Buccaneers Pick Edge Rusher YaYa Diaby In Round 3

April 28th, 2023

The Bucs went with a bit of an atheltic freak in University of Louisville edge rusher YaYa Diaby in Round 3 tonight.

At 6-3, 263 pounds, Diaby cranked out a 40-yard dash in 4.51 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine. And he’s got a 37-inch vertical leap. That’s special raw talent.

The former junior college great at Georgia Military College played two seasons for Louisville. He was third-team All-ACC last season with 37 tackles, 14 for loss with nine sacks.

Diaby comes off both edges on the pass rush and certainly the Bucs must be happy they got fresh legs in the fire in case Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett isn’t able to return strong from his torn Achilles.

Joe had seen Diaby in Round 2 of multiple mock drafts, so perhaps the Bucs got fantastic value here.

40 Responses to “Buccaneers Pick Edge Rusher YaYa Diaby In Round 3”

  1. Jimbob Says:


  2. gotbbucs Says:

    Probably a round too early, but I love YaYa Diaby. I figured he would be a target of the Bucs.

  3. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    This pick makes me happy !!! JPP 2.0

  4. NateDawg Says:

    Trenches… it’s how you build a winner

  5. gotbbucs Says:

    Another super high RAS metric guy.

  6. Bucsdelight Says:

    Projected as a 4th rd pick..we’ll see.

  7. BUCman Says:

    Wow, huge reach for need! WHY!!! Could have had Trenton Simpson or Darnell Washington 😫

  8. Steve Burke Says:

    ” sittin’ in the la la waitin’ for my ya ya, uh ha

  9. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I was seeing him go in the 5th round. Might be a bit of a reach, but I kept an eye on him and I definitely am familiar with him. Least we got an edge. I really like how we’re doing with this draft.

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    Man, going into the draft, I was hoping the Bucs didn’t waste their picks on luxury guys like RB’s and TE’s. I wanted them to draft lineman, on both side, and edge rushers. As Dungy said, you build your team, front to back, and the Bucs are doing just that.

    Also that Dungy all-time great defense was ‘undersized’ – but fast. These guys, Kancey and Diaby, undersized with elite speed.

    Maybe Dungy is advising the team behind the scenes.

    This is a boring, but great, draft so far. These are the guys that let you draft exciting RB’s as luxury picks in 2 or 3 years when you’re one player away.

  11. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    He was projected in the second or 3rd ?? How is he a reach ??? Give me a break and we needed a freak athlete on the D line and got one and we don’t have a 4th because we traded it to mine up to spots to get the toothless, corn fed, beef eating O Lineman.. Shaq is done !!!!

  12. Charlie Says:

    Licht always reaches on mid round picks. He’ll pick a 4th round prospect in the 3rd to make sure he gets them. I’d say, historically, his mid round picks have shown to be solid, so let’s not get too hung up on the idea of reaching. I’m much more concerned about our premium picks the past couple years in Tryon, Hall, and Hancey. Our line should be elite with 3 first-pick talents. I’m not seeing it.

  13. Voice of Truth Says:

    Great pick – long arms and fast, thick build like Shaq – two good additions to the front 7

    Logan Hall and JTS better work hard this off-season or they may not see very many snaps

  14. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    And shocked they didn’t trade Diva White ?? If they give him 20
    Million a year I will be sick to my stomach because he’s not worth it and maybe just maybe they can still trade for him

  15. FortMyersDave Says:

    I was hoping for the Tulane RB but he went off the board when the Titans picked before the Bucs. this guy could help if Shaq is not ready this fall, good insurance.

  16. Cometowin2 Says:

    We did not give up a 4th round pick.

  17. adam from ny Says:

    crazy guys with no teeth and cool names…gotta love it…

    round 1-3 seems legit

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Another thing I like about these guys that Licht took, they all got a lot of snaps in college. This isn’t JTS where he had very few snaps and you were just drafted based on topless photos of him and potential, all these picks are guys that have played a lot, and produced, in college.

    I love it. If they bust, they bust, but based on the workout numbers and stats/playing time, I think the Bucs are giving themselves a real chance at getting some good players here, instead of going the lottery ticket route.

  19. adam from ny Says:

    but will yaya rock #0 for the bucs

  20. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    @cometowin2 good !!!! Now if we can find a trade partner for Diva White and let Mike go to a contender and see if we can get something for him

  21. Buc You Says:

    Pretty sure Todd Bowles and Jason Litch know more about these players than the commentors who only know the players based on someone else’s player ranking

  22. Mr. Editor Says:

    There might be a disconnect between the fans and the front office. Fans are expecting these guys to be starters. The Bucs are looking for versatile, athletic players who can play special teams. Special teams will be much improved this year. Just being realistic.

  23. Hogg Wild Says:

    Crazy to call him a reach in the mid third round.

    We platoon our defensive front guys a ton. Even if Shaq comes back ready to rock we needed another guy to form that second line with Anthony Nelson on the edge.

  24. Bucamania Says:

    Special teams? lol

    This team is drafting starters. So many needs.

  25. Goatfarmer Says:

    I was expecting Simpson but I really like the Yaya also.

    Licht landing it.

  26. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    Let’s hope some of these are hits!

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    You forgot to mention the 10.0″ long jump and 1.56 10 yard split Joe.

    You da man Jason Licht!

    Way to fortify those trenches with higher end talent!

  28. Canabuc Says:

    The guy has incredible athletic measurables and what I like is that he really progressed and in his last season had nine sacks. He was not even set up to be their primary pass rusher in their offense and played all over the defensive line.

    All that being said I’m kind of surprised that we didn’t either take Darnell Washington or the linebacker out of Clemson given that those are two areas that I can see being of need although linebacker will be a much bigger need next year.

    In any case with the speed that we added on the defensive side of the ball between our first and third round picks this should be a much faster aggressive defense which fits with Todd Bowles likes to do so if our offense could be even average I’m very excited to see how we will do.

  29. Steven007 Says:

    I liked Simpson as well, but Yaya has much more juice as a pass rusher which is what is required in this defense. Still shocked to see Simpson fall this far.

  30. Steven007 Says:

    He has measurables like JPP. Remember, coming out of college JPP had very pedestrian sack numbers. This kid even looks like him. Weird. We can only hope he produces anywhere near his level.

  31. Frank Pillow Says:

    Another DOG and further indictment of the softness of JTS and Logan Hall. This team is getting a little tougher from the inside-out.

  32. ModHairKen Says:

    I think this has been a great draft so far. These are guys you build a team with. Athletes. Everyone who talks about flaws, try looking at production and desire. This is a good group.

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    Please. YaYa, no hand-held fireworks…

  34. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    Very Raw. OLB coach is going to have his work cut out for him with YaYa & JTS.

  35. Fred McNeil Says:

    I’ve seen him projected all over the place

  36. HC Grover Says:

    Bye Bye Plan 9/

  37. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yeah, this is clearly a statement on how the Bucs feel about their pass rush…or lack thereof. Kancy and now Diaby?!

    Trenches! I’m diggin’ it!

  38. kyle Says:

    ughh.. could of got jpp on the cheap and went after safety help

  39. Brandon Says:

    What’s up with the comparisons to JPP? You doofuses need to STFU. There are no comparisons. JPP was 6’5. This dude is way shorter. JPP only ran 4.78 but was freakishly athletic (back flips with round offs still exist on internet), this guy is a much stiffer and tightly wound athlete with elite testing numbers.

    You wanna compare this guy to someone… Adalius Thomas. Great testing numbers, modest production due to being raw and not featured on his college D. So many people on here with baseless opinions.

  40. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    He will be right at home here. There is a YaYa’s Chicken down in Bradenton that has Flame Grilled Chicken.
    Seriously, I am down with this pick
    A team cann never have too many pass rushers!