“Devin’s Not Going To Complain And We’re Not Going To Complain For Him”

September 25th, 2023

The dark clouds sure rolled into One Buc Palace air space quickly tonight, and Joe’s not talking about the miserable weather.

The Bucs didn’t just lose decisively to the Eagles 25-11, they lost bodies to injury.

Devin White’s bad groin sure seemed to get worse. His second quarter interception of Jalen Hurts, with the Bucs trailing 10-3, might have been a pick-6 if White were healthy. Instead, he ran out of bounds at about two-thirds speed. (Video below)

“Devin’s not going to complain and we’re not going to complain for him,” Todd Bowels said after the game.

White missed some snaps in the second quarter but came back after halftime. He clearly was having trouble shedding blocks.

“I mean he toughed it out,” Bowels said. “He’s one of our leaders and we follow him.”

Joe can’t imagine White will be close to full speed for Sunday’s game in New Orleans. It’s a quick-turnaround game on the turf with Alvin Kamara set to return.

Cornerback Jamel Dean also was lost and Joe thought Vita Vea looked either gassed or affected by his bad pectoral muscle for a chunk of the night.

Without White healthy, Joe doesn’t see the Bucs as a top-10 defense.





20 Responses to ““Devin’s Not Going To Complain And We’re Not Going To Complain For Him””

  1. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Devin White is the absolute LEAST of the issues on defense.

    Only idiot fans would go after him. Dline and corner are the main problems.

  2. Coburn Says:

    Didn’t even know who the heck that one corner was they put single coverage they put on brown at the end. At some point they really should have put Winfield in the slot even though they hoped not to

  3. ElioT Says:

    Not a great position to be in for the Bucs. Luckily…

    When you want the two highest paid lowest producing CBs in the NFL…

    Look no further than Davis & Dean, LLC.


  4. Miller5252 Says:

    I get he’s hurt and couldn’t run but….. I remember defenses wanting to score and if the guy who picked it off couldn’t do it they would pitch the ball and throw a block! It’s Ronde night for heck’s sake, he was on a team that lives for that stuff! Same as the old Ravens team, pitch that bad boy and get in the way of someone!

  5. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Bucs defense looked good against 2 bad teams but against good teams, they are actually pretty bad. Dline and DBs and RBs were horrible.

  6. David Says:

    I feel bad for Baker’s fan who thought the Oklahoma Baker is back after six years of being below average in NFL. NO he is the same trash Baker with a trash coach who has no idea what is going on with the offense while hiring a trash qb to save his job.

    Bucs were badly punched in the mouth on national TV. The score should have been at least 42 to 11.

  7. Mike S Says:

    Sit White and bring him back after the bye.

  8. Mike S Says:

    David Baker is fool’s gold and its only going to get worse

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    Saints are choppin at the bit. No excuses. Better be ready Bucs. Our 2-zip could easily turn into 2-2.

  10. Proudbucsfan Says:

    This is Bowles fault. He had camp cupcake and gave these player’s to many days off in camp. That’s a formula for injuries and laziness.

  11. Frank Pillow Says:

    We have some soft ‘stars’…we were beaten before kickoff. Saints will kick our butts and outmuscle us in the process too. This is not a physically or mentally tough group.

  12. Ed McSherry Says:

    Baker Mayfield played a good game, it’s Canales who didn’t.

    The O-line is okay with lower-teams, but can’t be expected to be an asset with top-teams.

    Which equals: Canales (under Bowles orders) ordered too many running plays, and didn’t take advantage of the great asset of the receivers.

    Running the ball from the 1-yard line with that O-line against the best O-line was silly, for example. It looked like trouble when: the first play of the game was a run up-the-middle. They may as well have kept Byron The Great.

    McCollum gave-up a ton of yardage and Carlton Davis was sorely missed. Otherwise, the defense was pretty good, but were worn-out in the 2nd half; due to too many “3 n’ outs” due to too many quixotic running plays.

    Even at that, it could have been a different game if Evans end zone, touchdown pass was an inch to one side and the Eagles scrambling, lucky touchdown pass was also, like, an inch lower.

    Bottom line, imo, they looked pretty good when Baker Mayfield was throwing the ball: Otton, Evans and the grossly under-used, Godwin; and Rachaad should have been catching screen passes for third-downs instead of “Byron-running-plays” all night.

  13. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Bucs had the ball for 15 snaps the restof the game after Rashaad Fumble late in the 2nd.
    Hard to do something you do not even have the ball.

    Repeated long drives in the second half by eagles.
    Bucs Drives 5 plays punt, 1 play Safety, 9 plays TD.

    After that TD by the Bucs, the Eagles went on a drive of 9 minute 22 second drive to run out the clock

    That is a massive problem, to be dominated like that is not good.

  14. August 1976 Buc Says:

    I have never seen a 9 minute 22 second drive to run out the clock before like the eagles did in 48 years of watching NFL football
    That is a crappy way to end the game for the Buccos

  15. Bucschamp Says:

    Devin white just told the media Bucs is going to see eagles again and we are going to the playoffs. Lol

  16. Bojim Says:

    I don’t blame Baker. No run game and not much defense.

  17. BucU Says:

    Canales gameplan was stunningly awful.

  18. Voice of Truth Says:

    This is the result of swallowing 75 mil in dead cap

    We are paper thin – as stated all off season, any injuries to the starters and we are toast

    And Todd is still the head coach

    Are you not excited about competing with the Falcons, Texans, Panthers???

    That is the only level we will ever achieve with Todd pulling the strings

    2-0 is likely 2-3 by the Falcons game with Vea, White, both Corners…

    Ryan Neal is not good

    Cody Mauch got schooled all night

  19. Pewter Power Says:

    Vea was completely erased and it was basically by one person, they were able to run because he didn’t need to be double teamed

  20. 808bucfan Says:

    The problem with the D is the corners give the Wr too much cushion, 8yrds+.
    Then they back up soon Wr runs giving them easy yards before even touching them. Opposing Wr are always wide open when catching balls.