BSPN: Lots Of Chatter About Bucs, 49ers Landing Baker Mayfield

March 6th, 2023

Bucs a rumored favorite.

Joe has a hunch Bucs fans will be thanking ferocious Eagles pass rusher Haason Reddick in their prayers.

It seems the constant chatter Jeremy Fowler of BSPN got NFL types last week in Indianapolis was teams are hot for journeyman quarterback Baker Mayfield. One is the 49ers. The other is the Bucs.

Joe understands why the Bucs may want him but the 49ers? Well, it all stems from the NFC Championship game and Brock Purdy’s elbow. In that game, Purdy, one of the great rookie stories in recent years, had his throwing elbow blown out on a hit by Reddick.

Purdy had surgery and his status for the 2023 season is unclear. San Francisco has a Super Bowl-ready team and is just a quarterback short of that.

Is Mayfield the answer? Maybe. Perhaps Mayfield only needs to play it safe and the 49ers can return to the NFC Championship.

Why should Bucs fans celebrate Reddick? Well, if not for his hit, Purdy would be locked in as the 49ers starting quarterback. And if you are Mayfield, would you rather play for the Bucs, which appear to be in rebuild mode whether Bucs coach Todd Bowles wants to admit it or not, or play for a team with a high likelihood of making a Super Bowl run?

18 Responses to “BSPN: Lots Of Chatter About Bucs, 49ers Landing Baker Mayfield”

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    This seems like a move the pre-Brady Bucs would do.

  2. Tye Says:

    I’d play for Kyle Shanahan (or most other HC of the 32 teams) before Bowels!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I guess that depends on your point of view there Joe. I’m not exactly sure why you feel that way in particular. I have a Strong feeling that not all Joe’s feel like you do on the subject. To many variables.

    You must be in the Trask camp. I myself am not sure. To many variables.

    Then again, you may well be in the Tank camp. Or the crash for whatever his name is. Starts with a C right.

    Now those that are NOT in those camps, well they probably aren’t thanking their lucky stars. (That’s if you’re actually a Buccaneers fan and not just a hired gun writer in love with another team) Right….. Though I personally have no idea if Trask is the guy just like NOBODY INCLUDING JOE’S knows what he can or cannot really do because if he’s a bust, the guys you’re conveniently forgetting about (the ones who would actually like to COMPETE LIKE REAL MEN for the title EVERY FREAKING GAME and not play the LOST DECADED backseat beotch) well they may be thanking their lucky stars that we did hire Mayfield…

    Just saying. Right now I’m here or there because NO DIRECTION is the order of the temporary day. And besides, I wouldn’t mind having Mayfield as our number 2 if Trask truly is the best of the bunch. Sure would be nice to have, IF YOUR GOING TO FIGHT FOR IT! You know like REAL MEN! Did I already say that? Oh well.

    I can say that I have no interest in laying down like a good DOG and doing as the beotches of the NFL would have us do! You know, like guys who would rather see “their team” compete for the Ultimate Prize. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT TBE FUTURE WILL HOLD! NOBODY! Happens EVERY YEAR that ALL THE SOOTH SAYERS ARE ALWAYS WRONG! ALWAYS WRONG IS ALL THAT YOU CAN COUNT ON IN FACT ABOUT WHO “EXACTLY” WILL GO TO THE SUPER BOWL THIS VERY NEXT YEAR! Hey infact if you can name me ONE JOE or ANY ONE PUNDANT that got it right, by all means point him out. I have a feeling it’s going to be SILENT ANSWERS. Now won’t it..

    So I’m starting to LOVE THE IDEA OF THAT CULTURE CHANGE THING. Did we all the sudden forget the lost, life sucking of over ten years of “playing it safe and being the best at SUCKING HIND TIT!
    I suppose I am leaning towards MANHOOD! I DON’T HAVE ANOTHER 10 YEARS TO WASTE!

    Yeah Joe X Y or Z, I’m not so sure everybody would thank their lucky stars. Not impressed with this take.
    Asking us to settle isn’t a winner buddy. You might want to rethink your angle and the thought process of THE MANY. But then again, that a lot of variables isn’t it..?

    GO BUCS!

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    On a different note I’m reading the Giants might give Daniel Jones a 4yr / $160m deal? $40m/year for him? LOL! I can’t wait until like week 10 and the sports talk in New York is talking about how he’s too expensive to bench. He’s been terrible, then had one good year, in a contract year, playing one of the easiest schedules ever. Haven’t those morons running the team ever seen this before, and how it always turns out? Also, do they really think someone else is going to pay him that kind of money? Do they really think anyone else would give him $30m? How about $25m? Maybe for one year, but not a 4-year deal. What morons in NY if they actually do that.

  5. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I’m with you, Rod. He’s going to argue its the going rate for starting qbs, but he’s been average at best, no better than Kirk Cousins on a good day and worse than him others.

  6. chark Says:

    Wrong he is much better than cousins , please watch baker mayfield highlights and consider how his career had played out due to circumstances. His highlights show the most upside over all qbs not named rodgers! Believe it I wasnt a big baker fan until I delved into his past and watched the plays he is capable of. Watch his film without bias. Not saying he has had some down moments of his career but he is capable of more than the field of qbs out there.

  7. chark Says:

    Posted this before but here goes…
    I feel their is unfair bias against baker mayfield . Year 1 2018, browns go 7-8-1 after previous seasons 1-15 2016, 0-16 2017. Coach Hugh jackson, enuff said!! Baker supporting cast nick chubb also rookie, wrs jarvis landrey, breshard perriman, antonio callaway, njoku..njoku was not a good player yet . Coaches- hue jackson fired and greg williams (def coord)

    2019 browns go 6-10 Head coach freddie kitchens..offensive help *chubb and K hunt good rbs..wrs Obj, Landry, R higgins, Njoku. Personally despise Obj and feel he quits on his team when the going gets tough/ and takes plays off when he is not involved which gives tells to the defenses. Njoku as i said was a non factor in his early career, bad routes , drops, confidence,,etc…Freddie Kitchens subpar coach agree?

    2020 Head coach Stefanski browns go 11-5 beat steelers 48-37 playoffs and lose to kc 22-17 2nd round playoffs… Off supporting cast chubb, hunt-good rbs.. wrs landry, higgins , d p jones, austin hooper, njoku . baker best season 26td 8int

    2021 Stefanski brown record 8-9 off support – chubb , hunt- good…wrs Landry, DPJ, Higgins..TE- Hooper, Njoku.. Baker injured week 2 partially torn labrum..week 6 reaggravated torn labrum..week 10 right knee contusion..Baker played the season with serious shoulder injury to left shoulder. Basically his whole season was played under duress/injured. Haslam was hellbent on signing deshaun watson

    2022 Panthers Week 5 high ankle sprain and you know the rest..Rhule fired,,qbs mayfield, darnold and pj walker. Baker leaves panthers to finish out season with rams and mcvay = a good offensive coach

    Baker has lit up the scoreboard and has had some memorable games against lamar, mahomes, burrows, Carr, Hebert where his offense produced. And yes he has had some games where the offense was a dud..but why..some is on him. some on coaching , and some on supporting cast. I think he is better than given credit for. Yes he has an abrasive personality but he is aggressive with the ball and can make plays outside of scheme breakdown and can play within scheme. I am not saying he is great but I believe he is arguably the best qb out of Carr, Garropolo, tanehill, cousins, darnold etc. Anyways for the right price in right environment he aint bad.

  8. Obvious? Says:

    Yeah,.why would we want a guy like that? I guess?

    According to article we should be happy with it why exactly? I think I must have missed the point.

    I didn’t realize we have Rodgers coming in because we dodged a Mayfield bullet?
    Wow, I didn’t think we could afford that. By the way, I’d like to know who the suggested qb is that he thanks we should have? Or the point of the article? Are we rooting for the 49er’s? What would we gain exactly by not having Mayfield on board? Not what would we lose. What do we gain?
    I kinda think Mayfield is worth a look IF, IF we can afford him that is. I’m pretty sure Rodgers isn’t headed this way, this year.

    What am I missing here? I’m confused!

    GO BUCS!

  9. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I was referring to Rods comment on Daniel Jones. I think Baker is a fine qb and if I didn’t have a bias towards wanting Kyle Trask to be our starting qb, I would probably be pushing for us to hopefully sign Baker. He’s got a bad reputation because of his “attitude”, but the man nearly got the stinkin Browns to the afc championship game and then the city and franchise screwed him over. I think he’d make any team looking for a starter good

  10. BucsfanFred Says:

    I’m not gonna post a 39,000 word essay, but I’d be happy to sign Baker if I could get him on a cheap “prove it” deal.

  11. SufferingSince76 Says:

    You book writers should know if your comment is over 100 words, I’m not reading it, no matter how good it may be. Brevity is important. Just saying.

  12. Smooth Bay Rider Says:

    @Chark Spot on analysis of mayfield . He gets a lot of unwarranted hate and I’d guess that most of the haters have never actually watched his film or looked into the crap hand he was dealt in Cle.

  13. Allbuccedup Says:

    No pouty face Mayfield please!

  14. 941bucsfan Says:

    Lol… All weekend I seen disrespect towards ar15, even though he didnt have half the weapons trask had at UF. And now mayfield “could work” hahahahaha you guys are all losers

  15. John Sinclear Says:

    Enough already! No to buying an aging QB. There’s no money! Go with Trask, re-sign Gabbert to an inexpensive contract, draft Max Duggan (TCU) in one of the later rounds, and pay off the debt!

  16. Bucamania Says:

    No overpaying for retreads!

  17. Depressed 2023 Says:

    We’re only going to fire bowls next year anyways what the hell’s the difference

  18. steele Says:

    Fowler is full of national mediot hot air. 49ers are set. Purdy will start when and if he is recovered. Lance starts otherwise. They invested in Lance, and will get the most out of him.