“Right Now We See Him As A Guard”

April 28th, 2023

New Bucs guard Cody Mauch.

So the Bucs indeed drafted a guard in Round 2 tonight.

Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht made that clear after Round 3.

Cody Mauch, their second-round pick, is not being pegged for a tackle job. “Right now we see him as a guard,” Licht said.

Licht said there is still no decision on Tristan Wirfs moving from right tackle to left tackle, but Licht acknowleged it’s very possible.

On that front, Licht noted the Luke Goedeke is a “natural” right tackle and played very well there in Week 18. Joe will note that the Week 18 opponent, Atlanta, did not play its subs in that game and Goedeke fared extremely well.

27 Responses to ““Right Now We See Him As A Guard””

  1. sasquatch Says:

    Well, unless we manage to acquire a veteran LT, Wirfs is going to LT, and Goedeke is tentatively penciled in at RT. Guards are probably Hainsey and Mauch.

  2. Durango95 Says:

    Just what this team needed another guard!

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    Makes all the sense in the world. Play him next to Jensen, have Ryan teach the kid how to get under the defenses skin, how to poke them in the eyes under the pile, how to kick them in the groin when the refs aren’t look, I love it.

    Put Luke in at RT, and if he’s good, great, if he’s not, then no big deal, draft a new guy next year, it’s not like this year matters, this line isn’t protecting Brady back there. All the Bucs need to be doing is figuring out the future, who can play where, and getting ready for the next coach and QB coming to town.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    sasquatch – I’d keep Hainsey at center, but cross train him at guard (he was doing that last year) and tackle as well (he was a college tackle). I’d want to keep him as a guy you can plug in anywhere, but also have him ready to go after Jensen leaves. Then you can plug in Stennie at guard, or that Nick guy.

    Can never have too much depth on your offensive or defensive line.

    As for tackle, just call Donovan and see if he wants to work for min wage, he might take the offer.

  5. Scott Says:

    Yikes we are screwed at tackle

  6. CrackWise Says:

    Im not gonna bite on the opportunity to make jokes about the guys smile. Im hoping he can fill the gap on the OL and make some holes for are running backs. The last thing I want is a busted pick that sets the team back and allows other teams to kick our teeth in all year.

  7. Goatfarmer Says:

    He’ll moonlight over at the Mons as a bouncer, scouting future Hooker type talent.

  8. Just Saying Says:

    I hope they find 2 quality starters at guard out of the 10 on the roster. Maybe there is a OT coming with the pick in the 5th.

  9. Goatfarmer Says:

    Starting to smell like the Dongster is coming back but they didn’t want to re-sign him before the draft for trade secret reasons.

  10. Goatfarmer Says:

    Although Macy’s cashiers like Drooler would t comprehend such nuances.

  11. BUCman Says:

    Great……..we have 7 interior lineman and 1 Tackle. I guess they believe Wirfs can play both Tackle positions at the same time. He’s good but…….

  12. Durango95 Says:

    Suck it up boys. Meet you new starting OL

    LT Wirfs
    LG Leverette/ Feiler
    C Jensen
    RG Mauch
    RT Goedeke

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    I can’t believe idiots are complaining about Licht selecting offensive lineman. Out of all the positions to bit– about, that’s the one that even the biggest idiots shouldn’t be whining about when Licht is making the pick.

  14. Durango95 Says:

    Yes, because any idiot would know that you can never have enough Guards and Kickers selected early in a draft class. I mean the positional value is just WOW and stuff.

  15. LakelandSteve Says:

    I realize it’s North Dakota State but this guys tape just screams ass kicker. So many cut ups of him mauling blockers. Extremely athletic and can get up field and lock on Linebackers and DB’s with ease. He’s a farm boy so you know he ain’t afraid of working. We might end up with another mauler here.

  16. LakelandSteve Says:

    Don’t be surprised if he isn’t picked up right away by another team after the draft that Donovan Smith could re-sign with the Bucs.

  17. TampabayDJ Says:

    Bunch of crybaby Bucs fans ! All you same people were crying about how bad our Oline was last year , now we draft a monster that ( can and has) played tackle , but just because JL said he sees him as a guard , you all freak out ? I’m sure he will play at the best position that the actual Profesional Football Coaches put him. Always negative , negative, and more negative from a lot of you . Go Bucs and real Bucs fans

  18. Goatfarmer Says:

    Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Simple Jack: “You ma-ma-m-m-mm-ma-make me ha-ha-happy.”

    The two categories (some would call segments) of Bucs fans who don’t like the draft so far.

  19. Rambo Says:

    Man, we need to keep Wirfs at RT. Draft another OT. Or dare I say that Donald Smith still ain’t signed, maybe we bring him back on a discount.

  20. Brandon Says:

    100% trust Licht in the draft but we are loaded with guards.

    Stinnie-started four playoff games and Super Bowl
    Leverett-finished season as starter at LG
    Hainsey- played well at center, cross trained at G, college RT. Too good to keep off field.
    Mauch- short armed collegiate T
    Goedeke-short armed collegiate T
    Feiler- has played T but also mostly G

    Don’t think that ONLY one of these guys have short arms. They all do. I checked BEFORE the draft. Feiler, Hainsey, Goedeke, Mauch, all have arms shorter than 33″. These are all guys that are projected to play guard and we have them in bunches.

  21. Hodad Says:

    The guard from Florida was available, so was the LT from Bama. I hope this kid pans out, but their were better players to draft there. Not just O linemen either. There were a couple of LBs that would’ve been good value, and more of a need that could’ve been had too. Licht even had to move up for his project like he always seems to do for some reason.

  22. nick houllis Says:

    unlike the Lions who spent a fortune on Montgomery, still have D’andre Swift, they go and TRADE down and get a RB when they could have stayed and got Bijan Robinson… the Bucs did what they needed to do. biggest needs, DL, OL. we drafted DL, OL, DL
    can’t beat that, excellent draft picks based on need, with CONTRIBUTORS on both sides of the ball on both sides of the ball in 2023. Of course well know the full story in 2028

  23. rrsrq Says:

    All I’m saying if Cyrus Torrence from Florida becomes all-pro and we are trying to develop small college interior lineman, that is a concern. Ali was great, Cappa was serviceable, but replaceable as we saw with Stinnie, keep going to this well. I hope it pans out, but if you are going to get a guard, why not one played against some of the best defensive lineman in the country. If this guy was a tackle I would be all for it, but there were still other tackles out there.

  24. JD Still Says:

    Guard, tackle , Mauch also started out his college career as a tight end, at 6ft 6inches and two hundred eighty pounds , lot of flexibility there, sneak him in as a receiver or a blocking tight end sometime on short yardage , that would sure give a Defense something to worry about .

  25. Zoocomics Says:

    It was my understanding that this draft was not deep for Offensive Tackles. Not sure if any drafts of any years are truly deep at tackle. I think that’s what the Bucs were hoping for in the first round, and all the top tiered tackles were gobbled up and Kancey fell to them. From the presser, you really get no impression that this guy was truly attainable, nor was he the guy they truly wanted at that point.

    You know I can understand our desire to draft small college lineman if they go deep into the draft in the late rounds, but like many of you have said, you have big school lineman still on the board with good grades… why take a small school guy in the 2nd Round? If he’s the next Ali Marpet, then ok, that’s a home run, but I dunno, just seems like Guards are a bit easier to find, especially as so many college tackles convert to Guard at the pro-level, you’d think there’s a surplus of Guards to draft. We now have several Guards on our roster.

    Btw… Feiler will not be competing to start, I don’t think so, I think he is simply a replacement for Josh Wells departure, and I don’t think at any point was Josh Wells in the running to compete for a starting position, he was a depth signing from day one with the Bucs, and I think Feiler went into this job knowing that’s what his role will be as well.

  26. D-Rok Says:

    Licht addressed our most glaring problem last year: The O-line and D-line. Whether the players he picked turn out to be productive or not, only the future will reveal. But I think Licht has done a good/great job in this draft. I like the logic behind these picks.

  27. Esteban85 Says:

    ATL D line was garbage. Not a huge confident vote for Goedeke at RT. Mauch is just as viable at this point.