The Difference Between Baker Mayfield And Kyle Trask

August 13th, 2023

Talkin’ quarterbacks.

So it sure looks like we fans got a taste of the Baker Mayfield era in Tampa Bay.

Mayfield completed eight of nine passes for 63 yards and a beautiful touchdown pass to Trey Palmer in the back of the end zone.

Trask, while getting jostled, mocked and robbed by the Pittsburgh pass rush led by future airport baggage handlers and short-order cooks, did not fare as well, despite playing with the same front line and weapons as Mayfield. He was 6 of 10 for 99 yards and a pick with three sacks.

Last week while appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Licht explained what differences he has seen in his two quarterbacks.

“Baker has probably shown a little more downfield accuracy,” Licht said. “But Kyle has shown he is that big, strong presence in the pocket and can make some of those natural throws because of his height that Baker can’t.”

What is Licht saying here, that Trask doesn’t have as many passes batted down at the line? It’s true.

Look, Joe isn’t going to go overboard on the first worthless preseason game. If Bucs coach Todd Bowles was going to sit out 15 projected starters, then why should Joe take the game any more or less seriously than Bowles?

But dang, the team needs work. Work on the run game. Work on tackling. Work on blocking.

The way the Bucs couldn’t run the ball and didn’t block last night, it just fueled the skeptics who claim the Bucs are low-key tanking this season.

42 Responses to “The Difference Between Baker Mayfield And Kyle Trask”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    No they need rest. Bowles claim is rest. The more rest the better. Is Maynard G. Krebs on his staff? Gilligan? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. Work!!!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is no question that Mayfield is more mobile…….there can also be no question that that same Oline broke down badly with Trask.

    I continue to have zero confidence in Bowles as a head coach.

  3. Knucknbuc Says:

    I mean every big run they had got called back by a penalty. I’d say at least 3 runs of 10+ got called back on questionable holding calls. Agree on everything else

  4. SB~LV Says:

    Not much
    Sloppy play and smily Mauch ain’t smiling anymore
    He was rag dolled and on his heels
    Did see some Buc HARD running and that was encouraging

  5. D-Rok Says:

    Lots of work to be done on the principles of blocking and tackling. It’s a good thing this isn’t the Pro’s or else this team would be screwed. They gotta work on avoiding The Dumbs, too. Hmmm, sorta sounds like the coaches have their hands full.

  6. Banned Buc Fan Says:

    We looked exactly the same as the past 18 games under Toad

    No run game, 12 penalties, gave up 27 points, down double digits at half time

    Pathetic is the adjective that fits best

  7. Bobby M. Says:

    Bowles is coaching to “not lose”….sitting 15 starters is the safe thing to do. It’s just the way he’s wired. We’ll be entertainingly bad.

  8. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Let’s see what they do against the Jets hellacious defense. If we can’t even block scrubs, what do you think we’re gonna do against that Jets front 4. Yes, mobility is good with a QB, but not even Bryce Young could escape the pressure. I think we can agree he’s more mobile than Mayfield.

  9. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    I just watched the Johnny Manziel documentary on Netflix last night. The bigger question is what is the difference between John football and Baker Mayfield? I see Baker in the same lines as Johnny Football. When will Baker “burn the bread”?

  10. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Damn shame they gave the keys Bowles, good coaches don’t get fired.

  11. Jason Says:

    So you can’t tackle in training camp, but we need to get better at tackling. 🤔

  12. Hodad Says:

    The difference between Baker, and Kyle is Baker has that it factor. Trask just doesn’t grab the bull by the horns, he’s not in total command. I saw no fire from Trask, no LFG! Know what I mean? This is already Baker’s team, and barring injury, or total collapse the Buc’s QB for 2023.

  13. Smoothbayrider Says:

    Baker has elite arm talent. He’s got a cannon, throws a tight spiral , and knows when and can put “touch” on the ball when needed. He is also somewhat mobile. His skillset is far superior to Trask’s.

  14. Danny Husak Says:

    Baker could NEVER make silk purses out of ……lousy players and coaches. BUT, he took a CLEVELAND BROWN’S TEAM, YES a Cleveland Brown’s team to a playoff win with a head coach who will be fired this year in week 5. 6 foot 9 QBs are simply NOT the going rage. Look who was drafted # 1 ? Look at the Cards ? Why don’t you just block a little bit like they did for Drew-shorter than Baker-with lesser of an arm-Brees and win a Super Bowl too ? Seems simple to me………

  15. Mark hardt Says:

    The three sacks taken and the interception should be huge red flags for Trask. The tall QB era is over when short QB,s such as the Cardinals guy can thrive. Mayfield made smart decisions, used his speed to get out of trouble, threw on the run, and used his time well when he had it. A good line would be nice but Bakes can thrive under any circumstances.

  16. NE Fan Says:

    How is this a debate? Mayfield started for two teams and almost beat Mahomes in a playoff game. Trask can’t win a preseason game. Mayfield ain’t great but he is the best the Bucs have. Sorry oneilsuckyall, not trying to trash your boyfriend but the facts are the facts.

  17. Steelers fan Says:

    Im tellin ya Trask is a franchise QB but not with a faulty OL you have to protect him.

  18. FrontFour Says:

    Such definitive determinations after a semi-formal scrimmage. There’s wasn’t much to be impressed with from Friday. Neither QB impressed. Baker throwing the equivalent of screen passes, Trask running for his life with turnstile o line play. Confirmation that handful of young guys can play – YaYa, Palmer, Tucker, return of a healthy Cam Gill. Other than that just looking for the semi-formal scrimmage next week v the Jets.

  19. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    As we all know preseason games are a snapshot, not the full movie. They’re a time for experimentation, for seeing what works and what doesn’t. It’s not always pretty, but it’s necessary.

    Regarding Mayfield and Trask, each has their strengths. Licht’s observations are just that – observations. They’re not final judgments. Trask’s height gives him a different vantage point, while Mayfield’s experience offers him a different kind of edge. Both have value.

    Bowles’ decision to rest 15 starters is a calculated move. It’s about the long game, not just one preseason match. As someone who’s been around the block a few times, I’ve seen teams shine in the preseason only to falter when it really counts, and vice versa.

    I hear your concerns about the team’s performance. But l’m also patient enough to see how things unfold.

  20. Buddha Says:

    We learned that The Steelers first team is better than our our backups. Barring injury, Baker will show why he was the first player taken in the draft. He is highly motivated, has an A+ arm, and can lead the team. Bowles knows the team has good first team but thin in reserves. Best thing about the game was no injuries.

  21. Since76 Says:

    Looks like we can possibly nail down the #1 pick. Sitting starters when we have a new offense and then we get that mess. Just wow. It’s preseason but you now have one game less to prepare. LFG. Let me see what the Qbs Can do with starters. This seems to be a continuation of last year.

  22. Infomeplease Says:

    I thought all the qb’s played decent! I thought the new offense looked decent! The O-line… That’s another story. So far looking similar to last year. Of course the left side of the line didn’t play! Hopefully we pull the right side and run to the left more. I noticed BM was rolling out of the pocket to the left! He knows where the strength of the OLine will be. Like last year, this team keeps shooting themselves in the foot through penalties! If Bowles would push hard to eliminate the penalties, this team could shine!!

  23. Beej Says:

    He KNOWS what Wirfs, DW, LD, Vita, etc, can do. He WANTS to see what Britt, etc, can do, and these games are the vehicle to figure that out

  24. NE Fan Says:

    Steelers fan, the real QB’s that excel are the ones that don’t always have the best O-line. Brady, Mahomes, Roger’s, Allen etc. still excel. This preseason oline was as good if not better than last seasons staring O-line with the exception of Wirfs.

  25. NE Fan Says:

    Ya Beej, we saw what all those guys can do, did you miss the Dallas PO game? It’s not the players, it’s the coach. Where the head goes, the arse follows.

  26. Buc4evr Says:

    I would like to see how Baker does with the vertical game. I think Trask has a good long ball but still struggles reading coverages rapidly. Will Canales call deep plays, or are the Bucs going to play a short horizontal game because of Baker’s height.

    Think if the Bucs are not trying to score at least 30 points a game, there is no way for them to have a winning season, so they need a fast scoring vertical game.
    Defenses can no longer be expected to shut down offenses in this new era of penalties for everything the secondary does and QBs are untouchable. Does Bowles realize this?

  27. NE Fan Says:

    Bucs4ever, not Bowles philosophy. The days of Bucs scoring 30 points a game left when Bruce & Brady left. You do realize your OC has NEVER called a regular season NFL game? You have a lot of faith in the unknown!

  28. WyomingJoe Says:

    I was a Brown’s fan for 30 years and I saw Baker Mayfield up close for four of those years. I agree with Smoothbayrider; Baker has a cannon and can make all the throws. While at Cleveland, he had a very good OL on paper, but they never lasted longer than a few games before they fell apart because of injuries, and he never had receivers like Evans and Godwin. When Baker plays fast and loose, he’s as good as anyone in the league. Unfortunately, he had Kevin Stenfanski calling the plays and Kevin was, let’s say, not very creative. That was well demonstrated when the Browns picked up Watson as QB and we went 3-3 while throwing only 7 TDs with 5 picks last year. And stop with the height thing and blocked passes because he’s so short. Justin Herbert led the league in passes being blocked one year and he’s 6-6. I don’t think any team really tanks a season. But if the Bucs don’t start Baker, I might begin to change my mind. Go Bucs.

  29. Swampy Says:

    Let’s remember that, subtracting the meaningless final game, this was a .500 team last season. We loved the Super Bowl win but that required setting up a future salary cap problem. If the team can finish .500 with Mayfield it would be unfair to call him a failure. Let’s hope we have a season where we’re competitive. Paying big bucks to watch that 0-8 at home season was torture. Tanking to get a top three draft pick? Look at how often QBs drafted that high have been worthless. At your home, when the Bucs are down 28-3 at the half you turn the game off, you are disappointed but big deal. If you’re at the stadium it’s a different story. We want to go to RJ believing we have a chance to win. Leaving at halftime sucks. I’m afraid that’s more likely with Trask than with Mayfield.

  30. The Golf Bully Says:

    I lean towards “still too early to tell”, especially given Baker’s inconsistent play and inability to keep his emotions in check from impairing his play. As for Trask, Luke Godeoke didn’t give much confidence to him to throw without “happy feet”.

  31. Power Of Pewter Says:

    Mauch and Goedeke were rag dolled by future fry cooks, let’s not sugar coat it. Cappa sucked pretty badly his first year to year and a half, he turned out OK. But that points out a problem… other than Wirfs and the since-retired Marpet, Bucs OLmen have been pretty slow to develop. OL is a hard position to learn, and with practices now limited, it may take even longer. Bucs should look more at drafted OL who can tradition relatively quickly, rather than ‘projects’ who take up roster space while developing ‘potential’ that may or may not ever be realized.

  32. Tony Says:

    Interesting to find out Trask hit 19 miles and hour. Baker can run 16.5 miles and hour. That tells me Trask is more mobile than Baker now. Plus being able to get it over the line. Yes Baker had a good game by throwing simple short passes and one good one in the back of the endzone. I think they brought in Baker just to push Trask more.

  33. View from 132 Says:

    The Mayfield Era? He’s on a one year deal. That’s a bit overstated.

  34. David Says:

    It is obvious that Baker would have better pre-season due to his experience. Real The new offense with Baker running around will not win many games. This will not be good for Mike E. and Chris G. They have to go vertical. We all know what happens when you try to go vertical with short qb, Baker. You either get intercepted or ball gets batted at the line.

    Trask was relaxed and confidence in throwing deep balls yesterday for the first time except throwing on third and long that Steelers did not score on. He should have thrown it a way or check it down but in a meaningless pre-season game. That is why he needs to have more real game experience. Too bad he didn’t have much time to throw in the game.

    Bucs needs to roll with their young qb with a lot of upsides and stop this non-sense hoping to re-produce a new Baker.
    Baker is a useless qb who will adjust himself to whatever it takes to survive as he became so conservative vs Steelers to avoid throwing any more picks.

  35. m milligan Says:

    LMAO, trask is a better scrambler because he can run 19 MPH. WTF.
    There will be no vertical game or meaningful running game if OL can’t get it’s sht together

  36. c mado Says:

    With Mayfield the game is never over until the clock runs out. He is not always successful in those last minutes but he will make it exciting. He can come back from a deficit. I don’t see that in Trask at all. His personality doesn’t seem to lend it self to urgency. Baker should start. Let Trask learn about urgency.

  37. Oneilbuc Says:

    NEfan . What are you doing here go back to New England where you come from. Your master is gone and he ain’t coming back he will be in New England for now on. So you can follow him their!!!

  38. Smoothbayrider Says:

    I just hope the Baker haters don’t let their hate get in the way of their Bucs fandom. He’s a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Everybody should be rallying behind this guy, hoping that he can maximize his talents here in TB and lead us to victories. Instead , it seems that there are a lot of so called “fans” out there who are already dog cussing the guy and writing him and the Bucs off before he ever even throws a reg season pass for our team. LFG guys , get it together and be better. We’ve got two All-world WR and a QB with elite arm talent who can make every throw on the field. The offense might be cooking this year.

  39. Gerald Says:


  40. LANshark Says:

    WyomingJoe – 100% correct. Baker is way better than he showed in Cleve, which is and was a dumpster fire. Carolina was almost as big a dumpster fire as CLE. McVay wanted to keep Baker, but he’s got a multi-million dollar starter in Stafford, and no way Baker was gonna sit.

  41. Obvious Says:

    I myself absolutely agree that we should ALL get behind Baker “IF” he’s the guy. And BTW, I Do believe that 90% of Buccaneer Nation WILL INDEED fall in line if Mayfield really is playing “Lights Out Football”!

    But I gotta ask myself if you are as genuine if it were Trask. It’s EASY to be RIGEOUS when things are going your way. EASY… to take the high road.

    Anybody who happens to from time to time, peruse my write ups, knows well that for me it’s ALL about the “Team”. Which would ALSO includes a yet to be determined Draft Pick. (If necessary)
    I’m ALL ABOUT a “Dynasty Level, Franchise QB”. If it ain’t that, IT AIN’T NOTHING!

    So….. “Well Said Sir”. Just PLEASE be as Stand Up as you are now if another name is ultimately picked.


    GO BUCS!

  42. Tony Says:

    Dink and dunk Baker