One Area Where The Bucs’ Secondary Is Top-Shelf

July 14th, 2023


Yes, we are in the middle of List Season. Everyone has their list of just about every damn thing in the NFL this time of year. It won’t end until training camp opens later this month.

So you have seen this list and that list ranking the best secondaries in the league. Not many buy that the Bucs have a good secondary (Joe sure thinks they do).

Not even Bucs icon Rondé Barber.

But leave it to Joe Gibbs of Sharp Football Analysis — no not that Joe Gibbs who is too busy with his NASCAR teams to fool with NFL offseason lists — to find something statistically where the Bucs’ defensive backfield excels.

Per Gibbs, the Bucs had one of the least-handsy pass defenses in the NFL last season.

The [Bucs] defense was one of the least penalized in the passing penalties category. They ranked 25th in the NFL.

And when you consider elite receivers the Bucs faced last year, that says a lot. To Joe, this means these guys are disciplined. That also means these guys are coached up.

It’s almost like their head coach played in a secondary in the league.

5 Responses to “One Area Where The Bucs’ Secondary Is Top-Shelf”

  1. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    But the defense was ranked 28th in giving up passing TD’s. Are they disciplined or did WR got past the Bucs CB’s for touchdowns?

  2. Irishmist Says:

    We need a list of the dumbest lists.

  3. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I think we have a good secondary; I’m not yet ready to call them very good or great. I am worried about the nickel corner. Is Zion ready? He played on a big cushion last year. With a renewed pass rush I think they may turn out to be a strength like you say.

  4. garro Says:

    Anybody see my List?… where is my list?… I need my list!… Do you have my list?

    Go Bucs!

  5. TDavis Says:

    Haha if this is the main positive thing to find about a secondary it means they’re not very good or they’re not being coached well. How about ranking high in interceptions, press breakups, stuff like that?