Shaq Barrett Playing The Percentages

August 13th, 2023

Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett.

So Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett was sounding like an accountant today.

Joe caught up with Shaq after practice today inside the Glazer Shed. For a guy who blew out his Achilles back in October, Shaq sure is practicing a lot and he’s flashing more often than some of his Pro Bowl teammates. That’s a good sign!

Joe asked, “Hey Shaq, so how do you feel? Where are you at from your injury?”

Shaq thought a little bit and said, “I’d say I’m 95 percent back. Maybe 98.”

Joe reminded Shaq he said he would be good for Week 1 at Minnesota. Is that still true?

“One hundred percent!” Shaq said.

Then Joe noted to Shaq that he’s playing a lot of percentages today. Shaq laughed and clarified that he is 95 percent back to his playing level before his Achilles injury.

As for Week 1, Shaq noted he will start and added that he just needs to shake off rust and he will become the old Shaq.

In other injury news, Joe has heard that rookie defensive tackle Calijah Kancey still has Week 1 in range, though he was not dressed for practice today.

Joe also noticed that rookie linebacker Sir’Vocea Dennis did not dress for practice and was limping around wearing a black compression-sock-looking thing covering his entire right leg.

Lastly, on a run up the middle late in practice, Rachaad White went down right after he took a snap, before he was hit. He was slow to get up and limped off the field escorted by a trainer.

Joe caught up with White after practice and he said he is fine. Todd Bowles said White was more scared by whatever tweak he felt than an injury.

12 Responses to “Shaq Barrett Playing The Percentages”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    They need more rest.

  2. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Can Shaq play OLine ?

  3. Hodad Says:

    Glad they’re using the Glazer shed. There’s no getting use to, or conditioned to the heat. Bucs need to be smart keeping the players in during dangerous heat indexes.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I can’t begin to count how many misses we’ve had in round 6 & 7……but this looks like a hit to me.

  5. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    It was nice to watch games this weekend where 3rd stringers actually know how to tackle.

  6. Wild Bill Says:

    Hope Shaq is careful for awhile. A knee can be injured again if pushed too soon.

  7. CleanHouse Says:

    Has nothing to do with Shaq, and everything to do with Bowles, but 46-13 Minnesota 4-13 on the season

  8. RGA Says:

    No practice report today? Another site has a full report, JBF
    Is usually the front runner in practice reports and is out front in reporting.

  9. Kgh4life Says:

    @Wild Bill

    Shaq did not injure a knee, it was his Achilles.

  10. ScottyMack Says:

    CleanHouse said: “46-13″ Minnesota” in game one this year.

    Dude, give me 15 and the Bucs and I’ll bet you all day long. Minnesota will absolutely suck this year – GUARANTEED! They will be one of the worst teams in football. It’s really one of the games this year that are quite winnable for the Bucs.

  11. garro Says:

    The Shaq attack is back!

    Go Bucs!

  12. John Sinclear Says:

    Try to think positive, people. All the games are winnable at this point. The score is 0 – 0. It’s only when those numbers change that sunshine or darkness sets in!