Have Your Say!

August 22nd, 2023

Flash poll posted at 1:53 p.m. Poll closed at 3:58 p.m.

46 Responses to “Have Your Say!”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    It’s the correct decision. We should all feel good about Kyle Trask being the backup. If he gets an opportunity we know he’ll be ready. He’s put in the work.

  2. pewter941 Says:

    He took a team that won 1 game in 2 years to the playoffs, and won a playoff game with them, also he has a better record than Carr.

  3. BFFL Says:

    Panthers are laughing

  4. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Right move, but wrong move waiting so long to announce it.

  5. SufferingSince76 Says:

    This is going to be fun.

  6. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    This was the only move. Like Joe (not me, the writer) said all along, Trask would have to play like an NFL MVP to win the job, and while his play was encouraging, it was not THAT encouraging.

    Going with Trask would’ve been a gamble that a few good plays in prseason would translate to regular season wins. That’s a bad gamble when there’s another QB on the team with actual regular season wins on his resume. If Mayfield falters, going to Trask is not a nightmare scenario. But Trask faltering as the starter and going to Mayfield would reek of desperation.

    Yes, this was the only way.

  7. Mike S Says:

    LOL did anyone else besides me watch football last season?

    Everyone in social media is laughing at us.

    This is pure delusion.

  8. Tye Says:

    I voted right move for the situation…

    Start Trask and he will be plying looking over his shoulder with every mistake he makes….
    Start Baker so if he doesn’t pan out then go with the young guy the rest of the season!

  9. Mike S Says:

    Facebook and twitter – its an absolute bloodbath. Bucs are being pilloried by EVERYONE no matter what this poll says.

  10. Craig Says:

    It makes you wonder if Hot Toddie is on the same road that Matt Rhule had to take last season after Duh Baker landed on his ass.

    I guess the biggest question is when he sits Duh Baker down at 1-2, 1=3, or where.

    Trask could be the future for the Bucs, like he was drafted to be, if, or when, Canales takes over.

  11. DS Says:

    Don’t care just get the draft pick

  12. gp Says:

    Joseph C and Tye have it right.
    This actually puts Trask into the best position too.
    After being drafted, sitting as back-up to a starting journeyman QB will give him sideline experience that will help him as a starter in the future.
    Would have been better for him to do so with Brady….. But that’s water under the bridge.
    There is a very good chance that when Baker asks for a big raise next year, the powers that be will say, never mind, we have Trask to pick up where you left off.

  13. Pewter Power Says:

    BFFL Panthers are laughing

    Have you seen them play at all? Their offensive line is worse than ours and their rookie ain’t taking the league by storm. A rookie quarterback + bad o line = equals last in the division.

    To think that rookie quarterbacks come into the league and are instant upgrades over all veteran quarterbacks is confusing!!! Panthers traded up for a reason and didn’t have to jump that high to do it. I’d be more worried if Trask started the season but just fine if he finishes it. We’re 2nd the division of the Bucs run defense improved

  14. First Name Greatest Says:

    Trask couldn’t do much against backups in pre season or against a TRASH ATL defense in the finale.

    I have more confidence in Baker recapturing the little magic that he has had than Trask ever being better than awful in the NFL

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    Congratulations to Mayfield for making all the big plays in practice and in games, and doing what Bowles says is the most important thing in football, protecting the football!

    He really went out there and earned this job, and it most certainly wasn’t handed to him.

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    YES! The worst QB in football over the last two years is starting for your 5-12 Buccaneers! This is great!

  17. Jack Clark Says:

    We should have invested in developing Trask instead of Baker Mayfield’s sorry as

  18. Mike S Says:

    First Name Greatest

    Trask has a 68 comp% going with 8.3 yds/att – that’s Tom Brady level

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    I will say I do take joy in seeing all the Florida fanbois cry – they are literally the most obnoxious people on earth. Thanks to them, there is at least some thing good that comes out of this obvious disaster.

  20. Mike S Says:

    Rod if the fans support this they deserve everything that is about to follow

  21. Mike S Says:

    Pewter Power

    They beat us with PJ Walker last year when we had Tom Brady.

    We’re totally effed

  22. Mike S Says:

    I’m so utterly disgusted by this clown show – I’m going to unplug for a while.

    How in God’s name can you hand the job the Baker effen Mayfield?

    I can’t stomach this incompetence.

    I don’t know when I’ll be back.

    This is a lost season.

  23. DBS Says:

    Quit trying to put Trask at Tom Brady level when he is playing hamburger flippers, future UPS and FE-EX drivers. When he was under pressure and was going down the first thing he did was throw it up in the air in a panic. If true starters had been in it would have been picked off. he was only great against scrubs just like their QB was against ours. Get over it.

  24. Call the Salt Truck Says:

    “The other teams are LAUGHING at us, waaaah!”

    Ya’ll got some thin skin. A lot of people laughed at Seattle last season when they put in Geno. Who was laughing in the playoffs?

    Lotta Broncos fans were laughing when they got Russell Wilson. Are they still laughing now?

    Get some thick skin, write down some names, and see who’s still laughing at the end of the season. My bet’s on the Bucs.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    If there is at least one good thing to come out of this disaster, it’s seeing all the Florida fanbois crying. They are literally the most annoying people on earth.

  26. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Munch you Jimmy the Greek now, let them play!! I know a lot of Cleveland fans.. Baker has alot of fire.

  27. Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:

    Mayfield did not have the lowest QBR over the last two years. In 2021 Mayfield had a 40.9 QBR, which was better than Trevor Lawrence, Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields. Mayfield also tore his labrum in the second game that year and played the rest of the season injured. He still managed to finish 8-9, the same as a healthy Brady did last year.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    Wrong move…. you drafted Trask in the 2nd round for a reason….that’s to play.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s going to be a spitshow anyways.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m a Nole and I just think Mayfield sucks….that’s why I want Trask.

    Or is Trask just another highly drafted bust by supposedly a good to great GM that we have? OJ Howard, Roberto, JTS etc. I could go on forever.

  31. Dew Says:

    Exactly D-Rome. Trask showed he can play.

  32. Craig Says:

    We’ll watch them play.

    If Duh Baker actually pulls it off, the team will be worse off next season.

    Mayfield will want to be paid somewhere in the $40 million range, and Trask will be putting out resumes. Though he will probably only need to put out one.

  33. WisconsinBucsFan Says:

    The tank with Baker spitshow has begun.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:
    August 22nd, 2023 at 3:48 pm
    Mayfield did not have the lowest over the last two years. In 2021 Mayfield had a 40.9 , which was better than Trevor Lawrence, Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields.


    Well, get this, when someone says OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS, you total up the LAST TWO YEARS and then compare it to those same players OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS, and guess who comes out as the sloppy party bottom? That’s right, it’s Mayfield.

  35. firethecannons Says:

    It will not be a good year, we get 3 wins. We get close to Caleb.

  36. Voice of Truth Says:

    On one hand / it’s Todd’s fate so no matter what anyone else thinks, he gets to decide

    On the other – the future of the franchise is at stake and maybe they are starting Baker for a “reason” – like a much better position in each round

    Maybe the goal is Baker taking us to 2-7 and then Kyle gets to finish it out…


  37. ghost Says:

    LOL did anyone else besides me watch football last season?

    Everyone in social media is laughing at us.

    This is pure delusion.


    should really reevaluate your life choices if you care about whats said on the cesspool known as social media

  38. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    ghost it’s not what I care about. It’s the observable consensus.

    Bucs are a punch line.

    We’re in a circus and the two clowns – Bowles and Mayfield are the stars of the show.

  39. StormyInFl Says:

    Let twitter (or X) think what they want. Why should any of us give a steaming spit.

    Hell, some of you want to tank. That, right there, is what weak-ass laughingstock franchises do.

    Those of you rooting for Mayfield to fail just so your boy can play? Weak. Laughingstock material right there.

  40. David Says:

    With what is on the roster it is absolutely the correct call. Everyone knew the moment they signed a Baker that he is the starting quarterback. Anyone who thought otherwise was just not that bright. Trask had absolutely no chance. He’s been sitting on an inactive roster for two years, could not even make back up. He was not going to suddenly be the starter.
    He is here as a cheap back up until his contract runs out unless someone will give a 6th round pick for him

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Good news is that I won’t have to watch the first half Saturday!

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    David Says
    “Trask had absolutely no chance. He’s been sitting on an inactive roster for two years, could not even make back up.”

    While I agree that he had no chance, I do not believe it is because of his ability.

    It was the same way in previous years. You cannot hold it against him for not making backup when the coaches wanted an experienced vet to back up Brady.

    Claims were made last year that Trask was slow to learn…he proved that wrong this year. He was not getting time with the starters…even through most of the off season this year.

    But once he got access, he excelled and he learned rapidly. And he learned from each mistake and came back stronger each time.

    That’s what you would want from a #1 pick…and he was a second rounder.

    He showed us that he grows quickly with experience and support.

    Baker Mayfield will bomb. Of that I have absolutely no doubt. Then? Trask time.

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    In the meanwhile…I get more work done during games…they’ll be on, but I doubt they will grab my attention.

  44. rickym Says:

    Is it possible that Wolford is he best QB on the Bucs roster?

  45. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Gaytor bois lost there brittle minds

  46. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    It’s good to know that only 17.23% of Bucs fans are completely stupid.