The Picks Are In! Ira Talks Insider Chatter And Joins The Ultimate Mock Draft Episode With JoeBucsFan Draft Guru Sean Sullivan

April 26th, 2023

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The annual mock draft episode has arrived. Enjoy!

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20 Responses to “The Picks Are In! Ira Talks Insider Chatter And Joins The Ultimate Mock Draft Episode With JoeBucsFan Draft Guru Sean Sullivan”

  1. RBUC Says:

    Way to go Sullivan !! JL & the average Buc fan need to understand that Gibbs will bring something to the offense they so desperately need JUICE!! The attention opponents will be forced to pay to Gibbs will take pressure off whoever is QB,help Godwin & Evans be open more,and I think the competition with White being on the field the same time with Gibbs will make White run harder, not wanting to be out shined by the rookie which is positive for the whole offense!! Gibbs is a rare talent

  2. firethecannons Says:

    Excellent mock draft from Sean Sullivan, I agree with Ira, I think Sean gets at least 9 of these picks right. That would be incredible. I think Bucs could take the Jamyr Gibbs at 19 but they should trade down then take him, no one else is likely to take a second runningback in the draft anywhere close to that. Trade down and get the runningback. sean was not high on Hooker–he is an airraid quarterback. I would rather see the Bucs pick caleb williams in 2024 with a new head coach. it would be nice to see the Bucs be great this year but we have Baker/Trask and we have Bowles.

  3. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    Great Podcast. Well done gentlemen.

  4. TruckerBuc Says:

    Ugh! Hate the pick. Hate it. Running back over OL in 1st? Had to pause the podcast to throw up. Hope IRA’s right. Love Sullivan, no disrespect, only way this pick turns out well is at least we’ll be picking high next draft and get a QB. Then again, I hated the Mike Evans pick once upon a time when we didn’t have a QB to throw the ball so sometimes putting the cart before the horse works out later. Still though…God please no.

  5. AlwaysBucs Says:

    Awful pick

    Almost as awful as some of Ira’s out of touch takes

  6. AlwaysBucs Says:

    Some on the pod don’t seem to realize that a RB is only as good as the line or run scheme infront of them. Dalvin Cook would’ve been a BUST here.

  7. GerBucs Says:

    MUCH prefer Sullivan in his own podcast space but always appreciate his effort.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jahmyr Gibbs will not like being drafted by the Bucs….because Rachaad White took jersey #1 which is Gibbs’ number.

    Here is a thought on Todd Bowles/Byron Leftwich issue……is it possible that Bowles totally ruined Leftwich……forced him to be a failure…..just a thought.

  9. rashad brown Says:

    Some of these comments are wild. There’s no way D. Cook would have been a bust here or anywhere else. J. Licht has found O Linemen in later rounds, so if we didn’t grab one in the 1st round, I would be alright as I trust Licht when it comes to the O Line.

  10. firethecannons Says:

    Love this pod, by far the best what a classic with Ira, Sean and the Joes does not get better than this, good football talk, I am a woman and I do not want talk where the talkers are stroking their egos. It is so shallow and gross but this is all good football.

  11. Tucker Says:

    Hate the pick but Sean nailed the hooker analysis maybe Joe will calm down about drafting hooker I don’t think he is nearly as good as Joe thinks he is at all.

  12. ABucAway Says:

    Enjoyed the podcast. That was an interesting pick by Sean and I appreciate his well thought out reasoning. Thanks for your sponsorship support as well.

  13. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    Great podcast.
    Can we get the picks in print so we can compare on draft day how well Sean did on his draft?

  14. Goatfarmer Says:

    Just think if Annie Agar were in there with Ira and Sean. A video post would be awesome then.

    3 hours and 55 minutes to go.

  15. Dom N. Nick Says:

    Great job guys!!! Best podcast!!! Kudos to Sean Sullivan for an outstanding job once again.

  16. Turbo Says:

    Good job JBF & SS. Thanks to this pod, I was able to listen to the best of class pod, like it.
    I like Jahmyr he’s Dalvin plus looks a little more natural as a pass catcher.
    Myles Murphy looks good. Brian Branch looks good but 19 feels high for a slot defender.
    I liked Devin White a lot but I have to agree with most he’s not worth Roquan money.
    My pick at 19 would be Drew Sanders and trade Devin for a 3rd and 5th or something similar. Anyways I think the Drew Sanders, Lavonte combo would be a more dynamic duo. With both being able to blitz from A thru C gaps as well as cover backs and TE’s well
    Happy draft day y’all

  17. Sean Says:

    Turbo, thanks for the listen. He’s my #1 lb
    You have good taste
    Go Bucs

  18. Goatfarmer Says:

    2 hours 58 minutes

  19. Goatfarmer Says:

    My wife literally got the popcorn, we’re bringing in pizzas.

  20. Zoocomics Says:

    I thought having Sean on to do the podcast especially at the Ford Dealership was a bit of nepotism for the sponsor, but I have to say I enjoyed Sean’s breakdown, and his take and logic on the picks. I like his counter to the Joe’s and Ira, he knows his football, would love to hear more than just draft opinions from him, he really appears to know the X’s and O’s of the game. It was a fun listen. Thanks. Appreciate it. Joe would have Sean on talking draft and prospects even if there was no sponsor connection. He does his homework and it shows.–Joe