David Carr: Tom Brady Hid Major Holes

June 19th, 2023

NFL Network analyst David Carr.

Bill Parcells always said that you are what your record says you are.

A former No. 1 overall draft pick thinks the Bucs were worse than their 8-10 record in 2022, and that’s the team the NFL may see with Baker Mayfield behind center.

In a recent airing of “Total Access,” seen nightly on NFL Network, David Carr said he is a big Baker Mayfield fan. In the same segment, the 2002 No. 1 overall pick said everything he hears from Bucs shot-callers on the record tells him Mayfield is your starting quarterback short of Kyle Trask blowing everyone away in training camp and worthless preseason games.

But beware, Bucs fans! Carr reminded viewers that while he expects Mayfield to have a resurgence, he’s no Tom Brady and Brady covered up a lot of problems.

One hidden area is setting offensive line assignments, Carr said, a specialty of Brady. This is something Joe heard about from Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM NFL Radio before Brady played a snap with the Bucs. How Brady makes offensive lines signficantly better with savvy line calls.

That’s gone now. And it is also something Cam Jordan of the slimy Saints told Joe about at the Pro Bowl in January.

Jordan said there is a history of offensive linemen maxing out their talents playing with Brady — guys who went to another team and turned mortal.

The Bucs chose not to address the worst rushing attack in the league last year (no, Joe is not of the belief that adding Chase Edmonds and his 245 yards rushing last year will magically ignite the run game).

Joe expects all fans will have a good idea of how good an offensive coordinator Dave Canales is by Week 6, or how brutal of an offensive coordinator SpongeBob was.

44 Responses to “David Carr: Tom Brady Hid Major Holes”

  1. Lt. Dan Says:

    Is it just me or did TB12 just look plain disinterested last year?

  2. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    Brady’s great line calls and quick decisions with quick release covers up many faults in the O-lines pass protection.

  3. HC Grover Says:

    100% correct. Brady will not be here to hide the Bowles Curse this year.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady simply wasn’t the same QB without Gronk…….that has been overlooked…….

  5. geno711 Says:

    My worry is that both Leftwich and Canales are in the same level in ability to be the offensive coordinator of an NFL team.


  6. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    They did address the running game. They have a new offensive playcaller, a new zone-blocking scheme, and big changes on the offensive line. Running back is kinda secondary.

  7. Dooley Says:

    “The Bucs chose not to address the worst rushing attack in the league last year (no, Joe is not of the belief that adding Chase Edmonds and his 245 yards rushing last year will magically ignite the run game).”

    You keep typing this and making it sound like our problem running the ball last season was primarily a personnel issue in the RB room. Since last season we’ve gotten a new OC, who’s coming with a new base blocking scheme, and we’ve added new talent to the RB room and are looking to max out the rest of the talent we are carrying over. The Bucs have addressed it, and by how they addressed it you might be led to believe what’s actually been changed might have been more of a problem last year.

  8. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Joe. One name: Nate Solder. That’s all you need to know about his affect on an OL. That’s why Cam Jordan said he gets his OL paid.

  9. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Tom was going thru a brutal divorce and didn’t eat food for a long time resulting in ~25 lbs of lost weight last year, besides an offensive line rebuild. It’s amazing we even got in the playoffs, despite all this and a defensive secondary that couldn’t cover your grandmother against Dallas cowboys, after playing 17 regular season games.

  10. ocala Says:

    I am an avid Bucs fan, but you are living in a dream world if you think this Bucs team is going to be a good team with a bad QB, awful LT and probably the worst head coach in the NFL.

  11. Beej Says:

    Brady knew the season was already over when Jensen and Stinnie went down

  12. Hellodarling Says:

    Remember as good as Tom Brady is he was like a statue wasent moving out the pocket. At least Baker can move if/when the o-line breaks down

  13. Hodad Says:

    Joe, they did address their lack of a running attack by firing Lefty, and hiring a guy, Canales who will make running the ball a priority. They also revamped their O line. That’s not doing nothing.

  14. Joe Says:

    They also revamped their O line. That’s not doing nothing.

    First, don’t get Joe going about the offensive line unless you want to start a flamewar about Tristian Wirfs moving to the left side.

    Second, you can scheme all you want till the cows come home but if you don’t have dudes who can tote the rock, you can’t run the ball. The Bucs did nothing to address the worst running back room in the NFL (and no, Joe does not count on a dude who ran for 245 yards as “addressing” a severe weakness. That’s like signing Da’Quan Bowers to fix a pass rush).

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    So David Carr anoints Baker Mayfield as our starting QB, THEN he proceeds to make excuse after excuse for why he probably won’t succeed. Mayfield’s apparently ‘no Tom Brady’ in Carr’s eyes (duh) and Tom ‘covered up a lot of problems’ in our offense (not that he might have been one of those problems mind you).

    What I don’t understand from these talking heads however is why they’re advocating for Mayfield IF they believe this team will suck & do worse than last season. Why not advocate for Trask instead? If he does well, we’ve got ourselves a young, inexpensive QB for next year. If he does poorly, we get a high draft pick & presumably draft a QB in Rnd 1.

  16. Brandon Says:

    Tom Brady hid major holes… Brady was the major hole and his blind fans are still hiding them for him.

    The Bucs WERE NOT worse than their 8-10 record. They were 8-8 in regular season games that they tried to win. They were a .500 team. Played like it, were it, simple as that.

  17. sasquatch Says:

    Joe Says:

    Joe expects all fans will have a good idea of how good an offensive coordinator Dave Canales is by Week 6, or how brutal of an offensive coordinator SpongeBob was.

    Really Joe? Those first 6 games are going to be the first 6 they play in the new offense together. This statement is a setup for JBFers to be b!tching and moaning if the transition period ends up looking like, ya know, a transition period. I would expect the offense to be markedly better in the second half of the season. Hey, if Mayfield and the offensive line are executing this thing at a high level early on, then Canales is a genius.

  18. Buc4evr Says:

    Whoever is the QB this year they better be mobile. Lol. Hopefully, Canales will spread the offense and use a lot of misdirection. He is the one that has to make the O line look better than they are.

  19. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree that Brady was a problem last year. He was playing so scared that he frequently threw the ball away. Sometimes so much so that our receivers stopped trying to get open downfield, knowing that Brady was just going to throw the ball away.
    It got hard to watch the decline of Tom Brady sometimes.

  20. RustyRhinos Says:

    I have no issues with OC Canales. All the woe is me he has never called a game in the NFL is just not that worrisome. If Canales has any play-calling questions, he has Coach Moore to help him all he has to do is go down the hall and knock on his door. He also has Bruce Arians to discuss anything he would need about calling plays. Being a QB coach Passing Game Coordinator WR coach he has a very good understanding of how and why and when a play should be called. I am thankful to Pete Carrol for training OC Canales for over 10 NFL seasons.

    “Brady is gone, and he ain’t coming back not in this life. Brady is gone Gone GONE!”

    Thanks, Tom for making us Super Bowl Champions! Showing our team what it takes to win it all. What being a leader is actually all about. For playing your heart out, when it was not really into being a GOAT QB.

  21. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Welp, the Bucs haven’t even played a game yet. I’m not gonna fall on my sword, already.

    Everyone starts the season 0-0, (tied)… Almost all the all the other teams, are dealing with doubts and issues too. It’s a long season, so much can happen.

    I’ll wait till week 2, to bring out the pitchfork. That should plenty enough time, lol

  22. RustyRhinos Says:

    David Carr still looks shell-shocked from the beatings he took as an NFL QB. He is not going to speak badly about his brother and his new team. More bulletin board material to create more resolve and bigger chips on shoulders in proving all these doubters and nay-sayers WRONG!


  23. Smoothbayrider Says:

    And as far as the never called plays thing….. Do you know how many eventual NFL OCs had never called plays at any level before becoming an NFL play caller ? The answer is a lot. It’s a stupid argument.

  24. Smoothbayrider Says:

    @Joe I’m not sure why this exact comment got moderated and didn’t post, but I’ll try again……. Smh

    It sure seems to me that being able “tote the rock” is about scheme and opening up holes, and in Today’s game, that comes with having weapons on the outside, and being able to effectively pass the ball. There are all sorts of undrafted/late round guys who can tote the rock that seemingly come out of “nowhere”. Legarrette Blount here in TB. James Robinson in Jacksonville a couple of seasons ago. Arian Foster, Priest Holmes, Chris Ivory, Peyton Barber, Alfred Morris…… the legs are out there.

    I think Canales is going to do a better job of play and personel diversification. All too often last year, we knew what the Bucs were going to do before they did it based on the personel they had in the game, and the opposing Defenses definitely did too. I think we are going to be pleasantly surprised with how this offense operates in comparison to last season

  25. Duane Says:

    Another guy with questions about a team that struggled to score 20 pts in transition without a 45 yo quarterback. Initiate fake outrage in 3,2,1,…

  26. dmatt Says:

    Wow, pundits say our run game will suck cause we didn’t go high draft for a running back. Wow again, if memory serve me well, many pundits said the same about our run game even after picking up rookie FA Lagerett Blount in 2010. So much crow eating for Blount haters. Im confident in R.White, he’s just beginning to scratch the surface. And, I believe if healthy n cleared of heart issues, rookie FA Sean Tucker will be a diamond in the rough. Past few years defense played tight coverage on Bucs cause they knew Brady rarely ran unless he did his infamous qb sneak, contrary to BMayfield take off during tight coverage. This offense will be better this year.

  27. HC Grover Says:

    Bowles blunders both from the left brain and the right brain. Changing Wirfs is a double brain blunder. Backasswards,

  28. Buddha Says:

    There was Tom Brady and then there was Tom Brady 2022, a world of difference.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    HC Grover …Joe did a poll on the Wirfs move like last week or so. Most of us agree with the move to LT.

    It was by a large margin too.

  30. Marine Buc Says:

    If the Bucs are going to win more than 6-7 games they better add another solid free agent RB. Our current running back group is weak and inexperienced.

    Once we sign Evans to a new deal we should have the extra cap space to add someone decent.

    Dalvin Cook might be too expensive but Kareem Hunt or maybe Zeke Elliot (at the right price) would be nice rotational players for us.

  31. Stanglassman Says:

    Does everyone remember this time last year Brady stepping up to the pressers looking like a gaunt skeleton. I’d say he was shadow of himself but only if you turn him (north/south) sideways.

    Between Brady not being himself, all the OL injures and Leftwich getting exposed without BA. Bucs stay relatively healthy and get average protection from their Qb they’ll be fine.

  32. Hodad Says:

    Are you saying scheme doesn’t matter Joe? If all it took for a good run game was a good back, they’d still be drafting them in the first round. Jim Brown ain’t going no where if you run up the middle when the defense is waiting for it. That was our run game last year, remember. White was drafted in the second round, not exactly from the USFL’s practive squad. Vaughn was a 3rd rounder. Chase Edmonds has had success in the league. We DID revamp the O line, we’ll see how they do with a different scheme. You saying we did nothing is just not true.

  33. Fred McNeil Says:

    Find a way to talk about Bucs, please, and not mislead readers. –Joe

  34. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    So let me get this straight…

    Bucs will be a 5ish win team with Mayfield and that’s better than letting Trask get PT.


  35. Fred McNeil Says:

    Sorry oeJay.

  36. Fred McNeil Says:

    Sorry Joe.

  37. Voice of Truth Says:

    TB12 knew they were playing for the last score whenever possible a la Toad’s preference….

    The Dungy philosophy that was so “sound” until he met Peyton….

    We went from no biscuit to just plain nothing at all in 1 season

  38. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    The Bucs got rid of their starter at RB…they also procured new guards. That is addressing the running game.

  39. Mickman Says:

    David Carr is blinded by hoping his brother will win the division…don’t belive anything there but blood is thinker than water.

  40. tampabuscsbro Says:

    I know it’s the Joes job to get the fanbase hyped up. Wrong! Joe’s job, as Joe sees it, is to simply write about what Joe finds interesting related to the Bucs each and every day. However that shakes out here is what is produced. Joe’s just glad so many tens of thousands enjoy Joe’s perspective and hard work. –Joe But come on don’t tell me that an overcooked mayfield (I’m a fan of his his shoulder is shot due to his last year with the browns). Is supposed to be better then Brady in an off year.

    Yeah true guys it was on him playing scared not everything else you can go look in the archives at what we say week in and week out last year. Also we did not play quality opponents last year and what should have been a franchise player in White is the most overrated player in the NFL and headcasing himself out of town.

    But brady I guess

  41. westernbuc Says:

    Brady being unable to move and extend plays was a problem last year. The o-line will be healthier and stronger. Carr is compromised because he’s always trying to hype his brother up. Brady was the main problem with the offense last year.

  42. stpetebucfan Says:

    Lt Dan you are not alone?


    I get you’re a fanboy for Trask and that’s cool. Perhaps you watched him in person in Gainesville and came away impressed. Understandable.

    But my question is do you honestly believe there is some secret plan to hold Trask back? I’m not sure of the motivation. I hope BOTH QB’s turned out to be great but from a Buc’s financial perspective it would be better for Trask to win out.

    I’m not saying that every NFL player gets an equal shot but sooner or later most get their chance. Again it’s possible that both Mayfield and Trask can move the offense.

  43. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I’m inclined to think the Oline pass protection will be better this year. The change in blocking scheme will help the run game tremendously. I don’t think we can fairly evaluate the running backs based on how horrible the offensive line and game planning was last year.

    Brady was playing scared last year. Rightfully so. The Oline could barely protect him for 2.5seconds so he dumped the ball off to his outlet. The fact Brady couldn’t or wouldn’t throw deep allowed defenses to keep everything in front of them. And stack the box against the run. No chance of play action working without a chance of a running game. Most can agree Brady wasn’t playing at a high level last year. And for all you guys about to throw stats like Brady threw for 4,500yds!!! A good portion of that was because we were playing from behind and defenses went into prevent mode.

    Also stop judging Canales by the standard of he hasn’t called an NFL game yet. According to players being interviewed they are excited about this offense. Even Mike Evans said something to the effect “I haven’t been this open in years”. Having said all that. Lol. I do believe there will be growing pains with this new offense. Even though according to a player “It’s a logical offense”. The blocking scheme is way more complicated than block the man in front of you. Expect pulling guards and Double team blocks. Wirfs and Feiller on the left side with Cody Mauch pulling to run block is going to be fun to watch.

  44. William Terranova Says:

    The problem with the team has nothing to do with any position on the field except the offensive line and defensive backs. You can blame it on injuries, but that is why there should be depth at that position. We made no effort in the draft to get 2-3 top caliber offensive line men to at least provide depth at that position. Nor did we obtain any in free agency. The SuperBowl year no offensive line men missed any significant time and that allowed Brady to work his magic. When the offensive line can’t keep ball possession, the defensive is overworked, which explains why the defensive secondary were so bad last year. The Bucs have had great teams every year of their existence, problem is, no General Manager has ever focused on the Offensive Line