaron Says:

    We have 2 corners that make $15m+ and we play zone. That’s all you need to know…

    When you can’t run the ball at all – this is what you are going to see.

    Go Bucs!

  72. WyomingJoe Says:

    I think that most of the “fans” commenting on this site must have been involved in some sort of sexual activity during the game last night. How else could they not mention the fact that AT LEAST 4 PASSES were dropped by the Bucs. Plus, 1 or 2 long plays that were negated because of penalties. Did Baker look comfortable? No, he didn’t. It’s kinda tough to feel comfortable when you’re pressured relentlessly and on 2 or 3 occasions forced to throw out of your end zone. He also looked in pain. Meanwhile, Josh Allen looked like he had all the time in the world. One last thing: I never saw a Hail Mary fall untouched into the end zone. And, no, I don’t blame Godwin, certainly not after that fingertip catch he had for a TD. Ok I lied. Here’s the last thing: THIS SEASON IS FAR FROM OVER! Don’t quit on this team.

  73. It's Corn Says:

    No wonder Pete Carroll hired 2 outside guys to become OC rather than elevate Canales. Maybe he’ll get there someday somewhere else, but right now he looks like a worse OC than Byron Leftwich and that is saying something.

  74. Larrd Says:

    I like Kancey but that young TE the Bills picked would have helped this team quite a bit.

  75. chickster Says:

    Its getting close to Trask time why not

  76. Joe Says:

    Question is Mayfield hurt?

    Yes. He’s playing with a bad knee.

  77. Mike S Says:

    3 in a row and 4 of 5.

    The Baker experiment is a failure.

  78. Oneilbuc Says:

    Joe please your guy suck stop with the excuses! Lol 🤣🤣

  79. Oneilbuc Says:

    Wyoming. Your guy Baker Mayfield is trash what’s your new excuse for him on this team which is his 4th team?? I guess next year he will be on his 5th team and you and Joe will make up another excuse!! Lol 😂😂

  80. Canabuc Says:

    Problem with our team is in the trenches. The game is won and lost in the trenches. If you look at the most successful teams right now in the NFL Detroit, Philadelphia, Kansas city, but they all have in common are great lines both defensively and offensively.

    Our offensive line in the middle is garbage. Our defensive line especially without vea in the game was very soft. They were able to run it well and outside of one or two plays Josh Allen had all day to throw.

    When your talent is really only at the skill positions that is not enough to be effective in this league.

    And for heaven’s sake why no mention about Ryan Neal and how this was the biggest whiff In free agency.
    The guy always seems to be on the screen whenever there’s a big play made by the opponent. Cut the guy promote the Delaney who always seems to play well even if he doesn’t have a great pedigree. Christian Idzien seems to be pretty good for a rookie I would have those two as well as Winfield being the main safeties.

  81. Mike S Says:

    Joe if Baker has a bad knee and can’t play well enough to win then Trask needs to start.

  82. Pistol Pete Says:

    I am also at a complete loss that we didn’t bring in a veteran CENTER, to take over for Big Red…did the team docs not understand the fact that he refused to have surgery and treat the leg with stem cells was a likely path to his exit from the game? the C/LG?RG is the downfall of this years team. And for what it’s worth Devin White can go.

  83. K_bassuka Says:

    Damn Barker Maybefield sucks, he’s holding the offense back with his bad play. It is time to make a switch or trade for a QB.

  84. PassingThru Says:

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. The game was lost on that 4th quarter on that previous possession. It is absolutely stupid to eat 7:21 off the clock when there’s only 10:05 left in the game. Poor clock management is what put them into that desperate situation on the last possession. Mayfield, the OC, and the HC own that stupidity.

    2. I didn’t watch replays, but that Hail Mary into that end zone obviously had at least one uncalled PI. Godwin was walled off by multiple DBs, but it looked like one other receiver (the TE Otton is my guess) was blatantly held. Look, when the ball falls in the endzone untouched on a 60 yard pass, I guarantee there was holding. That ball is in the air too long for a WR/TE (let alone a DB) not to get under it.

  85. Matt Says:

    This is just ugly. The Bucs have zero run game, couldn’t protect Mayfield, the defense made me sad, and why was Mayfield so nonchalant with clock management in the final minutes?

    This was an absolute team loss. Other than Evans hauling in a touchdown, I think Winfield’s pressure leading to an interception we’re the only bright notes.

    I’m a sad Bucs fan!

  86. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    💩💩💩💩 Fire Bowles 💩💩💩💩

  87. MelvinJunior Says:

    NO. It’s The ATL Game. NOT The Godwin Miss. That’s ‘The Game’ You CANNOT Lose… At HOME. That, along with the constant ‘time management’ – or ‘mismanagement’ during the end of halves, are grounds for dismissal 💯… You just can’t justify moving forward for ANOTHER season again, after THAT. You’re FIRED!!!!

  88. Bucamania Says:

    1. Zero pass rush
    2. Baker looks frantic on every play
    3. JTS, Hall, and Ryan Neal are liabilities
    4. Winfield is a monster
    5. Bowles coached scared again

  89. power sweep Says:

    PassingThru Says: “that Hail Mary into that end zone obviously had at least one uncalled PI”

    Please stop with the no-PI-called excuse on the Hail Mary. Hail Mary passes are considered free-for-alls and PI is almost never called. This from CBS Sports: “If you’re wondering how rare it is to see a pass interference flag thrown on a Hail Mary, it’s only happened twice over the past 15 years.”

  90. Rod Munch Says:

    Here’s my #5 list…

    #1 – Todd Bowles is a gutless coward
    #2 – Todd Bowles has no balls
    #3 – Todd Bowles should have worn a dress to his press conference
    #4 – Todd Bowles is not a good head coach
    #5 – Todd Bowles should be fired, retroactive to the Cleveland game last year

  91. Neckbone Says:

    Our guys are selling a bad product right now; they commit too many penalties, manage the clock poorly, defend 3rd downs pitifully, and the cheerleaders wear butt-ugly outfits.

  92. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    I was shocked when they kneeled down to end the first half. There was time to throw a few down and outs and put that monster legged kicker out there to try. It’s like they don’t want to score.