Ira Kaufman Reports Bucs Internally Have Baker Mayfield As The No. 1 Quarterback And He Will Start Week 1 In Minnesota; Ira Talks Cody Mauch And YaYa Diaby Prospects, Hall Of Fame Weekend Impressions, And Much More

August 10th, 2023

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Sage Ira drops all kinds of intel and insight with Joe as Preseason Game 1 approaches. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Reports Bucs Internally Have Baker Mayfield As The No. 1 Quarterback And He Will Start Week 1 In Minnesota; Ira Talks Cody Mauch And YaYa Diaby Prospects, Hall Of Fame Weekend Impressions, And Much More”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Gosh if Trask is the better QB in training camp and preseason they better start him. Otherwise why are they wasting time with a fake qb battle when mayfield could be getting all the 1st reps to give our offense a chance.

  2. geno711 Says:

    I enjoyed your podcast and the insight from The Sage about Baker and YaYa Diaby’s roles. Sorry to hear about Arians. To me he was the greatest coach in Bucs history.

    I have been saying for 6 months that Shaq Barrett would likely be back and should be able to play well for Tampa in 2023.


    That there was so little of a chance that JENSEN would be back and play more than a handful of games in 2023.

    The archives show that I was mocked more than once for those opinions especially from one of the Joes.

    Maybe we can move on, and I will be less blocked in the future, although I expect that this comment will not help my cause.

    Glad the whole group is now realizing that Jensen is a no go.

    Nobody said Jensen is a no-go. What was said is that it smells like Jensen won’t be ready for Week 1, based on multiple comments this week. –Joe

  3. Reality BucFan Says:

    All I know is..Coach bowls said It’s a Competition… And Baker is leading with 7 Turnovers… Kyle has only 1 in all Training Camp practices… But ironically
    Coach bowls Gives The Start to Baker.
    It’s Rigged all the way… If it was Trask throwing the Interceptions I’m sure he will fall further down the depth chart… This is insane all the B.S We have to listen to from this Lying coaching staff… Soon to all be without a Job

  4. WyomingJoe Says:

    Reality… it’s not all about INTs especially in training camp! Like I said earlier following another story, Baker threw for more TDs, moved the ball more effectively and made more splash plays. Plus, the front office said that he had a “big lead” according to the coaches who were tracking everything. Baker hasn’t even started his first game yet and most of the Bucs “fans” on this site dragged him through the mud. Go Bucs.

  5. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    Hmm… Seems more and more apparent that we possibly had some lazy coaches on the offensive side of the ball. An unexpected part of the Brady effect?

    And just a suggestion, during the intro

    Instead of

    “Put down your Big Storm beer”

    how about

    “Raise your Big Storm beer and toast the Sage”

    I know I did.

  6. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    Ira, I have always believed coordinators should belong in the HOF. Monte Kiffen, Wade Phillips, Jim Johnson, etc.. All have won at the highest level, changed the game, coached HOF players. You name it and they have done it as well or if not better than some who are in or are up for consideration. I was wondering if there has ever been any movement or mentioning of expansion when it comes to the HOF inducting Coordinators?

  7. PNW Buc Says:

    Nothing new folks, so relax.
    Internal discussions is all that matters. Hopefully, they truly have a plan and they have Zero obligations to share with anyone outside of the organization.
    What someone says to the media is all taken with a grain of salt and what drives the anger on the message boards.
    Fire them Cannons!

  8. Eric Says:

    QB jobs are not won in practice. There are tons of guys that can throw some nice passes with no pass rush on them. No game plan against them.

    Baker has a huge advantage because he has started in this league and did leads the Browns into the playoffs before things unraveled.

    Of course he is the starter. Makes perfect sense that Bowles thinks he gives the team the best shot.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I simply don’t understand the lack of use of Keyshawn Vaughn last year……he always seemed to be a good running back for us…..and now he’s listed as 3rd string……I guess it could be the propensity for turnovers.

  10. Oneilbuc Says:

    You just spent a lot of time lying about Joe and Ira. –Joe

  11. ChuckFinley Says:

    Well looks like some of us were right and some others are waiting for next week to try and prove their point. Go Bucs