Ira Kaufman Reports Bucs Plan To Start Baker Mayfield In Week 1 Against Minnesota

August 10th, 2023

The final whistle may not have blown on the Buccaneers’ quarterback competition, but columnist Ira Kaufman is reporting a Bucs source has told him that Mayfield has a huge lead on Kyle Trask and victory formation for Mayfield is imminent.

Kaufman’s report came this afternoon on the podcast that bears his name, now in its eighth season covering all things Bucs year-round.

“About this Trask and Mayfield competition, I was told pointedly and without much doubt, Mayfield’s going to be the starter in Minneapolis,” Kaufman said. “That’s what I was told. With all due respect to Trask, who has had a good training camp and Mayfield’s struggled a bit, Mayfield’s getting the ball in Minneapolis.

“There’s still some people out there that, hey, because Trask might be winning this competition – in quotes – that Bowles has to go with the better man in training camp and preseason. ‘What if Trask looks better than Mayfield? Is he not going to go with Trask?’ Well, my information is it’s probably a lost cause for Kyle Trask. Trask fans are not going to want to hear it. I understand that.

“When it was told to me [that Mayfield would start Week 1] it was said in a definitive manner. There was no equivocation. It wasn’t even said, ‘Well, depending on it could change in the preseason games; let’s see what happens.’ No, none of that. It was basically, ‘It’s Mayfield’s job. He’s got it. He’s going to be the starter against Kirk Cousins and those Vikings.’”

So there it is — from the guy who was a New York Giants beat writer in the 1970s before hopping on the Bucs beat in 1985.

This news shouldn’t surprise regular readers here. It started with Todd Bowles calling Mayfield “a natural born leader” back in March, and Joe has long written that Bowles wouldn’t put his head coaching career on the line with a third-year quarterback that’s never started a professional game — unless Trask overwhelmed the team in training camp with exceptional play.

That hasn’t happened.

Today’s Ira Kaufman Podcast. Enjoy!

145 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Reports Bucs Plan To Start Baker Mayfield In Week 1 Against Minnesota”

  1. Hodad Says:

    At some point this season Kyle Trask will be starting a regular season game for the Bucs.

  2. Knucknbuc Says:

    Lmaooo so obvious. People gonna cry but the track record for guys that never got a game jersey their first two years that turned out to be good are who? Zero and none lol this is coming from a guy who isn’t a baker fan whatsoever.

  3. BucsFan81 Says:

    This is all about Bowles trying to prolong his job. If he goes with Baker and he stinks up the joint it’s easier to go to Trask. It looks a lot worse for Bowles if it’s the other way around.

  4. donuts Says:


    Ummm Aaron Rodgers to name one HOF QB who didnt start his first 3 years!

  5. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    “Huge lead”. Not on the field, but in the coach’s mind which is what counts. Sometimes coaches see things that fans don’t. And sometimes fans see things that coaches don’t. Remember that coaches are control freaks, that’s why Bowles hates turnovers. So we will see how it plays out but somewhere along the line Mayfield will play himself onto another team.

  6. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Another thing to think about is that we know Trask will handle being #2 well. Mayfield would pout and ask to be released. I know, I’ve seen him do it.

  7. RTG_BUCS Says:

    Starting Mayfield over Trask is equivalent to drafting Vernon Hargreaves. Bowles will be gone after the season, we will draft a QB with a top 5 pick and he will anointed the savior and be gone in three years. Another lost decade on the horizon. Hope I’m wrong! GO BUCS!

  8. PSL Bob Says:

    So basically, Mayfield has 4 regular season games to prove he can win. If the Bucs are 1-4 or worse at the bye, he gets yanked and Trask can show what he’s got.

  9. geno711 Says:

    donuts Says:
    August 10th, 2023 at 4:13 pm

    Ummm Aaron Rodgers to name one HOF QB who didnt start his first 3 years!


    I think Romo sat for 3 seasons. He certainly worked out.

    And although he sucked for the Bucs. After Steve Young was traded, he was on the bench for 3 or 4 years behind Montana.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Traskmas4er will shine after the bye.

  11. D Cone Says:

    9 times out of 10 you hit a chip shot short and the next one flies over the green.

    2018 Bowles job was in the hands of Darnold with no experience. Won’t make that mistake again. Go with Baker then. By time you find your ball in the deep rough on the back side of the green you’ll have plenty of time to work on your golf game.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And this backs up everything we have been saying. There was no real competition.

    Trask had been much better than Mayfield according to a camp reports.

  13. D-Rok Says:

    Well, there goes our season. I pray I’m wrong, but Mayfield is not the answer. And whether Trask IS the answer – I dunno, never really seen the kid play.

    Neither QB inspires much confidence, to be honest.

  14. kyle Says:

    Hahaha! So ready for all the gator fan boy tears and whining… go dawgs!!

  15. Bucsmarley Says:

    Perfect let mayfield start. When he puts up turnovers or gets hurt let Trask come in. If he lays well then you fire Todd after the season

  16. catcard202 Says:

    Bowles probably doesn’t want to pair a rookie play caller OC with a 3rd yr QB that’s never started a NFL game yet….But the Bye week comes pretty quick.

  17. Knucknbuc Says:


    Aaron rodgers at least got a game jersey during that time. He wasn’t completing with the Blaine gabBerts of his era and inactive for 2 years. Big difference. They kept Ryan griffin off the unemployment line… that’s how much they believed in trask bud

  18. D-Rome Says:

    I’m fine with it. Trask getting the nod would have been a nice story but I don’t care about who starts.

  19. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Enjoy the empty stands

  20. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Now we are at Anger phase

  21. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Pathetic (the position that the Bucs are in right now)

    I’m hoping for a last second Brady return, He can play at least until he’s fifty

  22. Bojim Says:

    Let him start. If he sucks let Trask finish the year.

  23. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    LOL @ the phases of deniial. Perfect analogy…

    So next phase is bargaining and then acceptance which means Trask will start

  24. Vlad The Impaler Says:


    The implication of all this QB competition is that this is a throw-away season.


  25. 1#bucsfan Says:

    SEE JOE I TOLD YOU THERE WAS NO COMPETITION. LOL. I DIDNT BELIEVE IT AS SOON AS THEY SIGNED BAKER. Now I have to root for this guy. Really like to see what we have in trask. We used a 2rd pick on him and he gets shafted the 1st year he actually has a chance to start cause Bowles thinks he has a better chance at keeping his job with baker. Sorry but bakers 1 good season with the browns does t make him a starters 1 good season out of what 5 or 6 is terrible.

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    As long as he produces, fine by me…

  27. SlyPirate Says:

    Hmmmm … Doesn’t make sense.

    Why wouldn’t they just name Mayfield the starter?
    Why would they give May/Trask equal reps?
    Why would they start Trask in game 2?

    I believe Ira is telling the truth about what he heard but I’m not sure what he heard is the truth.

  28. J.B. Says:

    Roll with Mayfield makes sense. He is inexpensive and if it doesn’t work, you got next year’s draft. No former Gator QB has done anything in the NFL (Grossman is regarded as the worst QB to ever start a SB, not bad that he the chance in the though, was never a NFL star). Maybe Trask can forge out a nice back up career like Colt McCoy, but he is not a franchise QB, would have beaten Gabbert out in the past if the potential was there. Go Bucs.

  29. EternalSon Says:

    They should start whoever is better.

    It’s a team and players pay attention.

  30. Oneilbuc Says:

    I told y’all this wasn’t a real competition this franchise sales names not talent. I had plans to go to a few games this year but I know I ain’t going now and it’s not because of Baker Mayfield being the starter. It’s because so far the best man didn’t earned the job. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt but this franchise will never developed a quarterback because they care more about saling tickets than winning. I don’t know how much longer I can continue being a bucs fan I’ve been a Bucs fan for 28 years and this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way about the bucs . If Baker Mayfield was playing good and Kyle Trask was playing bad I would be all in with Baker Mayfield. This is his 4th team in 6 years since when we make excuses for a quarterback like that??

  31. Bee Says:

    When Baker “leads” the Bucs to 1-3 or 0-4 then they go to Trask and he plays better the coach should be fired. You play the best QB regardless of “experience”. Someone mentioned it’s easier to start with Baker then go to Trask not the other way around. But the point is you start Trask for the whole season to see how he handles it. Why start Trask off in a hole. Smh…we’ll see what happens during pre-season. It’s gonna be a long sorry season with half baked under center.

  32. Goodbuc'nlife Says:

    Unbelievable. A friggin journeyman QB. Baker was over hyped coming into the league. Reminds me of a more mentally stable Johnny Football. This is pathetic and embarrassing as a fan. I’m not a gator fan, I’m a BUC die hard and to me, Trask should have been it. He deserved the nod. To me, his ceiling is much higher than Baker. We’ve had five years to see what Baker is. Simply unimpressive. He’s overconfident, arrogant, and turnover prone. Jameis was a hurrah guy too. Leadership this and leadership that. Look where that got us. Give me Jameis over Baker. My day just ended badly reading this article. Long off-season for this? Go Bucs.

  33. D Cone Says:

    Chance of Bucs winning @ Vikings is at 30% to one of the worse defense in the league.

    Bucs will pay Jensen to sit if there is even a 10% chance that he may not be ready and get injured. Protect their investment.

    Although much less invested Trask is an investment. They see the potential and are not going to risk it. Especially with an O Line in question.

    Baker is a one and done. If something should happen and Baker break down on the road they can use his incentive money to bring in another Hooptie to run into the ground. If they can find one that won’t pass on the deal.

  34. Buddha Says:

    Truth is relative as anyone who watches Fox News can tell you. There was a competition. It was smart to frame training camp as an equal competition. It has been really good for Trask because he had ample opportunity to become the player we all want him to be. It is also good because we know we have a credible back up. Most quarterbacks in the NFL miss a game or two with minor injuries or more if injuries are serious. Trask has grown enormously and the team is better off for it. How many quarterbacks starting for the first time make the playoffs the first year. Very few. Only the Mahomes of the world. What do any of us have to lose for getting behind Baker?

  35. Oneilbuc Says:

    Bee . I agree 💯 persent Todd Bowles needs to be fire if they go 1-3 or 0-4 . If the Glazers don’t fire him then it would show they care about winning!!

  36. Mort Says:

    So they’ll switch to Trask at the bye then?

  37. Jack Clark Says:

    We better get use to Baker Mayfield sorry as stanking up Raymond James Stadium

  38. Oneilbuc Says:

    I think they are tanking now and if so man y’all can have this team I’m not a loser and I don’t believe in losing on purpose. To all my bucs fans I wouldn’t show up at none of these games especially if Baker Mayfield suck!!

  39. RTG_BUCS Says:

    Licht should step down for wasting such a high draft pick while we had the GOAT. We could have had an impact player to help the team with that 2nd round pick. Who knows, maybe even another SB.

  40. unbelievable Says:

    Not that surprising, if true. It sounds like Trask has been slightly better at times in camp, but “slightly” wasn’t going to push him over the edge.

    Baker gets 4 games to prove he should keep the gig. Otherwise we see Trask after the bye week.

  41. Ben Harvey Says:

    Im not shocked at all. Mayfield was always going to get the first opportunity as the vet. So common that teams start the vets first before throwing in the raw prospect, I said this from Day 1. Dalton to Fields, Trubinsky to Picket a few recent examples.

  42. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    ONeill it makes zero sense.

  43. WyomingJoe Says:

    I’ll have to listen to Ira’s podcast. But the reporting indicates what I’ve been saying for weeks now… Baker’s thrown for more TDs than Trask, moved the ball more effectively, and made more splash plays. Doesn’t mean that Trask won’t make an impact in the NFL, but obviously the Bucs still think they have a chance at winning this season. In the meantime, GO BAKER!

  44. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    What better way to tank than start the retread QB.
    We know what he is, no upside. Oh Well. At some point we will see if Trask has any. I can’t see the future as so many on this site say they can.
    Also don’t get the college homers still living in college. These players are all Bucs now. This Hurricane doesn’t care which college they interned in.
    Go Bucs

  45. Oneilbuc Says:

    I believe in real competition if Baker was better than cool and if Trask is slightly better than Baker Mayfield than he deserves to start or let it play out . Ira I remember when he said if Trask is better than Baker Mayfield and steal let Baker Mayfield start than Todd Bowles will lose the locker room. If I’m Trask I ask for a trade . The bucs has destroyed another young quarterback !!!

  46. Casual Observer Says:

    Shouldn’t the decision be Canales?

  47. chark Says:

    If Trask started the season and was 0-4 and played average uninspiring football, then what?? Give Baker a chance, some peoples bias against this guy is unreal.

  48. Bucs Fan from Philly Says:

    It’s obvious. If Baker fumbles the start, then Trask will be the starting QB for the rest of the season and into next year. You can’t start Trask week one, he struggles then go to Baker mid season. In that scenario, Trask days are done in Tampa.

  49. tbbucs3 Says:

    “Trask had been much better than Mayfield according to a camp reports.”

    Simply not true, Baker has made more plays than Trask in camp + all reports indicate that Trask fell off from his “hot streak” earlier in camp…..if we’re basing the QB competition on practice interception numbers then Trask would have the lead but there’s a heck of a lot more to playing quarterback than just not throwing picks.

  50. Oneilbuc Says:

    Peace for Trask. Tell me about it I don’t care what college a player comes from I’m not apart of the state of Florida college rivals so it’s not about what school he comes from to me. It’s clear he is the better quarterback so far in training camp and you just give to a guy who don’t deserve it man that’s why this is a losing franchise!! Todd Bowles got to go are step down and be a DC . He’s better as a DC than a head coach!!

  51. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Unbelievable – so the player who performs better has to wait until the player who performs not as good fails on the live stage.

    I can’t wrap my head around this.

  52. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Bucs are tanking for Caleb or Drake or Phenix….

  53. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    Sham competition.

  54. Greg The Truth Says:

    Waisted season. If Trask starts, he either develops into a starter or backup. What do we get with Mayfield? He leaves after this season, Trask still has no starts, and we will probably win just enough games to NOT get a QB.

  55. Oneilbuc Says:

    Tbbucs. Stop lieing bro Baker Mayfield is trash he’s been throwing picks all camp . He has way more turnovers than Trask you must be apart of the state of Florida college rivals. If the bucs tank this year next year will be a wasted season as well. And if they do draft a quarterback next year I will bet you are any one on this site that the bucs will fail and destroy that quarterback career? Put some money on it !!!

  56. Obvious Says:


    I’m not in love with either one BUT……I DO WANT TO SEE MY TEAM WIN!

    Trask is the better of the two. He takes better care of the ball, he doesn’t have 2 out of every 10 passes thrown by him, Slapped to the ground. He has the highest potential because he’s already, at least slightly better in all ways than Mayfield And is basically a rookie.

    The ONLY advantage Mayfield has is more actual on field DISASTERS. Oops, I mean “experience”

    So it stands to reason…… That YES. The answer is Actually YES, We ARE TANKING. Nothing else Really makes any sense.

    O, AND BTW, You’re wrong about the stadium being full. It’s going to be POPULATED WITH FANS FOR VISITING TEAMS! You know, just to get a GOOD AND DEEP LAUGH!


  57. Oneilbuc Says:

    A bucs fan. I will bet you if one of those quarterbacks come to Tampa he will fail?? Put some money on it ?

  58. Steven007 Says:

    Not a surprise. He will be on a relatively short leash I would imagine, The obvious leash being the first four games before the bye. Between performance and possible injury, it’s likely that Trask starts at some point. Going to be on the defense to keep us close if the offense doesn’t coalesce quickly.

  59. Buc50 Says:

    I’m all for tanking. If Maziel…err..Mayfield goes 7-10 and we miss out on a quality QB, I will not be happy.

  60. firethecannons Says:

    Todd Bowles will be gone next year aand Jason Licht will welcome in the Caleb Williams years or whoever next years #1 QB overall is. Baker will be gone and Kyle Trask will remain on the squad.

  61. Obvious Says:

    I DO wonder how the SUCKERS!, I mean stooges, DANG! I mean customers that were FORCED INTO BUYING SEASON TICKETS feel about the fact that the TANK IS ON!

    Hey, you got to admit that it is a GREAT SCAM! I’m impressed… AND next seasons selling point is to come and watch the new franchise QB next year that we draft! Hey, GREAT ANGLE! 👍🤔😬🤮🤮 / 🤑🤑🤑 💰 💰 💰


  62. Oneilbuc Says:

    Buc50 . Tanking is for losers and it’s been the reason why this is a losing franchise . This is the most losing franchise in all sports and this is why!! 😂

  63. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    If Trask not worthy of the start then what a wasted 2nd round pick. Bucs could have picked up Jalen Mayfield who started 16 games for Atlanta at left guard.
    We sure could have used him. Other notables as well we could have drafted to help the team at the time and still today.

  64. Obvious Says:

    To get my Franchise Quarterback, I’ll Gladly pay the price with a smile. So be it..


  65. Oneilbuc Says:

    It’s not he ain’t worthy because so far he’s been better than Baker Mayfield it’s about the best man ain’t going to play it’s out of his hands!!

  66. Oneilbuc Says:

    The NFL need to do something about tanking for real because it’s not fair to the fan base. They need to do just like the NBA put the top 7 teams in a lottery!! I’m probably going to watch other games more than bucs games this year it’s a wasted season. 2014 will repeat it self wich means losing for the next 5 to 10 years watch and see!!! Lol 🤣🤣

  67. JA Says:

    This is better for Trask.
    If Trask started, and had one or two bad games, everyone would be clamoring for Mayfield. “Play the vet! Told ya so,” they’d scream.
    Trask would be on a short leash and be sat without a fair chance to succeed—his career possibly ruined without being given a fair chance.
    If Mayfield starts, history shows it will not go well.
    If history repeats itself give Trask the keys to start at QB after the bye for the rest of the year.
    If Trask fails it’s a first round QB next year.
    If he succeeds the QB problem solved for the next several years.

  68. Buc50 Says:

    I got news for you OneilBuc, barely winning and losing will guarantee perpetual losing. Every team that has a decent QB got them by losing. It’s rare that a good QB hits free agency and when they do hit the market, they (almost) never come to the Bucs.

    Brady is a unicorn so don’t count him

  69. Obvious Says:

    Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times just posted a piece that REFLECTS the very words specific to Canales and the CLEAR Direction it’s (the competition has) been leaning. Trask Provided ALL that they asked and exceeded all of the coaches criteria to win the job.


    By the Way, you know how the are always blocking the articles view unless you pay the $1 ransom? NOT TODAY! FREE OF CHARGE ON THAT ARTICLE.

    Apparently Stroud doesn’t like the TANK idea either…. I take back what I said about TANKING with a smile. I LIED! Count me in on I’d rather fight for it AL DAY CROWD!

  70. Craig Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me, it shows that Hot Toddie really is on a hot seat.

    It might also be better for Trask. The O-line can be tweaked and have a chance to gel.

    Trask will probably be the starter after the Bye.

    If Duh Baker fails and isn’t pulled Hot Toddie might be on the bus next to him.

    But there is still the preseason, and because it is the preseason Hot Toddie will have excuses of them not counting if Trask grabs the bull by the horns.

  71. Hunter Says:

    Dave Canales for HC. Those of you saying it’s because he has experience and Trask doesn’t are 100% correct. But that reason is also 100% stupid. Nobody can get experience until they actually get a chance. Don’t call it a competition if it isn’t. But I do understand that they got the best from Trask (and somehow not the best from “competitor” Baker Mayfield). Tons of red flags. And they don’t say “Go Bucs” or “Siege the Day”

  72. TDTB Says:

    This is simple, it’s a new o-line and Trask has only dressed for nfl games a couple of times. Trask will be the starter after the bye. They just want to ease him into it.

  73. Hunter Says:

    Imagine in Rodgers just never got to play because he didn’t have as mich experience as a failure of a journeyman QB…

  74. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    It’s obvious, they’re still playing mind games with Kyle…

    Remember, the week 2 preseason game is now the old week 3 dress rehearsal game, which is also the game Kyle gets to start…I’m guessing they want to see Kyle go up against a really good defense which is probably the last mental hurdle they have for him…

    Kyle obviously won the training camp battle hands down now it’s time to see what he does against what should be a very tough Jets defense… If he plays will in this game you’ll be our starter; hopefully (fingers crossed)…

  75. NCBucfan Says:

    I want my Bucs to win for sure. But if we somehow start 1-4, or 1-5, i say collapseforcaleb. I mean I actually think our defense will be pretty good, but besides Goddy and Mike, we just have too many questions on offense. Will gage stay healthy? Will Otton be able to catch? Will we be able to run the ball? Will Mayfield take care of the ball? How will the o-line look after last years garbage? Just say I’m highly skeptical.

  76. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    Sorry for the typos guys…

  77. Ryan b Says:

    Tanking for williams

  78. Mike S Says:

    This ish is getting HEATED.

    Sales job status: REJECTED! People are NOT HAPPY.

    If Trask out performs Mayfield in preseason games all heck is going to break loose.

  79. Red86 Says:

    I was of the mindset that this is Bowles first year as a head coach with us since he had no control of picking his staff last year. I don’t get the he’s on the hot seat narrative. I can see the middle of next year a possible firing, but not now.

    However, as a Bucs fan, I dislike how they lied about a qb competition, if this is true. I dislike the gators since I root for LSU. But, this is too soon to anoint Mayfield as starter when he’s screwing up the most in practice in the same first time in the system as Trask. What was the point of Trask doing better and not getting the nod assuming it true? Now is the time to name a guy and stick with them. It’s not the time to play silly games now. It should be about winning and putting your best option on the field day one. That’s wild. Even Wolford doing better than Mayfield in the system. Gee…

    But, go Bucs. Hope I’m wrong, but looks like some long mondays are ahead, if Baker plays like he practices. Smh.

  80. Pewter Power Says:

    Damn Ira that is about the worst news you can report before the fire preseason game. I hope trask looks at it like a tryout for all the teams in the league. Yea the joes were right, our 2024 starting quarterback is in college right now

  81. Andrew Says:

    What a joke

  82. NCBucfan Says:

    The defense may have something to say about it, but collapsingforcaleb could be a real possibility

  83. NYbucsfan Says:

    The worst part of this is that as Bucs fans, we are getting the shaft. This season is all about Todd Bowles trying to save his job. I have news for him he sucks and no way he saves his job. We all have to suffer through the season with the worst head coach in the NFL. Do us all a favor and fire him now. As for Baker, we all know what he is look at his film.👎

  84. Oneilbuc Says:

    Bucs50. That’s not true Patrick Mahomes went to a team that was making the playoffs before he got their. Lamar Jackson went 32 in the first round which means he went to a good team. Again tanking is for losers Pittsburg ,Green Bay and Patriots don’t believe in tanking only losing franchise believes in tanking.

  85. Oneilbuc Says:

    And not to mention this team has never developed a quarterback so what makes you think they will develop Caleb Williams or Drake May??

  86. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    The occult of Trask does not approve this message.

  87. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    @ Ryan B…

    Why in the heck would we tank for Williams lol…geeze…

    Go back and look up all the quarterbacks drafted number one over the last 30 or 40 years; let me know how many of them actually lived up to the hype…Even if we did end up with the number one pick which would really break my heart the best thing we could do with that pic is actually trade back, not draft another bust…

    If Kyle plays well against the Jets it will be very hard for Todd to justify him not being the starter…

  88. NCBucfan Says:

    If this is true, then these preseason games are truly meaningless!

  89. unbelievable Says:

    @Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan-

    Except we don’t know how much “better” Trask has actually performed… it has sounded like it has been “slightly” at best. Ira also said that Baker has thrown more TDs, and has thrown a better deep ball. So while Trask has had less INTs, that’s only one component.

    And as has been said, Baker had a huge leg up going in. Trask was going to have to be WAY better, and I just don’t think he has separated himself by that much. Not enough to have Bowles go all-in with him to start.

    It is what it is. Like I said, Baker has 4 games to prove he should keep the starting job.

  90. NCBucfan Says:

    It is what it is. Go Baker, go Bucs!

  91. Clearwater Wes Says:

    Never a real competition. All lies. Wouldn’t mined if they told the truth from the beginning.

  92. Buc4evr Says:

    There you go, Bowles has sealed his fate. He will be gone this season after the failed Mayfield experiment. Why did the Bucs lie to the fans about there being a competition when in fact the worst QB was going to start from day one. The only thing to look forward to is Bowles and Jason’s feeble excuses for losing. How could the Bucs promote this loser to head coach?

  93. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @Onielbuc Bucs history would make me a fool to take that bet. – I’m not in favor of it either. I’d rather see what Trask has since they invested a high draft pick before being forced to draft a QB high.

  94. WyomingJoe Says:

    Gang, please listen to TBBUCS3 because he’s speaking the truth. None of us have the information we need to definitively decide who had the better camp. All we heard were bits and pieces. From the reports that we’ve all followed, my opinion is that Baker performed at a higher level than Trask. Let’s see what Baker can do. Don’t you think he realizes that his future as a starting NFL QB will be decided this year. I think that the Bucs and the fans are really going to like this guy. Go Bucs.

  95. Oneilbuc Says:

    Who y’all got wining the national championship? Let’s talk some college football now we might as well because this is a wasted season ! And let’s start getting ready for the 2025 season because next year will be a wasted season as well and that’s if I’m still rooting for the bucs by that time!! I’m watch the first game against the Vikings and if Baker Mayfield suck and they still don’t give it to Trask than I hope I start rooting for another team by that time lol 🤣🤣🤣. I just don’t believe in losing on purpose !! I rather to trying to win than just losing on purpose!!

  96. Oneilbuc Says:

    Bucfan. Right on bro I feel the same way I just don’t like it if the guy earned it than he should be the starter regardless let the best man win !!

  97. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Still don’t get it. A continuance of what everyone who is someone in the NFL has seen. A short, pudgy, fumbling, interception throwing, passes batted down, no upside, retread QB who will win you a few ball games maybe.
    PLEASE, all you soothsayers (know it alls) out there save your breath. You have no idea how Kyle Trask will play. Trask has the upside, Mayfield has the down side experience.
    Trask gives you hope until he proves otherwise. Mayfield gives you what you have seen, nothing.
    If Trask sucks then forget both and move on to the next side show.

  98. Bucs since 76 Says:

    If this is true the Bucs just lied to their fan base. Bowles said the QB would be picked after the Jets game. Everybody knows the easier game to start will be the Pittsburgh game as the starters don’t play very long. Therefore, if Mayfield sucks vs Pittsburgh and Trask looks good against Jets. How can Bowles start Mayfield against the Vikings.

  99. Eric Says:

    Relax Baker stinks and it will not take long for the Bucs Organization to realize it! Go watch Browns Film Carolina and the Rams he is not good period!

  100. westernbuc Says:

    People are really surprised that guys paid to evaluate talent aren’t boiling the decision down to who threw the most picks in practice. There are too many jobs at stake to go with Trask.

    Baker is a good QB despite what some national pundits would lead you to believe. The media always needs a villain. Remember Jameis? Where it was just too easy for someone to trash Bucs football by talking about Jameis? Baker had the same reaction without any of the evidence.

    But I for one am glad Trask is growing. If Baker gets hurt or sucks, then we have a guy who might get the job done. One less question mark.

  101. Defense Rules Says:

    JA … ‘This is better for Trask’.

    I agree with your very logical analysis JA, but I’m still not convinced that Mayfield will start the Vikings game. I really do believe that this is a COMPETITION, although we’ve all known from the start that Baker started with more NFL experience. So for Kyle to ‘win’ the competition, he was gonna have to play significantly better. It’ll still be interesting to see what happens in these first 2 preseason games.

    In the final analysis though, not sure that it matters much who starts Game 1. Bowles will have whoever starts the season on a very short leash. If they turn the ball over a bunch, welcome to the bench. If they can’t move the team & score, ride the pine. If the whole team stinks it up & we go 1-3 (or worse) by the BYE, chances are a QB change to ‘change our luck’ will occur.

    IF Mayfield starts, I’m not convinced though that 1-3 by the BYE will be the result. We could just as easily be 3-1 IF this defense stays healthy, takes the bull by the horns & plays lights-out. I can still see a season where we go about 10-7 (mostly thanks to the defense?), MAYBE win the NFC South, but exit early in the playoffs (like both the Bucs & Seattle did last year). Then the question will be ‘Do we reward Baker for his ‘resurrection’ with a 3-4 year contract for $25 mil a year or thereabouts like Geno Smith got?’

  102. D Cone Says:

    J.B. Says No former Gator QB has done anything in the NFL

    Didn’t stop Indy from giving Richardson 36 million over the next 4 years.
    That mentality would have Fields and Shroud selling Shoes at the Sneaker Warehouse also. Perhaps that’s where they might end up but with what they have been paid hopefully they are smart enough to own a few franchise outlets. Jury is still out.

    Seems like you could make a ton of money saving these clubs Millions and all for the cost of a $10/mo subscription to the Psychic Network.

  103. BFFL Says:

    So Bucs tell Ira but not Baker? Sounds like fake news to me

  104. gotbbucs Says:


    A) There was never a QB competition.

    B) We were all foolish enough to take Joe’s evaluation as gospel and forgot that he’s the worst QB scout in the history of the world.

    C) They’re playing a deep mind game with Trask to force him to press a little bit in his start in Preseason game #2.

    D) I’m not super invested in either of these guys, but I think playing Mayfield is a complete waste of time and sets the franchise back another season. The unknown Trask is the more exciting option for my liking.

  105. Derobbins Says:

    LOL can’t imagine how Bowles will feel if baker gets injured in preseason and has to go to Trask and act like that was the plan all along.

    “It was always Trask, we got our guy” lol this kinda report can make things real awkward

  106. shak Says:

    I already knew it and because I’m a Bucs fan I hope he balls out! Disappointed, but I need Baker to do well!! Go Bucs and Baker!

  107. Stu lynch Says:

    all u so called bucs are fired I ordered new fans they are enroute to take u r place bye bye. baker fans r on their way

  108. Pewter Power Says:

    It’s so funny that everyone expected this outcome but because Trask threw fewer picks it meant he played better. Trask is toast

  109. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    And if Mayfield throws 5 picks in the first two preseason games? Oh wait, preseason games are meaningless.

    May the best QB win, too much drama IMHO. I’m more concerned about Jensen and his Sweeny like participation this off season.

  110. Simeon Says:

    At least now we can call trask a bust and move on.

  111. Simeon Says:

    Took a guy 2nd round and he got to learn from the goat for 2 years and he still can’t beat mayfield? Disaster.

  112. Mike S Says:

    There are still games to play Simeon. No more peak a boo trust me bro narratives. Everyone will see.

  113. Brandon Says:

    I’ve honestly thought Mayfield would be the starter but if Mayfield wins the competition clearly, he should start. We need to win and Boeles needs his players to believe in him and win as well. He goes with Mayfield if he is clearly worse, that’ll be a mistake.

  114. Greg Says:

    I have said this before: Bowles is going to start Mayfield because MAYBE he can explain the season going sideways if Mayfield starts and blows up like he did in NC. If he starts Trask there is no way he can go backwards. Mayfield will flip out like he did in NC and ask for a trade.

    None of that is the problem. Arians has to be pissed that Bowles threw Leftwich under the bus. Licht didn’t pick Bowles. He got tricked into it by Arians when he retired 3 weeks before the draft. Licht has to be pissed that his second round pick has never gotten a fair shake from the coaches. Maybe the coaches didn’t like pick. Maybe Brady? Brady never liked having an understudy around. Maybe Licht is on board with this…but I am wondering.

    Now MAYBE you could have said Trask was a dud and shuffled him off into the sunset but that was before he started playing pretty well in camp. If he starts at the Jets and does well?

    I smell drama. The Glazers really don’t like drama.

    If I was a reporter I would be wondering wtf is going on behind the scenes. None of this passes the smell test.

  115. Pewter Pride Says:

    Well…at least this decision will end up getting Bowles fired and we can find a real head coach. Baker Mayfield won’t be his savior, and his defense won’t be good enough to carry him.

  116. JA Says:

    I comprehend your points, but the final prognostication must reside in our analysis of Todd Bowles.
    It’s not what you or I think, it’s trying to put yourself in the head of a guy who wants to be a HC past 2024. From my cheap seat, I don’t think this is a fair QB fight. Baker is the safer choice, at least initially IMO, for a conservative coach who wants to keep his job.

  117. steele Says:

    Huge lead? What lead? We are waiting for someone to take some kind of convincing lead, but all we see is mediocrity, struggling and question marks.

    Trask has not looked like a Hall of Famer, but Mayfield has made more mistakes. Who says it’s a lead? Bowles? Rah Rah the QB whisperer?

  118. RGA Says:

    From what I have read, Mayfield has NOT shown to be the better QB in practice this far. I am of the opinion that the QB competition was a farce from the beginning and it appears Bowels will roll with the guy with experience. What exactly is Bakers experience? A brief stretch of positive results, and mostly downright bad QB play. 4th team in a year, hmmm. He’s undersized with questionable arm strength. but hey he lined up under center in the NFL more than Trask has.

  119. steele Says:

    Canales thought balloon before training camp: “I’m going to have me a Russell Wilson 2012 clone under center and show everyone that I’m the man. Rah rah.”

    Canales thought balloon now: “Crap. Can either of these guys remotely resemble Russell Wilson 2012? Whew….do I need to give Wolford more reps?…this doesn’t feel good…”

  120. RGA Says:

    Having moxie, team leader capabilities are all good and fine, when the whistle blows you better turn that into results, results is where it’s at. You can hire a Hollywood actor to come in and talk a big game, you have to show actual results on the field. Mayfield is sketchy at best so far. Maybe he will have a Rich Gannon revival, I hope he does.

  121. RGA Says:

    It’s simple for me, go with the young promising upstart or the guy who’s pretty much been a loser.

  122. Larrd Says:

    Rich Gannon might be a good comparison. Hopefully Canales is a young Jon Gruden, too.

  123. Cover deuce Says:

    If this is true then they’re being even dumber than I thought. If they’re this intent on him being the starter they should’ve just run it this way from the jump. They’re just costing him reps at this point. Does not bode well.

  124. ATLBuc Says:

    Ira probably needs to get a new source. The only way this story is accurate is that Mayfield starting is coming from the front offices. Todd Bowles just doesn’t share information like that. I don’t believe it. Why would Bowles settle on Mayfield unless he has been tearing up practices. He hasn’t. In fact, he’s excelled at the thing Bowles hates, turnovers. Why would Bowles select Mayfield before he sees him in live action? Why would the Bucs tank with the great defense they have? Bowles hasn’t ever had a winning season as a HC. With a decent QB who doesn’t turn the ball over we can have a winning season. Why start a quarterback who is a turnover and sack machine? It all adds up to this being a planted story.

  125. Pewter Power Says:

    whoever is under center that’s who I’ll ride with.

    Maybe Ira was feed this Intel to light a fire under trask lol but look at it this way, Neither guy will be our starting quarterback next year so doesn’t matter

  126. Since76 Says:

    This is bowles team he can do what he wants. If he starts the QB who was outplayed and he fails, well that’s on him. It will will show how well he evaluates his players. Mayfield is a big risk. But I guess leadership…..Moxy or whatever is better than production at the QB position. We will find out tomorrow. I hope Mayfield plays well whenever he’s in. Trask too.

  127. tbbucs3 Says:

    I’m impressed by Canales decision making on this, all the posters mad about this decision should understand that it’s not a high school football team….the Bucs need to start prepping for Minnesota and it’s best to start working with the veteran to get the offense ready.

    This is what’s best for Trask as well, believe it or not.

  128. Posey99 Says:

    Letting a 2nd round pick QB walkoff into free agency isn’t going to happen. Baker is an interception machine. The chants will come if he throws a couple. This is a play in my opinion for the glazers to sell tickets having a UF superstar and a browns beloved QB sell you some tickets. Bucs ticket sales people won’t stop calling me

  129. Aaron Says:

    We don’t need to tank…just look at our:
    Pass rush
    Special teams

    We can go 4 13 trying to win

  130. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow, Ira was with the Tampa Trib starting in 1985? So I’ve been reading him since I was kid, probably starting in 86 or 87, I’m not sure when, but wow, that’s a long time.

    BTW, I just made up the following by accident. I was saying Arians/Brady, AB, then Bowles/Mayfield, BM. That is about right, Bowles/Mayfield will be a BM all right.

  131. Rod Munch Says:

    Also, if Mayfield is the starter, that means he’s basically going to be the starter through week 8 vs Buffalo. Looking at the schedule, I can’t see them making a change during the bye week, it’s probably too early, and if Trask plays, I think they’d want to save that until after the Bills game since you figure they’re going to stomp the Bucs and embarrass him – so other than fire the coach, the only other move you can make is to change QB, so you keep Mayfield in until then.

    Well, at least this affirms my belief to bet the under, heavily.

  132. August 1976 Buc Says:

    If Trask has not given them something to believe in yet, meaning how he has been in camp and how he has been the last few years, it does not bode well for him if Baker can come in with his spotty play in the NFL and be trusted with the keys to the car. Who knows how this will play out. Trask still might play, who knows. I really do not care who it is. What matters to me is the W and L record period. So take a deep breath, we have no idea how this is going to go. Every player is 1 moment away, an injury or something and suddenly someone is playing instead of them.

    GO BUCS!!!

  133. Obvious Says:

    Stunning in the utmost polarizing way Possible….


    Trask himself is going to be FLIPPING and TRIPPING P.I.S.S.E.D.!

    Can you EVEN Imagine what’s going through his mind at this VERY SECOND? WOOOOFFF!

    Getting out of this “FLEA CIRCUS” that Lives On Top of the “DOG and PONY SHOW”, has Got to Probably be his Agents “TOP MARCHING ORDERS!”

    And Jason Licht…. Is he in on this?

    One thing is FOR SURE, There is no where else in the NFL to get This Type of Entertaining DRAMA! Hands Down the Biggest Turd in and on the “Sports Entertainment Planet!”


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers, #1 in DRAMA, WINNERS OF THE BIGGEST LOSERS AWARD, YET AGAIN! It’s GOT TO BE a Record Folks! 🤣🤢🤮🤪🤢🤮🤪🤢🤮🤣🤣🤣

  134. Obvious Says:

    @Rod Munch,



  135. lambchop Says:

    I’m not surprised given that Baker can turn into a cancer if he’s on the bench. But, Trask better be ready because the practices look like Trask has more of an upside given his renewed focus. Let’s watch how the pre-season goes. I hope one QB thoroughly outshines the other to make their case.

  136. JD Still Says:

    Well I have a friend of a friend’s friend who heard it in a bar that some guy who knows some guy who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows a janitor who used to work closely with another maintenance guy at the stadium who heard that We’re gonna tank for the next twenty years so We can pick up a kid he saw play in pee wee football last year who he thinks is the answer to all out problems! ………..In other words , If you believe this nonsensical bilge I have some ocean front property in Death Valley I’ll sell ya cheap!

  137. garro Says:

    Very dissapointed in the whole situation and all the BS that has been spread around for the entire off season. Now to add to that a leaked decision on the starter?

    Glazers are getting some pretty piss poor PR advice the last few years!

    Go Bucs

  138. Smashsquatch Says:

    Easy decision. Thanks for the scoop Ira, but you could’ve called this a few months ago. Canales is going to resurrect Mayfield, and the Bucs will surprise the pundits this year.

  139. Duane Says:

    So an unnamed source told a sports writer something that it 100% contrary to what actual Bucs coaches are stating directly.

    Try reading Rick Stroud’s piece in the Tampa Bay Times, “How Kyle Trask Pulled Even with Mayfield” – by the way Stroud is a far better reporter and analyst than the old geezer – quoting Coach Canales.

    “The games are a big part of the evaluation process, but not the only grades used to determine which quarterback will lead the Bucs into the regular season.

    “It’s another piece,” offensive coordinator Dave Canales said Thursday after wrapping up an interview with former Bucs defensive back and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ronde Barber, and play-by-play man Chris Myers, who will call the Bucs’ preseason games for WFLA-TV Ch. 8.

    “Counts more, for sure. Lights on. People there. Different defense running faster at you. I want to see all three guys (including John Wolford), how they respond to positive and negative plays. I want to see how they respond in between drives, how we’re able to refocus. That’s really important for me.”

    The Bucs used a second-round pick in the 2021 draft on the former Florida Gators star and invested two seasons sitting him in a room with Brady. The apprenticeship paid off.

    “I think the thing I’ve been most impressed with Kyle is just how steady he is and how deliberate he’s been,” Canales said. “He shows that he’s studying finishing plays. ‘Hey, didn’t you want this on this?’ ‘Yes.’ So, I’m learning that about him. I’ve been really impressed with that and his ability to just take what’s there and just do it again. He’s shown that knack for just fighting boredom.

    “I inherited that in his two years of experience taught by watching Tom do it. So, that’s been really cool, and I think that the system really fits Kyle because he’s got such a big arm and there’s some exciting down-the-field throws that have happened throughout the course of camp that is really encouraging.”

    Canales also likes Trask’s mobility.

    “He’s really invested in his movement,” he said. “He’s training. He’s getting to, like, the 19 mph-ish zone. It was among the top five speeds one day on a scramble drill, so he can run plenty good. And then his ability to just quicken up and get the ball out. He has been great.”

    None of that says Mayfield is the Week 1 starter. None whatsoever. Canales is not talking about that decision except that it hasn’t been made.

    Besides, if Mayfield has a lock on the job, why would the Bucs bother giving Trask the start next week? If a guy who has few snaps with the team, including the first team, is to be your starter in Week 1 you give him all of the pre-season starts, period.

  140. Toad Bowels Says:

    Ok folks, here is the TRUTH:

    We would prefer starting Ira Kaufman at QB because he has more experience BUT Ira couldn’t get out of his podcast commitment to JoeBucsFan.

    In other news, Rodrigo Blankenship is working out at Long snapper because I like the idea of having TWO FG kickers behind center since it makes it more difficult to block field goals.

    That’s it for today’s news!


    Toad Bowels

  141. Infomeplease Says:

    No surprise here!! That could be why BM has been getting so many reps with the second team receivers. Going to see who BM connects with best as ME13 and CG14 probably will be on the sidelines!

  142. Rod Munch Says:

    Duane Says:
    August 11th, 2023 at 7:27 am
    So an unnamed source told a sports writer something that it 100% contrary to what actual Bucs coaches are stating directly.

    Try reading Rick Stroud’s piece in the Tampa Bay Times, “How Kyle Trask Pulled Even with Mayfield” – by the way Stroud is a far better reporter


    Stroud is one of the biggest fake news hacks out there. Who knew he had a groupie. LOLO!LOLOL!

    The only thing lower than a triggered Florida fanboi’s IQ is their testosterone levels.

  143. Anonymous Says:

    So, how did you come up with the name “ROD MUNCHER”
    That’s a pretty big statement from a guy who “MUNCHES ON RODS”
    I can tell that you’re a pretty fart smeller! “ROD MUNCHER”

  144. Toad Bowels Says:

    Anony mouse, sniffér of farts,
    Have you no comment about who starts?

    Go ask Vanna if you can buy some Vowels,
    Then resume your sniffing of everyone’s Bowels

  145. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oneilbuc Says:
    August 10th, 2023 at 5:08 pm
    “Bee . I agree 💯 persent Todd Bowles needs to be fire if they go 1-3 or 0-4 . If the Glazers don’t fire him then it would show they care about winning!!”

    unless they fire Bowles before the start of the season, he’s here for the entire season. Glazers won’t fire during the nfl season.