Don’t Mess With Todd Bowles’ Players

October 27th, 2023

Fighting words.

Todd Bowles has his players’ backs. And if they didn’t have their head coach’s back, they probably will very soon when they read this.

Bowles isn’t what Joe would call a dynamic speaker. Bowles locks up his outgoing personality (yes, you read that right) neary every time he takes the podium or has a microphone in his face.

So while Bowles is really good at answering questions, he puts his personality in a shell. It’s almost like he’s in a trance sometimes. But dang if he didn’t send a message to his players last night after the close loss to the Bills.

Bowles was asked if he still had faith in his players. Bowles’ response would have gotten General George Patton to smile.

“My faith in these guys has never wavered,” Bowles said. “I will take them anywhere. I will take them down the alley. I will fight with them any kind of way. I believe in them wholeheartedly.”

Almost sounds like a World War II John Wayne movie when the Marines are about to hit the beaches of Iowa Jima.

That quote will surely make its way through the locker room and you can bet players absolutely will have their coach’s back.

Whatever you may have against Bowles and the product he and his staff put on the field, Joe has never heard a player disrespect him. Ever.

30 Responses to “Don’t Mess With Todd Bowles’ Players”

  1. Steelers fan Says:

    If he wants to fall on the Baker sword so be it. May it be painful you deserve it if you wont make a move after losing 4 outta five and cant see Baker is the WORST byfar QB in the league. I seen bills players laughing and mocking baker on the sidelines. and that so call great 4th q drive was a debacle like ive never seen baker was abhorrent, appalling, atrocious, awful on that drive but very lucky beyond lucky everystep of the way.Are you freaking kidding me 16 plays and eat up the entire clock getting penaltys to save the drive and throwing balls off d players heads for td and a 2 point conversion on a tipped ball that could of just the same been a pick.

    Unbelievable that some have the gaul to call Trask supporters a kult. My G*d you people are Jim Jones kool-aid drinkers. heck Bowels is basicly committing suicide….What’s the definition of insanity? YOU’LL GET THE SAME RESULT

  2. FortMyersDave Says:

    Bowles needs to tell a few of his starters something not from a John Wayne movie but Star Trek: “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few or the One” as he tells them that they are being demoted on the depth chart for the sake of the team. He could also use the quote when he is launching some of the dead weight on the roster like Vaughn onto the street. The Glazers might have a go at it too with Coach Bowles if the team loses 10+ games this season which seems like a likelihood unless Bowles does something drastic with the roster.

  3. ModHairKen Says:

    Who cares if he has their backs? They are losers. Hainsey? Loser. Mauch? Loser. Palmer? Loser. White? Loser. Other White? Loser. Davis? Loser. Dean? Loser.

    They are losers. So Bowles has their back? Well, he’s a loser.

    Now the fans wait for three months to see who will replace him. And what will the plan be at QB? OC? What FA will be re-signed?

    Thanks, Arians for saddling us with your misfits.

  4. I remember 21 Says:

    Ok, you’ve never “heard” a player disrespect him. But they disrespect him with their actions and the way they play! Bowels has been the ONLY one to stand by DW45 without criticism his whole career. Never says a cross word about him, always talking about how he’s one of the best LBs he’s ever seen, one of the top 2 defensive players in every game, etc. And how does get live repay him? By demanding a trade in the off-season, posting all kinds of mock-ups in an Eagles uni, and then playing like crap during the season while he’s asking for $20M per. That’s not respect. How about Evans? Been a Buc his whole career, generally pretty selfless guy. Does everything BUT ask for a trade a week before the season when he knows the money is all already spent and teams are pretty set with their guys. Has terrrible body language during games. Those aren’t very respectful things for one of your captains to do. And then there’s Davis & Dean. Drafted & developed here, played in Blows’ system for years, paid handsomely. They are playing awful! I’ve been going off about how Davis doesn’t want to get physical or tackle ANYONE and Dean has been one of the most disappointing players on the team. Davis is the 10th highest paid CB this season & Dean is the 13th!!! Are they playing anywhere near that to anyones eyes?? If you told me a team had the best safety in the league and the 10th & 13th highest paid CBs, I’d think nobody would dare pass on them. HA! Nobody is afraid of these guys and I’d bet most outside of Tampa have never even heard of them. These aren’t signs of respect. I could care less what words come out of their mouths, or his for that matter. The team has been dysfunctional for every second of his HCing tenure, he’s got to go immediately. #FIREBowles

  5. Oddball Says:


    My phone tried to correct it to Iowa too.

  6. NE Fan Says:

    Do you really belive Devin White respects him? The only reason why that game was close is because McDermott could possibly worst than Bowles. What coach calls a TO after a sack when the opposing team has no TO’s left? The game clock runs out on the next play. It did it the first half as well with 19 seconds left and if Bowles had any balls he would have tried the FG. McDermott called the TO on a 4th & 10 on the Evan’s push off TD. The Bill’s should have won that game 35-10. Believe what you want but you all just witnessed why Cleveland let him go.

  7. Chris O Says:

    The Bucs make everything look hard on offense.

  8. Tony Marks Says:

    >>Unbelievable that some have the gaul to call Trask supporters a kult.

    It doesn’t take much gaul. We just read what you write and draw a logical conclusion. A lot of trask supporters are clearly obsessed and especially now because

    A) We weren’t supposed to come so close to beating the Bills.
    B) Getting that close may have dashed the premature certainty they held that Trask would start Sunday after next.

    Bowles is keeping his team’s morale up. What is wrong with that ? Its about his entire team including Trask but your obsession made it magically all about Baker.

  9. Crazyhorse54 Says:

    What happened to your players after the Vikings win? The offense seemed creative and determined. Now?

  10. Pewter Power Says:

    Whatever they look sleepy like they’re sitting at one of your press conferences

    you can’t keep blaming Canales for bad execution and line play suddenly false start penalties are killing a team that already has trouble putting up points

  11. Colonel Angus Says:

    What did the Iowans do to my beloved Corps?

  12. gofortheface30 Says:

    Steelersfan – still have PTSD over Baker and Cleveland Shanking you in the throat in the playoffs? Whats your deal. Dude you’re weird as hell coming up on a local Bucs blog having some dumb half drunk comment queued up thinking it was some sorta “gotcha.” I can picture you in your 10 yr old Steeler jersey, likely obese, bald and hairy. Middle aged man child that acts like a complete ‘tard at the bars every weekend, making the occasional comment to a broad half your age that would never sleep with you in a million years. Baker has been with us for 7 games GUY, everyone knows he was likely a bridge quarterback picked up for cheap because some guy named Brady retired. But by all means be thrilled with your fugazi 4-2 record but still being scored by 30 for the year, which is pathetic.

  13. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I believe in them also in fact I believe in them to continue to lose.

  14. Mark hardt Says:

    Canales was never an OC but rather a QB coach. He kept getting passed over for OC by Super Bowl and College Champion Pete Carroll. Hmmmmm… Maybe Mr. Carroll knew something we don,t. You can say the same thing about Baker getting tossed away but the salary cap limited things to a bargain QB. Even Darnold fetched more. At this point try to pick up an RB. If things dont improve by Thanksgiving let Trask play the last 6 games.

  15. Beej Says:

    “Steelers fan Says:
    October 27th, 2023 at 3:23 am
    If he wants to fall on the Baker sword so be it. May it be painful you deserve it if you wont make a move after losing 4 outta five and cant see Baker is the WORST byfar QB in the league.”

    Where do these people come from?

  16. Irish Laughter Says:

    They have ten games left, there is no reason for Bowls to not have their backs. In fact, what coach in the NFL would say anything different. It was a stupid question that didn’t deserve an answer. The Bucs have some really good players on the team. They battle all the way. They will turn it around and definitely make the playoffs.

  17. garbs65 Says:

    Emotionally I have several thoughts that I would include calling out blame, pointing fingers, etc. But, the logical, common sense side of my brain takes over and reminds me that NO-ONE had the Bucs as being very good this year. The experts were right. I had lowered my expectations but the Bucs started better than the predictions and Baker played pretty good. But over the long haul that mediocrity came out and this is what most people expected. They are playing ok, staying in most games, shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, weak line play on both sides (mostly offense), receivers not getting separation, no run game…defense has been ok. But that is a recipe for a .500 team and that’s what we are. Gotta get out of this salary cap hole. Hopefully next year will be a little improvement by adding a few players and then the following year a little better again…we are 3 years away from being solid again. Go Bucs!

  18. zzbuc Says:

    Very hard to watch CDIII and Dean and JTS…I am totally cool with the rest of the team.
    Of course tackling and stupid penalties are a pain in the a**

  19. Go Bucs Go Says:

    His words ring hollow.
    His team for the two years is not responding to his trust.
    It’s gettin’ old.

    Go Bucs!

  20. rrsrq Says:

    Yeah, I’ll take, Winfield, LVD, Gholston and Shaq (and the rooks) – that’s it on defense, on offense give me ME, CG and Wirfs, everyone else, I’m looking at with the side eye

  21. Mike Johnson Says:

    Yoiu can bkame yoyr God Licht. He never went after a few of the available QB’s we thought he should have. Maybe next year aye? Get a RB, couple of O linemen and a DE while you are at it Dr. Licht.

  22. Mike S Says:

    Beej we come from a land called reality.

    Baker looked like trash last night. He’s not the guy.

  23. Mike S Says:

    Mike Johnson Bucs didn’t draft a QB because Todd was going to start Baker.

  24. Mike S Says:

    Crazyhorse54 Baker took a few shots and now he has happy feet.

  25. George Lapp Says:

    Fire the entire coaching staff, Bowels is not a coach, defensive moron

  26. Jeff B Says:

    I think the bucks are close to being good, if they picked up a few players and trade and make a few corrections, they may surprise teams by the time they get to the playoffs. If you look at the number of dropped balls and penalties last night. Baker Mayfield how did actually pretty good night.

  27. Todd’s Blowfish Says:

    His loyalty is admirable. And the mark of a losing head coach. Maybe a number of them will work for him in his new do it yourself landscape architecture incubator he’ll launch after a Licht fires him on January 10th.

  28. Arians4President Says:

    In college, head coaches can use intimidation to get results out of players.

    In today’s NFL, where players already have financial security, head coaches actually have to be leaders. Anyone can push their weight around if they have leverage, but to LEAD requires them to believe in you and for them to know that you believe in them.
    Most of the head coaches who held up a Vince Lombardi trophy these past two decades we’re not necessarily the best play caller or game planner that season. More importantly, they were able to lead people.

    Bowles is playing the long game.

  29. Pamela Scoggins Says:

    Tom Brady had his worst year since his rookie playing under Bowles, you can’t confine a good quarterback to just screen plays, he’s got to be able to have options that aren’t always in the play books. Check out Mahomes, Brady, Mayfield they have a tendency to play better when under pressure and have the option to call plays themselves in difficult situations. Mahomes has some crazy stuff nobody even knows is coming, you can’t restrict these them during practice or games to nothing but strict rules, give them the freedom to enjoy the job they love and you’ll get a better connecting team, a closer team that wants to win. Why it’s not understood that a winning football team is more than a group of men who practice together and earn a salary is beyond my concept, it’s a group of men who enjoy a sport and become a close nit family in order to win!! Without all of that coupled with respect, love and pride for one another and the team you’ve got championship team.

  30. NE Fan Says:

    Pamela, not sure putting Mayfields name along side of Brady & Mahomes is a good example. He stinks because he lacks the ability to read defenses as quickly as the other HOF QB’s. Cousins is a good example, he may not win but.he can play and no he is not a HOF QB.