Does Baker Mayfield Already Have A Built-In Excuse To Fail?

July 14th, 2023

Set up to collapse?

Man alive, Joe hasn’t seen this much hate for a quarterback in a long, long, long time.

Joe knows why the stat geeks can’t stand Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield. He has bad numbers that usually add up to losing. OK, fine. Whatever.

The non-statheads throughout the country absolutely have Mayfield’s NFL casket already picked out and seem to be lining up to take care of Mayfield’s corpse. And if this plays out like they think, Joe will watch the Bucs plunge deep into the Caleb Williams sweepstakes (#CollapseForCaleb).

It’s like folks just don’t like this Mayfield.

Joe is bringing this anti-Mayfield tidbit not to rile, but because Joe thinks Jared Rubin of CBS has a hilarious take on why Mayfield (and the Bucs) will stink this year.

Joe does like to needle the masses who use the tired, knee-jerk excuse for everything that is wrong with the world, from drug addicts in the Situation Room to high interest rates to global warming. That would be the Bucs’ offensive line.

Your TV isn’t working? Blame the offensive line. Your internet is down? Blame the offensive line. Your overseas sportsbook won’t pay off your winnings? Blame the offensive line. Your bartender handed you a warm beer? Blame the offensive line!

So in Rubin’s eyes, Mayfield and the Bucs will fail because  — all together now — the offensive line!

…The Bucs offense already took a large step backward last season. Can Mayfield avoid taking the offense into the tank, or will he look a lot like the player he’s been every year after his very good rookie season? Considering the (lack of) strength of this offensive line, the latter seems more likely.

So there you have it. The Bucs and Mayfield will crater this year because … the offensive line!

To be fair, Joe thinks Rubin might be onto something. Every projected starter on the offensive line has a question mark. Yes, he does. So what Rubin types isn’t really that far-fetched.

Joe thought it was amusing because the folks who constantly bellyache about the offensive line, even when the Bucs had a good offensive line for quite a few years now, might really have something to stomp their feet about this fall.

43 Responses to “Does Baker Mayfield Already Have A Built-In Excuse To Fail?”

  1. westernbuc Says:

    As someone who’s happily pointed out when the offensive line has been subpar over the years, let me explain why this is a dumb take.

    Last year, our o-line was subpar because of two major injuries, a retirement, inexperience, a statue QB and bad coaching.

    Having a full offseason to fix these issues will pay dividends. Reshuffling and restocking the line alone will seriously improve things. Hiring a coach with a proven record of successful run games will help. Having more experience will make things easier. All of this coupled with a QB mobile enough to extend plays will help overcome any deficiencies the o-line still has.

    Licht built one of the best lines for Brady’s first two years. Marpet’s late retirement and Jensen’s late injury, plus Smith’s injury as well, derailed the season. Mayfield (or even Trask) will have a much better time than Brady

  2. Trask To The Future Says:

    Mayfield has been but inconsistent his entire career. What’s so hard to understand? There’s a reason he was so cheap, the league knows his value by now.

    If the Bucs don’t just start Trask and at least see what he can do they’re idiots. Trask is on a rookie contract, is younger, and has all the potential upside. If he is a bust in the NFL then so be it, but at least find out since we invested a 2nd round pick in the guy and a huge portion of the fan base (Gator fans) want to see what this kid can do in the NFL which will increase viewership & interest.

    It makes ZERO sense to make Mayfield the starter. ZERO.

  3. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    I don’t get it either Future. It makes zero sense to me.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    I think the offensive line is going to be fine this year – so when Mayfield stinks, he won’t be able to blame the line.

  5. Joe Says:

    It makes ZERO sense to make Mayfield the starter. ZERO.

    Joe doesn’t think Todd Bowles is eager to sacrifice his career as a head coach (and the millions of dollars that come with it) just to “see what [Trask] can do.”

    Bowles needs wins.

  6. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Admin, like Baker is the guy to bet on? Bowles ain’t getting another HC contract after this and he already has money guaranteed.

    You know what it’s like having just about every football fan laugh at your expense because of Mayfield and then come to this site and read about how he’s the next coming?

    What’s worse is when people patronize you with fake platitudes – “Oh you guys got Baker now? Oh yeah he’ll be great for you. You guys are in great shape.” They say it while barely being able to hold back gut busting laughter – or with that pitying intonation.

    I feel like I’m being gaslit with the Baker hard sell and then when I step outside the influence of this abusive relationship I get to see reality.

    I’m sorry man I just can’t get on the Captain Checkdown bandwagon. I just can’t do it. There’s just levels of blind homer fandom I just can get to.

    Baker was horrible last season. Absolutely terrible. Of course we got a better shot with Trask.

  7. Obvious Says:

    Ultimately, Vegas is betting against Bowles. His decision making is questionable at best…

    Bowles is stinking up the place with poor decision making past and present. And Vegas KNOWS that zebras don’t change their stripes. Right now, for now it looks that Bowles is going with Mayfield no matter what.

    Vegas understands that, that is a bad move just like many of us. In other words, Vegas ALSO sees this move as a BAD IDEA! So take heart. YOU’RE RIGHT! Because if the actual geniuses in Vegas that “HAVE TO” get it right are betting in that direction, then you’re on to something. The saying “the house always wins” is pretty much A FACT!

    Now keep in mind that, that’s on the “assumption” that Bowles is indeed going to go with Mayfield. Which of course doesn’t even carry the possibility/ advantage
    of a wild card surprise. There is nothing wild about Mayfield nor Bowles.

    Everybody already knows what you’re gonna get. I’d be very curious to see how their bets (Vegas) would go if it were instead “assumed” that Trask was indeed the starter??

    Who knows. The odds maybe even worse!

    I’m going to take the clever view on this and go with the “HAVE TO” get it rights in Vegas. Unlike the media (whom don’t have to get it right, just like the weather man) Vegas BETTER get it right because some Very high paying jobs are on the line!

    You really don’t have to think it through though we are all going to. If you’re smart then just watch which way they are betting. It’s always a bad idea to bet against the house. I’m not sure but someone on this site (maybe a long time commenter) might be able to go back and track just how accurate Vegas really is.

    You want to get rich quick? Then what’s Vegas up to? Why not use their crystal ball… From what I understand, they have the best one on the planet!

    Does anyone here have the resources and time to track down last year’s win/ lose accuracy % according to last year’s Vegas odds? Now THAT would be interesting to know…..

    Back at the ranch, maybe Bowels is a very clever man and learned something from Arians and the whole Mayfield starting assumptions are a ROUSE and it’s Trask all along! Now that would be slick.

    I just don’t get the feeling that Bowles is that type of savvy. I feel like he wears his intentions on his sleeve. He might just be lousy at let’s say poker. In other words he makes it easy for others to read his mind and intentions. There is No evidence of a savvy mystery in Bowles.

    Like I said, I’m leaning towards the Vegas predictions… I think they are pretty close to the actual mark. “IF, IF, IF” it isn’t even worse. THEY KNOW Homer’s are going to bet the over by the way….. It’s really NOT guess work to them.

    GO BUCS!

  8. Esteban85 Says:

    Sounds like your name should be most triggered Trask fan.

    Who cares what other fans say, the proof is played out on the field in a few months not in speculation season. And I don’t see how this site has given a Baker hard sell, I feel like it’s Groundhog Day and I’ve read this article a dozen times now. Different words same take. I think the Joes are being realistic in their assessment of the front offices take on the situation. All I’ve seen is Baker is the favorite, there will be competition and Trask will have to ball out to win the spot. Sounds about right to me.

    As for the Baker hater stories, I think the Joes are trying to rile up Baker to get him to be entertaining in some fashion.

  9. Stanglassman Says:

    I only watched two games Baker played last year and both were with the Rams. In the nationally televised game vs the Raiders 2 days after he arrived that he had the game winning drive. I thought He played especially well considering he just got the playbook. I also watched the Christmas day rams vs steelers game. Baker hung 58 on them winning by over 40 points. Can anyone point to any Trask games in the NFL he played well? In what world would it not make any sense to Start Baker? Unless you wanted to tank. This could change. The deliberate learner might pick up this offense quickly and play lights out. I think it’s more likely John Wolford beats him out for the backup role than he wins the starting role. If Wolford was Jason’s 2nd round pick i’d bet on it.

  10. steele Says:

    This is a dumb take on many levels.

    True the OL was weak, and so was the offense under Lefty, but he OL is already on paper better than last year’s because of new talent and switching Wirfs, and if Jensen is back 100%, that alone improves it.

    As for Mayfield. It’s only July. Let’s see what happens with him and Rah Rah Canales. Ample reason to be skeptical about both, but let them show what they’ve got.

  11. Fansince76 Says:

    Licht has built enough interior line depth they can adjust guys if needed.

  12. K_bassuka Says:

    Maybefield will fail cause he sucks, plain and simple. The guy needs an amazing supporting cast just to be an average QB. Maybefield = bust!

  13. spearman Says:

    Joe Says: “Bowles needs wins.”

    Mr. Moxie is 31-38 as a starter. That’s a .449 losing record. Bowles is going to put his career in the hands of a loser? Uh, OK.

  14. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    Great point KBassuka…

    It’s Kyle’s job to lose period; they obviously brought in cheap competition to push him and Baker was the best option…

    How much more data after 5 years and 3 teams do we need to see to determine Baker Mayfield is the lastest #1 pick/bust…
    I’ve said it before, he’s a cocky little runt of a QB that doesn’t have 1 special trait…His mechanics have always been trash, his arm is dodoo, he’s not known for being a smart QB, and I haven’t heard any of his former teammates say anything good about him…Wait! But he does have “moxey” Whatever that is 🙄…

    So now he’s supposed to come down here and set the world on fire…Please!!! I’ll pass away from old age waiting for this guy to be at best an above average NFL QB….It’s time to stop making excuses for him and call it what it is…

  15. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Even with with Tristan Wirf moving to LT, He and Ryan Jensen at C are arguable one of the top Offensive lineman in the league. I think Matt Feiler will be fine and no telling how good or bad Cody Mach at RG and Luke Goedeke will be. Point being, our Offensive line might be surprisingly good.

  16. Hodad Says:

    Someone writes, Bowles is making bad decisions past, and present? Was it a bad decision firing Leftwich, and hiring Canales? Bowles was handed the HC job last year with little wiggle room to mold the team in his image. This being his first real offseason as HC the first thing he does is fire Lefty. I’d call that a good start. If he had a hand in this years draft, I like what we did. A lot of things went wrong last year including the retirement of Marpet, and the loss of Jensen. Let’s see how Bowles fairs in his real full season as HC. According to all in the know, winning 9 games with TraskField, and this roster should make him coach of the year.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It doesn’t matter what the reason…..every game lost is a step closer toward drafting a QB in round 1 next year……Mayfield knows this.

    I will say this……I’m not feeling the hate coming from Buc fans over Mayfield…..

    Hope…..concern, question marks…..but not hate.

    If you’re truly a Buc fan…you have to wish him success. If he fails, he’s gone!!!

  18. garro Says:

    Yet another CBS rube…Yawn…

    Go Bucs!

  19. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Who complained about the OLine in 2020-2021?

  20. ShakeandBaker Says:

    I am a big Gator fan and have been all my life even though i went to UCF. I currently have a kid going there which only made me a bigger fan. Having said that, Trask has shown nothing on the field in either regular or preseason that makes me want to see him starting in game one. I can guarantee you the coaches don’t believe in him either. If they did they wouldn’t have brought in a Baker Mayfield trying to get back to the player he was early on vs some career back up. This is the NFL not college. I also wanted Jamie’s to succeed in the worst way. I don’t understand you homers that want to see your college player out there even though all indications are that he sucks and will suck if he ever gets on the field.

  21. AnonymousBuc76 Says:


    The hate is because no fans I know wanted his little sawed-off @ss on this team…My co-workers literally laughed at me when we signed “Rudy” Mayfield…Everyone knows this dude’s a bum…

  22. Curse of Gruden Says:

    “Rudy Mayfield.” Good one.

  23. Beej Says:

    The O-line is the deepest group on the team imo. (Barring another rash of season -ending injuries)

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Baker Mayfield’s built in excuse is…he is Baker Mayfield.

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe Says
    Joe doesn’t think Todd Bowles is eager to sacrifice his career as a head coach (and the millions of dollars that come with it) just to “see what [Trask] can do.”

    Exactly what I have been saying since Mayfield was signed. There is no true competition.

    That’s why Trask has been throwing mostly to camp meat.

  26. Joe Says:

    Who complained about the OLine in 2020-2021?

    You’d be surprised. 🙁

  27. Joe Says:

    Exactly what I have been saying since Mayfield was signed. There is no true competition.

    There is. But apparently, not the (rigged) competition the loud crowd is pining for.

  28. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    On the topic of the Offensive Line…people give Jason Licht for building a good one, which he did…but it took him three years to get it right.

    But let’s assume for a moment that he learned enough to do it faster now…maybe he can do it in 2 seasons (realistic). But even if he has all the peaces right now, you then have to account for development time.

    That leaves very little chance of the Oline being good from the start of the season. Six games? Maybe…but by the 6th game, the oline should at least start to improve…maybe show signs of potential.

    That is why I am fine with Mayfield being named the starter. A developing oline and him being him, means he will take all the punishment to start the season.

    Let him.

    When he looks so bad they yank him over the early bye week, Trask will come in with low expectations. The oline will at least have a little life in it.

    IF…and it’s a big if…IF Trask has the ability to at least manage the game and minimize mistakes…then he can take us either to the playoffs or just short. Or…he could be horrible and set us up for the #1 pick.

    Right now, Mayfield is getting all the attention. Trask is hardly mentioned by media, mainly because he is untested.

    Going to be interesting when he gets his shot. He’ll have a chance to pull a Tom Brady…or he could pull a Ryan Leaf. Either would be great for us because we have a fallback plan for next year.

  29. stpetebucfan Says:

    WesternBuc pretty well nailed it with the first post. I would add though that it was even worse than he posted.

    The Bucs trade of Cappa was bemoaned somewhat but just the cost of business.
    I get that. The Bengals forked over a four year 40 million dollar deal which the Bucs were in no position to match due to the Brady era cap restraints.
    BOTTOM LINE: Not Licht’s or anybody’s fault…just bizness.

    Ali Marpet decided his noggin was more important than extending his playing career and wisely retired. He has enough $$$
    BOTTOM LINE: Nobody’s fault

    Ryan Jensen goes down before the season even starts with an injury.
    BOTTOM LINE: Nobody’s fault.

    It might have been nobody’s fault but that’s the freaking ENTIRE INTERIOR of the Bucs OL!!! LT was manned by an aging Vet with a rash of his own injuries.
    There is a reason the Buc’s OL sucked last year but there is literally nobody to blame it on. As Forrest said..”Sht happens”.

    This season Wirfs one of the best tackles in the league moves to left tackle. Do we really think he doesn’t have the skill set and drive to master that position by opening day? I have no worry.

    Feiler is an experienced OL who started for two different teams. He like Wirfs is a large man. The left side of the OL is DRAMATICALLY improved!

    If Jensen returns to form that leaves only the right side with a large group of possibilities there with leftovers for depth thanks to the FORCED reps given the young guys last year!

    Final thought. Cappa was as TOUGH as they come..playing through a broken arm and attempting to stay in with a broken leg. He and Jensen gave this OL a tought identity which the talented players like Marpet and Wirfs could feed from.

    IF Mauch starts…add another nasty red head to the mix. This OL could develop into a superior unit if the right side works out. If not they should still be more than adequate.

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Ali Marpet decided his noggin was more important than extending his playing career and wisely retired.”

    That one hurt me the most. Marpet was the last draft prediction I actually called in advance and I got it right. I no longer make draft predictions (no time for the research) but I was proud of him.

    He made the right move…but I still miss him.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think next year, we’ll have to get in a new center too. Not looking forward to that search.

  32. Bucsfan13 Says:

    The OL was not subpar. It was below average. Ask any NFL analysts. We only had 22 sacks last year because of Brady’s quick release and pocket presence. Yes, Baker is more mobile, but he takes a lot of sacks because he holds the ball too long and has the pocket awareness of Stevie Wonder. Winston even took fewer. Say what you want, but I rather have Winston than Baker. They’re both turnover machines, but Baker seems to get a pass. Winston also has the so-called moxie that people rave about it. It was one of his strengths coming out college.

    Peyton Manning has always said he hated taking sacks because they are negative plays that can always put the offense behind the chains. Some think the ability to extend plays will automatically help a bad OL, and that’s simply not true. It didn’t help Winston when he was running for his life all the years we had those bad OL. We shutdown Mahomes in the SB because he didn’t have his starting tackles. Make no mistake about it, if Mahomes had at least a decent line he would’ve scored more than nine points. He’s lit us up every time he’s played us before the SB. Kyler Murray is one of the most elusive QBs in the league and he led the NFL in sacks. He couldn’t overcompensate for a bad OL.

  33. Craig Says:

    How is having a new OC that believes match-ups are a real thing a step backwards?

    I know Baker is not the answer here, he is running scared, but he might do enough to keep Trask from eclipsing him. For a while.

    He will end up screwing it up again and Trask will relieve him.

    Hopefully the rest of the team will still have some life in them by then. If they play as a team, unlike last season, there will be hope for something other than ruining Caleb .

  34. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Esteban85 they played Denver on Xmas day so you didn’t actually watch that game. If you had you would have seen the 3 first half turnovers committed by Russell Wilson that led to the blowout.

    Baker had a good statline, but it was a laffer game that got away from Denver.

    Even so – a good Baker stat line is 230 yards passing. Akers ran for 118 yds and 3 TDs.

    If you want more homework go watch the games vs Green Bay, LAC and Seattle. That’s the Baker we’re getting.

  35. shankasorous Says:

    “Does Baker Mayfield Already Have A Built-In Excuse To Fail?”

    Yes. He’s short.

  36. ATLBuc Says:

    Yeah Joe! Bowles is going to be really confident that Mayfield can keep him from being fired.

  37. PLawson Says:

    Yikes, there are some troubled folks here offering opinions that are fueled by hatred. The misinformation starts with a quote from the CBS guy who said Mayfield has been bad since his rookie year. I guess he forgot that Cleveland was the worst team in football until Mayfield got there and led them to within a play of making it to the Super Bowl in 2020. He starts off 2021 leading the league in completion % until his injury. Inconsistency followed, to be sure, but you cannot deny that the talent is there. Some of these people need to just let things play out because they obviously don’t have an objective view. How about supporting Mayfield and hoping for the best instead of taking him down before he takes a snap.

  38. westernbuc Says:

    St. Pete, thank you for reminding me of Cappa. And yes, none of that was preventable. That’s why I give Licht a pass

  39. Kidfloflo Says:

    Plawson said it right! Let’s see what we have before we all start crying the sky is falling! Jeez….week 7 we can all have a fully informed opinion, but now is just to wish for the worst, which some fans love to do

  40. Esteban85 Says:

    Wow, you really got me on that one LOLOL, most triggered Trask fan!
    Seriously? The game he played for the Rams? I have better things to do on Xmas than watch two sorry a$$ teams battle it out for last place.

    How are you so sure that’s the Baker we are getting? Different year, different team, different defense and different receivers. Besides I wasn’t even defending Baker I was defending the Joes assessment of the situation.
    You seem a little soft in the head by getting all upset about what other NFL fans are saying. Get a grip bro and face reality

    You obviously are not interested in seeing any facts. Fact is yea Mayfield might suck but Trask might suck more. Let’s find out instead of burying one or the other before we even see them with pads on.

  41. Esteban85 Says:

    Preach! PLawson! Spot on!

  42. WyomingJoe Says:

    I gotta hand it to you Tampa Bay Baker Haters. You’re even bigger whiners than the Browns. The season hasn’t even started yet and you’re crying like babies. Do yourselves a favor and move out of your mom’s cellars. Joe, it’s time for their naps. Go Bucs.

  43. Oneilbuc Says:

    This is Baker Mayfield 4th team in 6 years name a quarterback that played for that many teams and the fans wanted him to start on their team I’ll wait?? Lol 🤣