Home Run Draft For Cade Otton, Kyle Trask

April 29th, 2023

Bucs TE Cade Otton.

What a 2023 it has been for No. 1 Buccaneers tight end Cade Otton.

Tight end Cameron Brate left Tampa Bay in free agency and is teetering on retirement. Same for Kyle Rudolph. Then the Bucs didn’t add a tight end in free agency and passed on very strong prospects in Rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the draft on Thursday and Friday nights.

Damn, the Bucs must really love young Otton, their 2022 fourth-round draft pick.

Entering Rounds 4 through 7 today, the Bucs do not have a fourth-round pick. So what new tight end might they land? The Bucs are sure to draft one but he’s also sure to be a bit of a project.

Do they go more of the blocking tight end route with beastly Payne Durham out of Purdue (6-6, 260 pounds), a guy some compare to longtime Colts tight end Jack Doyle?

A month ago at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Joe had an exclusive sitdown with Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht. Joe asked whether Otton is everything the Bucs feel they need as a blocker for a starting tight end.

Licht answered with a lot of enthusiasm.

“I definitely think he is, and [new offensive coordinator] Dave [Canales] does as well,” Licht replied.

“We all feel that way. He’s going to get better this year. I’m not going to say there’s not a big emphasis on the ability to block, but in this offense, you know we just need guys that are tenacious and stay after it, not necessarily a roadgrader. Those roadgrader blockers, the Gronkowskis, or few and far between.”

It’s been a heck of a week for competing Kyle Trask, Joe believes. It sure feels like he’s at least locked up the backup quarterback job.

The Bucs still have only two quarterbacks on the roster and offseason workouts started nearly two weeks ago, and they seemed totally disinterested in University of Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker. He was drafted by the Lions in Round 3 last night.

50 Responses to “Home Run Draft For Cade Otton, Kyle Trask”

  1. Lt. Dan Says:

    I think with regards to Otton and Trask they are roster locks and in Ottons case, he’s the starter. It’s not a big deal that the Bucs didn’t draft those two positions yet. They can still find competent back up’s in the rest of the draft or following the draft. I’m stoked about the additions to the trenches.

  2. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Stetson Bennet in Rd 5

  3. macout247 Says:

    “Omgggggg he seemed so disinterested in Hooker 🥺 …oh you mean like every team who passed on him? Im disinterested in wasted picks on upside QBs who were bad for 75% of their college career. I’m so happy Licht is crushing this draft and not folding to the media pressure. Build the trenches back up, all the consistently good teams draft OL and DL every year, now are too. Fantastic draft so far Jason. LFG Bucs!

  4. Brandon Says:

    Hooker… drafted in the 3rd round… EXACTLY where I said he should be drafted.

  5. Posey99 Says:

    KO time with the redheaded threesome?

  6. dls5492 Says:

    Love the trench building. JL rocks!

  7. Buc4evr Says:

    So far so good, hope the Bucs can get a big blocking TE, CB/ Safety and maybe a RB.

  8. FlBoy84 Says:

    Just hoping Jason has a plan at LB, because one injury and we’re looking at a HUGE drop-off at the position currently. Thinking they address it in FA after the draft.

  9. Brandonbucc Says:

    Great picks thus far. The game is won or lost in the trenches. So happy we didn’t draft another pos QB in hooker.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Rachhd White can also breathe a sigh of relief.

  11. Infomeplease Says:

    The Bucs will add another TE to the room. Even if Otton improves, they still need depth at that position. Bucs also need a nickel corner. D Delaney is not the guy.

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like the way this draft has gone so far. But Mauch is a Guard, not really a tackle, especially a left tackle.

  13. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like the way this draft has gone so far. But Mauch is a Guard, not really a tackle, especially a left tackle.
    Just got hit by the duplicate content filter

  14. Dooley Says:

    I mean, the only reason we got Otton last season with a 4th round pick is because he was recovering from an ankle procedure and wasn’t able to participate until training camp iirc. Licht also had the very first pick in the 4th round to pick him with. I like Otton, between rehabbing when most rookies were getting a taste of their first NFL camp, his mom passing away early in the season, and with Brate going down with injuries it resulted into Otton getting alot of action and he did a solid job imo.

  15. Mike Says:

    Trask needs the opportunity to show what he’s got and looks like the Bucs want to give him that chance to truly compete for playing time this season, so that’s good. Otton was a very good pick last year and will only get better, so I think the Bucs are comfortable with him, but will surely be looking to add some depth at some point. My main concern right now is no OT drafted. Also, I am concerned about LB depth, as we have no one that can play at a decent level beyond the two starters. A nickel corner still feels like a need as well.

  16. BucsFanSince 1996 Says:

    @Chris, the Bucs indicated they saw Mauch as a guard, at least initially.

    In order for them to draft another guard that high they must see him as a dramatic upgrade over most of the other existing players at that position.

    Given Licht’s track record at drafting o-linemen I’m looking forward to seeing him play.

  17. 02,20,2022 Says:


    All 3 of those position are on my wishlist as well as ILB. As David is transitioning and Devin is a wildcard. If we can get all of those we are set and would have addressed every position we needed to in this draft imo.

  18. Canabuc Says:

    I can see us getting jammy Robinson out of FSU who can play the role of corner in the nickel position and also safety. He is somebody who we can probably get in the fifth round or at worst maybe trade up into the late fourth.

    Running backs are a dime a dozen and we can either get one in the 6th or 7th or an undrafted free agent.

    If there is no really good tight end I would sooner get somebody in the second wave of free agency who’s already a veteran that can block because truth of the matter is with all the tight ends having been drafted there will be some casualties on rosters and we can likely get somebody for close to the veteran minimum.

    I still think we need to take another linebacker for the interior because after Britt we don’t really have any other depth behind a disgruntled Devin White and aging Lavante David

  19. ocala Says:

    Bucs have enough talent to win some games this year, but with a poor head coach and no QB this is a 5 or 6 win team, which unfortunately will take them out of getting Williams or Maye in next years draft.

  20. Brandon Jeff Says:

    For those of you wondering who the heck Cody Mauch is, you obviously didn’t do your homework.
    He was mocked several times to the Bucs and was listed #43 on The Big Board Top 200. He was not a reach at 48 and I’m sure Light was seeing interest in him from another team when he moved up two spots.
    SMH, just because he wasn’t one of the most popular players doesn’t mean he wasn’t one of the best. I Love This Pick!

  21. JEZ Says:

    drafting big guys isnt sexy and it doesnt have to be rebuild the trenches before you throw your inexperienced QBs in there give the rookie or 3rd year QB a running game to help, slow the game down for him by giving him some time to make his reads. Draft A LB next year if White wants out rookie LB are fine if they have solid front. This is a Smart draft so far not sexy as it should be

  22. Duane Says:

    Most Bucs fans are pretty satisfied with the most important and immediately relevant first two days of the 2023 draft. While quality players can be of immediate use at just about any position, the performance of the team last year in the offensive and defensive lines was sub par by Bucs standards, so that was the most obvious of needs.

    As for quarterback, yes of course we’ll acquire at least one more quarterback, maybe two, for depth (one can never have enough depth – just ask the FortyNiners!). But the team clearly believes that between Trask and Mayfield they will have sufficient talent and capability at that position to run Dave Canales run heavy offense. They may be wrong, but that is what drove them to hire Canales in the first place, and seems highly consistent with Todd Bowles desires, backed up by Jason Licht’s desires.

    Maybe none of this approach succeeds, in which case there will be change a year from now. But there is a substantial probability that this does succeed. Some day the Bucs will either prove they already have a franchise quarterback, or if they don’t they’ll try to find one, either in the draft of with a free agent acquisition, or trade deal.

    The two best quarterbacks in the history of our division were both free agents – Drew Brees and Tom Brady …. both destined to be first year eligible Hall of Fame inductees.

  23. Doc Says:

    Every team in the Divison drafted better and drafted for the furture. The Buc’s refused to draft players they need, instead they are willing to expermint on the O/L. I think they still think they have Brady. To ask a lineman from a small school to come in the N.F.L and play 17 games is insane. Why would you trade up to get a small school lineman, another gm played the Buc’s G.M.

  24. David Says:

    As much as I wanted them to pass on a TE last year and get one this year, I am glad they passed. Otton proved quite a bit last year.
    Same with QB. They did what they exactly needed to, build in the trenches. That is weird games at one and lost that has not changed since the 1960s at least.

  25. Winny Testaverde Says:

    I call it a “grand slam” for Hairdresser Extraordinaire Hot Rod Mulch. With The Bucs procuring the Ginger Offense…especially if/when Kyle Trask becomes the starter, the best beautician from Brandon to The Bay will have unlimited redheads to service in his already busy chair.

  26. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Bucs need to draft a RB and a S

  27. HC Grover Says:

    Glad Hooker and Levis are gone. Now get some more Beef. All we need is someone to run the practice squad. Will Smith sign the articles and ship in?

  28. KarlBuc Says:

    Doc says “…To ask a lineman from a small school to come in the N.F.L and play 17 games is insane. Why would you trade up to get a small school lineman, another gm played the Buc’s G.M.”

    Small school Guards say..

    Alex Cappa – Humboldt State, 2018 draft (traded up)
    Ali Marpet – Hobart, 2015 (traded up)

  29. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Joe is in denial about Trask – as if the 2022 preseason games never happened

  30. Mr. Editor Says:

    Depth at the TE position is a concern, but GM Licht was right to address the many needs in the trenches and special teams.

  31. confido75 Says:

    Great job drafting the right players on O and D line. We still need some help on the O-line, whether it be a really tough blocking tight end or guard. If they are going to run the ball they need road graders with a chip on their shoulder. Also, not sure how they are going to address safety at this point. I’m sure they’ll find a diamond in the rough or at least a veteran post draft that can fill the gap until better options are available later.

  32. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Jason Licht is doing exactly what he has alluded to earlier this year if you listened.

    Play on the cheap this year, payoff Superbowl & Brady’s hit……..check.
    Bring in an inexpensive vet to compete with Trask…………………check.
    Sign our coveted free agents if worth it……………………………….check.
    Sign no old retreads……………………………………………(so far)..check.
    Get younger and faster…………………………………(in progress)…check.
    Get Bucs ready for 2024 QB sweepstakes…………(in progress)…check.

    Do your thing Licht!!
    Haters are going to hate, bitchers are going to bitch, know it alls are going to wallow in their own sheet.

  33. Brandon Jeff Says:

    Bucs are definitely looking for Mauch to replace Jensen at Center.
    Everybody knows that to be a great center you have to not only be big and ugly but you need to be a glass eater and have a nasty attitude.
    Oh, and lest I forget, possibly missing teeth and having red hair. Those are extremely important attributes as well!
    Just sayin!

  34. Dooley Says:


    There’ve only been 2 or 3 true safeties taken so far. Antonio Johnson, JL Skinner, or the hometown kid Anthony Johnson Jr. are all still in the board. Would not be mad bringing any of those or any other viable safety prospect to develop behind Neal & Winfield.

  35. Hogg Wild Says:

    Moment of silence for Joe’s guy- aging, injured system quarterback Hendon Hooker. Going to be exciting to watch him compete for a backup role next year when he’s healthy.

  36. BucsFan1328 Says:

    I wanted Hendon because I believe he will be a really good qb in the nfl. That being said. I’m very happy with our picks so far. All 3 players work their tails off and we need more of that on our team. Will bring in great energy and push our other guys to keep playing time up. We need DB’s now and maybe another WR.

  37. Goatfarmer Says:

    What is “Doc” a doctor of? This draft is killer, the best in a while. Are you who Bugs Bunny is referring to when he asks “what’s up?”

  38. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Deuce Vaughn next

  39. Destinjohnny Says:

    Well with no free agents coming down, we are goin got have to make it work with draft picks….

  40. sasquatch Says:

    Yeah, we still need to add another body at TE. Maybe we can get lucky with a guy in round 5 or 6. Also need another safety and a RB. I’m a little surprised they didn’t manage to acquire a 4th round pick. We’re missing out on guys who could help us.

  41. Craig Says:

    Stetson Bennett is still out there, and the Bucs do need a third QB.

    So far I like this draft for the Bucs. Shows well that they filled the biggest holes first.

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    Whoever they draft today will be the 2nd string QB.
    Or whoever they sign. The Bucs have made in clear that they dont like Kyle trask.

    Only problem I worry about with Mauch- is that hes a happy guy.
    Some Buc fans seem to be offended.by happy people.
    Which is stupid.

    Read a book.” Portrait of a Hitman”, or something similar.
    A mob hitman wrote” I always laughed when hitmen are portraited as angry and ugly. No one lets people like that near them. I was always, happy, friendly, charismatic. Most killers are! “

    Most “Angry” players are putting on a show for the local yokels. NFl Players frequently train together, Vacation together, hang out together.
    They are young millionaires- and have alot more in common with the other young millionaires- than with any knuckleheads screaming in the stands

  43. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Lee Roy Selmon…nice guy who dominated…Hall of Famer.

    Gee McCoy:…sweet fella with a quick get off and a quicker hand up/out to the opposing QB

    There is a difference.

    Oh Captain my Captain.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    So true about Lee Roy Selmon. I got a signed poster from him,at some Bank event.
    He was the nicest person I had met. I was a kid- and he was so friendly and talkative.made a huge impression on me- And I became an immediate Bucs fan.

    I dont hold that against him! Lol

    McCoy was a great player. He wasn’t enough to turn that lousy bucs team around.
    Brady wasnt enough last year.

    Lee Roy Selmon made a kid a life long buc fan- by being a nice person.
    And Leroy Selmon is the most talented Buc player until Tom Brady

    Warren Sapp was an Ahole, and cost the buc fans.
    And Sapp was no where near as talented as Selmon

    Judging a player for being nice or happy is yet another sign of stupidity.
    The two greatest players in Buc history were nice guys.

    But I know thats makes sense- so its wasted on many here

  45. Onetrickpony Says:

    I’ll second ,The Little Engine That Could ,Stetson Bennett

  46. Wild Bill Says:

    Sapp a great player. A hole person. I was having lunch at a restaurant on Dale Mabry some years ago. Sapp was there too. A very cute little preteen girl asked him for an autograph. Sapp bit her head off and sent her away crying. I prefer Selmon way above Sapp in every way.

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    Why do you think it’s appropriate to bother people while they’re eating? The fact you hate Sapp in that situation, and not the parents of that snot nosed kid, that says everything about you and your complete disrespect for other people.

  48. steele Says:

    Did anyone really think they’d go after a top TE this time, after already investing in Otton and Kieft? That’s not how they operate, even if their picks and acquisitions are ultimately disappointing. Otton and Kieft will be given time. I have never been a fan of multiple TEs, each with gaps in their game, but that’s what they have. A move TE and a blocking TE, and now they drafted another move type.

  49. David Says:

    GM did a great job filling the needed positions instead of listening to media such as “Joe” who so in love with Hooker. We have two qb’s on roster who have higher credentials than unknown Hooker. We have Baker with good and bad. We also have Trask with all good so far based on his college resume to discover. However Joe likes to create drama to attract readers. Sorry Joe that is why you are not the coach.

  50. Terrance lafontaine Says:

    Is it me, but everyone is giving praise for a good 2023 draft. I guess I pay attention more so than you guys. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the bucs drafting for the same positions every year for the past 3 years because of the same needs that has to be feeled on d line, o line, and secondary. It has been that way in the draft for the bucs for at least the past 3 years. I love the bucs but I have seen no changes as far as drafting.