Lavonte David Teasing The Devil

September 26th, 2023


Joe will see what happens come December when old bones begin to bark. But damn if Bucs veteran stud linebacker Lavonte David doesn’t play like he’s still at the top of his game.

David was a beast on defense tonight. When it seemed at times everything was breaking down around him, David stepped up and delivered. Just like he has ever since the Bucs drafted him in 2012.

Check out these numbers from a 33-year old linebacker against the defending NFC champs: 13 tackles, a sack, a tackle for loss and a quarterback hit.

That’s a full night for any player, forget a 33-year old.

If David is putting up numbers like this in the final weeks of the season, why not bring him back at 34?

It’s not like the Bucs can easily find some dude walking the streets who can match David’s intelligence and production.

David must have made some deal with the devil to play this well as an old man.

10 Responses to “Lavonte David Teasing The Devil”

  1. CAbucsfan Says:

    #54 has HOF numbers but yet a lot of people gave no clue about him.
    He’s a better player and stats than Luke K and has had a longer career.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    If he played on a big market team, he’d be a 1st ballot HOFer with his stats and SB win, even if said team had a losing record most of his career (like the Bucs).

    It’s the same reason Evans annually disrespected. It’s the Bucs

  3. Proudbucsfan Says:

    You’re probably right unbelievable. It’s like every time I go to a home game at RayJay there are almost as many opposing team fans there every time. Even preseason games, It makes me sick. There are a lot of transplants in Tampa and I think they should all start putting on Buccaneers jerseys and cheering for the Bucs.

  4. Bojim Says:

    Pay him too.

  5. Voice of Truth Says:

    Not like we didn’t know this was coming

    Todd is a joke, this team is going nowhere fast

    Just get to 6-11 already and clean house of all these POS coaches

    How bout those special teams???

    It’s just a joke really – a sick joke

  6. orlbucfan Says:

    LVD has been a first class HOFamer on the field, and has never embarrassed the Bucs off it. He will be enshrined in Canton. I knew the Iggles would be too much to handle, and didn’t bother listening to the whole game. However, the Bucs will jell. They will beat the Aints Sunday. That’s the one that counts. Plus, they will start wining games against heavyweights, It takes time and patience, people!

  7. Brandonbucc Says:

    #trade Mike (butterfingers) Evans

  8. Ringer Says:

    Sorry I love Mike but it’s not like this is the first game with drops. Too many for someone who wants top WR money. He does some special things no doubt. But the drops are killers and have to be taken into account. Frankly idk if we can afford two Wr’s making 20 mil each.

    The Saints will fight like hell and are tougher than us… PERIOD. We need to get more physical in the trenches. We will be lucky to win that one. Jamie’s can still win them games since he doesn’t have to play hero ball w their stingy defense.

  9. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Only if the rest of the defense gave the same effort LVD does. He’s running circles around these young guys

  10. Lakeland Steve Says:

    If you were to look at the team right now as a whole not knowing anything about them and guess which one was going to be a Hall of Famer, you would choose Lavonte David hands down. He played like a champ.