Kay Adams On Potential Bucs’ Splash In Draft “Pay Really Close Attention Here”

April 19th, 2023

FanDuel’s Kay Adams.

Regular listeners to the “Ira Kaufman Podcast” heard Joe talk about this. It’s good to see Kay Adams is jumping on the bandwagon as well.

There is a whole lotta smoke sifting from Houston and it’s not a burning oil rig. It’s coming from the Houston Texans and their burning dumpster of a franchise.

It seems the No. 2 pick in the draft, which Houston owns, could be had.

Now follow Joe here: Houston is run by a former Bill Belicheat coffee fetcher, Nick Caserio. Two years ago Caserio hired David Culley to be head coach. Then after a 4-13 season in which the team appeared to be making headway, Caserio canned Culley — and then hired lousy Lovie Smith!

(Rumors were heavy that Caserio wanted to hire Stewart McClown as head coach, who at the time had zero coaching experience above the high school level, but Caserio was spooked that NFL warden Roger Goodell would be up his arse for Rooney Rule-type violations.)

No competent general manager hires Lovie without being deep in a bottle of Johnny Walker Red. So yeah, Joe fully believes the rumors that Caserio may pass on a quarterback at No. 2 and trade out.

Then there is Caserio’s third coaching hire in as many years, DeMeco Ryans. He seems like a solid hire. But remember, he’s a defensive guy. Defensive coordinators don’t think like you or Joe. They just don’t value quarterbacks like most humans do. It’s not in their DNA. It’s not the way they are wired.

Ryans likely points to Brock Purdy in meetings and crows how he can build a defense that can win with Mr. Irrelevent because the 49ers lucked out last year.

And what gets a defensive coordinator drooling like the prospect of a young, fast 100-tackles-a-year inside linebacker? The Bucs have one of those who doesn’t want to be here, Devin White.

This may be a golden opportunity, as Adams points out. The Bucs could dangle White to Houston along with the No. 19 pick and whatever compost draft pick Houston may want from next year (a third?).

In return, the Bucs select at No. 2. Then, go ahead and get ready, Bucs, fans to buy your C.J. Stroud No. 7 Bucs jersey!

Yesterday on her FanDuelTV show, “Up and Adams,” the former NFL Network it-girl cited the Bucs as a team that could make a monster splash and set themselves up with a generational quarterback. How? Trade up with Houston, that’s how.

Here is the speed bump: Bucs coach Todd Bowles needs wins. He likely won’t get them with a rookie quarterback. (Also see defensive coach and quarterbacks reference above.)

Knowing wins are necessary to lock in his third season as Bucs head coach, Bowles likely wants a player who immediately will be on the field making plays from the No. 19 pick.

So does Joe believe the Bucs will pull a Kevin Costner-like “Draft Day” move and get Stroud? No, unfortunately.

What the Bucs should do is a different story.

53 Responses to “Kay Adams On Potential Bucs’ Splash In Draft “Pay Really Close Attention Here””

  1. Craig Says:

    If the Bucs want to trade at all it should be down. At least end up with a few extra picks.

    In college Trask looked better than any of the so-called first round picks of this year.

    Trask had a worse team around, worse coaching, and the top conference to fight against. Most of the games he lost were not his fault, it was that the team wasn’t good enough to compete for all 4 quarters.

    Gotta see if he can transition to the NFL, grabbing a high round QB now would be a waste.

    Not being a starter yet also does not impact Trask negatively; no coach, not even the Bowles cleaner, would throw a rookie ahead of Brady and Brady never wanted an untested QB behind him.

  2. AlwaysBucs Says:

    Jason Licht is not a good enough or smart enough GM to pull this off. Guy has been the GM for coming up on 10 drafts and this roster has more holes than a Fox News Story

  3. KC Buc Says:

    Love it, do it if they are dumb enough to take that deal! I’d also be OK if they took that #2 pick and traded down to one of the other QB needy teams, get another pick or 2 and take Hooker.

    But I’m with you Joe, a man can dream but I don’t see Bowles getting on board with that long term logic.

  4. Goatfarmer Says:

    The trade is a good idea but not for a QB. And maybe Casserole would take Diva and the Bucs pick in round 2 plus detritus from next year, he is a boob. Let us see what happens, but any rookie QB who is supposed to be The Answer, isn’t.

  5. R.O. Says:

    If this happens. I would take Will Anderson and grab a QB next year in a deep class of QBs in the 2024 Draft.

  6. zzbuc Says:

    Sounds ridiculous to me……….Why would you gamble on a rookie QB, when you have already a gamble with what you have in Mayflied and Trask , and a roster with so many holes. You need to go OL here, another thing will be ridiculous…..

  7. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Now THIS is a trade I could get behind. Stroud is the best QB ( in my opinion of course ) in the draft. He’s big, mobile and played lights out vs Georgia’s NFL caliber defense…the same defense who destroyed Hooker. Hope it happens…doubt it will.

  8. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Everyone’s a expert nfl is missing out

  9. Duane Says:

    So Bowles, who as a defensive coach, according to Joe, “doesn’t think like anybody else and simply doesn’t value quarterbacks”, is going to trade one of his best defenders for – get this, a rookie quarterback, which Joe also says you can’t win with (actually, Kyle Trask is not a rookie – he’s had two full seasons of NFL preparation which Stroud won’t have).

    JBF makes zero sense with his justification of this draft play. Now, that is not to say that Jason Licht wouldn’t do such a thing. He might … but not for the reasons Joe states.

    Oh, by the way, the only thing that Stroud can be judged on is what pops up during a few hours visit … and his college stats. Kyle Trask has far better stats his senior year than Stroud did his last year at Ohio State.

  10. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    KC, that is a solid idea right there; the bucs would need to get a fill in for D white, who IMHO has played like a C level player, and I think Hendon is the best QB in the draft. I think Bryce Young is the #1 QB but he is just too short and too light to be successful. Bryce cant run like Kyler Murray but Bryce Young threw some of the prettiest on the money passes the past few years at Bama & I guess we will get to see what he becomes the next 5 years as the bucs will play him 2x/year moving forward

  11. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Light and the bucs haven’t told me what they are doing yet so I really don’t know….. However if a miracle allows the bucs to move up, why a crapshoot on a QB when someone else, ie:Jalen Carter, would make an immediate impact.
    Bucs and rookie QB have never mixed.

  12. JN Says:

    I don’t see the Bucs making that move for a few reasons.
    1) your admitting wasting a 2nd rd pick on KT
    2) how many 2nd rd busts is that for JL?
    3) JL is what maybe 50% in 1st rd? Hits – Evans, Vea, Wirfs, Misses – OJ, Vernon, JTS
    While White is certainly not a muss at this time I would not sign him to 100M contract. No way. That kind of money goes to guys like Micah Parsons.
    4) For any team to make the articles suggestive move you gotta truly believe in that guy. IMO would rate Stroud the best Qb in this class. Heck, just watch the UGa game. But I am not so sure how much I would mortgage to jump 19 to 2?
    5) I think a more likely scenario is JL moving to the 12 spot or somewhere in that vicinity to land a LT. If DW is part of that transaction even better. 6) Capt Obvious says there will be a run on QBs. Dah… but I also see a run on pass rushers and o-tackles like every year. And I think Robinson is going in top 10. Don’t see one of the big time OTs left at 19. I hope I am wrong if that’s the path our Bucs take.

  13. Statguy Says:

    Have you seen what teams have been giving up to move? White and a 3rd isn’t getting you from 19 to 2. Not even close.

  14. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Kay THOT Adams is high if she thinks #19, White and a 2024 3rd is going to nab the #2 pick.

    White is more likely to move you up in the 2nd round and grab you a 4th. That’s the more realistic move and one we’d be happy to see.

  15. Andrew Fish Says:

    If Houston is dumb enough to trade the #2 for White, our #19 and say next years 3rd then I would take that all day. Get the number 2 and then trade down from there. you could probably get a lot of prime draft capital for the #2 pick.

  16. Duane Says:

    JBD makes zero sense with this speculation. He tells us that “defensive coaches don’t think like anyone else, and don’t value quarterbacks.” And that they don’t want to be stuck with rookie quarterbacks.

    Then he says that Coach Bowles, a defensive coach, now plans to trade one of his best defenders to Houston to get the no. 2 pick to do what, now? Oh, yeah, draft a rookie quarterback.

    Oh, and yeah, this particular rookie quarterback’s college stats are very inferior to those of our non-rookie quarterback now on the roster.

    Nobody knows what Jason Licht is going to do in the draft, least of all Joebucsfan. He could do what Joe suggests, but if he does it will certainly not be justified by the illogic that JBF is peddling in this post.

  17. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    If they move up to the 10 and grab a QB, the fans would give them a year pass this season for development. Then with high draft picks next year. Draft to fill out the roster on the lines

  18. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Drafting a QB that’s 25 with a bad knee seems like a bad idea.

  19. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    Joe should send Devin White a case of Big Storm beer for providing such intrigue in what otherwise be a fairly bland offseason pre-draft period.

  20. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    “Bryce Young cancelled his visits, so he knows where he’s going and is sitting pretty.” Ohhh Kay Adams, it is you who is sitting pretty. The only breakfast I need is a big bowl of Kay Adams. Sorry for the drool post… Actually no, not sorry. I love you Kay!

  21. SB~LV Says:

    FOMO as the draft nears causing normally rational men to do irrational things

  22. Mike Johnson Says:

    Yje fraft never goes as the TV commentators predict. There will be a couple of surprises in the the top 10 team picks. After that, dominoes will fall. I suspect a player could fall to our Bucs they never thought would in the 1st.

  23. WillieG Says:

    I hope we never, ever draft a QB again. I’d rather let someone else suffer the growing pains with the young QB and then we can get them when they’re mature. Maybe not as mature as Brady but say 27-33 years old or so.

  24. Jay Says:

    Are you 2 ever going to realize that this team sucks at drafting a QB please name one that was successful. Let’s not even start about developing one either, poor Trask is entering his 3rd year and dressed once . We have 2 championships both from veterans at the end of their careers so stick with what works

  25. Dooley Says:

    You’re supposed to wear the spray tan, not get high off of it

  26. Mike Says:

    Heck no on this one.

  27. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  28. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Shop DW. Shop Trask. Get that #2. Get Bijan. Get a QB who’s started at least 30 college games and done well. No risk it, no biscuit!

  29. Joe Says:

    Are you 2 ever going to realize that this team sucks at drafting a QB please name one that was successful.

    Seem to recall Doug Williams had some success. And Vinny Testaverde. Steve Young did OK for himself. Joe also recalls the Bucs drafted a quarterback who threw for 5,000 yards in a season, a very rare feat.

    Rather than blaming the pick or the player, perhaps if the team had decent coaches who knew how to develop, nuture and use a good quarterback and build a team around them.

    Joe can absolutely assure you Team Glazer wants the team to draft a generational quarterback at some point.

  30. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Thats not going to happen you just said it defensive coordinators do not like quarterbacks. No team is going trade away their #2 pick for Devin White unless you add # 19 # 1 next year and #2 next year and possibly a #3 or #4 the following year. If you trade Devin White with one year left on his contact you will get no more than a #3 at most.

  31. Infomeplease Says:

    A defensive minded head coach will not”waste” his 1st round pick on a qb. At this point he’s all about me. Survival! No one here wants him to fail. He just does… as a head coach that is.

  32. Allbuccedup Says:

    All this speculation Licht will not trade White just like OJ Howard two years in a row OJ Howard was trade bait he could not get more than a 5th round so the rest is history. He will want a #1 for White or a #2 and a late round pick which hes not going to get. So a disgruntled White will be here to disrupt 2023 season and help drive the Bucs to a top 5 pick.

  33. SlyPirate Says:


    In the time Licht has been the GM, he has drafted more Pro Bowl players in the first round than the rest of the NFCS combined. Do your research if you’re a “Licht Sucks” guy?

  34. Infomeplease Says:

    Here’s a random thought. Kay Adam’s has been a supporter of the Bucs the past 3 years. Maybe she got some legit inside info?

    I don’t know who flexes more draft day power JL or TB. I would assume JL does. But I also assume, at least for the first 3 or so picks, that TB has to be on board too!

  35. Duane Says:

    Bowles is likely to think the same thing and keep #45. If you get rid of him, you have an even bigger hole at ILB, and you got Britt and LVD to last you 17 games. They can still move Devin next year. Trask and Baker are in much better position to contribute this year, and if they dont, the team should be in even better postion next year with picks and cap space.

  36. Bucs Guy Says:

    If you trade White, focus on getting day 2 picks. Houston has a 2nd round and two third round picks. Or at least one of them and Houston’s 4th round pick.

  37. Marques Says:

    There has never been an Ohio State Qb to amount to anything. Don’t tell me Mike Tomzak or Tom Tupa.

    CJ is not that guy. I’ll take my chances with Trask this year and see how he develops. At least I’ll have a better understanding of what Kyles true value is.

    To Suggest CJ is better than Kyle. I just do not see any evidence to suggest that.

    Again I’m not saying CJ is a bad kid I’m saying I like the character and determination of Kyle and the fact that he watched Tom everyday for two years. That’s like getting your Masters at school.

    That’s a huge component of Kyles development that is not emphasized enough. In Trask I trust.

  38. ATLBuc Says:

    Just because they trade into the number two spot doesn’t mean they have to take a QB!!! They could get a great edge rusher

  39. JN Says:

    Bucs have NEVER had a franchise QB except Tom Brady. It’s pretty damn pathetic over a 1/2 century. For those keeping score whoever is this season’s starter will be the 40th starting QB for Bucs since 1976. That includes the following first round picks – Doug, Vinny, Trent, Josh, Jameis.. if memory is correct I think TB traded a #1 pick for Jack Thompson. Astounding. And the irony is the GOAT comes here at 40 whatever years old and leads team to a 2nd SB title.

    Do we honestly think this franchise has the chops to a) make a move and b) pick the right guy? Then again, odds are TB eventually finds there man. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

    And I dont want to hear that Doug W or Vinny were those guys for this team. They were NOT here long enough. Culverhouse screwed up the Williams deal (over a measly 200K or so) and Vinny was just a part of some crap teams. Yea Brady was here for only 3 seasons, but he came here at 42 years of age and he did win us a SB. The Goat is and always be the bench mark around here until someone does better.

  40. sasquatch Says:

    I don’t believe the Bucs are inclined to move up for a QB, or to trade Devin White.

    Also, what QBs have they met with? Hooker, Tune, and that’s about it.

  41. sasquatch Says:

    Infomeplease Says:
    April 19th, 2023 at 11:42 am

    Here’s a random thought. Kay Adam’s has been a supporter of the Bucs the past 3 years. Maybe she got some legit inside info?

    Doesn’t sound like inside info. Sounds more like the usual pre-draft random speculation. This scenario is not happening.

  42. TonySoprano Says:

    Joe, you keep peddling this idea. There’s no earthly chance Houston would be this dumb. Why not just draft Nolan Smith at number 2? He’s a lot like White except he has high character, hustles and can actually form tackle. Plus he won’t cost them $20M a year.

  43. Goatfarmer Says:

    I live in Houston and have a friend who has connections inside the major local sports teams. Basically, Lovie played Casserole like a fiddle and stabbed Culley in the back while smiling at him. Culley should never have hired Lovie to be DC.
    And Culley should have been retained.

    Lovie went from being someone I admired, and even wanted Post-Schiamoron, to someone I despise worse than the stench of a dead possum under a house in Florida in July.

  44. unbelievable Says:

    Someone tell Kay to chill on all the plastic surgery and injections… ruining a work of art for no reason!

  45. ScottyMack Says:

    Well, if the train of thought is that the Bucs cannot win with a rookie QB, especially the #2 pick in the draft, what in the world makes anyone think they would have any chance with Kyle Trask who has done little more than warm a bench his first two years. He has no more experience than a rookie – especially considering Canales is installing a whole new offense this year. I’m thinking the #2 draft pick would have a better chance in excelling in a brand new system than reportedly slow-to-learn Kyle Trask.

  46. Mike28277 Says:

    In this scenario, I would either trade back down and grab picks or draft Will Anderson at 2.

  47. JoJo Buc Says:

    I don’t understand why people are so against trading up for a qb on here. You’re delusional if you think Trask or Baker would be better than any of the top 4 QBs. I have no faith in trask since he couldn’t overtake Gabbert as the backup. We know who baker is, which is not good. At best we scrape together a 6-8 win season and miss out on the Williams/May sweepstakes. Be aggressive for once and draft a qb high.

  48. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like getting no 2 pick, but I’d 100% Costner it after that. Bryan Drew can lead this team to the Championship.

  49. Jon Grudin Says:

    Sounds like someone has been watching the Kevin Costner 🎥 Movie “Draft Day” a few too many times.

    The Glazers believe in patiently and methodically building the team. If you are looking for an owner disparate for a “slash” like fictional Browns owner Anthony in that film try Jerry Jones or maybe even the new Commanders ownership group.

    Thankfully won’t happen here (unless Bucs trade White and #19
    for more picks to someone else looking for capital to trade up to #2 which could happen).

  50. Td Says:

    Trask is a wasted pick. Might as well look to the future

  51. garro Says:


    I hear Tampa General has a pretty good Psych Ward.

    Thats a No Go for 30 other NFL teams and you think we should do it?

    No risk it no biscuit wouldn’t even touch that one!

    And Jason would be admitted right behind you…after he was fired for going off on somebody.

  52. Sony Plastasino Says:

    Trade whatever it takes to New England to get Mac Jones back home to Florida. He’s never had a # 1 Receiver in the NFL never mind 2 of them.

  53. ABucAway Says:

    Why would she even propose this when she should be proposing to me…
    Diva White does not have the value for this type of trade; especially not this year. If Houston is this dumb, I’ll buy you all the first round in celebration as JL then trades back down to fill all these holes he has left us with. Bless you JL for the Superbowl win but it’s time to patch the ship, not go for a crap shoot.

    Back to Diva. The dude is limited in his capacity as a linebacker. He’s a dawg that gets outfoxed much to readily for him to have a consistent impact in the game. He’s a fools folly but what do I know casting judgement