Report: Bucs Have No Intention To Trade Devin White

April 11th, 2023

Details emerge.

The plot thickens.

Tom Pelissero has additional details on the Devin White trade demand. The NFL Network insider stated that yes, White is asking to be moved after contract extension talks stalled and he and Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht have not been able to agree on a deal.

Additionally, per Pelissero, the Bucs “don’t intend” to trade him.

So are the Bucs going to play hardball with White? While Bucs coach Todd Bowles raved about White at the combine, Joe just doesn’t see an elite linebacker. He very much played at an elite level in the 2020 postseason that led to a Super Bowl victory.

Since, White hasn’t really come close to that level.

Last year, Bucs icon Warren Sapp called out White on social media for loafing and said White should have his title of captain ripped away.

If the Bucs could get a legit starting quarterback (Lamar Jackson, anyone?) or a proven pass rusher, trading White should very much be deliberated at One Buc Palace.

64 Responses to “Report: Bucs Have No Intention To Trade Devin White”

  1. Lokog Says:

    Deactivate him

  2. Go Bucs Says:

    If they trade him it needs to be for a OLB. Not QB we have Baker and Kyle let them fight it out but OLB is looking really thin

  3. SB Says:

    When did he ask for a trade?

  4. Davenport Says:

    He thinks he is far better than he is and that won’t change. Let him talk contract with other teams. If a low 1st or high 2nd is available, lets go!

  5. Joe Says:

    When did he ask for a trade?

    Scroll down on the front page. 🙂

  6. 5-12 Says:

    I get the sense that moral is low and players want to bail on the sinking ship. Cant say I blame them.

    Regardless of what you think the Bucs should/shouldn’t do with White, you can’t deny that things might really unravel in the locker room soon especially without someone like Brady leadership to hold this all together.

    I’m sure Devin doesn’t appreciate what the Bucs did to his boy Lenny either.

  7. Daniel Says:

    He’s a slightly better version of Kwon Alexander. He plays way out of control

  8. Austin Says:

    The fact he wants traded is ridiculous, had such high regard for him but seems to be a diva. Still though, he needs a good year, for his future contracts. Don’t trade him

  9. FlBoy84 Says:

    Def not opposed to moving him if reasonable compensation is offered, rather than overpaying a good not great LB. Couple of decent rookies, along with a few free agents coming available after the draft or during preseason.

  10. Bobby M. Says:

    “No intentions”….I bet he’s gone in two weeks. He reminds me of Winston, obvious potential/talent but inconsistent and too big of an ego. White doesn’t come off as a natural leader of other professionals….that rah rah noise is great in college with 19-20 yr olds. Not as effective at the pro level. It’s yr 5….he is who he is, maybe there’s someone looking to unload a DE that we can improve our defense with.

  11. Dooley Says:

    “We don’t intend to trade him” could very well mean “How much a** are you willing to put on the table to take Devin White off our hands?”

  12. CHRISTOS Says:

    Agreed Joe, He very much played at an elite level in the 2020 postseason that led to a Super Bowl victory.
    Since, White hasn’t really come close to playing at that level.
    Been saying that. After the 2020 playoffs i was expecting and hoping that he will continue in that path and be a dominant complete LB but he hasnt. By no means he played bad but honestly he hasnt reach the level of that year again.
    Go Bucs

  13. sasquatch Says:

    If they are seeking a trade, the compensation goes down. So of course they say they have no interest, which won’t stop teams from inquiring. And the Bucs will say “only if the price is right”… so maybe they can squeeze a 2nd rounder out of someone.

    And no, Joe is delusional if he thinks we’ll use White to acquire Lamar Jackson. The boob who typed that is living in an alternate reality.

  14. pewter941 Says:

    Remember the cryptic tweets White had like a month and a half ago.

  15. Old School Nole Says:

    Go. Stay. Meh.

  16. Pryda … sec147 Says:

    Really sad I loved the kid but if he wana go then bye ✌🏽 thanks for the memories

  17. RBUC Says:

    What the hell they do to Lenny,but gave him a very generous contract THEN grant his request to be cut?

  18. Leopold Stotch Says:

    He needs to go! He’s going to pout, bring morale down, he will be a cancer, because he’s not getting his way and everyone will suffer. This is stupid. After how much Bowles was laying it on thick too. Just trade him. Why keep anyone who doesn’t want to be here?

  19. Hodad Says:

    He probably wants to be the highest paid LB in the game. You don’t pay a LB who doesn’t have one interception in two years that kind of money.

  20. SB~LV Says:

    The Jameis of the defense
    Can’t even find a horse to ride out of town

  21. Waterboy Says:

    Best to sale high while there’s a market for him.

  22. Jmarkbuc Says:


  23. sasquatch Says:

    He dumb.

  24. Allbuccedup Says:

    Trade him with all the other issues we have you sure don’t need your captain to have an attitude.

  25. CBWells Says:

    Dooley Says:
    April 11th, 2023 at 2:59 pm
    “We don’t intend to trade him” could very well mean “How much a** are you willing to put on the table to take Devin White off our hands?”

    Agreed!!!! Later 45

  26. unbelievable Says:

    Brady leaves and BOOM- locker room cancer metastasizes.

    This probably started last season to be honest.

  27. Scott Says:

    He’s worth a 5th rounder at best. If we can get a 4th then I think we should take it

  28. LOL Says:

    TRADE HIM PLEAE. Signed most fans

  29. Goatfarmer Says:

    TRADE HIM. A ham sandwich could tackle better than this fraud.

  30. Coburn Says:

    Dude found an awful lot of success early in his career. Might be a bit spoiled from it. No idea what $$ both sides are talking though. Kinda reminds me of the Patriots way. Sometimes better to let disgruntled types go

  31. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    See if the Ravens will trade Tyler Linderbaum for him. Lol

  32. SB~LV Says:

    Folks saying “trade him!”
    Don’t understand that the Bucs have been trying to trade him
    Thing is the market for him is not great.
    Tis’ the Ole Cheaper to Keep Her
    In the divorce world

  33. jehzsa Says:

    I’d trade him for a 9th rounder…

  34. ElioT Says:

    Get bent 45!

  35. Rocbucfan Says:

    I too have been saying since 2020 that White has not played up to his athletic gifts. He can’t shed blocks, LD can and he’s smaller!!! He constantly overruns plays and is not gap sound, OR as 99 pointed out he loafs and doesn’t get to where he needs to be to make the play. All Pro LBs don’t do that…I know of what I speak because I’ve seen the All Pro Bucs LBs, Batman Wood, Hugh Green, Hardy Nickerson, Derrick Brooks, Lavonte David.

    He ain’t them. Pure and simple. Trade him.

  36. Whoolio? Says:

    Bye Diva. Go give up on plays and your team somewhere else.

  37. Bobby M. Says:

    White excelled when he had JPP, Suh, Vea, and Shaq tying up blockers. White was unaccounted for and teams paid the price. Those guys are gone and now teams focus on White as well as Shaq….the position gets much harder when you’re the sole focal point. That’s why he’s not nearly as effective….our defense was very similar to our offense that year in that we had so much talent to game plan for, you had to pick your poison. That’s not the case now.

  38. Mord Says:

    I’m sorry to say it, but many here are missing the plot. Devin Whit’s best years are still to come. If they trade him, they had better get very good value.

  39. Pewter Power Says:

    Ignorant fool I knew I was right about him. Dude you wait until the worst possible time to do this ish basically when the team is trying to reload

  40. sasquatch Says:

    Mord Says:
    April 11th, 2023 at 3:48 pm

    I’m sorry to say it, but many here are missing the plot. Devin Whit’s best years are still to come.

    That’s not guaranteed. He doesn’t seem to be getting better. Seems more interested in yapping and talking a big game.

  41. Ds Says:


  42. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    5-12 S a D Saint boy

  43. JN Says:

    Trade his a$$ for equivalent value in draft capitol or a player(s) in return that are still in their first contract so Bucs could afford it with their current salary cap situation… would Houston and coach Ryans be interested for 12 overall? I am sure there are dozens of trade scenarios.

  44. Duane Says:

    I love 45, but just like the franchise, we need to see him be the player we think he could be. Its a prove it year. He has no leverage because the franchise tag for an ILB is waiting for him next season. He needs to suck it up and get ready to play.

  45. SlyPirate Says:


    Didn’t White say his goal was to be the highest paid defensive player in the league when he was drafted?

    I seem to remember something like that.

  46. Voice of Truth Says:

    Diva White will only yield a 2nd round pick…no way I’d do that either

  47. alaskabuc Says:

    Trade for draft capital, draft Drew Sanders

  48. Tvan101 Says:

    If we get a 3rd for him I’ll be happy to seem him go, shame I bought a tony autographed helmet of his from the superbowl. But we all thought he was gonna be a stud after that run, it hasn’t panned out.

  49. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    No Devon white and this defense goes full on lawn chair. 1-16. If the Bucs decide to tear it down, don’t stop with just white.

  50. J Says:

    I bet he drinks bud light.

  51. 97 bucBaby Says:

    He’s a faster Kwon Alexander that’s IT

  52. Zoocomics Says:

    I’m disappointed in Devin. Rarely have our guys been vocal to the local media about their contracts and/or extensions. This guy was paid on his rookie deal. Over the last 4 years he’s made $29M, and he will make another $11.7M for his 5th year option, WTF!? If you are truly a talent on a football team do you not get an extension, or get paid what you’re worth? I guess unless you’re a running back at this point.

    As Pewter Power pointed out, this couldn’t be a worse time to bitch about a contract extension…has his agent mentioned to him that WE ARE IN CAP HELL!

    We’ve all seen what has happened to our cap over the past 3 seasons during the Brady Era and we’re paying for it now, we essentially have a franchise QB’s annual salary in dead cap for this season. That’s huge, and yet Devin wants an extension and to get paid? Here’s the pickle, an extension in most cases would most likely help our cap situation, however given the Bucs hesitancy, he must be asking for the highest fracking ILB contract in the league, and as EVERYONE has pointed out on this board, he’s had one great year with a great supporting cast, and lot of inconsistency in-between. The Bucs are in a much better place next season with less dead cap money and like most years, the league will be raising the cap.

  53. catcard202 Says:

    I thank 45 for his 2020 SB yr efforts…But don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. If there’s a 2nd rd pick offered…The FO should take it.

    Moves $11M off Cap #, keeps the FO from overvaluing their guy into a bad 2nd contract # & opens the door to a world of opportunities moving forward.

    There’s a few guys in this draft class I’d much rather have the next 4-5yrs on rookie coin, than 45 on a 2nd contract.

  54. Alstott up the gut Says:

    I am not happy about this! I’ve seen all his games and hated watching centers push him around. I’ve also seen him make dominant plays. I get the inconsistency. We all know the only thing that matters is guaranteed money, as opposed to annual salary. I hope they figure something out to keep him… too young of a player to assume damaged goods already.

  55. Bojim Says:

    They’re definitely are thinking of a trade.

  56. Marques Says:

    Roseman has 2 1st rnd pics 10 , 30
    Ship 10 + a 2nd next year 4 White & 1 of the 2 picks TB has in this year’s 5th rnd. Eagles flush with picks in the 2024 draft, including a pair of second-round selections their own and the Saints. Nakobe Dean/White combo would be great 4 them.

  57. FlBoy84 Says:

    You don’t make a guy the highest paid LB in the league for a stretch of high quality play he had 3 years ago and hasn’t repeated since.

  58. cleanhouse Says:

    screw him and the horse he rode in on

  59. cleanhouse Says:

    it doesn’t matter, the whole team sucks

  60. tampabayallday Says:

    Better to not trade him and let him walk. If another team blows the top off with his contract we still get a nice comp pick which is probably more than what we could get for trading him.

  61. Goatfarmer Says:

    Better to trade him and the coich he rode in on for a bag of stale eggplant chips and a bag of horse entrails.

    Too bad we can’t trade the most incompetent coich in the league. Bloweszo (his Russian name) Beatenov.

  62. chark Says:

    trade for derrick barnes inside lb and a 2nd rd pick with the lions

  63. BillyBucco Says:

    If the Bucs don’t start picking cerebral players Im gonna barf on the front door.
    CANNOT believe we let Jordan Whitehead go thinking we would rather have White and would need the money.
    What they end up doing will tell a lot about what they think this year will actually look like.
    If we do trade him, 4-13 and Caleb Williams is easy.

  64. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You, people…

    …White is a fantastic player. The trade demand is simply a tactic to let the Bucs know he has power…even though he doesn’t.

    If the Bucs hold him to his contract, he will have to play at an outstanding level this year, just so he can make more on the open market. Trading him would be idiotic right now.