“We’re Kind Of Pooping On The Season Five Months Before Kickoff”

March 24th, 2023

“I don’t know, Mr. Glazer. But I did Amazon the guy some Charmin.”

The Bucs are the two-time defending champs of a poor division and they plan to start eight former Pro Bowlers in their primes on opening day (not counting Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett).

But one local Bucs writer thinks Tampa Bay is a thorough mess that Baker Mayfield can’t clean up.

Joe is referring to columnist John Romano of the twice-weekly community newspaper that lives behind a paywall at TampaBay.com.

He seemed to slap around the Bucs’ front office in his offering early this week.

Except the major problem with that scenario is what Mayfield is inheriting here.

He did not choose Tampa Bay because the Bucs look like an up-and-coming team the way they did when Brady was a free agent in 2020. Mayfield came because his options were limited and the Bucs likely offered him the easiest path to a starting job.

And now he has to revive his career with an offense that could not run the ball last season, a center coming off a major knee injury, an undetermined replacement at left tackle and a rookie offensive coordinator. Not to mention, a head coach who might be on the hot seat.

Romano was slapped around himself on social media after the story. That’s what he told WDAE radio, where he sort of defended himself and empathized with fans.

“Some people seem unhappy with the idea that we’re kind of pooping on the season five months before the kickoff,” Romano said.

Romano added that he likes the value and wisdom of the Mayfield signing, but he was “just trying to be realistic.”

Joe gets the various views of the Buccaneers’ prospects in 2023. However, Joe sees every NFC roster outside of Philadephia having serious issues, but few have the accomplished roster talent Tampa possesses.

So Joe disagrees with Romano. The “major problem” with Mayfield leading the Bucs — if there even is one — is not the roster, it’s Mayfield.

65 Responses to ““We’re Kind Of Pooping On The Season Five Months Before Kickoff””

  1. sasquatch Says:

    Most fans seem to know we’re in for a “challenging” season. No need to crap all over it beforehand. There’s still a chance for surprises and for Mayfield to make a turnaround, or for other young players to step up. It’s also going to be interesting to see them running a different offense and to see how that develops. There are always surprises in the NFL, and the Bucs still have top talent in a lot of areas.

  2. Bye byron Says:

    People seem to forget we kicked byrons ass outta here

  3. gbobucsfan Says:

    Everyone is 0-0 at this point in the year. Hope still lives.

  4. EEK Says:

    it is useful to contextualize the wasted 2022 season

    our former OC is now unemployable

    his leadership and play calling were so atrocious that it is very difficult to gauge the potential of the remaining players

    although things can always get worse, it is hard to imagine the even a rookie OC could be worse than what we had last season

  5. Daniel Says:

    I don’t read a ton of the TB Times and a major reason for that is Romano! Poor writer, boring agenda, etc.

  6. Mike S Says:

    They went 8-10 with Tom Brady and there hasn’t been a change of leadership. That’s why

  7. ocala Says:

    I love my team, but we are obviously not going to be a good team this year. We have no QB and a terrible head coach. The Bucs have some outstanding players on the roster, but you cannot overcome a bad head coach and no QB.

  8. Tye Says:

    Until their debut Or audition, No one really knows with certainty…
    Until then, its all speculation!

  9. Pewter Power Says:

    Bucs one 8 games with Brady . Think about all the quarterbacks Carolina had, the saints and falcons. They all won 7 games with horrible quarterback play and someone thinks we are tanking? I think we will have a winning record but probably won’t make the playoffs. We did last year but how many people would rewatch that playoff loss if they could?

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Playoffs!!! Playoffs!!

    You want to talk about playoffs???

    All I could think about was that sound bite from from former Bucs Herm Edwards…

  11. Beej Says:

    It comes down to how much of our lack of success last season can be blamed on BL. To my eyes, the vast majority

  12. HC Grover Says:

    Agree. Roster will not be a problem. We will have a good group of talented players. Or downfall will be in another area.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘but few have the accomplished roster talent Tampa possesses’.

    Bucs problem has long been lack of DEPTH. No different this season, EXCEPT that we have a number of holes at starter to go with that.

    We have some ‘accomplished talent’ on our roster, but it’s far from an ‘accomplished roster’ because of so many holes still remaining & our lack of depth. Still time though, although we may have to print some money under the salary CAP table to git er done.

  14. Allbuccedup Says:

    I hate to sound pessimistic but eight former pro bowlers Jensen coming off knee injury, Godwin wasn’t the same last year recovering from acl ( major issue for a receiver ), Evans and David starting to show their age, Vea part time player, White off and on then Wirfs and Winfield still pro bowlers.

  15. adam from ny Says:

    so did jensen just have major knee surgery?

    i thought he was not having surgery for it

  16. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    The only reason to be pessimistic about the Bucs is that we have a head coach who is a proven loser. (You are what your record says you are, as one Joe likes to quote.) Otherwise, I’m very optimistic. We have the best QB we’ve had other than Brady since…Brad Johnson or maybe Jeff Garcia. We have a top 10 defense that got 45 sacks last year. We have incredible weapons on offense. The question mark is the offensive line: can a re-tooled version get more push in the running game?

  17. Bama2k23 Says:

    Yes, it’s a negative assessment.. but I happen to agree with most of what he said.

  18. Redeemer Says:

    Unless BL was a hell of a lot more incompetent than even I believe, sorry but I have to agree with romano. They have downgraded at qb, no matter who starts. Sure Brady had plenty of struggles last season, but if they had even a middle of the pack running game, I think it would’ve looked a lot better. I can’t see how coaching makes up for that deficit. Talent wins in this league. Like Joe said, they need a LT, and I’m not sold on the line as a whole. Maybe I’m off base but as long as bowles is running the show, I think the ceiling is 6 maybe 7 wins. Offensively I would draft nearly exclusively on the o line, at least early

  19. Buc4evr Says:

    Not optimistic at all and with our history with kickers, we could lose some close ones this year. Bowles is not a leader and I don’t see how the OLine has been improved at all. Still need An edge rusher. This team has not gotten stronger or faster and QB is a big step down. What’s to like?

  20. Marine Buc Says:

    Lowering my expectations will allow me to enjoy this season a lot more than the frustrating mess we witnessed last year.

    And yes – we have a rookie OC – but I guarantee he will outperform last year’s moronic mess of an offense. It wouldn’t get any worse…

  21. Craig Says:

    There are a ton of questions still to be answered about the Bucs.

    What answers have already been shown seem to be trending up, but there is still time to screw it all up. The two lines still look weak, and the QB and scheme questions can’t be answered until the season is rolling.

    I’ll stay cautiously optimistic, but I will keep the liquor cabinet stocks in case I have to drown my sorrows.

  22. SOEbuc Says:

    Did this guy just move to Tampa or was he offering the money and they wouldn’t except. I’m certainly a fan that will wait around and not use the term “TankforCaleb.” Baker was the number one pick as well and this guys already saying they suck. Idiot.

  23. Redeemer Says:

    Marine, dont lower those expectations to much.

  24. Show Me the TDs Says:

    I’m excited for the upcoming season. I see it as being determined by how well Mayfield, Canales, and the rest of the offense gells and if Devin White mentally matures as a man and lives up to his athletic potential. Brady was a renta-GOAT. I appreciate what he did for my Bucs, but he and his jersey are retired. BTW, TB12 was terrible last year.

  25. Bojim Says:

    I think we’ll surprise.

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    I don’t read the boring fake news St Pete Times, but anyone who thinks this is going to be a good season is nuts. Todd Bowles was handed a SB team lead by Tom Brady and went 8-10 – and go back and review those 8 wins, without Brady single handedly pulling out a bunch of W’s, they’d have been a lot worse than that.

    So on a team with Tom Brady, and having lost a number of starters, why would we think there won’t be a huge fall off?

    I mean I have no issues with fans who want to try to be optimistic, I was one of those when I was a kid and was too young to know better, I’d go into every season with Ray Perkins and Vinny Testaverde and explain to you why the Bucs would be in the playoffs and could win the SB, but I was just a stupid kid. Now I’m middle aged, rugged, handsome, and I’ve seen what loser teams look like and what winning teams look like, and this has all the earmarks of a loser team. I’d love to be wrong, I’m not going to be rooting against the Bucs, and I’ll happily take the verbal beatdown from over optimistic fans if they turn out to be right.

    But I’m not wrong. As a Bucs fan I’ve seen this many, many times.

  27. adam from ny Says:

    if jensen didn’t have surgery isn’t this guys write up not even really valid ???

  28. Redeemer Says:

    Nicholas, that top 10 defense got roasted every time they played a legit offense. Many of those stats were piled up against inferior competition. Everyone is focused on the offense, I get it. But if you can’t get off the field, it’s moot. I do expect Godwin to return to form, but Evans is another year older, and the QB room is worse. What other offensive weapons do we really have? Gage? I’d love to be more optimistic, I just cant be with the current landscape. We also have two unimpressive tight ends. Unless the running game drastically improves, I fear they’ll be defended in much the same way as last year.

  29. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    The roster is a problem. They lost so much in the trenches from retirements, free-agents and injuries. The trenches will struggle again and sink this team.

  30. Dooley Says:

    Our schedule is manageable af, it’s why I don’t get the doom & gloom. Titans, Colts, Lions, Jags, Packers, Texans, Bears & our 3 NFCS opponents count for 13 of 17 games this upcoming season. You scared of them? While our toughest opponents will probably be the Eagles, 9ers, Vikings, and the Bills.

    9-10 wins can be a real possibility, but trying to call it in March is a little too early for me to put any confidence in any W-L projections.

    Until then, this Buc fan will keep enjoying the offseason which doubles as being the longest intermission in the entertainment business and draft weekend is just about a month away so our roster is even close to complete for preseason, let alone week 1.

  31. Dreday Says:

    The most exciting thing is that no one knows what’s going to happen. Baker can throw 35 tds with white rushing for 1000 yards. People are so quick to give us a top 5 pick but I think this can be a good young football team.

  32. Allbuccedup Says:

    Nicholas Carlson your right the head coach is the main reason to be pessimistic he had a top ten defense Tom Brady two former all pro receivers playoff Lenny and could only manage 8 wins.

  33. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Redeemer


    I will enjoy watching the Bucs compete like always. If they can stay healthy and this new offense is improved – who knows? I think it’s possible for them to win the NFC South in 2023.

    But for the sake of my own mental health I need to maintain lowered expectations.

  34. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    I mean most of us pooped on the season long before now.

  35. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bloweszo the Clown.

    But, Licht is giving his what he wants, taking away every excuse so when Bloweszo’s fifth consecutive losing season as a head coich is in the bag, no one will question Licht for firing him.

    I’m excited for the new head coach in 2024.

  36. Dooley Says:

    “Todd Bowles was handed a SB team lead by Tom Brady and went 8-10”

    This is a quote I keep seeing on this site, and it shows how much stock you should put into being “paper champs” because names on a roster sheet don’t win games and if those names are underperforming that piece of paper means jacksh*t. At minimum it’s just a lazy way to look at things and let’s me know you probably played electric football at some point in your existence, boomer lol

  37. Rod Munch Says:

    Dooley – What it means, is that Bowles was handed an extremely talented roster that had just won a SB, then was one play from winning another SB, and with that, he went 8-10.

    The fact you’re triggered by pointing that out, that’s on you.

    If you want to explain why myself and Vegas are wrong, feel free, but instead you just throw a hissy fit and use mean words.

    Do better sir, do better.

  38. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Goatfarmer Says:
    March 24th, 2023 at 12:37 pm
    Bloweszo the Clown.

    But, Licht is giving his what he wants, taking away every excuse so when Bloweszo’s fifth consecutive losing season as a head coich is in the bag, no one will question Licht for firing him.

    I’m excited for the new head coach in 2024.
    I suggest you take up your complaints with the Glazers. You complain on here every day/all day, writing the same things over and over, and yet Todd Bowles is STILL the Bucs Head Coach. Does that make you feel like a complete and utter failure?

  39. Dooley Says:

    Being a champ on paper only matters if it’s being printed out for a chmapionship parade. Again, I could see if it were 2020 roster going into 2021, that was a championship roster but the way our offense looked in that divisional game vs. LA in 2021 is the same way they played damn near every game in 2022. Flat and lifeless sort of like most of your takes.

    Also stupid to talk that way considering BA is notorious for saying “that was last years team, this is a new team” which holds truer than anything Vegas can say about anything. You Rod Munch, are a tryhard and being a paper champ means jacksh*t in the preseason.

  40. Duane Says:

    Im still salty about last season, but almost done drinking from the half empty glasses. Nothing wrong with being realistic. We still havent even hit the draft yet. Not worth wasting hopium on the early offseason. I will be ready for the half full glasses when we get some good insight during training camp. Evans has carried bigger stiffs than Baker through an NFL season. This team will compete if it can run the football. Not something that either QB has control over.

  41. D-Rok Says:

    Once in a blue moon, a team comes out of nowhere and outperforms expectations. I have my expectations for this year set around 8-9 wins, mostly due to the “easier” strength of schedule.

    Way too many unknowns to have high expectations. Even to get to 8-9 wins, we MUST improve our O-line, and must get pressure from the edge on D.

    Is it possible the Bucs win more than 10 games? Yes, of course. The question is, is it probable? I say not probable.

    Surprise me this year, Bucs, oh please.

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    Dooley – The point of saying the Bucs were picked by Vegas to be in the SB before the season, and now they’re picked to finish last in the NFC South, is to point out expectations, and the talent on the roster. Bowles took a very good team straight into the toilet, and he has a history that shows he’s a bad head coach, which is what we saw last year. Why exactly would you think that is going to be different this year, with a team that is clearly less talented and doesn’t have a QB?

    Again, I have zero issues with optimistic fans, but be able to explain yourself at least as well as a 13-year version of myself could. When I was the die hard optimistic fan, I’d pull out stats, schedule, could tell you what players would breakout, etc. Of course I was a kid, and I was mostly wrong, but I’d at least make an effort. People nowadays are so lazy, they just say, “ur stooopid” and think it’s a winning argument. It’s how Idiocracy happened.

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    D-Rok <- See, good post. He's saying, look, it's unlikely, but a team comes out of nowhere every year. Very true. His point out the Bucs have, potentially, an easy schedule. Again, very true (although that can obviously change pretty quickly during the season). And he finishes up by saying he hopes the team surprises – but it's not a statement of fact. I don't think the Bucs will do well, but I also hope they surprize me, I'd love to see it.

    That's way more effort and thought than most of the dullards here that attack others put into their posts.

    God bless.

  44. Dooley Says:

    “The point of saying the Bucs were picked by Vegas to be in the SB before the season, and now they’re picked to finish last in the NFC South, is to point out expectations, and the talent on the roster.”

    This point is irrelevant, the whole reason Vegas puts odds out is to get as much public money in their gambling houses as possible. They cater to gamblers and is the furthest thing from being a metric for the success football teams that there is. Vegas also had Phillip Rivers’ Chargers as SB favorites for about 5 years straight and it never materialized, because Vegas odds have next to no bearing on reality.

    The “Blame Bowles” rhetoric is lazy in itself and that line of logic puts you on par with Mrs. Broflovsky while it takes away from acknowledging all the other factors that contributed to this team going 8-10. Did Vegas have a line on Jared Goff having a marginally better season than future first ballot HOFer Tom Brady in terms of wins and points scored in 2022? No, but it happened. Again ask anybody in any sport, you win championships on the field of play not on a paper or because of your irrational expectations.

  45. Infomeplease Says:

    Mayfield will be fine I ne if the o-line is at least decent and the head coach doesn’t piss him off too much.

  46. Infomeplease Says:

    Correction: the Bucs with Mayfield will be fine if the o-line is at least decent and the head coach doesn’t piss him off too much. And the d can stop the run and provide a decent pass rush!

  47. Voice of Truth Says:

    It is a 5 to 6 win season – not hating, it is what it is

    Have been watching this game for 50 years and the Bucs since 76

    Don’t pee down my leg and tell me it’s raining

    This is a cap correction year and the final year of Todd Bowles HC career

    Just the facts of the situation

    Any other outcome is a miracle of biblical proportions

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod Munch … ‘What it means, is that Bowles was handed an extremely talented roster that had just won a SB, then was one play from winning another SB, and with that, he went 8-10.’

    Rod you know as well as I do that the 2022 roster was nowhere near as talented as the 2020 or 2021 rosters. We’d lost a number of key leaders (like Suh, JPP, Jensen) plus other very talented players (like Gronk, AB, Marpet, Whitehead, Cappa) by the time the first game was played. Those were all guys who STARTED on our 2020 & 2021 teams. We plugged in a bunch of rookies (because that’s all we could afford) and expected them to play like All-Pros. Fat chance.

    Bowles isn’t flawless by any means, but he was handed a pig in a poke by BA (who knew exactly what was about to happen IMO and didn’t want any part of it). It just took him until March 31st to recognize that. Bowles’ biggest mistake IMO was in accepting BL as his OC & Keith Armstrong as his S/Ts coordinator. But then again, his blind loyalty to BA undoubtedly limited his options in 2022. Bowles has even less of a team to work with in 2023 (Brady gone, Fournette gone, Succop gone plus a number of other starters & key rotational players), but for some reason I feel more optimistic this year than I did last year. I think Canales is a big part of the reason why (even though he’s never called plays before at the NFL level). I’m convinced that the last thing Bowles wants to do is get deeply involved with the offense 7 will let Canales do his thing (as long as it works reasonably well of course).

  49. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Pooping? Maybe so. I really think ownership should bring back Bruce Arians as HC, and move Bowles back to DC. We all know (or suspect) that Bruce was likely pushed out by Brady. So, Brady’s gone, and Bruce is the better HC by far. Just do it. Give Bruce the extra mission of tailoring the Bucs offense to Baker’s strengths. Even if it’s just for 2023, just one year, that’s fine. If the Bucs don’t bring Bruce back as HC, then, yes, I agree, the Bucs are pooping on themselves.

  50. D-Rok Says:

    “Rod Munch Says:
    March 24th, 2023 at 1:21 pm
    D-Rok <- See, good post."

    Thanks, buddy. I'm doing my utmost be optimistic and upbeat whilst maintaining a modicum devoid of sweeping generalizations.

    Also, I rarely attack the person of a post. I will disagree with their reasoning/rationale, but very rarely their personality. It's not nice to talk 'bout somebody's mama or say they be stupid, to channel my inner BL. LOL. I certainly did attack BL's performance last year, and to my chagrin, I did make fun of his lack of public speaking skillz.

  51. sasquatch Says:

    Mr. Lucky Says:
    March 24th, 2023 at 11:01 am

    Playoffs!!! Playoffs!!

    You want to talk about playoffs???

    All I could think about was that sound bite from from former Bucs Herm Edwards…

    It was Jim Mora who spoke that.
    www. youtube. com/watch?v=U7fjDS0jKiE

  52. D-Rok Says:


    HA! You are correct, sir. I remember vividly when Mora issued those meme-worthy words, although back then, we didn’t have memes.

    At the time, the Saints were as moribund as the Bucs during the Lost Decade.

    Good memories! And somehow images just flashed into my brain of the Icky Shuffle, and the Bears doing their rap vid. Remember the inaugural TD dance by White Shoes Johnson?? There’s more memories, to be sure, but those just jumped out at me.

    Man, I love football.

  53. D-Rok Says:

    PS: Not sure why I said Saints, when Mora said it with the Colts. My bad. I guess my memory is fading…

  54. rbs68cgr Says:

    Hello bucs fans. Been reading the jbf forum for a while & this is my first post. Love reading all the comments, can’t wait to start posting & complaining about all the bad decisions the bucs office people make. I just hope it doesn’t get so bad that the games get blacked out from TV again.
    Since this seems to be the place to show how we would run the team if we had a chance. Here’s mine, I don’t believe the head coach is respected by the team or the fans, he hasn’t really earned it. I’d like to see Trask get his chance running the offense. A lot of other qb’s in his draft were handed the reins much sooner. I don’t see the point of trying to be a high caliber passing team when you don’t even have the basic fundamentals down of being able to just run the ball. If you have a couple of decent running backs, you can do good with an average QB. They can’t rely on Mike & Chris to win the games Hopefully they simplify & get back to basics. I would take a team of average guys that work together and that will follow the team leaders. I’m hopeful for this season & I can see the possibilities where there is room to improve.

  55. Goatfarmer Says:

    Joe in Michigan Says:
    March 12th, 2020 at 9:57 am
    I’ve had enough “splash moves” in my years as a Bucs fan to last me a lifetime, such as:

    Taking Steve Young instead of Reggie White in the 1984 supplemental draft (I’ve always loved pass rushers).
    Drafting Vinny Testaverde over Cornelius Bennett, and trading Young off for peanuts.
    Trading a 1st Rounder for Chris Chandler because Testaverde got blamed for losses, even though the rest of the team was terrible.
    Trading 2 1st Rounders for Keyshawn Johnson, even though it was known he was a locker room cancer.

    If signing Brady costs us not being able to sign some of our good players that AREN’T OVER THE HILL LIKE BRADY, this will be another possible “splash move” failure to add to the list.

    The above is an example of utter failure.

    As for the current HC, I know Bloweszo is our coach for another year, there was no way to fire him. Licht’s hands were tied – and I’m looking forward to getting a new one in 2024 after he makes it 5 losing seasons in a row. If you want to celebrate him, get a clown outfit and wear it to the draft party.

  56. Mike C Says:

    A superbowl is worth the it every time. Goatfarmer? How you feel about the coach this year?

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    Nothing will wreck a team’s chances faster than the injury bug. That includes the Eagles and the everyone else. What would KC be if Mahomes went down in the preseason? Anything can happen on any given Sunday.

  58. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:


  59. Mike S Says:

    Dooley Bowles was handed a super bowl team and went 8-10 that is factual.

  60. Mike S Says:

    “If you want to celebrate him, get a clown outfit and wear it to the draft party.”

    LOL credit where it is due – that’s on point.

    Joe in Michigan did indeed make very valid points up until he mentioned Brady.

    Getting Brady was the one of two splash moves Tampa has made that worked out. Gruden was the other one.

    Traditionally there seems to be a lack of objectivity on these kinds of moves – in the fan base and unfortunately in the FO.

    It doesn’t ever seem to go right and then in retrospect the moves are just brutal.

    Trading a 1st rounder for Crystal Chandelier? The absurdity of it all.

  61. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    My problem with Romano is that he usually sounds like he Wants us to do poorly. “Reality” has nothing to do with his opinion,.. wanting to be noticed is his main focus.

  62. Jimbo Says:

    Again, more proof the KL is the worst GM in the NFL.

  63. Baby Grace Says:

    What is all this talk about Bowles being handed a super bowl roster?

    Godwin: coming back from surgery
    Shaq: blew out an achilles
    Marpet: retired
    Jensen: knee injury
    JPP: gone
    Suh: gone
    D Smith: invisible
    Fornette: invisible
    Countless: DB injuries
    David: slowed all year with injuries
    Gronk: gone

    Doesn’t look like Bowles got to inherent many players from the super bowl to me.

  64. Rod Munch Says:

    Baby Grace Says:
    March 25th, 2023 at 12:08 pm
    What is all this talk about Bowles being handed a super bowl roster?


    2022 Preseason NFL Odds…

    Super Bowl Odds: WYNN
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600
    Buffalo Bills +700
    Kansas City Chiefs +1000


    Bills +600
    Bucs +700
    Chiefs +1000


    That’s just two that took all of 10 seconds to google.

    You people that refuse to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

    In anycase, go make your big bet this season on Bowles taking this team to the SB. Put your house (well, trailer) on it and lets see how that turns out.

  65. Babygrace Says:

    Rod Munch
    What in the world are you talking about? If you think I believe that the
    Bucs can win a Super Bowl you have reading comprehension problems!!
    (You must live in a tent)