Underrated Figure In Devin White’s Bucs Future

June 29th, 2023

Bucs ILB Devin White.

So what’s going on with disgruntled Bucs linebacker Devin White? Does he want to play for the Bucs or not?

He didn’t participate in on-field practices during mandatory minicamp, though he did show up. Todd Bowles was adamant White was not a “hold-in,” which is when a player shows up just so he can’t get fined.

During the rest of underwear football season, White was a no-show at One Buc Palace but could be seen often on social media riding his horsies. That was after he demanded a trade, upset with being unable to secure a contract extension he liked.

And you know who is playing a key part in what the Bucs may do with White, whether to grant his trade request or let him walk when his contract expires? That would be rookie linebacker SirVocea Dennis, a fifth-round pick.

This Dennis, at least in underwear football, appeared to be a ballhawk. He’s not as fast as White and likely never will be but he showed a knack for being around the ball, even in pass defense.

This caught the eye of Jenna Laine of ESPN, who thinks Dennis could surprise fans this fall.

A rookie fifth-round pick known more for his pass-rushing ability than his coverage skills at Pitt, Dennis had two pick-sixes in offseason practices — one in rookie camp, then one off Kyle Trask in minicamp. He’s battling with K.J. Britt for the third inside linebacker job behind Devin White and Lavonte David. For a defense that has struggled to get interceptions, it certainly got my attention.

If Dennis can get on the field and play well, all of a sudden White may become expendable. Keyword: may.

Remember, Lavonte David is 33 and under a one-year contract. Joe isn’t expecting the Bucs to bring back a 34-year old linebacker but Joe wouldn’t put it past David to still be effective.

So if Dennis balls out, all of a sudden White loses leverage in contract negotiations.

The next step in this White drama will be if he shows up on July 25 when veterans are scheduled to report for training camp.

10 Responses to “Underrated Figure In Devin White’s Bucs Future”

  1. BillyBucco Says:

    Let me guess, White will suck because Mayfield checks it down too much.

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    Britt ran a 4.9.

    Wasted draft pick.

  3. garro Says:

    There will be an upgrade available sometime before Minnesota.(Final Roster cuts) or Dennis starts. I say upgrade because I have never bought into the hype on this guy. He can run schemed blitz packages and that’s it. Also Dennis looks like he might be a keeper.

    White will show up for Camp. If he decides to hold in or half ass it, that’s fine we let him and move on. Get that Comp pick next year, a better player and don’t have to deal with this asshat any longer.

    Licht may trade him anyway just to avoid team turmoil. I sure would.

    Go Bucs!

  4. Lt. Dan Says:

    @ teacherman: Disagree with you this time. Britt was picked in the 5th round. He’s now a back up LB and a core special teams player. Pretty much what’s expected of a 5th rounder.

  5. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Remember Bowles saying that players were still living in the afterglow of the SB? Two players come to mind for me: White and Fournette.

  6. Richard Galbraith Says:

    I think White has lost a step, still fast, I wish I had 11million dollars, final year of his rookie contract, not he should see how this year goes.

  7. Craig Says:

    I see White playing in a lot of preseason games. Even the Bowles cleaner seems to realize that he is a detriment to the team.

    If he misses a couple of tackles that lets a runner free in the secondary, picks a few bad angles, or any other of the normal screw ups he does, he will start getting splinters in his butt from sitting.

    The true competition will be between Dennis and Britt.

  8. Babygrace Says:


    KJ Britt ran 4.75 forty

  9. Lokog Says:

    Anybody but devin

  10. 80forBrady Says:

    Re-sign AB to help White learn how to be a Pro. AB was a Pro’s Pro!